Rand Paul

Sen. Paul Says Clinton's Benghazi Response Should Prevent Her From Holding Office Ever Again

Made the remark during speech to the Missouri Republican Party


Sen. Rand Paul said former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's response to the deadly attacks on Americans in Benghazi, Libya last fall should prevent her from ever holding public office again.

The Kentucky Republican made the remark last week in a speech to the Missouri Republican Party, which just released a full video of his address in a fundraising appeal Tuesday morning.

During a Senate Foreign Affairs Committee hearing earlier this year, Paul told Clinton that he would have relieved her of her position because she didn't read the cable communications requesting additional help and security in Libya.

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  1. Sen. Paul Says Clinton’s Benghazi Response Should Prevent Her From Holding Office Ever Again

    Buying an election in New York should have been enough….I guess this will have to do!

  2. I find the immaturity, even downright stupidity, of people making more of Benghazi than it is appalling, but then I’ve seen every president since Roosevelt come and go. And that makes Rand Paul an absolute political clown as history goes. He has nothing to offer reasonable, well-informed, generally-objective people. Most of us with decent educations have read and followed this sad event with sincerity, and found it to be just that, a sad event. Governments are machines and like all machines, none runs with 100% efficiency so disasters will occur no matter who is in charge. But for political reasons, you have one group doing gymnastics to make it into some major failing of the “other side,” and some earth-shattering event. Four people got killed in a dangerous part of the world. Over two dozen got killed in a school that was supposed to be safe. You tell me which event deserves more attention. Grow up.

    1. Considering the government was supposed to make sure the former did not happen, while the latter had nothing to do with government, yeah there’s a pretty big fucking difference stupid.

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