Venezuelan Region May Begin Food Rationing

It was bound to happen


A Venezuelan state is testing a system to limit purchases of food and other staples, local media reported on Tuesday, in a move that officials defended as necessary to stop contraband trade but opposition critics slammed as Cuban-style rationing.

The OPEC nation's consumers have for months had to endure long lines or visit several stores to find basic products that run the gamut from toilet paper to butter, driven in part by a lack of hard currency to ensure imports.

The state of Zulia in western Venezuela said it will launch a pilot program next week that uses a digital system to block shoppers from buying the same staple products at different stores on the same day.

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  1. “This shows the failure of 21st century socialism.”
    Yes, it does. It shows it every time it’s been tried and yet the folks in Venezuela voted for their free stuff, didn’t they?
    Well, screw ’em.

  2. Making something illegal or limiting the ability to purchase is a quick way for the black market to grow supply. See communism and rationing works, it creates capitalist criminals

  3. To the progs who point to Venezuela as the future: Here’s your future. Have fun.

    1. They’ll just blame the kulaks hoarders and say something like “But Free Health Care”!

      Still, Venezuela should be the richest country in South America. Instead, after 12 years of Chavismo, you get rationing.

    2. Nope, your average Progressive will just say that due to Factor X, Y or Z (some sort of nitpick), that Venezuela wasn’t a “true” test case for socialism.

      The reasons will probably include that Venezuelan was undermined by rich, evil industrialists and/or the United States and if that interference didn’t exist it would all be a Socialist Utopia.

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