North Korea

Dennis Rodman to Visit North Korea, Try to Secure Release of American Prisoner

Returning to visit Kim Jong Un in August


buddy tragicomedy?

Dennis Rodman says he's returning to North Korea in August to visit his friend, the country's totalitarian leader Kim Jong Un. In comments to TMZ, the former Bulls forward suggested his March trip may have led to an easing of tensions, asking whether Kim Jong Un eventually "put the missiles back in storage." North Korea moved its missiles away from their launch sites only this week after a period of heightening tensions. He acknowledged it was "going to be difficult" to secure the release of American prisoner Kenneth Bae, which he called on Twitter for Kim to do earlier this week. He told TMZ the dictator was his friend and "that's about it," pointing out he wasn't a diplomat and blasting  Obama for not talking to Kim himself. The Washington Post's estimation of Rodman's chances of success:

Will it work? The good news is that, in the past, North Korea has used detained Americans as leverage for concessions from the U.S., often in the form of a high-profile American visitor, which is great propaganda for the leadership. The bad news is that, famous though Rodman is, he might not be the right kind of famous.

The Post notes it previously usually took visits from former presidents (Bill Clinton in 2010 and Jimmy Carter in 2011) to get Americans released. It also mentions the case of Robert Park, who before leaving for North Korea asked that no one publicly visit to secure his release. He was arrested in 2009 and eventually let go, but still suffers from being tortured there. Bae, a tour operator, was sentenced to 15 years hard labor this month.


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  1. Dennis Rodman asking Kim Jong Un to do him “a solid” is one of the bighlights of my somewhat-long life.

    Teh awsum.

  2. “Kim – come on, man. What’s it gonna take, bro?”

    “Lodman – yer breakin’ my bawrs! Do you know how fucking BUSY I am!”

  3. If Rodman wants to learn how to play the statesman game he needs to learn from Hillary: Ask Kim Jong-un ‘What difference, at this point, does it make?’

    1. So good. So timeless.

  4. That photo looks like Kim Jong Un is a retarded child getting his dying wish to meet Dennis Rodman. “Bread makes me poop!”

  5. OT Re: IRS targeting tea bagging rat fuckers: Jay Carney blames…BOOOOOSH…..22149.html

    1. Sort of like how the Californian university system just has NOT recovered from the ravages inflicted on it by Ronald Reagan in 1973. It takes longer for a university system to recover than a fucking old growth forest.

      1. North Korea still hasn’t recovered from the Korean War.

        1. North Korea hasn’t recovered from communism. South Korea recovered just fine. Difference of economic systems. Countries bounce back from devastating wars just fine most of the time, not so much from devastating economic systems.

          1. Sarcasm, friend. Learn it, love it, live it.

    2. Fuck Jay Carney – Obama *kept* Bush’s appointee? If he did something good would Obama get the credit? If yes then he gets the blame when the IRS fucks up.

  6. I’m thinking this needs to be made into a sitcom. Kim Jong Un will be a straight-laced Asian dictator down on his luck and rent, and Rodman will be his cool black friend who has a place where Kim can chill while he gets back on his feet and tries to get back to his country.

  7. If America had any balls left we’d retaliate, if not militarily, economically, at China, the backer of this madman. But we don’t. They give aid to North Korea while eagerly buy their cheap trinkets while our own workers are unemployed. Late capitalism at its finest!

    1. What do you mean we? Asshats like you have no right to tell me who I can trade with, or kill innocent people by invading a foreign country.

      1. I don’t agree with the sentiments of American, but I don’t believe you have a fundamental right to sell weapons to our enemies. Should you have the fundamental right to sell weapons to a convicted felon? Your right to trade can be overruled by other people’s right to live free from terrorists and dictators.

        1. So we don’t get to sell arms to China’s enemies either right?

          Or are we special and get an exemption from the rules you want everyoneelse to follow?

          1. Weak false equivalency is weak. America is not a communist dictatorship.

            1. I don’t even know what you’re talking about. I wasn’t making an equivalency between America and China as nations. American is arguing that China is the ‘backer of this madman’ therefore we should either take military action or economic sanctions. But we are ALSO the backer of this madman by providing aid to North Korea. It is irrelevant what the governing style of America is.

              Explain where I made a false equivalency.

              1. That comment was a reply to Agammamon, who seemed to argue that America’s selling weapons to democratic Taiwan is equivalent to China’s selling weapons to the North Korean dictatorship. I don’t think we should give aid to North Korea, and I think we should pressure China into not doing it as well.

                1. “…and I think we should pressure China into not doing it as well.”

                  …or we could… mind our own business.

    2. Why don’t you go back to 1634, when your bizarre mercantalist beliefs would be more appreciated?

      1. Trade restriction built America’s industry during the gilded age.

    3. Fucking race traitor. Don’t you know that the English race is genetically predisposed to favor free trade and has been since time immemorial, which led it to dominance over the black and Hispanic races?

      You don’t like fried chicken too by any chance, do you? Intermixing of the races would explain your perverted deviance on this subject.

  8. This has direct-to-DVD action film and/or slapstick comedy written all over it….

  9. Wait, how is it great propaganda for the regime to have a visit from a rich famous Westerner if when their entire propaganda campaign is based on the notion that the West is imperialistic, decadent, and evil?

  10. Comeon man, lets roll that beautiful bean footage.

  11. Why not just a trade?

    1. You joke but I could see it. Kim could have a bestest buddy for ever and ever…

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