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San Francisco's Hatred of All Things Profitable Extends to Food Trucks


Success has never tasted so bitter

Oh, sure, food trucks allow small businesses to compete with established (and sometimes stagnant) brick-and-mortar restaurants. That's one reason why restaurant owners push for cities to regulate or ban them.

But only in San Francisco would there be fears that food trucks need to be regulated because chain restaurants/retailers might actually embrace them. Burger King has recently rolled out a large fleet of food trucks. San Francisco can't have that. Courtesy of the San Francisco Business Times:

San Francisco's formula retail ordinance — a.k.a the chain-store killer — continues to deter large and growing retailers interested in opening shops or restaurants in the city. Soon, it could put the brakes on food trucks, too.

As part of Supervisor Scott Wiener's recently proposed legislation to amend the city's Public Works, Planning and Transportation codes, mobile food vendors that are owned or operated by a restaurant group with 11 or more locations will be prohibited from serving in neighborhood districts where the formula retail law applies.

In other words, if La Boulange with its 20-something locations and now endless Starbucks kiosks wanted to take its crispy croissants on the streets, it would be severely limited.

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  1. is it possible for San Fran officials to do anything that qualifies as silly, outrageous, stupid, or anti-things most of us would consider to be worthwhile?

  2. San Fran is just one regulation away from utopia.

  3. Nothing makes society rich quite like prohibiting economic activity!

    1. It is one thing to have your little food truck. That is fine. But when you start wanting more food trucks and want to make more money than just a living, then you become an exploiter and a wrecker. And don’t even think about forming a corporation or a partnership, you monster.

      1. It is government that creates wealth. Look in your wallet. See those green pieces of paper? That came from the government. That’s what you use to buy stuff. You couldn’t have bought it without that government paper. So that means that all wealth comes from government. People who produce stuff are just raping the earth and exploiting the poor. Real wealth comes from the government.

  4. Supervisor Scott Wiener

    1. What a wiener.

    2. hot dog carts.

    1. 3. Profit. RAAAAARRRGHGHGHGHGHGHGH!!!!!!!

  5. Where would the people of San Francisco be without city government saving them from being able to fulfill their own expressed preferences?

  6. Tulpa’s paradise. Maybe not enough homeless beat to death to suit him, but it’s California… they’ll get there eventually.

    1. For being such a “genius” he sure demands a lot of government supervision.

      1. The supervision is for little people.

        1. Exactly. I know Tulpa’s type. He’s never been hassled by cops, so cops don’t actually hassle anyone that doesn’t deserve it. He can get his gyro from a food truck, so food truck regulation must be perfect everywhere.

          At a very base level, Tulpa is a narcissistic solipsist. Since he’s both perfect and alone in his perfection, the rest of us need a strong hand. If the hand grips too hard, that’s just the natural result of our terminal failure to be Tulpa.

          1. Since he’s both perfect and alone in his perfection

            If you actually go back and read everything he’s written that’s car or driving-related it is blatantly obvious that he’s completely inept behind the wheel.

            1. And he will assure you it is all the car’s fault. Because peanut butter.

  7. Posted over there (

  8. (damn squirrels; don’t use less-than symbols!)
    It’s behind the paywall, but there was an SF Chron article on (hated!) chain stores earlier in the week, with bullshit quotes from the rent-seekers: ‘Preserving the neighborhood!’.
    Anyhow, one snuck in, as the current limit is 11 US locations. This was a Euro chain and no one knew it until one rent-seeking sleaze saw an ad at a televised Euro tennis match and looked it up. In his Encyclopedia Britannica, I hope. The HORROR.
    So the twits on the SF BoS are going to change it to 11 outlets, world-wide. What happens if a store opens here and gets successful? Will it have to close if it opens outlets later?

    1. They’ll just close their SF locations and move their headquarters to Nevada. But why anyone would ever open a business in California is beyond me.

    2. i forget, do symbol codes still work?

      testing: 5 < 10

      1. fw,
        Amazing. I used the symbol to point to the left where I’d posted this earlier, and the squirrels ate the symbol and everything afterwards.
        ‘Nother try see over there (

        1. OK, no parens

          1. Nope, not from my computer.

            1. ampersand lt semicolon

              no spaces

              1. What’s lt?

                1. &lt;

                  will produce <

                  1. tried shift-7ltsemicolon in a new reply window, got nothing.
                    Remember, my tech skills include turning the thing on.

    3. How does the City of San Francisco condone the SF Chronicle putting vital public information behind a paywall? Can’t they pass an ordinance stipulating that it should all be free?

      1. “How does the City of San Francisco condone the SF Chronicle putting vital public information behind a paywall?”

        This is funny as hell; the Chron is by now a collection of local columnists who are of interest to maybe five people beyond city limits. Other than that, it’s a Macy’s sale flier and an AP reseller.
        They haven’t been profitable for years, in spite of now using a non-union (!) printer. They’ve tried a free site and can’t get enough ads to make it work, and now they’re hoping to get a whole bunch of people to PAY to read left-wing dreck.

  9. Isn’t the GDP per capita for San Fran crazy high?

    How does that square with hating all things profitable?

    1. Hypocrisy. Rent-seeking. The standard lefty techniques.

      1. Ah, non-falsifiable land!

    2. …profitable to others. The “to others” part is often taken as understood.

      Anyway, my guess is that gdp numbers aren’t that impressive when you adjust for cost of living.

      1. Oddly enough, there are rarely any Preserve Our Neighborhood chants when Jawbone or Apple wants to open up a new office or massive storefront. Almost like they’re targeting certain businesses while letting others flourish with a wink and a nod.

      2. This is also a bit of false equivalence.
        A LOT of money made in SF isn’t subject to local laws; finance, investments, medical care, etc.
        Pretty sure B.C.E is being ‘coy’ here, insinuating that SF really isn’t so anti-bizz, right B.C.E?
        Hint: It is.

    3. Just over 30k for the MSA. Which is high, but not “crazy” high. Its 2nd to Naples, FL.

      When you adjust for cost of living, its probably not that near the top any more.

      1. Trying to find GDP-PPP numbers is leading to all kinds of contradictory numbers on the previous part to.

        1. “89488 San Jose-San Francisco-Oakland, CA (CSA) 54,234 1”
          Uh, that AIN’T San Francisco.

          Read more:…..z2VT0iwft7

  10. Brick and mortar restaurants? I can see mortar maybe, but how can you eat bricks?

    1. Pretty sure it was Richard Pryor:
      ‘We don’t serve niggers here!’
      ‘Well, that’s good. I didn’t want to order one.’

  11. San Francisco hasn’t been decently governed since the death of Joshua Abraham Norton.

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