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Sen. McCain Visits Rebels in Syria

(CNN) – Sen. John McCain visited rebels in Syria on Monday, his communications director confirmed to CNN, making the Arizona Republican the highest ranking elected official from the United States to visit the war-torn country.

Brian Rogers confirmed a report that originally appeared on The Daily Beast, which indicated McCain entered Syria through Turkey, and remained in the country for several hours.

Source: CNN. Read full article. (link)

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  • Ted Levy||

    "Sen. McCain Visits Rebels in Syria"

    Sadly, the rebels send him back...

  • AlgerHiss||

    John Freak'n McCain: You RINO piece of shit, get out of my life and get one of your own.

    God, I hate this turd.

  • Anders||

    Because nothing says 'classy' like hanging out with AQ on Memorial Day.

  • ||

    Where's the hostage-takers when you need them?

  • Bucky||

    obama, in the last conflict "led from behind",
    could it be that the country club Repubs are leading with theirs?

  • Alien Invader||

    Remember, Democracy Is Good, Democracy Is Great. The fact that the Republicans ran this piece of McShit for POTUS is the reason we got The Big O-Boy instead.

    What the fuck is McCain doing in Syria....