Adam Kokesh

Adam Kokesh Arrested at Anti-Prohibition Protest in Philly

Charged with resisting arrest. But for what?


Philadelphia – New details and information regarding a story that broke here on Digital Journal earlier this evening are now beginning to surface.

Earlier Saturday Alex Allen, a digital journalist and the publisher of the "Liberty Sun," broke the story of Adam Kokesh's arrest at a "Smoke Down Prohibition" event in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Kokesh, who has attended and spoken at previous "Smoke Down Prohibition" events, was allegedly arrested without having smoked any marijuana. Footage has since been released, confirming his arrest. Although the audio is very poor in the footage, you can clearly hear Kokesh at one point stating that he was being "assaulted" by the police.

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  1. Adam Kokesh is a huge douchebag but I’m gonna have to side with him on this. Police abusing their power is a much more egregious offence than Kokesh being a pompous ass.

    1. “George Washing is a huge douchebag and whiskey runner but I’m gonna have to side with him.”

      Men are not angels. That’s kind of the whole point of liberty.

      1. George Washington’s personality was not that of a douchebag. Adam Kokesh is extremely full of himself and talks down to people with the slightest disagreements from his hardline, purist Agorism. He calls himself a libertarian but always insults minarchists as “statists” so he basically defines a libertarian as an anarcho-capitalist. Therefore, he is able to criticize libertarians as a “libertarian” when in fact he is an anarchist. He doesn’t support the Constitution either because it grants power to the state, and thinks the Founding Fathers were all a bunch of statists. He is the type of person who seems intent on alienating everyone who would otherwise agree with him.

        1. ^this. In the beginning, and especially during the republican primary, he was much more reserved in his hardline view. I put the date around the RNC, but he has gotten much more aggressive against people who he should have or previously seemed to agree with.
          Of course I have to agree with him on this, at least with the current information.

          1. And who should he have agreed with? Rand Paul? Nick Gillespie? There comes a time when you realize all political affiliations have their respective concern trolls. That having gone through the process and realized it’s only there to divert our energies, we no longer have time for your glibness.

            Some of us expect more.

            1. A valid point. I was under the impression that he was less of the total anarchist. I have no problem with his stance, but have noticed an evolution, not that this is a bad thing in any way. He does serve a purpose in his views, and the way he shares them. I did not say that to dismiss him in any way, it was more of a comment on the unfolding nature of his stance.

              1. Haven’t had time to validate this but it is certainly not something I would have ever expected from Kokesh.


        2. I agree sam the man. That is why anarchist are just as bad as socialists. Libertarianism has nothing to do with anarchy, it’s about social liberty and opposing over regulation. Anarchists are against all regulations and believe every single person working for the government is evil.

          1. You have obviously done no research of your own on the subject of anarchism.

  2. In the video of his arrest, you can see some guy plant what appears to be a joint in Adam’s waistband as the police are struggling to throw him to the ground.

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