Libertarian Wrestler "Kane" Might Be Contemplating a Primary Run Against Sen. Lamar Alexander in 2014


Still pure rumor mill for now, but sources close to the one-time World Heavyweight Champion World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) superstar (among many other wrestling honors) who goes by the name "Kane" tell me that Glenn Jacobs (Kane's legal name) is "open to the possibility of considering a primary campaign against Sen. Lamar Alexander" for the Tennessee Senate seat Lamar! has held since 2003.

Kane at Raw House Show 2011.png

That's a whole lot of caveats and no announcement from the man himself, but it would be one of the more delightful GOP primary battles for the libertarian-minded to watch.

As Matt Welch blogged here in 2010, Kane considers himself libertarian, has been active with the Libertarian Party in the past, and has lately been a loud public voice against the Internet sales tax.

Kane's wiki.

Jonathan Rauch at Reason back during Lamar!'s 2000 campaign presidential run reminds us why he's a good guy to get out of the Senate.

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  1. I was shocked to learn he was still in the Senate.

    I somehow thought he had retired a decade ago or something.

    1. retired


    2. Does he still wear the red sweater?

      No, I am not confusing him Jim Tressel.

      1. Yeah, too skinny to be Bob Knight.

        1. Bob Knight in Congress = epic. I’d pay to see those press conferences.

          1. As long as he promises to hit Sheila Jackson with a chair, I’d vote for him.

    3. I’d forgotten that article. The one I remembered was “Tentatively Bold”. Was that Lamar! too?

  2. and no announcement from the man himself

    Of course their is no announcement from the man himself, Kane never speaks.

    1. Kane never speaks.

      How will he give his victory speech?

      And fuck the debates I want to see him wrestle Lamar Alexander in to gooey pile of whimpering little girl!

      1. Fuck, that’s too easy, how about him against a tag team match of Alexander and Lindsey Graham?

        1. Lindsey would enjoy being wrestled by a man too much. Can’t just give him pleasure like that.

      2. I know everybody complains about the lack of alt-text, but this illustration cries out for a GIF.

        1. And right after I said that, it occurs to me that this is a very subtle, very apropos use of alt-text on the pic.


    2. Ah, but the mask comes off about once a week on http://WKVL.Com (850 AM Knoxville, TN), at least I think that is their Libertarian of the week.

      1. Should have mentioned it is the M-F morning show “The Rude Awakening” 7AM-10AM. Kane is usually on either Wed. or Thurs. for about 1/2 hour or more.

  3. I propose a cage match to decide the Tennessee senatorial primary. It’s the only fair way.

    1. Finally a way to engage the public on political matters!

  4. I fear Jesse Ventura all over again…

    1. Out of curiosity, what are people’s thoughts about Jesse?

      I didn’t follow his governorship, but I never heard him say anything I disagreed with. That’s not to say he didn’t.

      What was your issue with him android?

      1. He’s kinda gone Troofer since he left the statehouse.

        1. He does seem to have moved more towards the Alex Jones type of rhetoric.

          1. “He does seem to have moved more towards the Alex Jones type of rhetoric.”

            That has been my impression all along. Still, I would take Jesse over 95% of those sitting in congress now. His craziness is less damaging to our liberty than one syllable out of, say, Pelosi’s mouth.

            Is someone going to lecture me now on the lesser of evils?

            1. Yeah, guy that believes there is a massive government conspiracy will work hard to limiting government powers. I don’t really care what someone’s intentions and motivations are, as long as they are out to kill the beast.

              1. Yep, but they have to be careful not to scare the sheeples. And on the opposing side, not to try ‘too hard’ to not scare the sheeples, see… Rand Paul.

        2. I used to hang out with a guy from Minnesooootah who didn’t think much of him. He was a hardcore socon, so I figured if the socons hate him he must be doing a fair job.

          1. I remember back when he was governor, he went to the Netherlands and smoked some weed. Someone tried to give him shit over it, and he basically said that he did nothing wrong nor illegal. He merely followed the laws and customs of a foreign country.

            1. and he basically said that he did nothing wrong nor illegal.

              That’s no longer true. If anyone at all testifies that he said “I’m going to the Netherlands to smoke some weed”, they can bust him for it when he gets back.

          2. That’s not really it. With Jesse, it’s more that government can do no right, unless Jesse’s running it. The guy had basically no compass — one day he would want to slash vehicle licensing fees, and the next, he’d be off pushing for a billion dollar boondoggle.

            Picture what it would be like to have a ten year old boy as governor, and you’ll be somewhere in the ballpark.

      2. He seems very sincere and well-meaning. That could be an act. The fact that he says he was a Navy SEAL when he was actually a Navy frogman bugs me quite a bit. Being a Navy Frogman is cool shit. He should feel no need to embellish it with untruths.

        I watched his conspiracy theory TV show. He had Alex Jones on at least one episode. That’s always a knock in my book.

        Overall, I think he’s a decent guy who would be unlikely to cause too much trouble while in office.

        1. WIKI says he’s a BUD/S graduate. Doesn’t that make him a SEAL?

          1. Okay, I guess UDTs were the SEALS before the SEALS were the SEALS. WIKI

            The UDTs pioneered combat swimming, closed-circuit diving, underwater demolitions, and midget submarine (dry and wet submersible) operations. They were the precursor to the present-day United States Navy SEALs.[1]

            In 1983, the UDTs were re-designated as SEAL Teams or Swimmer Delivery Vehicle Teams (SDVTs). SDVTs have since been re-designated SEAL Delivery Vehicle Teams.[2]

      3. Nick Gillespie isn’t sure if he’d rather follow Janet Napolitano or Jesse Ventura if the SHTF.

      4. Aside from having a permanent tinfoil hat resting atop his Riff Raff hairdo, he also has spoken highly of Castro and Che and referred to himself once as a “libertarian Marxist”. Also, a huge ZOMG KOCHTOPUS guy who thinks Occupy TP. I’m convinced he only called himself a libertarian because he thought Ron Paul was a truther like him.

      5. I bought his last “Democrips and Rebloodpicans” book and it’s currently in my bathroom, where I struggle to get through a page or two per visit. It’s the literary equivalent of slogging through the jungle with a dull machete. So far, what I’ve gotten out of it is:

        1. Government is corrupt as all hell and both parties are on the take.

        2. Corporations are evil, evil, evil and the Citizens United decision is the worst thing ever.

        3. We need much more regulation to fix points 1 and 2.

        I always struggle to see how anyone looks at the enormous power and reach of government, which of course creates a huge impetus for bribery and influence peddling, and thinks the solution is to make the whole thing bigger.

        1. I don’t agree with, but I can see, the leftist critique of Citizens United. But if you think the government is corrupt, why would you want them in charge of deciding what political speech is allowed…?

          1. But if you think the government is corrupt, why would you want them in charge of deciding what political speech is allowed anything…?

            I can’t see how any of their critiques make sense.

    1. Warty was not in the best shape back then.


  6. Shouldn’t “Wrestler” be in quotes, too?

    1. Actually, what wrestlers do is real.

      What actors like Tom Cruise do is fake.

    2. But at any rate, he’s far less clownish than Al Franken

  7. Kane is highly
    Intelligent, and could perform well in debates. He has done some extremely graphic wrestling story lines (nectophilia at one point) that would haunt him., Though. He’s really doesn’t come off as a god and country guy either.

    1. I’m reminded of why as a kid my dad forbade us from watching wrestling.

    2. He has done some extremely graphic wrestling story lines (nectophilia at one point) that would haunt him., Though.

      Yeah, Linda McMahon got hurt because her opponent had video of her being hit repeatedly in the face with a chair.

      1. Yeah, but Linda McMahon ran in Connecticut.

        We’re talking about Tennessee.

        1. “I may have had sex with dead bodies, but my opponent screwed the pooch!”


          “I only screwed those who could no longer feel anything, unlike my distinguished opponent.”


          “Yeah, but the girl was dead when I got there, unlike with Mr. Alexander and the economy.”

      2. Implying that she had brain damage from it?


      1. I don’t watch wrestling anymore, but I was really into that when I was in 7th-10th grade or so. I remember watching the Katie Vick storyline and having no idea what the hell the writers were thinking.

        It came out of nowhere, and the corpse rape was the strangest thing I’ve ever seen on television.

        1. Why do I just take in stride not only that this guy did a necrophilia-themed act, but that H&R commenters are like, “yeah, I saw that”?

          1. It was on a major T.V. show. Millions of people watch Raw.

            Think about this. There are several million Americans who have seen video of a potential congressional candidate involved in a wrestling storyline that hinged upon corpse rape.

            God bless America.

            1. That’s also why the Lincoln-Douglas debates were so popular.

            2. Probably several members of Congress have raped corpses, just not on video. My top suspect: Ted Kennedy.

            3. Im sure Ashley Judd movies have involved some stuff that a person running for Senate might not want to have been involved with IN REAL LIFE.

              Not that she is running, but I think you get my point.

              or Arnold, for that matter.

              Kane is an actor, just like Reagan or Schwarzenegger or whoever before they got into politics.

            4. The President has been metaphorically raping the corpses of children for months.

  8. “Jacobs supported Ron Paul for President in 2008.[142] He is also a member of the Free State Project, and spoke at the organization’s 2009 New Hampshire Liberty Forum.[143] He has also spoken at the Ludwig von Mises Institute.[144]”

    [From the wiki]

    I don’t need to know anything more about him to know that I like him better than Lamar Alexander.

    1. Yep

    2. I think his biggest qualification is not being Lamar Alexander.

      What the hell kind of name is “Lamar”? It sounds like the name of a wacky, sweater wearing, black neighbor on a 90’s sitcom.

      1. Sounds like a guy that plays golf wearing yellow pants.

      2. Lamar is Hungarian for asshole.

        Ok, that’s not true, or I don’t know. But it must mean asshole in some language.

        1. Klingon.

      3. My last congresscritter was Lamar Smith. He is a piece of shit too.

      4. It sounds like what the sweater would be made out of. “Lamar”, you know, like synthetic lamb.

      5. Lamar Alexander is pro-nuclear power. I think I’ll keep him!

    3. Are there actually any Austrians in federal office? I can’t think of one off hand now that Ron Paul has retired… FFS, even the UK has at least one.

      1. You know who else was an Austrian in federal office?

        1. Jorg Haider?

        2. Curt Franz Wenzel Christoph Erdmann Graf Zedtwitz von Morav?n und Duppau?

        3. Johann Gambolputty de von Ausfern- schplenden- schlitter- crasscrenbon- fried- digger- dingle- dangle- dongle- dungle- burstein- von- knacker- thrasher- apple- banger- horowitz- ticolensic- grander- knotty- spelltinkle- grandlich- grumblemeyer- spelterwasser- kurstlich- himbleeisen- bahnwagen- gutenabend- bitte- ein- n?rnburger- bratwustle- gerspurten- mitz- weimache- luber- hundsfut- gumberaber- sh?nedanker- kalbsfleisch- mittler- aucher von Hautkopft of Ulm?

      2. Justin Amash, maybe.

    4. I like Satan better than Lamar Alexander.

      There are few beings that I like less than Alexander, and only one of them, my x wife, doesn’t have a high profile job in DC.

      1. If you hate Alexander, what did you think of Sasser?

    5. One thing he needs to do is be strong on 2A, which you don’t have to try very hard at to beat Lamar. You can do worse, and Corker already fills that seat.

      If it were a few decades ago, he could go after TVA too, but as right as that is it could be tricky these days.

  9. Sounds like a very good plan to me dude. Wow.

  10. OT, but did anyone catch this?

    What is the fastest vessel in all of science fiction?.

    Answer: The Heart of Gold from the Hitchiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

    1. I was actually going to say that. Would never have remembered the name though.

    2. The real problem is that half of these entries are from fantasy rather than science fiction. In Star Wars and the like travel takes exactly as long as the plot requires, even sublight there’s no apparent difference between an X-wing and a star destroyer. Star destroyers don’t seem to have any problem closing in on the Millennium Falcon in Empire. So most of this is like arguing about whether Gandalf is a more powerful wizard than Dumbledore.

      1. Powerful as in magiciness or powerful as in having influence?

        Dumbledore for the former, Gandalf for the latter.

        1. But we don’t even know if Gandalf can even do magic in Rowling’s universe, or vice versa. That’s what I’m saying. Magical universes have arbitrary limits that exist only to advance the plot – there’s no basis of comparison since for all we know either or both of them have extra powers that aren’t mentioned in the books because they were never needed on screen.

          And now that I think about it the real answer to the fastest ship question is Gay Deceiver, which could travel any distance instantaneously with no expenditure of energy. (And yes, I’m aware that Number of the Beast is overtly in the fantasy genre as well.)

          1. Obligatory Gandalf vs. Dumbledore rap battle:


          2. And while I’m on the Heinlein kick, I should add that the Burroughs-Carter device was explicitly written to work in all possible universes, including fictional ones. So it clearly wins the contest.

          3. Don’t worry, someone’s looking hard for the Kevin Bacon who would unite them in the Wold Newton Universe.

    3. How can it be faster than Gay Deceiver?

  11. The Bellator MMA WW champ Ben Askren is a paulista.

  12. I haven’t been around much the last few days, but has there been mention of the new Dan Brown novel Infreno?
    I heard an interview with the author and he was basically outright saying that the biggest problem the world is facing is overpopulation, and that all our other problems stem from that.
    The host did not ask if Mr. Brown should be the first to go.

    1. ack. Inferno.

      1. While I don’t condone force, I think a world with half the population would be twice as nice.

        Don’t get why most libertarians want more people? I hate crowds. I hate the rules associated with places with shitloads of people. People, in general, fucking suck ass. Most are stupid, why would you want more of them?

        1. Heinlein said a few times through his characters that when a place got so crowded as to require the use of ID cards, it was time to leave. His characters also tended to have places to go, conveniently.

          1. There’s still places. Not many, and the job opportunities aren’t great, but there are still a few places you can go in this country to be left alone. I’ve been to every state in the union and lived in seven. The places that I enjoyed most were the places with the fewest people.

      1. perfect.

      2. I wish I could write bad novels that made me millions. Who would you rather be, millionaire author living the good life or some critic lucky to make 50K a year?

        1. I’d rather be a writer that people didn’t openly mock.

          1. I would rather take the cash. You can mock me all you like.

            1. Obviously.

              1. If I could figure out a way to write a book that sold like Brown’s do, I would laugh all of the way to the bank. The fact that the books were bad would in some ways make it even more pleasurable. If I were Dan Brown, I would wake up every morning knowing I had totally gotten over. How could that not make you happy?

                1. Clearly I’m the only lit nerd here other than Nicole. I couldn’t write a book which didn’t reach a certain level of quality.

                  1. I would not allow myself to write pablum for the masses.

                    1. Don’t worry, H&R will never become so popular you have to change your style.

                    2. Exactly. When people criticize my comments I’m like “Well clearly it wasn’t for you.” My comments are a little bit difficult to follow, sure, but they reward close reading.

                      I may not be appreciated in my own time, but the next generation will understand.

                    3. My comments are a little bit difficult to follow, sure, but they reward close reading.

                      Theoretically this could be true, but I don’t see it being tested before the collapse of civilization.

                  2. I couldn’t write a book which didn’t reach a certain level of quality.

                    You just release everything you weren’t satisfied by under a pen name like Patrick O’Riordan or something suitably Irish.

                    1. Don’t they have a bad enough reputation to live down already?

                    2. I should switch to painting.

                    3. I should switch to painting.

                      You’re dating Bea Arthur?

                    4. I was thinking his writing could be more of a curiosity piece like “Oh gee, this Mick stopped drinking long enough to write a novel!? I’ll have to give it a read.”

                    5. James Joyce managed.

                    6. You just release everything you weren’t satisfied by under a pen name

                      What sort of loser would ever do this?

                    7. Richard Bachman?

                    8. Patrick O’ Riordan is the name under which I release all of my comments about school shootings and dangerous game shows.

                2. The expression is “cry all the way to the bank.” As in “Yeah, you really hurt my feelings, excuse me I need to deposit this huge royalty check.”

    2. One of our resident journalist commenters had to write a review on it. He shared his thoughts he couldn’t publish.

      1. Yeah, Citizen Nothing hated it. He even mentioned the fact that Dan Brown seems to have just discovered Thomas Malthus and bought the whole thing uncritically.

        1. Of course he did. Buying bullshit uncritically is his move.

      2. Is there a link to these thoughts?

          1. Thank you.

    3. The only problem the world has is overpopulation, if you understand the parameters correctly. All value and hence all problems are subjective. Get rid of any entity that can have values, and you get rid of all problems.

      1. It’s like how I think about abortions: If you never have experience, you can never be disappointed. If you do, people just seem to know, according to Bruce Campbell.

  13. Shit, I live in TN, I’ll vote for him, can’t be any worse than Alexander.


    Check out the Obama hack who ran the Tea Party Audits on drudge right now. Obama really does love ugly women.


    2. One of the necessary features of a good scandal is a continual source of new revelations and stories. The IRS scandal is certainly looking like that. More groups and individuals coming forward, more details about who was in charge. Even if he wanted to, Obama couldn’t get the information out all at once and get it over with. It’s too big and complex.

      And now, we learn that the person in charge during the Tea Party harassment is now in charge of Obamacare. Get your popcorn!

    3. Ehh, still better looking than Waxman.

  15. Oh LOOK: Toronto mayor thinks he’s Marion Barry

    1. Or that it’s the 80s.

      1. Sight Of O.J. Simpson Actually Kind Of Comforting

        “Sure, he may be a murderer, but those were good times back then, you know? Clinton was in the White House, gas was $1.35/gallon, and the biggest thing in the world to worry about was whether some football player had killed his wife and her friend. And remember the Bronco chase? Christ, that’s an actual cherished memory of mine at this point.” At press time, sources nationwide issued an announcement to Simpson saying any time he wants to show up in the news again is “just fine” by them.

        1. The Onion actually being funny? That’s so 2006.

        2. Shep Smith was practically giddy at OJ being in the news again.

          He can’t stand that motherfucker.

    2. Somali crack gangs in Toronto? Don’t tell Shikha Dalmia.

    1. Or as they call it, eH20.

    2. I had a joke about that yesterday but I forgot it, so I didn’t post it.
      /got nothin

      1. Yeah right. My joke was so damn funny that you were too embarrassed to post yours.

        1. probly.
          something about bong water.

            1. Saw a lot of “weird” names in the extras section of The Borgias. I guessed Hungarian, wife guessed Czech. I wikid the borgias and got the this, filmed in Czech Republic but its the wrong one. The right one is in fact filmed in Hungary. I don’t know where I’m going with this.

              1. If you see ‘sz’ that’s a pretty good indication that it’s Hungarian. Interestingly ‘cz’ doesn’t occur in Czech, it is the Polish sound for the English consonant sound ‘ch’, Czech has unique letters for sounds whereas Polish makes due with Latin alphabet which is why Polish spelling looks so convoluted.

                1. Thanks, Cliffy

                  1. Everyone in the Swiss Army owns a Swiss army knife. That’s why no one messes with Switzerland.

      2. Remember that giant, beautiful icicle that was murdered?

        That icicle was awesome.

  16. Those dudes really seem to knowwhats going on. Wow.

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