Watch Senior Editor Peter Suderman Talk Obamacare and the IRS With Neil Cavuto on Fox Business Tonight


Fox Business

Reason Senior Editor Peter Suderman will appear on Cavuto on the Fox Business Network tonight as part of two guest panels.

Topics to include: what the IRS scandal portends for Obamacare, and privacy concerns regarding the E-Verify requirements in the immigration overhaul bill.

Tune in tonight at 8 p.m. ET. 

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  1. privacy concerns regarding the E-Verify requirements in the immigration overhaul bill.

    “Dey turk ur jerbs! Why do you hate brown people?”

  2. Give ’em Hell SUDERMAN

  3. The whole debate about immigration is more than anything a debate on truth. Liberals and their RINO and libertarian allies desperately try to hide inconvenient truths. The truths of IQ scores. The truth of Hispanic socialist ideology. The truth of 40 million more Mexicans wanting to immigrate. The truth of what happened after the 1986 immigration “enforcement” bill. The truth that walls can work.

    Why should we trust people’s promises to enforce the law in the future when they admittedly refuse to enforce it now?

    1. I would prefer 1000 Mexicans to a single racist like yourself.

    2. Re: American,

      The truths [sic] of IQ scores.

      You mean yours? I can understand your apprehension – few pass through the Amerikan Pulbic Skool Seistem unscathed.

    3. Hey, Murcan! Stuff a hot poker up your butt!
      Oh, and go away.

    4. Note to self. Read handle before reading comment. Stupid that strong can be painful if unprepared.

    5. Ok, despite the racist overtones I’ll bite and give you a serious answer.

      We are aware of the study regarding average immigrant IQ scores, the fact that hundreds of millions of people from all over the world want to immigrate here and that “walls can work” (depending on your definition of “work”). We just don’t care. IQ scores are irrelevant when it comes to freedom. Other people’s wants are extremely relevant when it comes to freedom. See, we value freedom above all else. What do you value?

      Finally, when it comes to “Hispanic socialist ideology”, I notice you don’t have a citation ready. Why not? Is it because, in my experience, Hispanics tend to be hard-working, independent, but community oriented people? Perhaps they tend to trust our government too much, but can you blame them when our government is demonstrably so much more trustworthy than whatever government they were born under?

  4. Roll that beautiful bean footage dude. Wow.

    1. “Bean” footage? Racist!

      1. That’s “BEANER” to you, sam!

  5. Hey, good news! Apparently the deficit isn’t a problem anymore.

    “Washington, despite its political paralysis, has proved remarkably successful at slashing the deficit through a variety of tax increases and cuts [sic] in domestic and military programs.”


    “But there is a darker side to the brighter outlook for the deficit.”


    “The immediate spending cuts [sic] and tax increases Congress agreed to for this year are serving as a partial brake on the recovery, cutting government jobs and preventing growth from accelerating to a more robust pace, many economists have warned.”

    Is there a silver lining to the dark side of our brighter outlook? Can we continue to spend more money than we have, but less so, but not too much less so, so that people can keep their phoney-baloney government jobs? I’ll keep rummaging through the New York Times for answers…

    1. “Many economists have warned” = Paul Krugman wrote about it on the next page

  6. I haven’t watched the Vid yet, so can’t comment, on the content.

    But… I am the only one who thinks that Cavuto might have a large stiff object permanently embedded in his rectum?

  7. Nothing more than a personal comment:
    If I can’t read it (and skip the political crapola, and re-read the ‘what the hell?’ claims), MEGO.
    Video exists for football, an occasional NASCAR race, and the Indy 500.
    So, Peter, got a transcript?

    1. Must Emit Good Odor?

      1. Musty Economists Go Oink?

  8. Many Eggs Get Ornery?

  9. There’s no video link, by the way.

  10. OT: I am bummed out that Acquisitions, Inc. has been converted to D&D Next.

  11. Sounds like some crazy smack to me dude.

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