Conservative Group Claims Harassment by ATF and FBI as Well as IRS

That's a lot of hassling


HOUSTON — Since filing for tax exemption at a 501(c)(3) nonprofit in 2010, the founders of True the Vote, a Houston-based group that tries to prevent elections fraud, have been overwhelmed with scrutiny from a host of government agencies, in particular, by the Internal Revenue Service.

Catherine and Bryan Englebrecht have suffered through 18 separate encounters with five government agencies, from surprise audits to FBI visits to never-ending demands for paperwork.

The government has been scrutinizing True the Vote, the Engelbrechts' tea party group, which is called King Street Patriots, and the family's oil services manufacturing business.

King Street Patriots sought tax-exempt status as a 501(c)(4) nonprofit.

Engelbrecht kept silent about all this scrutiny for more than two years, but after the abuse-of-power stories coming out of Washington this past week, she decided to go public, appearing on several conservative talk radio shows this week.

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  1. It would take around 300 pages of material to answer a round of questions, Churchwell said. True the Vote would be given two weeks assemble and return all the materials under pain of having its application cancelled, according to the IRS letter he provided.

    Questions included:

    “You stated the organization may create documentaries. Provide copies of any completed documentaries including printed transcripts.

    Fuck you…buy and watch the documentary and do it yourself!

    “In regards to the organization’s public education activities you state the organization seeks to educate the public and influential individuals. Define influential individuals.”

    Fuck you….do it yourself!

    Jesus I wonder where the public gets the idead the government employees are lazy and useless?

  2. For more on harassment by fbi see my reports and discover that the irs scandal is hardly the tip of criminal harassment iceberg by gov officials who often target whistleblowers for neutralization:

    The fbi (federal burro of investigation, the Jackass of the nation) impliedly affirms in its operations 24/7 its centurylong applied credo as follows:

    We are primarily in the business of taking lives (or destroying them by imprisonment), not of saving lives, nor furthering the aesthetic and humane interests of mankind.…

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