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Brickbat: Cheesed Off


For some 200 years, people have chased a large rolling cheese down a steep hill each year in Gloucestershire, England. And for the past 25 years, Diana Smith, 86, has made the cheese wheel they chase. But Smith says she won't make the cheese this year, after getting threatened by police. Three officers showed up at her home and warned her the event was dangerous and she would be held liable for any injuries suffered by those taking part in the chase.

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  1. So the rolling wheel of cheese isn’t the real race to the bottom?

  2. What a *senseless* waste of human life.

    1. Like sitting around on your butt just because the government decided to declare a holiday celebrating WWI … in imitation of Confederate Memorial Day, a holiday celebrating the Civil War?

      Nah, just ironic.

      1. Funny thing, I was working on a paper Sat., e-mailed it to the client and to the person we’re dealing with who required it, got a response from the latter (a college prez) within minutes. Then Sun. the client (who’s often hard to reach on normal days) called to discuss some things, and then we had a 3-way call with Ralph Fucetola, who’s also in on this project as consultant. All of us working and quickly available on Mem. Day weekend. And this is true even though unfortunately I have hardly any work at all.

  3. A Gloucestershire police spokesman said: “Advice has been given to all those who have participated in any planning of an unofficial cheese rolling event. We feel it is important that those who could be constituted as organisers of the event, are aware of the responsibilities that come with it so that they can make an informed decision about their participation.”

    Who knew rebellion was as easy as unofficial cheese rolling?

    1. The cops would probably be really cheesed off if the event was switched to rolling some officers down the hill, huh?

  4. Three officers showed up at her home and warned her the event was dangerous and she would be held liable for any injuries suffered by those taking part in the chase.

    Sounds a lot like HazelMeade’s position on firearm’s ownership.

    1. On firearm’s ownership of what?

      1. Ain’t no pedant like Grammar Pedant.

        WTF has happened to Britain? This is going to happen to us too though, and it probably is an inevitable development from the idea that government should be paying for your health care. That said, as far as liability goes, why wouldn’t having all of the participants sign releases take care of the problem?

        1. “WTF has happened to Britain?”
          The US split off and it’s been downhill ever since.

          1. The 19th Century was a pretty sustained uphill.

            My Brit friends are pretty unanimous in stating that Britain went to shit because all the men who were worth a shit died in the World Wars. Most born after that emigrated.

            1. Did they name names, or just a gen’l impression?

        2. Gotta love being screaming “pedant”.

          Look, just stop being stupid. It’s not about the pedant, it’s about you, you tard.

          1. “Gotta love being screaming “pedant”.

            Look, just stop being stupid. It’s not about the pedant, it’s about you, you tard.”

            How embarrassing for you, you tard.

  5. The cheese wheel was not unresponsive to being slapped on the rind.

    1. you miserable curd

      1. You’re making me bleu.

        1. It’s grating my nerves. Wheel you please stop?

          1. no whey!

            1. Too sharp!

              1. Caerphilly put down the keyboard and back away from the computer.

                1. You people are all muensters.

                  1. Doesn’t get much gouda than that.

              2. Emmental of it. Every word.

                1. ?poisses 1.

                  Teleme more, SF.

        2. Sigh, it always comes down to Team Bleu vs Team Red. Why does everyone have to view this crap through their parmesan glasses?

          1. Is your name Bert? If so, my response is “Camonbert, don’t make such bad puns.”

  6. Sounds like some serious bidness to me dude.

    1. Sometimes dude you jsut have to roll with it.

      1. Roll with that beautiful bean footage?

  7. So now they’re reduced to rolling a cucumber.

    (a Latvian idiom for “doing nothing serious/productive”, and yes, hairy palm connotations are there.)

    1. What’s unproductive about that?

      1. Well, when you sell the product, the whole process is called differently. 😀

  8. I weep for the state of decrepitude our parent country finds itself in.

    1. Me, I’m just glad we left. Look at Canada.

  9. So, they tied up one of the cops in a ball and rolled him down the hill.

    1. I was thinking rather along those lines and having a traditional soccer game with a skull ball.

  10. Why don’t they do it the civilized way and use horses and dogs?

  11. On a related note,

    Milk will curdle, cheese go off, expensive wine mature
    Kids grow up, parents down, husbands turn to tragic bore
    Receipts and life insurance all very well, but don’t fully cover hate
    So you can’t return this idiot when he’s past his sell-by date

    The Beautiful South – Final Spark

  12. Peak retard? It’s gotta be close

  13. In completely unrelated news,

    Digital currency biz Liberty Reserve shut down, founder arrested

    This is probably more serious than all those Bitcoin exchanges.

  14. I don’t think three officers was enough. They should have sent at least ten bobbies to the home of this dangerous cheesemaker.

    And I would have to assume that the British sent even more cops when they visited the headquarters of soccer (“football”) teams in order to warn them of their liability in case anyone got hurt. Because I *assume* that if they’re trying to deter cheese-rolling races, they will also be trying to deter the even more dangerous sport of soccer.

    The strange thing is, I haven’t heard reports of police visits to the manager of Manchester United. Yet you’d think it would make the news. If only because the media would have to explain why soccer fans had reduced police headquarters to a smoldering crater.

    1. It occurs to me – what if the people who called the police after those terrorists sawed off a soldier’s head had claimed that they saw an 85-year-old cheesemaker? I bet the cops would have arrived much more promptly!

  15. But doesn’t Sacred Scriptures assure us that “blessed are the cheesemakers?”

  16. Forget the cheese, and roll a tightly bound bureaucrat down the hill. England certainly has plant of them to spare.


  17. Better yet, use the responsible constable as the Octuple Gloucester’s rolling axis and aim it at the lord mayor’s manse.

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