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Ron Paul Would Like to See Glenn Jacobs (aka Wrestler "Kane") Enter the GOP Senate Race in Tennessee


Received this statement today from former Ron Paul 2012 campaign staffer Matt Collins, who is interested in seeing Glenn Jacobs–who is also the wrestler known as "Kane"–enter the GOP Senate primary from Tennessee next year (where he'd be up against incumbent Lamar Alexander).

Background on Collins, in his own words:

I served on Ron Paul's 2012 Presidential Campaign as his New Media Manager, and also as a strategic political operative in Minnesota. I am currently working with the Campaign for Liberty to fight the national Internet sales tax mandate.

His statement about Jacobs potential candidacy and Ron Paul:

As an activist for the cause in Nashville in 2009 I helped launch Rand Paul's Campaign for US Senate. Rand called me in Feb of that year and wanted my help to get him elected. I am hoping we can do the same for Glenn Jacobs against Senator Lamar Alexander in 2014.

Former Congressman Ron Paul and I have emailed back and forth on this topic quite a bit and he has told me repeatedly "keep telling Glenn we need him to do it. It's important, he's exactly the kind of candidate we need."  When Dr. Paul spoke at the Knoxville GOP dinner in April I arranged a private 30-minute meeting with Dr. Paul and Glenn in which the potential candidacy for Senate was discussed.

Although Glenn has been hesitant to jump in the race, thus far, some tea party leaders in Tennessee have already voiced private support for Glenn against Senator Alexander. Obviously if he were to become a candidate that support would increase exponentially. Once Glenn's breadth of knowledge about economics and his ability to articulate that knowledge becomes widely known, he would be a very formidable challenger. Several of us are working on him daily trying to get him in to the race.

Collins thinks Jacobs could do very well indeed:

Given his connections Glenn would have the massive fundraising base needed to unseat the incumbent.  Also, because of his celebrity status and fan base outside of the normal political universe, there would be an untapped demographic in which to draw support. Glenn would have national name recognition and thus a national fundraising source; no other challenger to Senator Alexander would be able to compete.

The polling data that I have seen shows Tennessee voters don't want political insiders, they want a voice from the outside. They want a voice who shares their values, and someone who can win against the establishment incumbent. Tennessee voters don't want someone who votes with President Obama, or votes to raise the debt, or votes for bailouts, or for big spending. They don't want a career politician. They want someone who is true to principle and will not waver in exchange for political favors. Glenn Jacobs is that man.

And maybe he'll end up being that man in the Senate. Whether he'll even run remains to be seen. My previous blogging on Kane's maybe-could be-let's-hope-so Senate possibilities here and here.

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  1. I’d vote for him. If, of course, I lived in Tennessee. Also, if he promised to body-slam someone during a session of Congress.

    1. “Also, if he promised to body-slam someone during a session of Congress.”

      Has to be Holder, and has to be at least 1.5s air-time before impact.

    2. Kane’s signature move is the *choke* slam.

  2. What about Tea Party Wrassler Jack Swagger?

    TN or MS? I forget.

  3. so he’s responsible for the barking dogs ad?


  5. This is very sloppy reporting, and I deeply respect Doherty’s coverage of the Paul’s and the “liberty movement.”

    1. Pauls. No apostrophe.

  6. “Also, because of his celebrity status and fan base outside of the normal political universe, there would be an untapped demographic in which to draw support.”

    I don’t know about this. I mean, that was sort of the entire idea behind the XFL and WWE Studios, and it hasn’t panned out. Wrestling fans like their wrestlers as wrestlers.

    By my count, three guys have been able to successfully transition from wrestling into another public field. Lesnar was able to do it as an athlete, Ventura of course was able to do it as a politician, and The Rock has done it as an actor. But those successes — and with Lesnar and Ventura, I’m not sure you can say those were complete successes — are the exception, not the rule. Look at how hard it’s been for John Cena and Stone Cold Steve Austin, guys as popular as anyone, to establish themselves as actors.

    I’m rooting for Kane. The man knows his stuff and would probably to do very well with the right people behind him. Just don’t count on wrestling fans to be much help at the ballot box.

    1. Personally, I’m not sure I want Kane representing the movement. Won’t the media just constantly focus on his wrestling career and ignore the ideas?

      Won’t people who dislike wrestling just automatically discount the ideas?

      Finally, I can’t stand the idea of highly-educated pwoggies making fun of me. It hurts my feelings.

  7. Is this the necrophilia guy? He’d better come up with a witty riposte about that.

    “I only *pretend* to hump corpses, unlike these guys with the economy.”

    1. That was actually Triple H *pretending* to be Kane. I’m sure the media will see that distinction and not bring it up.

  8. I would love to be the one fortunate enough to write speeches for Senator Kane. I’d have him on stage with John Stossel every other night for a year.

  9. If Ron Paul endorses him, then he’d have my vote…

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