Problems in Detroit over Community-Built Bus Benches

You can't do that! You have to go through the right bureaucrats!


After watching an elderly woman forced to stand while waiting for a bus, an idea popped in to Charles Molnar's mind: How about putting park benches at bus stops throughout the city where seating is lacking?

But that idea became even more creative.

Armed with a sander and reclaimed wood from demolished homes, Molnar recruited several students from the Detroit Enterprise Academy to help him create a bench than can seat a half-dozen riders, equipped with a bookshelf to hold reading material to help pass the time for riders as they wait.

Several nails and wooden boards later, the first bench was placed at a Detroit bus stop Thursday afternoon.

But it might not be there for long.


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  1. “That’s ridiculous,” said Molnar, 22, who recently finished his junior year at Wayne State University, where he is an urban studies student.

    He calls himself an urban studies student? WTF has he been studying?

    “22 year old shocked to discover he lives in Detroit.”

  2. “About a year ago, Molnar said he went to DDOT officials and even the mayor’s office to find out if he could place the benches at local stops.”

    Guy’s already wasted more time then he should have.

  3. Just wait for the state to build one and everything will be fine. Haven’t you guys learned government will provide soon enough.

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