Boston Marathon Bombing

Boston Fire Department Turns Against Chief Over Bombing Response

Thirteen deputies accuse him of inaction


Thirteen Boston deputy fire chiefs have signed a letter of "no confidence" in Fire Chief Steve Abraira regarding his handling of the Boston Marathon bombings, according to the letter, which CNN independently obtained from a deputy chief who signed it but requested anonymity.

The deputy chiefs wrote of their displeasure to Boston Mayor Thomas Menino on April 26, according to the letter.

"You can unequivocally consider this letter a vote of no confidence in Chief Abraira," the deputy chiefs wrote in the letter. They said the chief failed to assume command responsibility or show any leadership at the scene.

"Despite the fact that the members of the BFD command staff have become accustomed to this 'ghost fire chief,' nothing prepared us for his actions, actually inactions, on the day of the horrific terrorist attack at the Boston Marathon," the letter reads.