Eric Holder

Holder Faces Grilling in Congressional Hearing

IRS, AP, what the hell ... ?


Amid the ongoing controversies over political discrimination at the IRS and the Justice Department's seizure of two-months-worth of Associated Press (AP) phone records, the House Judiciary Committee on Wednesday questioned Attorney General Eric Holder on those and other controversies tied to the Obama administration.

At the opening of the committee's hearing to conduct Justice Department oversight, Committee Chair Bob Goodlatte, R-Va., told Holder he is "deeply concerned about a pattern I see emerging at the department under your leadership in which conclusions reached by career attorneys after thorough investigation are overruled by administration appointees for political reasons."

Goodlatte said the seizure of AP phone records appeared to "intersect important First Amendment protections" and noted that "any abridgement of the First Amendment right to the freedom of the press is very concerning."

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  1. Oh, it was just a couple of “rouge” bureaucrats! You know how those bureaucrats are, never following the rules, just making them up as they go along!

    1. Exactly right and there is no chain of command. There are no superiors, the beaurcracy is made up of just low lege employees all of the same paygrade and responsibiliyt.

      Too bad there isn’t an elected official to run this beaucracy…let’s call it an Administrative Branch. Then that official could appoint some sort of … umm.. Cabinet Members that would oversee and be in charge of various, let’s call them Departments. These departments would then have a chain of command and, ultimately, those at the top of the chain would be responsible and accountable to those that elected them. If only we had a system like that where someone could be held accountable.

      1. …”those at the top of the chain would be responsible and accountable”….

        Why, holding someone accountable for their activities is a radical idea! I wonder if our dynamic president might institute such a policy?
        As soon as we get his attention, we’ll have to ask! Mr President, Mr President, sir…

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