NJ Prosecutor Embroiled in Police Disability Controversy

Series of legal violations by a law enforcer


Mercer County Prosecutor Joseph Bocchini has three strikes against him in the controversy surrounding Joe Derrico, the "disabled" Hamilton cop turned roughhousing repo man on reality TV.

A continuing investigation by New Jersey Watchdog delivered:

Strike one: Bocchini disobeyed the law by failing to inform state authorities when Derrico was indicted on a felony theft charge in 2010. The omission was confirmed by the state Division of Criminal Justice.

Strike two: Derrico's ex-wife, Brit Olsen, worked as a detective on Bocchini's staff. In spite of the conflict of interest, Bocchini did not turn the case over to other authorities for prosecution.

Strike three: Bocchini claims not to have records of the case, including the indictment and dismissal.  If true, he is violating state rules that govern record retention by county prosecutors.