IRS Commissioner Out Over Scandal, Says Obama


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Oh ye of little faith, who doubted that the continuing scandal over the Internal Revenue Service's targeting of conservative groups would have consequences. The first head has rolled! Steven Miller, the acting commissioner of the mugging tax collecting agency, is out! And safeguards!

From CNN:

President Barack Obama vowed Wednesday to hold accountable those at the Internal Revenue Service involved in the targeting of conservative groups applying for federal tax-exempt status, beginning with the resignation of the agency's acting commissioner.

In a brief statement delivered to reporters at the East Room of the White House, the president announced that Treasury Secretary Jack Lew requested—and accepted—the resignation of acting IRS Commissioner Steve Miller.

The president said the "misconduct" detailed in the IRS Inspector General's report released Tuesday over the singling out of conservative groups is "inexcusable."

"Americans have a right to be angry about, and I'm angry about it," Obama said.

The president said new safeguards will be put in place so that "this doesn't happen again."

Of course, it will happen again, under administrations Republican and Democratic, because it has happened again and again. The IRS is just one of many political weapons so potent and tempting that presidents can't resist wielding them against their critics. The problem is the concentration of coercive power, and its availability to people who find a career of using such power to be an attractive prospect. "Safeguards" won't change that.

Oh, and no word yet on the fate of those two "rogue" employees who supposedly truly done the deed, except that they've been "disciplined."

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  1. What?!
    There were just two low-level bureaucrats! That’s ALL!

    1. Oh, and JD, your spell check made sure “hem” was spelled correctly for “them”.

  2. Heads, spikes, wall.

  3. Getting caught is the worst crime a government employee can commit.

    1. And not getting caught is the greatest accomplishment a public sector employee can achieve.

  4. I know the resignation things is basically just a formality but this guy should have been fired fired. Like, get the fuck out and don’t show for face around here again fired.

    1. If Obama had been guilty of something some underling would take a fall – ala’ Scooter Libby.

      1. So what you’re saying is this guy is Obama’s whipping boy.

      2. You mean like Steve Miller?

      3. When you are a buttplug all the world is an ass.

  5. Well, I am glad this TEAM BLUE vs TEAM RED! bullshit is over with.

    Oh, and fuck the new IRS commish too – whoever it may be.

    1. Palin’s Buttplug| 5.15.13 @ 7:07PM |#
      “Well, I am glad this TEAM BLUE vs TEAM RED! bullshit is over with.”

      Yeah, dipshit, it’s a shame when *your* team takes it in the ear.

    2. That’s unfortunate. I would prefer to see more Democrat-supporting groups be denied 501(c) status.…..democrats/

      (I kid, I don’t like seeing anyone punished by the Infernal Revenue Service.)

      1. The real scandal is that groups that wish to form up have to report to the IRS at all. At. All.

        But I do understand the impulse to demand it. How do you harass unfavoured groups if you don’t make them announce themselves?

        1. Of course, that way we can all form 501c’s for the well being of our cat. Until taxes are abolished, getting an exemption from paying them should require some degree of proof that you are entitled. Now, how many pets do you claim as dependents on your 1040?

          1. I would argue that we should require the FedGov to provide some degree of proof that it is entitled to taxpayer money.

          2. Why would an organization pay taxes. Don’t the individuals within the organization already pay various and sundry taxes? Why is taxed money taxed again?

            1. It isn’t about the organization paying taxes, it’s about donors getting to deduct their contributions.

    3. Leave it to shriek to not give a shit about the larger issue of liberty here.

      1. Jordan| 5.15.13 @ 7:56PM |#
        “Leave it to shriek to not give a shit about the larger issue of liberty here.”
        Shreek is all about Obozo, and it looks like Obozo got out of this only smelling like shit. So as far as Shreek is concerned, all’s well.
        Issues of liberty? Fuck that; shreek could care less.

      2. All of us are subject to the vagrants at the IRS.

        Pardon me if I don’t mourn another.

        1. Palin’s Buttplug| 5.15.13 @ 8:42PM |#
          “All of us are subject to the vagrants at the IRS.
          Pardon me if I don’t mourn another.”

          Shorter dipshit: “Looks like Obozo skated on another one!”

    4. Hey, dipshit:
      “Data Doesn’t Support IRS Explanation for Scandal”

      1. Link:…..ty/139277/
        There’s a chance, dipshit, that your fave squeeze isn’t out of the woods.

    5. Well, I am glad this TEAM BLUE vs TEAM RED! bullshit is over with.

      Because one guy got fired? You wish. It’s already gone from “just two employees” in “one office” and “75 organizations” to four employees and four offices and 400 organizations. And some employees are saying they just did what they were ordered to do.

      The dominoes are falling, and this won’t be over for a while.

  6. Special prosecutor, please. Thanks.

    1. I can be your special prosecutor. I have the hat and some nice boots.

    2. For Benghazi? Absolutely.

      1. For Benghazi everything? Absolutely.


  7. End the income tax.

      1. What?!

    1. Simply ending the corporate income tax would mean an end to all the bureaucratic nonsense involving which groups are allowed to be non-profit.

    2. Replace it with a low revenue (not protective) tariff.

  8. ‘IRS Commissioner Out, Scandal Over, Says Shreek’

    Mo betta!

      1. A booger-colored ogre.

    1. Our long national nightmare is over?

      1. Actually, no.
        Unless something drastic happens, we still have nearly four years remaining.

        1. Jesus, this made me realize it’s only mid May 2013.

          1. He’s got plenty of time to cause harm. and that hag Pelosi is still right there!

          2. Which means the next Presidential campaign will be in full swing in, what, 4 months?

  9. The problem is the concentration of coercive power, and its availability to people who find a career of using such power to be an attractive prospect. “Safeguards” won’t change that.

    The problem is we live in a land of regulatory agencies and offices which send hither swarms of clerks and unelected bureaucrats to harrass and eat out our substance.

    1. +John Hancock

  10. Sounds pretty serious to me dude.

  11. Was this guy actually implicated in any of this? Or he implicated only because he was in charge of the IRS while it happened? And if the later, then why isn’t Obama resigning as well?


      That was a joke, right? Remember: the buck stops there.

      (points at head of IRS)

      1. “Or he implicated only because he was in charge of the IRS while it happened? And if the later, then why isn’t Obama resigning as well?”

        That’s a very good question. I’ll wait right over here until you get the answer………………………..

    2. Are you really that stupid?

      The POTUS does not review every tax return – I hope you realize.

      1. And the IRS commissioner does?

      2. So you agree, Reagan had nothing to do with Iran-Contra.

      3. Jesus, you really did post that.

        A new Peak Retard from Shriek! Ladies and gentlemen, the irrepressible Shriek! Shriek, everybody!

        1. *scattered, uncertain applause*

        2. This was a talking point by a tax guy on the NewsHour tonight.

          Paraphrasing: “It was a failure of management, and I’m not sure that warrants firing the IRS Commissioner.”

    3. I thought it was some other guy who left the IRS already. I know that because libtards were obsessing over Rubio calling for his resignation or something.

  12. Steve Miller? That dude is a joker, of course he had to go.

    1. They call him The Space Cowboy.

      Odd, that.

      1. Odd ? because he spoke of the pompatus of love ?

    2. Looks like he took the money and run.

  13. My understanding is that this guy only took the job in Nov/2012 – after all this targeting of conservative groups. So yeah, fall guy, etc.

    1. No, the Bushpigs put their man in the IRS back in 2007 where he remained until Nov 2012 during which all this “targeting” occurred.

      1. Shorter dipshit:

      2. This guy is definitely a scapegoat. I for one have little trouble believing that a scheme like this can be hatched by lower level employees with upper management never being the wiser.

        Unfortunately, that says something about the IRS as an institution. Something about how it shouldn’t exist in any where near the form it exists now.

        This isn’t a TEAM problem, it’s a POWER problem.

        1. Yes, the IRS is a financial cop. They will beat your ass for $50.

          What is new?

          1. Palin’s Buttplug| 5.15.13 @ 7:51PM |#
            “Yes, the IRS is a financial cop. They will beat your ass for $50.
            What is new?”

            Under your main squeeze, they’ve been going after those who don’t agree with them.
            May not be new, but I see you have no problem with it.

          2. And I’ll gladly beat the IRS for free.

      3. Makes total sense. A Bush appointee going after conservative groups – while greenlighting liberal ones, including one run by Obama’s brother. Thanks for clearing that up.

        1. Bush appointed Shulman. Who gives a fuck? Shulman didn’t.

          1. Palin’s Buttplug| 5.15.13 @ 8:04PM |#
            “Bush appointed Shulman. Who gives a fuck?”

            Seems you do, dipshit.

          2. Notice that when something shows Buttplug’s boy in a less-than-holy light suddenly the attempt at “reasoned argument” goes out the window, replaced by repeated “who gives a fuck!” like some teenager who’s been caught feeling up the family dog.

            Sulk. Curse.

        2. It should be noted that Republicans seem to appoint Democrats far more often than the other way around. Just look at the post-war Supreme Court. This guy was supposedly an Obama donor, so it would not be surprising that he was doing what he was told (or what he didn’t have to be told to do).

    2. Sage, you’re thinking too hard.

  14. Wait, wasn’t Steve Miller a midnight toker?

    1. Yeah, and Holder’s got him in his sights! Uh, if Holder can find out who works for him and uh, to be clear…

        1. I guess following the committee rules was just too much due process for Eric Holder.

    2. Jungle Love drove him mad. It made him crazy – crazy.


    I stole this from Jesse Walker’s Twitter feed, but it just had to be brought up.

  16. A senior official at the IRS later told congressional investigators that they had been “disciplined” for their actions

    Details, senior official.

    Were they tarred and feathered, pilloried — what exactly?

    1. No birthday cake at the last office party.

    2. Administrative leave!

    3. 2 weeks paid vacation.

    4. Until further information is provided, I will assume they get the Dunphy treatment: paid administrative leave until the investigation is completed.

  17. So the acting commissioner slated to leave in June or July has resigned. Good, this is over. Move along.

    1. Bet they didn’t dock his retirement benes!

  18. The problem is that the tax code is an impossible situation. It is huge, unknowable and often poorly worded. If we are to suffer taxes, do us all a favor and scrap the existing and start over with a document no more than one page long. No exemptions, credits, debits anythings. For people, corps or fish. Make it so stupidly simple that nobody can fuck it up.

    Unfortunately that will put tens of thousands of accountants and tax attorneys out of work in addition to 98% of IRS employees. But its worth paying them unemployment to do this.

  19. OT:

    Michael Moore’s Twitter feed has been strangely and abruptly non-political for that last 5 days.

    1. Nice to see he’s still obsessed with Bush.

    2. Hehe, you said MMF

    3. My liberal friends on Facebook have been strangely silent.

      1. You’re lucky. Can you imagine the dissonance while digging down deep to circle the wagons?

    1. Outfit had the wrong words in the name, dammit!

  20. ON Topic:
    “Obama tries to regain control amid controversies”
    “Under mounting pressure, President Barack Obama on Wednesday released a trove of documents related to the Benghazi attack and forced out the top official at the Internal Revenue Service…”

    Read more:…..z2TPVxqr7n
    Or your fave AP reseller.

    1. “trove of documents” sounds much nicer than “document/info/data dump”?

      It’s like we went out on a treasure hunt and found a trove of booty.

        1. By the way, I was sorely disappointed in this video. I, for one, know several blancas with much bigger and better looking culos.

          Jus’ sayin’

          1. They’re just so happy to have a white girl that they didn’t notice that she’s got the ass of a 12 year old boy.

            1. They’re just so happy to have a white girl that they didn’t notice that she’s got the ass of a 12 year old boy.

              And that, ladies and gentlemen, is the life of sarcasmic, in a nutshell.

              Thank you; thank you very much.

              1. Poor guy, never knowing the booty. It’s sad, really.

                What does that title to that song mean in English?

                I assume “blanca” is white, from my limited knowledge of romantic languages.

                1. I think its roughly “White girl with an ass or big ass”

                  1. Oh, that false advertising.

                    Did they think they would just slip that by mono-lingual youtube viewers?

                    No way, we are much more clever than that.

                    1. Indeed. We need to wash out our eyes out with some Watermelon Woman.

                    2. Not even hovering over that link, I’ll bet it’s the Brazilian woman from the Vice video.

                      I know because I was gonna link that very same video.

                      Great minds, man. Great minds.

                    3. Oh shit, I was wrong. Here you go. Biggest Ass in Brazil, by ViceTV.

                      She works hard fo’ dat ass.

                    4. You know, sometimes I get depressed.

                      But then I remember that I live in a world where Sigourney Weaver actually stated “Dat Ass” on network television.

                    5. “I should slap her in her bitch-mouth.”

                      I haven’t watched SNL in years but that was pretty funny.

                    6. Well, it’s not the Vice documentary, but WW dancing to a remix of Pitbull’s song “Culo“.

                    7. All this and no Bubba Sparxxx? I am disappoint.

      1. And it means diddly.
        Dunno if you’re old enough to remember, but Nixon released “transcripts” of his tapes; two words, a sheet of deleted entry (national security, doncha know), two more words, rinse and repeat. All in three-ring binders!
        I’ve seen this movie before.

        1. Hey! NSFW!

          1. It’s an HM-link. That should be a given.

        2. Sevo’s the meat in a booty sandwich, the lucky bastard.

          1. And really, what insane poster WOULDN’T want to be stuck between Warty and FOE?

            1. I was planning on sleeping, but now I won’t for fear of the nightmares from that mental image.

              1. If you’re picturing that in your head, I’m afraid I’m going to have to charge you. My erotica isn’t free.

  21. We have to address what provides the opportunity for these abuses of power. Need I quote the old line about “power corrupts”? So take away the ability of the IRS to include or exclude any group from exemption. My way is to do away with the taxes. NO TAXES on any group, political or not, corporation, union, environmentalist, gun advocates (or their opponents), even as I have noted in another context, SPEBSQSA (look it up). Now some will say we’re letting corporations in particular off from paying their “fair share”. To them I would ask “Where does the money come from with which they pay taxes?” You, sucker! Its part of the cost of doing busnesss. Ok, would the end of corporate taxes mean the end of “crony capitalism”? Why would anybody seek special treatment from taxers if there are no taxes to pay? Might this make US labor more competitive in world markets, thus helping job creation? When those nasty corporations charge you extra to pay their taxes, do you know its taxes you’re paying, or is this a cost of government hidden from you? Think about these ideas amid all the screaming about who, when and why the IRS judges some to be charitable, non-taxable, while others are taxed. This is but a symptom. Let’s cure the desease.

    1. Sure they would seek special treatment. There is always subsidies and grants and outright theft.

    2. Tom, I’m all for it, but does that mean the business firm of “Mr and Mrs Sevo LLC” is no longer subject to income tax?
      I foresee a rapid rise in marriages!

  22. If both sides do it, then it is not a big deal then right? Why is Reason even talking about this story? What the IRS did under Obama was just SOP for the last 50 years. So isn’t Reason just shilling for the Republicans by even talking about this story?

    1. Who are you and what have you done to John?

      1. LOL. I am serious. This post pisses me off. JD implies that this happens in every administration. If it does, then stop wasting my time and making a big deal about what is just ordinary corruption.

        But if this is something much worse than usual, then shut the fuck up with the “everybody does it” routine and give the story the gravity it deserves.

        1. Are you on fucking acid?

          You’re saying that the more commonplace and long lasting the corruption, the less attention we should pay to it?

          1. Yes. If what Obama is doing is just exactly what Bush and Clinton did, then stop wasting my time trying to get me to hold Obama accountable. None of those other guys were held accountable. Every administration has some corruption. Why should Obama be held to a standard those administrations were not?

            The reality is that Reason can’t even contemplate the possibility that maybe this administration is something worse than what we have had in the past. They have to fall back on the “both sides are just as bad” cliche. In which case I say, fuck them with a telephone pole. If both sides are just as bad, stop wasting my time with stories about the status que.

            1. Look man, you seem tense.

              There is a booty-extravaganza above. Take a minute, hit your bunk and come back when you’re not so uptight.

              Jesus man.

              1. Reason’s too cool for school “they both suck man” attitude pisses me off. No, this is really bad. An administration appears to have systematically used the IRS to target and harrass its enemies over a period of years. Nothing Clinton or anyone even really Nixon compares to this in scale or audacity. It would be nice if Reason would stop pretending otherwise.

                1. But they both really do suck.

                  Did you read the article linked?

                  Why are you so pissed off, man? Jesus dude, Obama is actually getting called on his shit in the mainstream media and on the ropes, but you’re pissed because Reason claimed that every administration uses the IRS as a political weapon.

                  Too-Chili pointed out that fact, which to a libertarian is information that backs up our advocacy of the abolition of the IRS. Government shouldn’t have that power at its disposal, no matter who is in power.

                  1. See below, GBN; John’s in drama-queen mode and proud of it!

                  2. Reason is only piling on because Obama is Black. Did they make an issue of IRS political harassment when Bush was President?

                2. I agree with you, John. Sometimes Reason writers seem to try a little too hard to say R = D, there’s no difference, a pox on both their houses, etc. There’s a great deal of truth in that, but it can prevent one from seeing and acknowledging degrees of difference. This is Nixon-level at the very least, and to say “of course, it will happen again,” though true, minimizes this particular set of instances. It is a major story, and it’s not over yet.

                  1. What papaya said.

                  2. The thing is Papaya, when the mainstream media was trying its hardest to ignore this story reason was posting multiple articles every day.

                    But let’s pick on a throwaway sentence at the end of an article to make broad generalizations. John is just mad that Reason isn’t an organ of the Republican party; it annoys the shit out of him for some “reason” (DRINK! bitches).

                    And him bitching about his time being wasted? 99% of his posts are made when he’s on the taxpayer dime. Notice that this nighttime appearance is a rare thing indeed.

                    Sure, go ahead and agree with with him that his time is being wasted while you’re paying for that time, but that sounds like a sucker’s game.

                    1. What GBN said.

                    2. “John is just mad that Reason isn’t an organ of the Republican party; it annoys the shit out of him for some “reason” (DRINK! bitches).”

                      John, you been busted. A more subtle Tulpa with drama-queen tendencies. Clean up your act.

          2. General Butt Naked| 5.15.13 @ 8:53PM |#
            “Are you on fucking acid?”

            John’s pulling a Tulpy impersonation.
            John, yes, it is/was available and yes it has been used, but yes, it needs to be thrashed every time there is one bit of evidence that it has been.
            Is that so hard to grasp?

            1. Did you notice that John’s answer to my questions was “yes”, and he didn’t specify which question he was answering.

              So, yes, John is officially on acid today.

            2. Go fuck yourself. The logic is true. If this is no different than the past, than it is not a big story. Of course it is different from the past and is a big story. But Reason has to pretend that is not the case. Fuck them.

              1. Of course it is different from the past and is a big story. But Reason has to pretend that is not the case.

                Christ, John, way to miss the point. JD was saying it in the sense that he’s not buying the bullshit excuses that it won’t happen again, because it always has. He wasn’t equivocating Obama’s mendacity with past presidents.

                Do you see the difference?

              2. Oh Red Tony you’re such a concern troll.

                You keep bitching about how Reason is wasting your time, yet no one is forcing you to read the article much less whine incessantly like a bitch in the comments section.

              3. Yeah John, the government was run by unicorns and all was peaches and rainbows before Dear Leader took power.

                I think your logic is faulty. If this is endemic corruption that has gone unpunished for generations it’s a bigger story than if this was an isolated incident.

                1. John has been taken with Tulpa’s ‘argument’ technique.
                  Henceforth, all Reason articles must specify that the (X) offense is much worse than what Romney would have done, otherwise John isn’t interested.
                  John, you’re a complete ignoramus at times; stuff it up your ass.

                  1. It’s Red Tony syndrome and the more you call him out on the more he’ll double down.

  23. Wait, if the head of the IRS is out over “two rogue employees” that he didn’t (couldn’t have) known about, then why the fuck is Holder still at the DOJ?

    1. According to JD, this is what every administration does. So how is it that the employees were even rogue?

      1. Irre-fucking-gardless, if this is enough to dump the head of the IRS, what Holder is done is enough to get his arse fired.

        1. See above. This is corruption and government thuggery on a scale not seen since Nixon and maybe not even then. And the IRS guy was leaving in June anway. His leaving is a joke and shouldn’t count for anything.

        2. Please forgive me. I rarely complain about grammar, but this one gets me. Irregardless is not a word. Regardless is a word. Irrespective is a word. Irregardless is not.

          1. Aside:
            Moonbeam, when running for guv the first time he screwed CA, was famous for using ‘irregardless’.
            Sand between teeth!

          2. Thank you Suthenboy, that drives me fucking crazy for some reason.

            Also, to follow up with John, the IRS story out of California where they illegally accessed 60 million MEDICAL records is a new one in my book. And it makes sense why. They are soon to be the ones running your healthcare insurance compliance status and what better way of knowing than illegally accessing your medical files directly?

            This is a verybadnogood unprecedented step for any Administration, Obama or otherwise.

            1. I am still trying to figure out exactly what they are doing with those records. It has a nefarious stench all over it, but I cant see past the fetid fog around it to see exactly what they are doing.

              Then again, the fetid fog may be in my brain.

              I am convinced that this federal government has become far more tyrannical and corrupt than the one we rebelled against the first time. We are careening towards the abyss and no one is manning the brakes.

              1. Whoa. Who wrote that? that doesnt sound like me at all. maybe I should lay off the commenting when I have taken an ambien. that shit makes me wierd.

                1. maybe I should lay off the commenting when I have taken an ambien.

                  Yes. Not necessarily just you but Ambien makes people weird as shit.

              2. The Health Care act is the final nail in the coffin, I think. HIPAA laws have always been overly protective of individual rights pertaining to ones medical files, and blatantly ignoring them as if they don’t exist is tyrannical by any reasonable definition of the word.

                I’m still not convinced that Obama has that much to do with it because I truly think he isn’t smart enough to come up with it. That’s why they are getting caught now. The folks who cheated for him to get re-elected are off to cash in on their payoffs (HI STEPHANIE CUTTER! HOW IS THAT SWEET BANK OF AMERICA PAYOFF TASTING? MMMMMMM…..) and since they are gone the idiots are now running the show and they are getting caught left and right.

                Hopefully it implodes before Obamacare goes fully live. If not, well, it was a cool thing while it lasted I suppose.

                1. “I’m still not convinced that Obama has that much to do with it because I truly think he isn’t smart enough to come up with it.”

                  Agreed, but:
                  He OWNS it. He’s ‘large and in charge’ with the hope and the change! And it serves him right to have it stuffed up his butt.
                  Hey, Obozo! You’re going to change the way government is run to make it warm and cuddly for ‘the people’? Well, it seems you’ve got a good start on a police state instead.

            2. Oh…and my other pet peeve is humongous. Not. A. Word.
              It is particularly painful to hear it said with the middle syllable drawn out, usually with arms and eyes wide
              ” it was huuuu-moooooooongous!”

              Big is a word. Huge is a word. Colossal is a word.Other acceptable words are immense, enourmous, giant, massive, ponderous, vast, tremendous, voluminous . I think over time those lost their punch and so humongous was pulled out of someones ass and deemed to mean really extra bighugemassivegiantcolossal.

              huge worked all along for me. humongous just grates the nerves.It feels like the word is an attempt to add emotional content to a simple empirical observation.

              1. …”It feels like the word is an attempt to add emotional content to a simple empirical observation.”

                SUPER-bullshit over some celeb whose prime claim to fame is being a celeb.

              2. That’s funny. My pet peeve is people who think that the English language isn’t a dynamic and ever changing entity.

                Words get added, words change in meaning. When you shout to the rooftops about how things aren’t words or they didn’t used to mean this or that, you sound like an old man telling the kids to get off your lawn.

                1. “…an old man telling the kids to get off your lawn.”

                  Not the first time I have been accused of this.

                  I am fully aware that language is an ever-evolving entity, I just prefer that it change for the better. Humongous does not add anything to the language. It does not more finely distinguish a concept that was not already present in the language. In addition to that the word has an ugly sound. Thats my bitch.

                  Ok, I am growling ‘get off my lawn’, but I am not pointing a rifle at anyone while doing it.

          3. 1. Irregardless *is* a word – it may not be “official” but english is motherfucking descriptive and not prescriptive.

            so I’ma let you finish but I’m gonna keep using irregardless, irregardless of you’re huuuuumongous grammer nazi boner on the matter n their ain’t much you can do about it!!!

            1. NO MAN ITS NOT.

              Most dictionaries list it as “nonstandard” or “incorrect”.

              And really, why the fuck do we use it in the first place? As if “regardless” doesn’t make your point well enough?


              It’s wrong man. It just is.

              1. That reminds me of the time the linguistics professor told his class that in languages like English, a double negative equals a positive, whereas in languages like Russian, a double negative remains a negative, but in no language does a double negative equal a positive – to which a student in the back of the room replies “Yeah. Right”.

                1. Gah – blew my own punch line – “does a double positive equal a negative”.

    2. Silence, citizen, if we want your opinion we’ll beat it out of you.

  24. Typical Obama:

    Steven T. Miller only became IRS Commissioner on November 10, 2012, so it seems odd to blame him for things that occurred during Douglas Shulman’s tenure. But if it takes a completely pointless the resignation to get the heat off, well I guess we’ll just have to make someone a scapegoat.

    1. Yes. And he was leaving in June anyway. Obama really does think everyone is stupid.

  25. The president said new safeguards will be put in place so that “this doesn’t happen again.”


    1. yeah, like the safegaurds they are trying to put in place to legalize what they did illegally to the AP. Protections with exceptions. God these fuckers have no shame.

    2. new safeguards will be put in place so that “this doesn’t happen again.”

      What, like background checks before IRS employees are hired?

    3. He meant the story coming out won’t happen again.

  26. I replied to John before reading through all of the conversation.

    I have to go with John on this one. This is magnitudes worse than anything done since Nixon, and maybe worse than that. In a sane world this would result in shitweasel’s resignation…well…actually in a sane world Fast and Furious would have been and we would not be here now.

    It is worth mentioning that others have done it but only to make the case that the real problem here is that the structure exists for this kind of abuse of power to take place. Certainly not for downplaying what shitweasel has been up to, and we all fucking know it was him whether we are willing to say it or not.

    1. Suthenboy| 5.15.13 @ 9:23PM |#
      “I replied to John before reading through all of the conversation.
      I have to go with John on this one…”

      Well: “Ambien makes people weird as shit.”

      1. yes it does. The text seems to be embossed on the computer screen and my writing has a bad artsy feel to it that is just not me.

        the raised text is pretty cool though. they look like I can touch them and trace their raised shapes.

        1. Dunno about that, but when I’m reading and have been for several hours, I note patterns of light and dark on the printed page; a ‘clear’ trail of spaces curves off up over there and a dark streak follows the ‘tailed’ letters (g,y,p…) dropping down that way.
          Time to stop reading…

        2. I have a couple ambien laying around, and wonder if it has any recreational value.

          I took one years ago when drunk and just went right the fuck to sleep.

          1. Ambien has no recreational value, unless the recreation you want is sleeping.

            1. Yes.

            2. Too late fucker, I already ate one.

              And guess what…

              That’s right guess, you donkey.

              It makes typing reaaaaaally hard.

              You could give this shit to a court stenographer and it would totally fuck shit up. Things would be fucked up. Nobody would be safe, from the prosecutor to the guy in the back row watching out of morbid curiosity. He’d get it the worst.

              Not that yer awake sockpuppet pussy motherfucker.

              Episiarch is a goddamn puppet, don’t listen to him. He’s merely a figment of Tulpa’s imagination.


              Fucking rhomites are all the same. I WILL NOT BAKE A CAKE FOR YOU!!!

              1. Dude, you sound more stoned than me. And I’m actually stoned. Ambien must work for you.

                1. I took a bunch of other stuff too. The ambien just sent it into the next stratosphere.

                  TYPOING IOS HARDDD!!!

                  1. I’m gonna smoke then go make a frozen pizza with cheese stuffed crust becuase I am a disgusting american motherfucker.

            3. I recall people tripping on it by forcing themselves to stay awake after taking it. Apparently you can experience something in between waking dreams, hallucinating, and lucid dreaming.

              I don’t know if you can actually force it, but I know that it has that effect on some people anyway.

              1. I used to buy all the adhd kids medicine in HS. I once stayed awake for 6 days.

                That was fucked up.

                I’ll tell you all about it one day wehn I can type.

  27. “President Barack Obama vowed Wednesday to hold accountable those at the Internal Revenue Service involved in the targeting of conservative groups applying for federal tax-exempt status, beginning with the resignation of the agency’s acting commissioner.”

    Which means that Obama is going throw as many people under the bus as is humanly possible to make sure none of it can be traced back to him.

    1. “Which means that Obama is going throw as many people under the bus as is humanly possible to make sure none of it can be traced back to him.”

      ALL politicos learned from Nixon: “Loyalty? Fuck that! I’m saving my ass and I’m not about to try to protect you or anyone else!”
      So now the question is whether this is the most effective tactic; will those who know something remain silent after they’ve been sacrificed?
      In Chicago, they had no choice, and as a rank amateur, that’s the only experience Obozo has. But now he’s dealing with national power, not some local ward-healer.

  28. Matt Yglesias ranks the Star Trek TOS behind Voyager and only ahead of Enterprise in quality.

    1. Matty is not very smart.

      1. “Matty is not very smart.”

        You are being too kind. Really, you are.

    2. If the third season of Star Trek was its own series, I would rank it lowest in terms of quality.

    3. He has “The Trouble With Tribbles” on his ten best episodes list.


      “X Best Whatever” lists are stupid as fuck. Perfect for Yglesias. Maybe he can go watch VH1 now.

      1. You know, I used to enjoy those pop-up videos when I was a kid and very, very stupid.

        1. You’re watching Pop Up Video right now, aren’t you.

      2. That’s just fucking slander against VH-1. Why would you even?

      3. As a kid, the first episode of any show that really made me think was the TNG one where Data builds himself a “daughter”.

        I’m no expert or connoisseur on ST like you guys seem to be, though.

      4. He wasn’t the whiny fuck complaining about NetFlicks was he?

    4. BEHIND *Voyager*? WTF?!

  29. “Of course, it will happen again, under administrations Republican and Democratic, because it has happened again and again.”

    -followed by a link, which I clicked. It’s an ABC story about five previous Presidents who abused the IRS. One of them was Nixon, the rest were FDR, Kennedy, Johnson and Clinton. So 80%of them were Democrats.

    If “everybody does it” (as I suspect), this doesn’t prove it.

    1. If “everybody does it”, what’s the common element?

      Abolish the IRS, and “this doesn’t happen again.”

  30. Bus tire tracks… no accountability… hey, look over there!

    I’m shocked.

  31. Hey, for anyone who drinks wine…

    Can you actually get a buzz off of that stuff? I got stuck at home tonight with no beer. Do I actually have to drink another bottle of that foul sour grapes tasting piss to get a decent buzz? I thought it had alcohol in it? Blech, now I know why I never drank that stuff.

    1. Yes you can get a buzz. However, you will have a hangover that starts before the buzz and at it’s peak it will be many magnitueds worse than any hangover you have had before.

      Wine is for cooking.

      1. Ugh, thanks for telling me that, now I am really depressed…

        1. Just drink a bunch of water after you finish off a bottle. You’ll be fine. Red or white?

          1. It’s red. The other bottle I am looking at is rose colored, it’s actually a sparkling wine.

            1. Dear God, not pink champagne!

              1. Dear God, not pink champagne!

                Yep. Well, technically, it’s rose moscato, a sparking wine. Champagne is only from that region in France. Wifey has educated me on this.

                I never touch the stuff, I don’t like it. I don’t really know how anyone can like it. But I suppose some wine drinkers feel the same about beer. But… I need drunk and there is nothing else in the house…

                1. Yeah, I know “champagne” is one of those specific to a certain place words.

                  But I suppose some wine drinkers feel the same about beer.

                  I don’t like carbonated beverages in general. If I’m at a wedding I might drink a bit of white sparkling wine, but that’s about it.

                  But… I need drunk and there is nothing else in the house…

                  You should have been better prepared. :-p

                2. You can definitely get hammered on wine, but it sneaks up on you and all of a sudden you’re trashed. So I would pace yourself. And make sure you drink water.

                  Me, I am nicely stocked with gin…and rum…and rye…and brandy…and wine…and beer…and smokes. And weed. And painkillers. I should probably stop.

                  1. I’m a little jealous of your weed. But, as you know, here in MD, it ain’t legal.

                    I don’t like weed so much, haven’t smoked for more than 20 years, but I would tonight.

                  2. I’m saying *good* wine (and it ain’t cheap) is like Jack; sippin’ booze.
                    The flavor ought to be savored. Get a meaty red for steak and enjoy it.

                    1. I think this is ‘good’ wine, Sevo, my wife doesn’t drink cheap stuff.

                      It’s awful, all of it.

                    2. I like that wine that comes in a jug, mostly entirely because drinking a jug off your elbow is fucking fun.

                    3. Chateau Montelena or Opus One. Get a 5yo Cabernet and a good cut of meat and tell me it’s awful.

                    4. Dude, you don’t have to spend that much.

                      Red Wine is kind of an acquired taste. You should probably be drinking something medium bodied that isn’t too tannic.

                      A nice Malbec. I recommend this:


                      Absolutely delicious, and easy drinking.

      2. That’s not my experience, although I usually stop after two glasses. I’m such a fucking square.

    2. Wine is way stronger (12-14% ABV) than shit beers (usually around 5% ABV) or even good beer (usually range from 6% up to, say, a barleywine at 10 or 11% ABV). Even if it’s a weak-assed wine it won’t be less than 9% ABV. How many beers, and of what kind, would you normally drink? Because wine is not weak.

      1. Well, the bottle that I just opened and drank, plus the half bottle that my wife already opened, before that, the label says it is 11%.

        Now, I am looking at another bottle and the label says it is 12%.

        I think the beer I typically drink is 5 – 7$ abv, and I might drink between 4 and 12 of them, 4-6 on a week night, and 10 – 12
        on Saturday night, if I’m at home.

        But I can get a decent buzz off 3-4 beers. I drank a bottle and a half of that wine, and I feel nothing, except a nasty sour grape taste stuck in my mind. I want to open the other bottle, but I dunno, especially after Sunthenboy just warning me of a nasty hangover after no buzz.

        1. Who the hell would want to drink that much beer?

          1. Who the hell would want to drink that much beer?

            Dude, I don’t always drink that much beer, because I don’t drink every day. I am saying how much I will drink when I drink. I have a very, very high tolerance to alcohol, and I love beer.

            So I think it’s unique for everyone.

            1. To be fair, your comment at 10:49 PM could be read as suggesting you do drink every day.

              1. To be fair, your comment at 10:49 PM could be read as suggesting you do drink every day

                I might drink, means that I do?

                and I might drink between 4 and 12
                of them, 4-6 on a week night

                No, I don’t drink daily. I sometimes go a month without drinking anything at all. But when I do, that is how much I will drink, depending if when I drink I have to get up and work, or not. When I do drink beer, I usually don’t stop at 1 or 2.

                Typically, I will drink 2-3 times a week, but not always.

          2. Who the hell doesn’t?

            1. I second that.

        2. I don’t get hangovers from wine, but some people do, and bad ones at that as Suthen said.

          To equal your beer consumption you’d probably have to have around 2.5 bottles of the wine.

          Now I think I’m going to make a martini soon.

          1. Thanks, Epi. WTF, I will drink the other bottle. I will probably be sorry tomorrow.

            I very rarely get hangovers. But I only drink beer. I have to drink an insane amount of it to get a hangover.

            1. If you have a high tolerance and don’t get hangovers from 10-12 beers, you are probably going to be fine. The only thing that might get you is the tannins in the red wine. Hope you’re not mildly allergic to or intolerant of them.

              1. I’m allergic to gluten, which is why my beer selection is now very limited. Hope that improves in the future.

                But wine, I shouldn’t have a problem, I don’t have allergy to tannins.

    3. Yes, you can get a buzz. No, you don’t want to.

    4. Southern Boy is gay – discard his crappola!

  32. The extended version of Gimme Shelter….. you homos don’t deserve it…………………


    1. That is a 3rd party remix, not an originally recorded “extended version”.

  33. So the BC Liberals managed to increase their majority. WTF? Can any BCers explain how this happened? Was the NDP campaign that bad?

  34. A Henry County teenager was killed when the car she was a passenger in crashed while fleeing from police, the Georgia State Patrol said Wednesday.

    Marion Ahlexus Shore, 19, of McDonough, died at the scene of the Tuesday afternoon wreck when the 2012 Toyota Corolla she was in left I-85 and crashed in Franklin County in northeast Georgia, a spokesman for the GSP said.

    A Banks County Sheriff’s deputy attempted to stop the Toyota, but the driver refused to stop, the GSP said. A trooper became involved in the pursuit on I-85 around mile marker 166, just north of the Lavonia exit.

    fuck them

    1. Point, dipshit?

      1. The police engaged in pursuit of a vehicle with an inexperienced driver and a passenger died.It was on the interstate and the death was the caused by the driver of the fleeing vehile so I’d say the bitch won herself a Darwin Award.

        1. I know there’s a happy, compassionate teddy bear behind that rough exterior you try to telegraph. You big softy, I bet you typed that with a single poetic tear running down your cheek.

  35. So, I saw some of the President’s announcement tonight, and it made me wonder: Has Obama ever accepted responsibility for a failure?

    I mean this seriously. I’d like to know if he has taken responsibility for something, anything, bad. And not the evasive, “Well, I just haven’t convinced the rubes that I’m right” move. This may be a poor place to ask this question; I can’t even look to PB or Tony for input, as they seem to have become so detached recently that I doubt any example they give would withstand a moment of examination. But I do honestly want to know.

    1. MJGreen| 5.15.13 @ 11:22PM |#
      “So, I saw some of the President’s announcement tonight, and it made me wonder: Has Obama ever accepted responsibility for a failure?”

      There’s a book on him being an amateur. Yes, it’s a hit job but AFAIK it’s 100% accurate, lemme look:…
      According to that, he has made a career of denying any responsibility for anything that wasn’t a success; his wife is every bit the hag you might expect, and so forth. The Clintons, for pete’s sake, find him unethical!

  36. Has Obama ever accepted responsibility for a failure?

    NO. And he doesn’t plan on starting now.

    Next question.

  37. “3 consuming scandals
    Even Dems attack, so Obama takes action on IRS, Benghazi to change absentee image.”
    “Absentee image”? You mean like the guy has no idea of what the government is doing?
    That’s not “absentee”; that’s “incompetence” or perhaps “stupidity”.
    Fool or knave, which is it?

  38. lol wut

    1. That’s right Mr. Panstfan, we all took drugs and didn’t give you any ’cause yer a L7. Yeah, evrybody knows that the canadish are notorious for narcin’ like a muug…

      You a cop,man? You have to tell me if you are, it’s like in the constitution and stuff.

      1. did you just accuse me of being a Dunphy? kuz that’s low.
        words hurt.

        1. Just ’cause yer a narc doesn’t mean that you can’t be cool.

          I figure that you’re more like Larry Fishburne in Deep Cover.

      2. Archduke is probably tipsy on Kokanee. Just because the rest of us are stoned, Ambien-ed, drunk, or stoned doesn’t mean anything.

        1. yes… tipsy

        2. Anyway how’s your sex life?

  39. Breaking News:

    OKC players are throwing a hissy fit.

    1. Nobody cares about the NBA

      1. Gimme some Raptor news!


    If you want to know a riskless, free-option trade, it’s student loans, apparently. I heard this from (I gather) Econ Prof. Noah Smith on Twitter. Student loans are riskless for the government and they make the government a free profit (with, did I mention, no risk). You guys should all go all-in into SLABS now. (Note: NOT actual investment advice)

    I checked Noah’s twitter and this isn’t a mischaracterization.

    1. I left a comment, but I’m drunk so it’s about that good. Couldn’t resist fucking with the smug.

      1. I just flew in from Tampa, and boy are my arms tired.

        1. Anyway how’s your sex life?

        2. Check it, Malkin made Jeopardy.

          First fuck answers,”Who is Crosby?”

          What a fuckin turd-burglar.

          1. musta been on Ambien.

          2. “It is of the highest importance…not to have useless facts elbowing out the useful ones.”

            Sherlock Holmes

            1. I understand that sentiment and am envious of those that can apply it. Any bit of trifling and inconsequential knowledge cannot be evicted from my memories, but the things of importance are fleeting in their inhabitance. Memories that would do me well to hang on to are restless vagabonds in my mind; they stay long enough to get the lay of the land and book out.

              1. Hint: any information concerning athletics can be safely relegated to the recycle bin.

          3. FJ was more interesting (spoilers ahead):

            The clue was something like, “This industrialist emigrated to Argentina in 1949 and was later named a Righteous Gentile by Yad Vashem.”

            The third-place contestant responded, “Who was Himmler?”

      2. Your comment is … fucking awesome!

        1. No typos, so I call it a success.

        2. And by “awesome,” I mean “awesome” and also “awesome, but maybe something you should edit tomorrow.”

          1. If I remember. I’m not to attached to this attack on Smith to actually drag it out over two days. Shit, he’ll probably spend that time thinking up some stupid response that’ll only reinforce my absurd comment.

            Whatever, who cares, listen to some Wu Tang

            1. It’s hilarious and a bit pathetic when people pretend like this isn’t their favorite drunk song.

                1. “This video contains content from SME, who has blocked it in your country on copyright grounds.”

                  Sounds Serious. Please correct this international kerfuffle.

                2. Guess I’ll never be drunk… EVAR!

                  ‘Cause yer damn commie videos won’t play in the good ol’ you ess of ay.

                  1. I’m using US DNS, so why can I see it?

              1. Surprisingly, “OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO” on YouTube doesn’t mean the video is actually the official music video.

                  1. What the hell is wrong with you?

                    1. I AM DRUNK

                    2. Good job. I always thought you were a teetotaler.

                      Watcha drinkin’?

                    3. Kokanee. As Epi so wisely surmised earlier

                    4. Ya’ll need to handle your shit better.

                    5. DON’T JUDGE ME

      3. Wow, you look so sexy General!

      4. As a well-renowned boy-child, I felt insulted by your comment.

        1. Don’t you have something else to do?

  41. Okay dudes, I am feeling a bit strange and would like to go through a list of hypothetical compounds that could make one feel this way.

    Say, that one hypothetically drank a few glasses of vodka and chased with beers, then they were to consume around 12 grams of Kratom and an ambien. Say that this person also decide to drink some wine and take a few hits off of a pipe containing an excellent strain of marijuana.

    That guy, whomever he may be, would feel like he was experiencing a plateau II-III DXM trip. Symptoms include:

    loss of inhibition
    problems with walking and hand and eye coordination
    an increasing detachment from one’s body
    a powerful lust for red salmon
    trouble typing
    interesting things seen behind closed eyes
    werewolf fur and paws
    making frozen pizza

    1. The Dude abides.

      1. Anyway how’s your sex life?

    2. Aside from itchiness, I drink to stop this stuff.

      1. Anyway how’s your sex life?

      2. DTs are the highest you’ll ever get, and they’r FREE!

        1. I’m high on LIFE!
          /80s afterschool special

    3. Anyway how’s your sex life?

  42. I’m wondering if this IRS story is a distraction from the real scandal: Benghazi.

    1. Nope, I’ve been assured by prominent Democrats that Benghazi is figment of the GOP’s imagination.

  43. I only created an account to stroke the liberty loving egos of the commenters on this site by saying that all these witty fucking comments have me el oh fucking elling nonstop. /flies_away

  44. Breaking: Obama says he is a Kenyan prince, claims diplomatic immunity

  45. I say of with the losers head. Wow.

  46. This is my first time i visit here. I found so many interesting stuff in your blog especially its discussion.

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