Cop Likely Shot by Fellow Cop During Boston Manhunt Still in Hospital

CBS report doesn't mention who might've shot him


shot by cop
CBS News

One of the transit officers shot during the pursuit of the suspected Boston bombing suspects last month is still in the hospital. CBS News talked to him:

Speaking from his hospital bed, Donohue as he had no idea at first who he was responding to.

"It appeared to be some crazy random act of violence, but there was gunfire being exchanged and once they started throwin' the bombs or improvised explosive devices … you don't even need to say a word, you're like, 'This is it. These are the guys.'"

Not long after arriving at the scene, he was shot.

"My partner tackled me to just to get me down. And it was in front of someone's driveway. And, you know, he applied pressure, trying to figure out where I was shot and that sort of thing."

Not once does the CBS report mention that Donohue was most likely hit by friendly fire. No room for unpleasantness in a puff piece? The Boston Globe noted last week the shooting of Donohue was the most serious of three potential friendly fire shootings during the manhunt (the others being of another transit cop and a state police vehicle). According to the Globe, each of the incidents are being investigated by the district attorney's office and the state police as part of a "broader criminal investigation."