Your Sequester in Action: Small Airport Control Towers Won't Close


Just imagine the things you'd be allowed to smoke on a libertarian airline

As part of the bill that ended the furloughs for air traffic controllers, funding has been found to keep from having to close small airport traffic control towers for the rest of the fiscal year. Courtesy of the Associated Press:

The Federal Aviation Administration will keep open for now the 149 control towers at small airports that were slated to close as the result of governmentwide automatic spending cuts imposed by Congress, the Transportation Department said Friday.

The towers, which are operated by contractors for the FAA at low-traffic airports, had been scheduled to close June 15. They will now remain open at least through Sept. 30, the end of the federal budget year, the department said in a statement.

Why don't we just privatize our obsolete, terrible system? Reason.tv explains it all below:

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