Benghazi Testimony Continues, Berlusconi Conviction Upheld, Obama's Cigarette Tax Plan Ignored: P.M. Links


  • Abandoned like a butt at the bottom of a beer bottle
    Credit: lanier67 / / CC BY-NC-ND

    Testimony about the Benghazi consulate attack and the Department of State's response is the subject of a House panel today. Former diplomat Gregory Hicks testified about the government's responses to the attack and his shock at the "talking point" that the attack was connected to the "Innocence of Muslims" video.

  • The tax evasion conviction for former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi has been upheld. The court recommends four years in jail.
  • Nobody cares about President Barack Obama's proposed cigarette tax increase and there's no sign that the administration is even going to try to pass it.
  • That irrepressible Vice President Joe Biden apparently told an environmentalist that he's opposed to the construction of the Keystone XL pipeline, a position not shared by the administration.
  • Billionaire hedge fund manager Paul Singer says the Fed's quantitative easing program is creating a distorted recovery that helps the rich and leaves the poor out, creating class warfare.
  • Colorado continues inching toward the actual implementation of legal marijuana sales, as the state's Senate approved two bills related to stores and taxes.

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  1. I subjected myself to a bit of Proletariat Radio yesterday, and they talked about Hawaii lobbying for the Obama Presidential Library.

    They mentioned they didn’t think it would increase tourism hugely. It seems like it would, though. Just make it a requirement for the faithful to go on Hajj at least once in their lives.

    1. Actually, I have a feeling this administration is going to be largely forgotten. Unless it’s remembered for helping to usher in a complete economic collapse.

      1. But, but, but, that speech he gave about race, it’s gonna be taught in classrooms!

      2. Would it be wrong of me to go on a bender and start an Obama-based religion? If L. Ron can do it, why can’t I?

        I’ll need some public faces. I can’t be the face of it, too many of my associates would pick up on it. I’d imagine some could be found around Kos or Huffington, though.

      3. Goddamn, Pro Lib, you get dumber every post.

        Economic collapse was all in 2008 and Q1 of 2009. No sane person can blame that on Obama.

        The Dow and S/P 500 are at record highs and nine million new jobs have been created since.

        1. Not to mention the countless, countless jobs that were saved! I mean, countless!

          1. hamilton, no jobs were sa…oh I see what you did there!

        2. You know when else the Dow was at record highs? 2007.

          1. You know when else the Dow was at record highs?


          2. Earnings are up 25% since 2007. Using 2007 as a yardstick the Dow should be around 18,000 instead of 15,000.

            This economy is solid as a rock now with credit down 15% since 2007. Credit fueled the 2004-07 market.

            Even Fannie Mae is reporting record profits. And why won’t the GOP propose to kill Fannie and Freddie? Are those fucksticks too busy with Benghazi witchhunts?

            Of course they are.

        3. The Dow and S/P 500 are at record highs and nine million new jobs have been created since.


          Seriously, who gives a fuck about the little people who are unemployed and don’t have enough money to buy into the stock market? They aren’t cool enough to party at the White House with Obama, so they can starve for all Shrike cares.

          1. It is structural unemployment.

            1. No it’s fucking not. Our unemployment rate was half what it is now in 2006. Why do we magically have structural unemployment of 7% now, after never having structural unemployment of 7% in the entire history of our country?

              Hmm. It’s almost like something happened from 2008-2013 that created a level of structural unemployment we’ve never had before. Whatever could it be?

              1. Sheesh Irish, you arent taking into account the 900 Billion jobs that were created.

              2. We had five million home builders and mortgage agents then working the Bush mortgage bubble.

                We don’t need them now.

            2. Oh, well if it’s STRUCTURAL unemployment…then…wait, what?

              What the fuck does that even mean, Shriek? “Yeah – I’d be worried about the unemployment, but it’s all STRUCTURAL, so….no worries.”

              FUCK but you’re bringing the stoopid HARD these days!

              1. You can’t take a nailsmith and turn him into a biotech expert.

                It is simple.

                I don’t blame you. I blame wingnut radio.

                1. Well why were there so many nailsmiths pre-Obama and no nailsmiths post Obama? It’s almost like Obama’s a fucking moron and you should take his dick out of your mouth.

                  1. I thought you liked honest debate.

            3. It is structural unemployment.

              The structure being Obama’s hyper regulation and regime uncertainty.

        4. See, that’s where you’re wrong. With each post, my powers grow stronger.

          1. That technically does not contradict his claim.

            1. All of my powers–intellectual, levitational, the works.

          2. You committed the cardinal sin of badmouthing the Holy One.

        5. Fuck. Off. You. Repetitive. Little. Shitstain.

        6. Goddamn, Pro Lib, you get dumber every post.

          Oh, so that’s what Epi means when he talks about projection.

      4. Actually, I have a feeling this administration is going to be largely forgotten. Unless it’s remembered vilified for helping to usher in a complete economic collapse.

        1. All about the timing, T, all about the timing.

          1. Hell, I’m vilifying this administration now. For once I’ll be ahead of a pop culture trend!

            1. “I hated Obama before it was cool.”


              “I hated Obama back when it was legal.”

              1. “I didn’t vote for Obama before it was cool to deny that you voted for him…”

                1. Good one. I knew Obama back before that was a cuss word.

      5. Actually, I have a feeling this administration is going to be largely forgotten.

        How can anyone forget the moment when the planet began to heal, the seas recede and America began to care for the sick?

        1. Don’t forget the growing love for the US by other nations around the world!

          1. We’re going to have a world government soon, as each country begs us to bring them into the comforting arms of Obamerica.

          2. We’re just not bowing frequently or deeply enough.

            More and deeper!

            1. What the rest of the world should do is take advantage of our extra-inept government to topple us from our position as economic and military superpower. I’m sure we’d give our nukes to the UN, for instance, if asked.

  2. The tax evasion conviction for former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi has been upheld. The court recommends four years in jail.

    Unless there are Brazilian models in Italian jails, Silvio ain’t interested.

  3. That’s our Biden!

    1. One of my favorite VPs ever.

    2. Take a moment to consider that, according to the talking heads, he won two VP debates despite having hairplugs that penetrate all the way through to his colon.

  4. I wish I had a billionaire Hedge Fund.

    1. I wish I had a billionaire Hedge Fund.
      you mean you don’t? What kind of libertarian are you, anyway?

      1. The kind that doesn’t rely on fiat currency to measure his wealth?

  5. Recession? Ferrari has been selling too many cars.

    1. The super-rich are getting richer while the middle and lower classes are being driven into poverty. And Palin’s Buttplug is absolutely thrilled about it.

      1. I’d volunteer for that job.

      2. Can you imagine the shrieks on the left if it were a Republican President presiding over this much unemployment and food stamp usage, and people tried to defend it by pointing to the stock market? LOL! Hell, I can remember when 5% unemployment was a major crisis under Bush, but now, anything around 8% is “structural.”

        1. Not to defend the left, but shriek is just a nut. Tony is a lot more representative of proglodyte thought.

  6. Some say Aussies drink too much

    1. “I didn’t know Daddy drank until one day he came home sober.”

  7. Former diplomat Gregory Hicks testified about the government’s responses to the attack and his shock at the “talking point” that the attack was connected to the “Innocence of Muslims” video.

    Apparently it was his first day dealing with the Obama Administration.

      1. He was better in Aliens.

        1. Wasn’t that Mikhail Baryshnikov?

  8. A fifth-grader in Cupertino, California was suspended and threatened with expulsion for bringing a small Swiss Army knife on a school-sponsored, science-oriented camping trip (to Marin Headlands)….Braden’s particular model contains a can opener, tweezers, a toothpick, a nail file, a tiny pair of scissors and a small blade.

    “They called me,” explained Tony Bandermann, Braden’s father. “They said, ‘You have to come and get him. He has a weapon.‘”

    1. This story is so two days ago.

      1. stop othering me

  9. That irrepressible Vice President Joe Biden apparently told an environmentalist that he’s opposed to the construction of the Keystone XL pipeline…

    In Joe’s defense, he was pandering.

    1. like gay marriage, maybe he’s just out ahead of the administration on this one.

      1. like gay marriage, maybe he’s just out


  10. That irrepressible Vice President Joe Biden apparently told an environmentalist that he’s opposed to the construction of the Keystone XL pipeline, a position not shared by the administration.

    Freeze in the dark, Joe!

    1. Holy shit, Matt looks like the AntiJacket. Maybe they’re like archenemies or something cool like that.

      And is that Joe Biden in the foreground?

    2. Matt Welch: And then I told my wife *giggle* you’re gonna love this *giggle* I looked her right in the eye and said “Sorry honey, but I’m gay.”

    3. Y’all stop. His band is playing the DC Mariachi Battle of the Bands tonight and he won’t have time to go home and change.


    5. There appear to be two female libertarians in that picture*, and one of them is blocked by same huge dudes and one is cut off by the edge of the picture.

      This is why there are no female libertarians. We do a really shitty job of photographing them.

    6. This was Welch’s caption:

      “Nick pondering modes of assassination.”

      So is Reason like the Terran Empire where promotions are earned via assassinations?


      1. No, no. She went to go live on a nice farm with lots of room to play and talk about being homeschooled.

    7. “Hello, sinners!”

    8. Looks like they’re small-tent libertarians.

    9. “Libertarianism is a ‘beg tent’ philosophy. Look how big it is – this bog ole tent and just me, Nick and the Jacket in here!”

      1. Let’s see I got “beg”, “big” and “bog” out of one word in one post. I think that’s a record for me!

        *woo hoo!*

      2. Do you ever refresh?

        eff-five motherfucker!

    10. “I’d hit that.” /The Jacket

    11. “Like any good libertarian, I’ve greedily climbed on the backs of others to reach my lofty position. The orphans who crafted this chair, for instance.”

    1. Now that’s offensive.

      Heard a story that they may do a U.S. tour next year.

  11. Billionaire hedge fund manager Paul Singer says the Fed’s quantitative easing program is creating a distorted recovery that helps the rich and leaves the poor out, creating class warfare.

    The middle class benefits from record low interest rates, record low inflation, and higher capital investment activity.

    1. What about the massive debt, do they benefit from that too?

      1. The Fed has no debt. They only have assets and liabilities in the form of Federal Reserve Notes.

        1. What do you think liabilities are?

          1. Don’t confuse him with big words.

          2. Liabilities and debt are not the same thing.

            Am I the only one who took accounting classes here?

            1. Debt is a form of liability.

            2. What accounting? You can’t even do basic math.

            3. No and you’re incorrect. In the strictest sense of the term, liabilities are a drain on your ability to expand and grow with capital tied up in liabilities (and debt to be pedantic.)

              Businesses, unlike the Fed, cannot print more money to “cover” their liabilities. That’s where your accounting prowess fails… and if you tried it at any private or publicly traded company you’d be in jail.

        2. You made me snort. Thanks for the comic relief – unintended though it is – Shriek!

    2. The middle class benefits from record low interest rates, record low inflation,

      Because at 0.15% interest, you’ll have saved enough for those the kid’s education and your retirement in about 2000 years.

      1. If you have enough income to save some of it, you are rich! Pay your fair share!


    3. Wrong

      Seriously, refuting you is so easy it should be illegal.

      1. I didn’t mention the LFP rate.

        Stay on topic, you jackass.

        1. A simple question: Why do you post here when no one here wants you to?

          1. Becasue he is the Internet equivalent of the crazy homeless guy covered in filth, reeking of urine, who is screaming at the wall.

            It doesn’t matter to him that the wall is unaffected by his shrieks, it’s all he can do.

          2. Because I am right. The data backs me up. We are in an extended bull market recovery.

            1. Because I am right. The data backs me up. We are in an extended bull market recovery.

              A bull market built entirely on deficit spending.

              1. A bull market built entirely on deficit spending.

                And QE.

        2. It’s relevant to what you were responding to.

        3. I didn’t mention the LFP rate.

          Yeah, because it doesn’t fit into your narrative.

          Stay on topic, you jackass.

          Jump in front of a moving semitruck, you moron.

          1. Goddammit, Red Rocks. You don’t get it. The drop in the LFP rate is structural. I realize that LFP rate actually went up .1 percent from 2004-2008 and has since dropped 3%, but trust me, it’s structural.

            Anything that looks bad for Obama is structural and has nothing to do with his policies.

    4. record low interest rates Which are also record low interest rates being paid on savings, CD’s, bonds, and the other instruments that tend to make up a great deal of middle class retirement accounts.

      record low inflation, which is an outright lie.

      and higher capital investment activity. In other words, crowding out of small investors by government and its pet companies.

      Yeah, we’re doing great. At some point you should have your keepers read you something besides Huffington Post.

      1. ^This.

        1. It is all bullshit.

          I have posted “Core Capex” (private only) rates which are through the roof.

    5. higher capital investment activity.

      Yeah, they really benefit from massive misallocations of resources caused by the Fed’s easy money policies.

      And of course, they get driven into the stock market because their wages do not keep up with prices. Mmmm, that’s some good welfare for stock brokers, bankers, and finance execs.

  12. Jodi Arias verdict due any second.

    Hot and crazy – you gotta like it.

    1. I’d bang Casey Anthony. Jodi Arias? Why not. Jes sayin’…

    2. Shame you two never got together.

      1. Can you imagine the fruit of our loins?

        1. Whoooooosh.

  13. Women will always fall for bearded musicians, studies find

    1. Needs more lens flares.

    2. That wasn’t even for the new one. Bait and switch.

      1. Do you think the new one will be much different from the last one? Except for more lens flares.

        1. Sherlock is playing Khan? I don’t like that at all.

          1. Of course you wouldn’t, you uncultured swine.

          2. Actually, I’m pretty sure Sherlock is playing Sybock.

          3. Smaug is playing Gary Mitchell

  14. Stephen Hawking boycotts Israeli conference in Palestinian solidarity.

    I wonder if any of the medical technology he uses to live was developed in Israel?

    1. And has he done any serious scientific work in the last decade? All I ever see him doing is appearing on documentaries and writing books about religion and metaphysics masquerading as science.

      1. Everybody needs a hobby.

      2. Dude, it takes balls the size of Jupiter to bitch about Hawking jumping the shark. I mean, dude.

        1. He has. And I say this as someone who always liked him. But his last couple of books have been just horse shit metaphysics dressed up as science.

          1. So? Lots of philosophers do that too. I haven’t read anything by him, maybe they suck, but why not let the guy throw out some weird ideas?

            1. It is not that they are bad necessarily. It is that they are not science and he uses his reputation to pretend they are.

              That bugs me.

              1. Well, a lot of the science that exists today is rooted in philosophy. You never know when some off-the-wall seeming idea is going to turn out to be something big. Plus, I don’t fault the guy for wanting to make some extra cash. Some people will buy anything.

                1. a lot of the science that exists today rooted in philosophy

                  so many PhDs after all.

                2. Science is natural philosophy.

          2. kinda like that Newton fellow.

            1. Adam Lanza?

              1. No, the one with the crazy eyes and the apple.

                1. and the apple

                  Ann Coulter??

                  1. OK, I laughed.

      3. The last good popular science he did was The Universe in a Nutshell (2001).

        But he hasn’t jumped the shark quite as badly as Michio Kaku.

        1. The Universe in a Nutshell just being an updated, illustrated A Brief History of Time, but I’ll let it slide.

      4. Science or not science, no matter what he has done or accomplished in the past, he is currently displaying solidarity with a gang of red-eyed, blood thirsty savages who cheer in the street when children and innocents are murdered.

        1. Picky, picky, picky.

  15. So Megan McCain, the daughter of John McCain’s second marriage was bitching on twitter today about Mark Stanford winning in South Carolina despite cheating on his wife. To this Iowahawk got off one of the greatest burns I have ever seen.

    “If it wasn’t for politicians cheating on their wives, you wouldn’t exist”.


    1. That is pretty damn good, I admit.

    2. Yeah, I stood in awe of that one.

    3. Iowahawk is a national treasure.

      1. Yes, and “Ouch!”

    4. A few days ago some lawyer was in the gun shop bitching about David Vitter. He complained that Vitter “spends all of his time in the whore house”, that he is a womanizer etc..he just went on and on.

      Finally I looked up from my coffee cup and said ” I dont care if he fucks german sheppards in his free time. Is the man trying to take away my freedom or not? As a constituent, that is all that matters to me.”

      The guy shut up.

      1. But he is. Vitter hates freedom except when it pertains to guns.

        That may be your limited view of things but it is not mine.

        1. And Obama hates freedom INCLUDING guns. Yet you’re okay with him.

    5. *respectfully bows before Iowahawk’s mastery of Burn-jutsu*

  16. “Billionaire hedge fund manager Paul Singer says the Fed’s quantitative easing program is creating a distorted recovery that helps the rich and leaves the poor out, creating class warfare.”

    Um, this is a feature not a bug.

    First, it makes the cronies richer and happier, second it drives more people to vote for the “pro little guy” democrats.

    Win win all around

    1. I was in 7th grade Civics when I asked my teacher (huge Dem, obviously) this question

      “So if poor people vote Democrat, and rich people vote Republican, then wouldn’t the Democrats want more people to be poor so they could get elected easier?”

      He was not amused.

      1. How mean of you to deploy logic on a happless Civics teacher.

        1. Logic is racist. And classist. And specist. And othering.

          1. ^^THIS^^ Stop thinking white.

      2. Good one!

  17. Dennis Rodman calls upon Kim Jong-un to release imprisoned American missionary.

    His daddy got Bubba to come get those last two prisoners and he gets Rodman.

    1. Sadly, Rodman may be the best statesman in the Obama administration.

      1. Hope it works. It might.

  18. Manchester United shares fell in New York amid concerns over the impact Sir Alex Ferguson’s retirement will have.

    “Any successor to our current manager may not be as successful as our current manager,” it warned.

    1. Wait, this could hurt the Bucs. That cannot be allowed. I smell Revis revenge.

      1. Fear not. Their coaching staff is going to be up here in New England studying with Lord Vader for a couple of weeks.

        1. Yes, there’s some unclean, impure relationship between Schiano and Belichick that I don’t quite understand.

          1. To be fair, and I say this as a die-hard Pats fan, any relationship involving Belichick is likely to be unclean and impure. He’s like the NFL Warty. But geniuser. And footbally.

            1. Back when the Patriots were truly good–when they had a defense I mean–I was a big fan of his, because I thought he had it figured out.

              Fortunately for him and for the team, defense is at an all-time nadir in the NFL. I think that’s starting to change, but slow enough for him to fix his defense. Though maybe not before the offense starts to slip. Hard to stay static (and good) in football.

              1. I think he over-reacted to the rule changes for pass defense a few years’ back, and pushed hard on the offensive pedal as a result, although the fascination with tight ends was clearly anticipatory of the way the game is changing now. That, and after 2007 he uncharacteristically kept the defense staid (and old) banking on surviving for one last gasp with the same players, which strategy crashed to the earth when Brady’s knee did.

                1. He also stopped running the football. Even during the 16-0 run that team stopped running the ball late in the season and in the playoffs.

                2. I think he may play looser than he should, but there’s no question that he’s an astute student of the game.

                  Cleveland was idiotic to let him go, by the way, Warty.

                  1. It wasn’t Cleveland anymore by the time they fired him. Te Fake Browns made a giant mistake by not taking Bernie Kosar’s advice and hiring him as their first coach, though.

                  2. Apropos of nothing, you can vote here for the top 20 coaches in NFL history for a future ESPN show.

                    1. Not sure who I think was the very best ever, as it’s exceedingly hard to compare across NFL eras, but my personal favorite is probably Joe Gibbs. I’m a big fan of the kind of football he coached back in the day.

                    2. Paul Brown is the only answer, you fool.

                    3. Damn, beat me to it Warty.

                    4. Current top 10 standings are:

                      All on my ballot but I’d put Brown higher up there.

                    5. All great, no dispute with those, leaving aside the order. I will say that Parcells has moved down in my estimation over the years.

                    6. Part of the problem with lists like this is that you have to take the time period in context as well. For my money, Vince Lombardi is the greatest coach of all time, with Brown a very close second.

      2. How can you hurt a team that already sucks?

        1. I doubt they’ll suck this year. At least my expansion team actually has won a Super Bowl.

          1. Well, you use that as your consolation during the coming season, ProL.

            1. No, it is you who is in for a rude awakening. The Seahawks know choking well. Not Browns well, no, but well enough.

              1. You go ahead and keep telling yourself whatever you need to hear, ProL.

                1. Your knowledge of football is as two-dimensional as your knowledge of pizza.

                  By the way, I heard a rumor that Seattle might pick up Tebow. If so, I recant my predictions about the Seahawks.


    Gun crime down but for some reason the public thinks it is up. It is almost like the media colludes to lie to the public or something.

    1. I think it’s more sensationalism and the 24 hour news cycle. Now, I do know for a fact that the Journolist 2 or 3 or 4…forgot which one they’re on, has orders to push “kids killed accidentally with guns” stories, because I’ve seen them at the front fucking page of Google News for weeks now.

      1. I think sensationalism is part of it. But I also think journalists intentionally push horror stories and play down stories about the context and fact to push their agenda.

        They never seem to have a problem with publishing “context” stories about say Islamic terrorism or minority crime rates. But somehow they never publish any context stories about gun violence.

        1. Nah, I think we’re looking at Bastiat’s seen and unseen. Although, on guns there is a definite cultural hate. Swimming pools accidentally kill more children then guns do. But they don’t run a national story every time a kid drowns.

          Hell, people are always shocked when I point out that target shooting is the safest sport in the world. Because it doesn’t seem true. But it is.

          1. Swimming pools accidentally kill more children then guns do. But they don’t run a national story every time a kid drowns.

            Of course they don’t. And they never point out that more kids drown than are accidentally killed by guns. It is almost as if they are selective in the stories they report.

  20. Repost where it is more topical: Sequester works!

    The annual deficit has fallen 32% over the first seven months of this fiscal year compared with same period last year, according to Congressional Budget Office figures released Tuesday

    1. It is almost as if who controls Congress matters or something.

      1. But the sequester was all Obama’s idea!

        (Fox News talking points)

        1. Best one he’s had yet.

        2. Yes but the funny thing is it was an idea intended to be so absurd that outlandish that no one would ever go for it. It is not exactly kike Obama ever actually agreed that it was a good idea or something he wanted to actually happen.

    2. its a trick.

      Some of the decline in spending from 2012 to 2013 stems from changes to the estimated cost of past transactions of several credit programs (notably for TARP, the Troubled Asset Relief Program). With those changes excluded and with adjustments for the timing shifts, the difference would have been smaller?about 0.5 percent.

  21. You’re all crazy here.

    In my career as a psychologist, I have talked with hundreds of people previously diagnosed by other professionals with oppositional defiant disorder, attention deficit hyperactive disorder, anxiety disorder and other psychiatric illnesses, and I am struck by (1) how many of those diagnosed are essentially anti-authoritarians, and (2) how those professionals who have diagnosed them are not.

    1. Sorry, is this a surprise to someone somewhere?

    2. We’re all riding the crazy train.

      Wait, that’s not really an approprtae metaphor for libertaraians, is it? Trains are so statist, what with all the eminent domain.

    3. They’re not very good anti-authoritarians if they didn’t completely pull the wool out of some fool “diagnosing” them. Psychologists are easier to con than ProL is, and that’s saying something.

      1. “pull the wool over the eyes of”

        1. I find addressing them as “massa” when I have to meet with them does wonders for not being diagnosed as anti-authoritarianism.

      2. I have a mentally disabled sister. She has an IQ somewhere a bit below 80. She absolutely owns psychiatrists. I can’t tell you the number of times that my parents had frantic calls from the group home she lived in as an adult or from the school she attended explaining how a new psychologist had diagnosed her with this or that horrible disorder. Every time the answer was to have them put my sister on the phone for my mom to tell her to knock it off.

        Stupid fuckers bought her act every single time.

        1. John, I’m having an extremely hard time not making a joke about how of course retardation runs in your family. See? I’m not doing it.

          1. Well you know, better for it to run in your family than run in you.

        2. What if your sister just has like 500 psychiatric disorders and isn’t getting the help she needs, John? WHAT THEN!?

          1. Doubtful. It is interesting how people can have different abilities. I would score much higher on a conventional IQ test than her. But her emotional intelligence and ability to read and manipulate people is far beyond anything I will ever posses.

            1. Can we get a TV show made?

              Coming this fall….John’s Sister: Professional Retard Troll.

              1. Hidden camera as she gets the best minds in psychiatry to give one false diagnosis after another.

              2. I’m pretty sure that show would qualify as a hate crime in some jurisdictions.

                1. Hell, this thread would qualify as a hate crime in some jurisdictions.

            2. But her emotional intelligence and ability to read and manipulate people is far beyond anything I will ever posses.

              Really? Because you seem so good at reading sarcasm.

              1. Well there you go. And I meant the “Doubtful” sarcastically.

            3. I would score much higher on a conventional IQ test than her.

              About 95, then?

      3. Psychologists are easier to con

        Which is why they don’t let them near a prescription pad!

    4. It’s not absurd to think that these are real disorders that could be crippling to those who suffer from them. It’s also not absurd to think that medical professionals who have lived and operated in an intellectual bubble might perceive other people as having a mild form of a disorder rather than merely disagreeing with the world-view they’ve been exposed to their whole lives. I doubt there’s any sort of intentional, malicious bias.

      Full disclosure: I am friends with several psychiatric professionals, and take mood-altering medication non-recreationally.

      1. I know several people who greatly benefit from things like adderall and Zanex.

      2. The language of psychology is slippery, e.g. “real” disorders, as though a disorder is as “real” as a disease.

        The desire to medicalize psychology terms is natural–professionals in the field have a personal and financial stake in making certain that their valuable work isn’t dismissed as voodoo, and there’s scientific evidence that therapy is effective at reducing existential suffering and the usual subjective problems of coping with life. The problem is that then there’s overreach and abuse when those those who don’t understand that therapeutic psychology is fundamentally a social science/art hybrid treat it like a gateway to absolute truth. That’s how you end up with psych professionals condemning the guy in Thin Blue Line to a lifetime in prison based on nothing more than a half-hour interview and a few inkblots. Calling psychology “mental health” only serves to further confuse the boundary between medicine and psych.

        Psychology and theories of the mind are very useful, if vague, maps of the mind’s territory. When someone confuses the map for the territory, bad stuff follows.

    1. How come they never go after the white golfers?

    2. When the whole deer antler story about Ray Lewis broke before the Super Bowl, I so would have liked to have had a Super Bowl media day pass and showed up wearing antlers.

      1. I would have dressed up as two murdered guys, personally.

  22. Public was never in danger, police say after blowing up suspicious package

    1. I guess someone is going to need to deal with a broken computer for just a while longer.

    2. Public was never in danger

      This utterance is starting to irritate me. It’s getting to be the new “take full responsibility”.

      How about during some of the time before blowing the unknown contents up?

      *** contemplates Schr?dinger’s cat ***

    1. Does that win the caption contest for the picture of Matt and Nick?

  23. 105 year old woman says bacon is the key to longevity.

    The science is settled.

    1. In moderation it could help.

      1. Agreed, no more then five pounds a day.

        1. Fuck off, slaver!

    2. What does she think about BaconLube?

  24. When you can’t find a good concealed carry holster…


    Oklahoma woman cuffed with loaded .22 in pork holster!

    Relative of yours, John? 😉

    1. My family is in Kansas. They always use bra holsters. Pork holsters are what stupid Okies use.

    2. Smoking Gun has picture of the weapon and the concealer.

      Holy crap. Deep concealment.

      1. Smoking Gun has picture of the weapon and the concealer.

        A ‘Smoking’ Gun is not what I thought after I saw…the concealer.

  25. But the psychic said her daughter was dead

  26. I don’t know diddly about te Jodi Arias case, but as a rule of thumb, if your case receives coverage by Nancy Grace, I think you’ve been punished enough.

    1. Good, I’m not the only one wondering who the hell Jodi Arias is.

      1. Next on Nancy Grace: Was Jodi Arias in on the Natalie Holloway disappearance along with Casey Anthony?

      2. I’m not going to lie; I’d tear Jodi’s ass up.

        1. Good for you. I’ve retired from laying the pipe to homicidal women. Too much risk for too little reward.

        2. She is below the Mendoza line on the hot/crazy scale.

      3. I only know because the diner on the corner has her trial on constantly. The first time I saw it I asked the woman behind the counter why it was on the TV and she said “this is a very important case!”. But then when I asked her why it was important she couldn’t give me an answer and acted like I’d told her to fuck off or something.

  27. So I got the following games free-after-rebate:
    The Witcher
    X3: Terran Conflict 2.0

    Are any of them worth playing?

    1. free-after-rebate

      there’s your answer.

      1. there’s your answer

        Actually, no. Recently Oblivion was offered free-after-rebate (and one of the Fallout or Bioshock titles, can’t remember).

        Retailers and manufacturers still make money off of FAR items; it’s not common for good products to be offered but far from unheard of.

    2. Just go play more Borderlands. I just recently got a Skullsmasher and it’s awesome.

      1. I’m looking forward to using Krieg. Two of the skill trees look to go against typical strategy (set yourself on fire FTW, and shields are for pussies).

        1. I watched some video demonstrating the Krieg gameplay and it’s certainly different. Doesn’t seem my style, though. It’s too much tank and Second Wind, whereas I prefer run and gun and crowd control. Which is why I play a Siren.

    3. I’ve stalled out for a second time on The Witcher, but I stall out on games all the time. I dislike the combat system, and it’s a massive resource hog, but other than that it’s not a bad game.

      Haven’t played the other two.

      1. it’s a massive resource hog

        Not to worry, I have massive resources

    4. The Witcher is pretty good. Haven’t played the others.

    5. I got X3: Terran Conflict simply to stretch my gaming rig’s legs out.

      It seems like a good premise for a game, but the learning curve is very steep, and the early game is slow enough that it couldn’t keep my attention. I felt like even with their time warp functionality, i spent most of my time watching the ship fly from point to point.

    6. The Witcher is pretty decent if you get the Enhanced Edition (which I think should pretty much be free to anyone who got the original version). I don’t know if you ever played the sequel, but the first one leans more RPG and less action. It’s more political than most RPGs. I liked the plot, and the sequel is definitely worth playing (and the third game in the series is marketing itself as a competitor to Skyrim in the open-world fantasy department).

      X3, I dunno. It’s a space sim, but a lot of emphasis goes on economic simulation and you can build a galaxy spanning empire of factories and shit. Good for getting your monocle on, I guess. The one game in the series I played was buggy and a resource hog, the translation was terrible, and you may find yourself having to explain to nearby people why you’re playing a game where people keeping talking about “The Khaak” (pronounced how you might expect), which is the name of their antagonist race.

    1. well, I guess I have a backup career, then.

  28. Looks like Arias is going down for murder 1

  29. Jodi Arias just got convicted of first degree murder. Nancy Grace had a spontaneous orgasm. And you’re not going to get that image out of your head, no matter how hard you try.

    1. God that woman is awful. How bad is it when someone who makes a living covering murder trials is always the worst person involved in the story?

      1. I’ve heard some suggestions that she was not the most ethical of prosecutors.

        1. I was in the Army in Atlanta with a reservists on active duty who was a criminal defense attorney in the Atlanta area in his real life. He had practiced against her. He wouldn’t tell any war stories but he only would say that she was as horrible as you would expect her to be.

        2. Yeah, I heard that Nancy Grace left prosecuting for TV under similar circumstances to Pete Carroll leaving USC for the Seatle Seahawks.

          1. That’s what I heard, too. I don’t know whether it’s true or not.

      2. I should point out that Nancy Grace has ruined more lives than Jodi Arias.

      3. Let’s just recap some of the things Nancy Grace has been wrong about: Gary Condit, the Duke Lacrosse rape case, Richard Ricci, Casey Anthony (specifically her verbal tirade against the jurors).

        I’m surprised some members of whatever Bar she’s a member of haven’t conspired to get her disbarred for conduct detrimental to the profession.

    2. sigh. i almost logged off for the day. let me check one last time, I think.

    3. Is there a reason I should care about this case?

      1. It’s interesting. Apparently, if you’re as attractive as Casey Anthony, you get off. Arias is less attractive and was convicted. Is the line somewhere between Arias and Anthony, or is it right at Anthony?

        1. I’d argue that juries, being composed mainly of idiots, don’t want to believe in their dim little heads that a woman could murder her child. They have no trouble believing one would kill her boyfriend or husband. But you’re going to need an airtight case if you want to convict one of killing her kids.

          1. Don’t rush to blame juries, which aren’t usually quite that dumb. A lot of times, the lawyers are idiots. OJ’s prosecution, for instance, was pretty badly managed.

          2. Given the evidence before them the Casey Anthony jury made the right decision. A distasteful one, and one that is unjust, but the correct one if we want to live in a society where the innocent are not punished for crimes they didn’t commit.

            On the other hand, this case was a fucking slam dunk. Arias took pictures of the crime as she committed it. She took pictures of herself having hot nekkid sex with him just before she killed him. A completely different animal. And nothing to do with cuteness.

            1. I agree with Tarran. Someone killed Anthony’s kid. But there was no proof it was her. Beyond a reasonable doubt means guilty people sometimes go free. Anthony is more than likely an example of that. That sucks. But it is a price I will gladly pay to keep a high standard of proof in ciminal cases.

              1. Oh, she fucking did it. And the evidence may have been there that she did. But the prosecution didn’t do a particularly good job proving it.

                1. See, Simpson, Oranthal James for another example of that.

                  1. Yes, though the evidence was overwhelming in that case. It took errors of biblical proportions to get him off.

                  2. In OJ’s case, I think what happened is the LAPD chose their usual tactic of framing the most likely suspect, only this time the most likely suspect had enough money to hire a lawyer capable of pointing this out.

                    So the question is as a juror, what do you do if during the trial it becomes obvious they police are framing the defendent, but you think they’re framing the guy who actually did it?

                    1. You do exactly what the OJ jury did, you acquit becuase the fact that the cops manufactured evidence always leaves the possibility that they manufactured ALL of it and therefore there is always reasonable doubt

                2. and Pro, I think the most we know is that her or one of her friends did it and she wasn’t too upset about it happening and being free of her kid. It is entirely possible one of her deadbeat b/fs killed the kid and she helped cover it up. That seems just as likely as her being the killer.

                  1. It’s over with, now. There’s no wrongful death suit against her, is there? Probably only her parents would have standing to bring that suit, and I think they’ve chosen to believe her innocence.

                    1. And what money would she have to satisfy a judgement?

                    2. That’s a good question, though I wouldn’t be surprised to hear her get some money for her “story.”

      2. Do you like hot crazy women?

      3. It stands as a warning to eschew crazy.

        “Alexander suffered nearly 30 knife wounds, was shot in the forehead and had his throat slit before Arias dragged his body into his shower. He was found by friends about five days later.”

        Read more:…..z2SjrfrFT3

        1. Don’t piss off women.

          1. You’d have better luck trying to breathe out of your ears.

            1. Don’t piss women off too much.

          2. Play Misty for them.

  30. It’s taken 180,000 bricks and 500 hours to build. We meet the creator of the newly unveiled St Pancras Station and Hotel

    1. And if a girl wears a skirt or a pair of shorts that shows half of her ass and some boy stairs at her bending over, send the little bastard to detention for sexual harassment.

    2. Slut shaming is now a bad thing?

    3. You know what, for once I agree totally with the feminists. It had to happen eventually.

      Oh wait, if girls are gonna dress sexy, the boys are allowed to ogle, right? Or is that still a bad thing?

      1. It’s like they think that everyone would be cool with guys wearing sheer bike shorts everywhere and exposing their backs or stomachs. It seems that people who bitch about this are functionally retarded.

        1. And then the next article they write is about “ending the rape culture”. They really seem to have no clue whatsoever about how real people interact or how sex and attraction works.

          They honestly seem to think that a woman should be able to dress however she likes and also have complete control over the affect that has on men, meaning only the right men with her permission take any notice of her sex appeal. Retarded and delusional would be the proper terms.

          1. They refer to “rape culture” in this very article – the dress codes are part of rape culture, it seems. Nothing to do with trying enforce standards and have students focus on their work rather than ogling each other – no, the explanation for these dress codes is that school administrators are trying to make light of rape. What other reason could there be?

            Why should the authors impose their rape fantasies on the whole country?

        2. I just hate this stupidity where they want every single thing to go both ways.

          If you dress modestly, then you can call anyone leering at you a cad. If you expose skin, you cannot rationally complain when people look at it. If you don’t want the goods browsed, don’t put them in the fucking window.

          “Quit looking at my ass you pig”
          “Your shorts have words on the seat.”

          1. And don’t forget Virginian, we are talking about high school girls here. Letting high school girls or in some cases middle school girls sexualize themselves is such a great idea.

            1. When I was in middle/high school, I thought it was a great idea.

              1. Me too. But in retrospect perhaps that was my dick talking and the dick of a 13 year old boy probably doesn’t have a lot of judgement.

            2. No, it’s a much better idea to make them dress like nuns and have no interaction with the opposite sex until they turn 18.

          2. Exactly. Don’t complain about men ogling you when you have “JUICY” printed in big bold letters on the back of your shorts.

            1. I had a little post exam drink with this cute college chick yesterday. She had a tight concert tshirt on, I ogled her, then asked her how the show was, we got to talking, I asked her out.

              If she’d been wearing burlap or a burqa, I wouldn’t have talked to her. But nice jeans and a two sizes too small tshirt from a country show? I’m all over that.

              Feminists need to just chill out, honestly. They’re worse then the socons.

              1. Mostly Virginina,

                “Feminists” of this sort are women who are too homely to attract any men wearing a tight t-shirt or too insecure to do so even if they are not homely. Their entire ideology is driven by the hatred of that coed in the tight t-shirt and the power she wields as a result of it. That is really what most of it is about.

                1. “Feminists” of this sort are women who are too homely to attract any men wearing a tight t-shirt or too insecure to do so even if they are not homely.

                  What are you talking about? Feminist bloggers are so hot.

                  1. Isn’t it amazing that a woman would think that having enough ear piercings to make her ear look like half a zipper would improve her looks, but won’t use a little makeup? She’d be OK looking with some effort.


                    2. Is Marcotte a lesbian? Maybe she’s just an angry, slightly dykey hetero girl who likes lots of metal in her ears.

        3. It’s like they think that everyone would be cool with guys wearing sheer bike shorts everywhere and exposing their backs or stomachs.

          Oh shit, that’s not cool?

          *changes quickly*

          1. “Oh… Bikers

    4. “We’re going to be instituting a dress code. [Students groan] Relax, people. They’re going to be based on your requests which I’m sure you would have requested had I asked for your requests.”

  31. Your feel good police union story of the day.

    Miami cop fired 8 times faces more discipline

    MIAMI ? For one police officer, eight strikes may mean he’s finally out.

    The man has been fired eight times before from three departments. This time Sgt German Bosque has been charged with leaving his assault weapon with his girlfriend’s father ? a trained security guard ? while he was on an eight-day leave, according to CBS4 Miami.

    Security guard or no, that’s still a no-no, say the Opa-locka Police Department, which wants him gone.

    Bosque has a hearing with an arbitration officer to determine if he should be dismissed.

    But like the Terminator, Bosque has always come back: He is the most fired, fined, and disciplined officer in the state, according to CBS Miami. To hear Bosque tells it, he just love his job

    1. But at least police unions have also gotten judges fired for not ruining peoples’ lives for driving while over an arbitrary BAC.

  32. I am soooo glad I have nothing whatsoever to do with Prenda Law or any of its employees/officers:

    Therefore, the Court awards attorney’s fees and costs in the sum of $40,659.86to Doe: $36,150.00 for Pietz’s attorney’s fees; $1,950.00 for Ranallo’s attorney’s fees; $2,226.26 for Pietz’s costs; and $333.60 for Ranallo’s costs. As a punitive measure, the Court doubles this award, yielding $81,319.72.5 This punitive multiplier is justified by Plaintiffs’ brazen misconduct and relentless fraud. The Principals, AF Holdings, Ingenuity 13, Prenda Law, and Gibbs are liable for this sum jointly and severally, and shall pay this sum within 14 days of this order.

    Second, there is little doubt that that Steele, Hansmeier, Duffy, Gibbs suffer from a form of moral turpitude unbecoming of an officer of the court. To this end, the Court will refer them to their respective state and federal bars.

    Third, though Plaintiffs boldly probe the outskirts of law, the only enterprise they resemble is RICO. … The Court will refer this matter to the United States Attorney .. . The will also refer this matter to the Criminal Investigation Division of the [IRS] and will notify all judges before whom these attorneys have pending cases.

    1. That was just awesome. Once in a great while, justice is served.

      1. Apparently Gibbs just got married. I wonder if she’ll divorce him prior to him losing everything so that she gets half of something instead of half of nothing. 🙂

    1. It’s the nitrates in it – they’ve preserved her.

  33. “The tax evasion conviction for former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi has been upheld. The court recommends four years in jail.”

    Perhaps he should seek asylum in the USA.

    1. Our next Secretary of the Treasury!

  34. Krugman is annoyed that someone’s horning in on proggie’s territory.

    Ezra Klein noted a while back that reporters don’t think the usual rules about even trying to seem neutral don’t apply when the deficit scolds are concerned, that

    On this one issue, reporters are permitted to openly cheer a particular set of highly controversial policy solutions.
    Something a bit similar is taking place when it comes to the role of colleges in nurturing the deficit scolds of tomorrow. Alec MacGillis reports on the lavish rewards for college students participating in It’s Up To Us, yet another tentacle of the deficit-scold octopus, this time mobilizing the young. If you read the front organization’s site, it seems to imply that universities ? not just individual student organizations ? are involved, and my understanding is that it looks that way at some of the schools too; in effect, political advocacy is being masked as general public service, because of course promoting Simpson-Bowles is the patriotic thing to do, right?

    1. Wow. That man really is insane.

      1. So let me get this straight. His position is not that deficits are a necessary evil or the best of bad options, but in fact a good thing?

        That’s insanity.

        1. Yup. And anyone who believes otherwise is just a deficit scold with an irrational hatred of them.

        2. It’s not insanity.

          It’s doublethink in service of the Party.

          1. At first tarran. But if you say it long enough, at some point you start to believe it.

            1. That’s what makes it double-think and not a mendacious lie.

              The power of holding two contradictory beliefs in one’s mind simultaneously, and accepting both of them… To tell deliberate lies while genuinely believing in them, to forget any fact that has become inconvenient, and then, when it becomes necessary again, to draw it back from oblivion for just as long as it is needed, to deny the existence of objective reality and all the while to take account of the reality which one denies ? all this is indispensably necessary

              1. I’ve got a coworker currently doing this with his knowledge of percentages. He forgets how it works when GDP and taxes are involved.

    2. political advocacy is being masked as general public service

      Now why does this sound familiar?

  35. Politifact treats something fairly for once. Maddow has a problem with it.

    Here’s the politifact article.

    Can you figure out why politifact is wrong, other than it fucks with one of Maddow’s favorite talking points?

    1. It seems far more even-handed than a lot of Politifact judgments.

      1. I think that’s her problem with it.

        1. I remember one in which Politifact called Romney a liar for saying that the CBO said something would cost “up to” some billions of dollars, because he had used their highest estimate, which they considered dishonest or cherry-picking or something.

          1. Or when Politifact claimed Romney was lying when he said we have the fewest ships in our Navy since WWII or whatever, even though that’s a provable fact. Of course, it’s a stupid argument for a million other reasons, but if your job is ostensibly to say whether something is true or false, what Romney said was true.

    1. Heroic, prepare for mounting.

      1. I’ll have you know, in a 4′ x 10′ root cellar, I have imprisoned an entire Cambodian village!

    2. The something that always held her back is called Operant Conditioning.

      1. I’m going to beat reinforce Skinnerian principles in my kids from an early age.

    3. Dark arts, man. Dark arts. Just because you know how to do something, doesn’t mean you should.

      Did you know that most people with just slightly more than a passing understanding of hypnosis combined with a smattering of psychology from the 60s understand that “you can’t make someone do something under hypnosis unless they want to” is a meaningless statement? Yet how often do you hear of that?

      Just because someone doesn’t do something, doesn’t mean they don’t know how.

    4. She must have had abstinence-based sex education. That stuff encourages women to become sex slaves to their kidnappers.

    1. I really wanted a round of applause at the end, but I guess that’s asking too much.

    2. Rock on mini-Thor. But I have to say, I’ve had some classes where the kids would not behave if you spent any one-on-one time with the students. The second your head goes down to a particular desk, many of the other students start acting out. They don’t care if they get in trouble, because the trouble is bullshit. Many schools won’t suspend a kid for acting out in class (that’s reserved for the kids who defend themselves), and they won’t paddle anymore. I usually resolved this with tutoring in my free period and ingenious shaming techniques.

      I was only teaching for a 2 years, but I can see getting worn down by it. If the kids don’t care, the parents don’t care, and the administration doesn’t care, what’s the damn point?

    142,099,000 ? JAN 2009
    143,322,000 ? JAN 2013 + 1,223,000

    So according to Buttplug ABOUT 8 MILLION million jobs have been added since January 2013????

    1. And in that time, the population grew by about 10 million.

  37. Charles Ramsey, the guy who rescued Amanda Berry.

    I’m pretty sure this has been posted already, somewhere, but I couldn’t find it.

    1. Turns out the guy is a repeat domestic abuser.

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