Russia Sending Anti-Aircraft Missiles to Syria, EU Lifting Arms Embargo on Syrian Rebels

Politic like it's 1914?


burning oil field, middle eastern staple of conflict

Russia plans to ship air defense systems to its beleaguered ally Syria, with the deputy foreign minister saying the move ought to "deter some hotheads from considering scenarios that would turn the conflict international with the involvement of outside forces." Israel's indicated it's prepared to stop those shipments from arriving in Syria.

In the meantime, according to the British Foreign Secretary, the European Union has decided to lift its arms embargo against Syrian rebels this Saturday, though the British say they have no plans to arm rebels (the Socialist government in France is more sanguine about sending weapons to Syrian rebels).

But the Syrian opposition may not last long enough to receive weapons from Europe. Russia and the U.S. have been trying to organize a "peace conference" on Syria, which has exposed divisions within the Islamist-dominated opposition. The Syrian National Council is resisting attempts to involve liberal segments of the opposition in the peace conference, putting in jeopardy the entire process.

Senator John McCain, not just a fairweather interventionist, also made a surprise visit to Syria yesterday.

Global powers getting involved on opposing sides of a local conflict in an explosive region. What could possibly go wrong?

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  1. I got $5 on the IDF. Say, sloopy, if you are on, how is our bet going on the Western Conference? I forgot the finalists you had proposed. All I can remember is if the Blackhawks make it, you give $10 to Reason Foundation, if it was ? and ?? I do.

    1. Well, he’s been crowing about his Red Wings – Sharks prediction to Dunphy-like proportions, lately… hth

  2. What will happen when an American plane enforcing a no-fly zone is shot down by a Russian missile?

    1. What difference, at that point, would it make?

    2. Russian arms sells will get a big boost and the US Navy/Air Force will get a big funding increase. That’s a win-win from a War Contractor point of view.

      Hmmm, it’s time to break out a copy of the board game Imperial and put on the monocle.

  3. Apparently Russia is getting tired of having a functional navy in the Med or any hydrocarbon-related assets.

  4. I think I saw this episode of Star Trek already.

  5. If Israel intercepts those shipments, does that mean we’re at war against Russia all of a sudden?

  6. Oh, it’s all the global powers fault. It can’t possibly the despot Assad’s fault or Islamism’s fault.

    You’re a fucking idiot cad Ed Krayewski.

    1. Where exactly did he blame Russia or the EU for the conflict? Pointing out the idiocy of them getting involved is not the same thing as saying the conflict is their fault

      1. How is it idiotic to get involved when they have specific interest in who wins? How do you think Assad is surviving? He’s doing it all by himself? Russia, Iran, and Hezbollah won’t him to win. Syria ain’t just some local conflict.

        Ed Krayewski is an idiot cad!

  7. Here is how to solve the Syria issue: We tell Assad and the rebels if they don’t stop the crap we will send John McCain back over and won’t take him back.

    1. I thought that was how we were going to address immigration from Mexico.

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