Bob Dole Says the GOP Should Be "Closed For Repairs"

Former Senator and Presidential candidate says Reagan would not have been at home in today's Republican party


(CNN) – National Republicans have shifted so drastically in the past decade that the party's most vaunted figure—former President Ronald Reagan—would no longer find a home in the GOP, former Sen. Bob Dole claimed Sunday.

"Reagan couldn't have made it," Dole said, adding he too would also have faced challenges in today's Republican Party.

Instead of operating day-to-day in a nonelection year, the national party should focus on broader plans to rehabilitate itself after the losses of 2012, the former Kansas lawmaker said.

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  1. Big government republican thinks party is too fiscally conservative and socially liberal.

  2. Yeah, that’s the ticket, Dole. Moderate everything…..like you…McCain….Hatch. You’re the reason this country has one major party walking leftward, while the other runs leftward.

  3. It is pretty disturbing that “moderate” means more state control means less economic and social freedom, and more economic and social freedom is “extremist”

    They always meet in the middle with moderate statism.

    1. Isn’t that the truth.

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  5. secret message to the GOP: Have you considered stating the prnciples to whch you are committed? Oh yeah, “I ran a business” – Romney. That’s a winner. “I was a war hero” – McCain. Whatever happened to “Are you better off than you were four years ago? Government isn’t the solution; government is the problem. Extremism in defence of liberty is no vice.” Want “new” ideas? Try ones from 1787 instead; they just might be still the best, but we haven’t heard them from your candidates in a long time.

  6. “Reagan couldn’t have made it”

    Probably not with the republican establishment – who were opposed to him before he won, but I’m sure he’d be quite popular with the Tea Party.

    1. And vice versa, he did say “”I believe the very heart and soul of conservatism is libertarianism”

      While the Tea Party isn’t really libertarian, it’s closer than the current establishment party is.

  7. When did Bob Dole become relevant again?

  8. Bob Dole – Electoral Dysfunction

  9. Bob Dole. The throwaway candidate, the most boring and uninteresting candidate they could have picked. Kind of a retirement party gift, the candidacy. They’ve got this 8 year thing worked out, fine tuned, and we’re the suckers. Check it out…

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  11. As if many Republicans weren’t already just basically Democrats on economic issues.

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