New Greek Tax System Puts the Screws to Businesses, Self-Employed

Ninety percent of previous year's tax must be paid in advance


Self-employed and businesses will be obliged to pay in advance 30% of the tax of the previous year in January, July and October. That is the tax office will collect 90% of the tax in advance -based on taxation of previous year – independently of the actual revenues of business and self-employed in the running year.

Currently down-payment of tax is at 55%.

Exceptions are considered in case the running revenues (and consequently tax payment) are lower than 20%. But then the tax payer has to prove this.

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  1. OK, folks, let’s hear from all of you at the meeting: How best can we convince businesses that this isn’t the place to be? Mr. Popodopolous, I think you have a suggestion?

  2. Naturally, fuck over the productive to feed the useless. Greek entrepreneurs should flee. Immediately.

    1. Should flee? They will flee entirely, or set up corporate headquarters in Ireland.

  3. And then when this doesn’t work, they will blame “austerity”

  4. I guess the words “cash flow” don’t translate into Greek.

    If the Greeks are anything like us, their retailers make the majority of their money in the Holiday season after their taxes for the year area already due.

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