Judge Grants Injunction Against Arkansas Abortion Law

Bans most abortions beyond 12 weeks


A federal judge granted a request Friday to temporarily block enforcement of a new Arkansas law that bans most abortions 12 weeks into a pregnancy.

U.S. District Judge Susan Webber Wright granted a motion for preliminary injunction in a lawsuit that the American Civil Liberties Union of Arkansas and the Center for Reproductive Rights brought on behalf of two Little Rock abortion providers.

The state's Republican-led Legislature enacted the 12-week abortion ban in March by overriding a veto from Democratic Gov. Mike Beebe.

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  1. This mistake at law is now appealed to the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals and has docket number (8:14-1891). All required legal briefs are filed and can be read for free from the mirror I maintain.

    I am an interested party and have filed a amicus brief and an amicus reply addressing EVERY filed briefs including mistakes in mine. An amicus reply is very rarely allowed. The amicus Brief and Reply do not completely support anyone but the Eighth Circuit Court. This ruling will soon REPLACE Roe v Wade as the controlling law from now on. The future will be obvious to ANYONE.

    Arkansas Act 301 will be allowed but will soon be adjusted as suggested. AR Act 301 will then be copied world-wide. Neither party will like the obvious results that is pending to now occur. SCOTUS will deny all Petitions for Certiorari after this honorable but disliked and even hated ruling.

    My contacting and my written dialogs with Assistant AG Colon Jorgensen are public records and I can’t hide them now. I will probably need to move to Switzerland.

    1. AR Act 301 12-week abortion limitation is constitutional on its face but there are two problems AR Act 301 has for potential future challenges. AR Act 301 will be affirmed and this affirmation will be the first ever and last needed recognition of the FUNDAMENTAL natural female right to terminate gestation for 12-weeks.

      This ruling will wholly settle one “manufactured cultural war” and is wholly explained in secular detail in the filed briefs. Libertarians and most others will understand the only future ruling possible though not entirely like the 12-week limitation. The potentially violent reactions to this ruling will be the religious absolutist and will be directed toward me.

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