Cop Refuses to Give 12-Year-Old His Badge Number After Parking Police Motorcycle on Sidewalk

The law is supposed to be blind, contrary to the opinion of some of its enforcers


This 12-year-old may already have an IQ too high for law enforcement:

He's a child soldier in the war on cameras!

h/t Adam Simpson


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  1. No doubt he will face the same consequences as a peasant that refused to produce ID to his master.

    1. The kid’s lucky he didn’t get beaten or Tasered.

      1. It would have been a clean shoot too. The officer was clearly provoked. How dare a mere civilian question his authority to act above the law?

        /Teh hero of Reason

        1. Needz moar FACTS and totality of circs.

        2. Procedure was clearly not followed in this case – otherwise that kid would be dead!

          1. …And the video would be “misplaced”

    2. Why would a peasant need to show ID? They’re peasants, so they are pretty much interchangeable.

  2. Hat tip to sarcy?

  3. Nice work kid. It would have been even better if he had grilled the guy on that mustache that clearly violates the federal Facial Hair in Good Taste Act of 1978.

  4. This 12-year-old may already have an IQ too high for law enforcement:

    Yeah but can he bench press 1000lbs after a tough day banging cop groupies?

    1. Yeah but can he bench press 1000lbs after a tough day banging cop groupies?

      While dropping in on a 30 foot wave at Pipeline as he records the guitar parts for a re-mastered Led Zeppelin IV?

      1. +1 Morgan Fairchild

      2. Surfing and Led Zeppelin? No.

        It would be a remastered version of Dick Dale & Stevie Ray’s Pipeline, of course!

  5. First of all, is there seriously no fitness standard for law enforcement? Secondly, kid, hold the phone landscape. Have you not seen the internet? It’s formatted 6×9.

    1. He was able to walk all the way from the store he was in to the sidewalk where he was parked. That is sufficient fitness.

    2. No. I don’t think there is. Did you see some of the cops running around Boston during the hunt for the mad bombers? I didn’t know they made tactical gear in sizes that large.

      1. When your gut gets above a certain size, the tactical gear becomes redundant too – the 9mm just can’t penetrate the fat to reach the viscera.

      2. Don’t forget, the camera adds 10 lbs.

        1. How many cameras does he have on him?

        2. Funny, the soldiers and marines running around Afghanistan never seem to look morbidly obese on camera.

          1. Well, the Marines maybe – I’ve seen pictures of some biiig army guys.

            1. Those guys were tankers or mechs.

  6. “I’ll be watching you, kid.”

  7. Either the parents taught him to think like this or left him unsupervised or both. What I’m saying is, how long after were the parents arrested?

    1. I’m sure CPS will be paying the parents a visit to grill them about why their kid was walking around unsupervised any day now. After recieving an “anonomous complaint” of course.

  8. The 70s called and they want their stache back, asshole.

    1. And seriously awesome job kid.

  9. Where did this happen? It looks like this requirement varies based on the jurisdiction. It took a bit of googling, but I did confirm that it is a law here in MA.

  10. It should be a felony to have a mustache like that

  11. OK, look, that kid was shit disturbing pure and simple. Nice polite boy, learning a civics lesson, exercising his rights blah, blah, sure, fine, why not. But if I had been that cop I would have reacted exactly the same way – talk to the kid calmly and politely, ignore the bullshit he was laying down, and leave. I really like holding cops’ feet to the fire, filming them when they’re being assholes, and the whole bit. But really, parking his bike on a wide sidewalk? I think really I’m not going to worry too much about that. BTW, do we really have the right to see a cop’s badge number just for the asking? I really don’t know but I kind of doubt it.

    1. Needs moar ALLCAPS and indecipherable acronyms. hth.

    2. Can I park on the sidewalk too?

      1. I don’t think so.

        1. Which tells you what?

          1. A perk of law enforcement is that you get to ignore that which you enforce.

            1. Precisely. Thank you.

              1. Oh my god…

                1. He actually fucking thinks that oh my god

                  1. Look you fucking cretin, anyone who reads here regularly knows *Sarcasmic* was being sarcastic. Weren’t you? Actually, it doesn’t matter what you were thinking.

                    1. Lick more boots bootlicker.

                    2. Is Ice Nine Tulpa in disguise or something?

                      The incoherence, combined with the authority fellation, make me suspicious.

                      Are you your very own bootlicking troll? Or just a different bootlicking trolls sockpuppet?

                  2. He actually fucking thinks that oh my god

                    All cops think that. Who’s going to give them a ticket or summons if they break traffic laws or break someone’s face?


                    1. All cops think that.

                      The guy my wife dated before me in college got a summer job as a cop on the Boardwalk in NJ. I guess it’s a legit LEO position. No gun, but a baton and A BADGE.

                      She went down to visit him and as they were driving around he turned down a one way street. She says, thinking it was accidental, “hey you know you are going the wrong way on a one way?”

                      He says, “Yea, I know. No one will fuck with me, I’m a cop.”

                      And he meant it, and he saw no problem with it.

                      I’m sure there are good cops out there, but their toleration of assholes like that doesn’t help their cause.

                    2. A waiter, the owner’s son, at a restaurant I was cooking for became a summer cop one year. I don’t remember the specifics, but at some point he threatened to put me in the hospital adding “Who’s going to stop me? I’m a fucking cop! They won’t charge me! I’m one of them! I’ll tell them you deserved it and that’s all that will happen!”

                      I had a different job in about a week. When the owner’s son is a cop and has it out for you, it’s time to go.

    3. There’s no way this guy would let Joe Schmoe get away with parking a bike on the sidewalk. He deserved the hassling.

    4. “BTW, do we really have the right to see a cop’s badge number just for the asking?”

      I would say yes. Especially when you see a cop doing something that any ordinary citizen would be ticketed or arrested for. The cop was likely violating the law by parking on a sidewalk. Asking for a badge number would make it easier to file an official complaint with the police department.

      Even still, if you interact with a cop[ in any way, whether the cop or you initiated the interaction, it should be your right as the non-cop party to request the badge number of the cop.

      1. Yes, it should be – but is it? Thank you for your answer.

        1. In most places, yes. In some, no.

          I don’t know where this took place.

          Either way, the cop was a condescending prick and this kid is awesome.

    5. “BTW, do we really have the right to see a cop’s badge number just for the asking? ”

      Yeah, we do – they’re public employees after all.

  12. do we really have the right to see a cop’s badge number just for the asking?

    That depends; do you work for him, or does he work for you?

    1. He works for the city (Yes, I get it). So, do we really have the right to see a cop’s badge number just for the asking?

      1. “Yes, I get it”

        Then say it, instead of trying to avoid saying it, by claiming “He works for the city”.

      2. Depends on the jurisdiction.

        You should have it in any jurisdiction.

      3. Why wouldn’t we? They are public servants.

        1. I know all that. I’m asking what the definitive answer is – not how we fucking feel about it.

          1. So, you can’t read? It’s right there.

        2. As public servants they are busy serving the public. The public is everyone but any individual person with whom they interact at any one time. So if you request to see his badge number, try to report a crime, or otherwise bother him, you are distracting him from is duty of serving the public.

      4. If he’s not in the middle of doing something important, yes we should and often do have that right.

  13. Anti-gov parents need their 12 year-old seized by rabid CPS cunts.

  14. do we really have the right to see a cop’s badge number just for the asking?

    Why the fuck wouldn’t we? Does a city/state employee on the fucking clock have some sort of “expectation of privacy” I am unaware of?

    1. According to a lot of states…. yes, as stupid as that sounds.

      1. No, that’s not right either, it’s not that they have any expectation of privacy, it’s just that there’s no law requiring them to provide the information.

        1. I was referring to places that have wiretapping laws still applicable to police in public, which say that police do have an expectation of privacy.

          1. And you were wrong for the reasons sloopy and I stated.


            1. Listen it bothers you that you were wrong, I get it, fine you were totally right, despite the laws you mention being overeturned every single time they’ve come up and none currently being in force (afaik) after being declared unconstitutional.

            2. You’re not just wrong, you’re an asshole. “A lot” appears to have been incorrect on my part, but the point isn’t.

              However, all but 2 of these states?Massachusetts and Illinois?have an “expectation of privacy provision” to their all-party laws that courts have ruled does not apply to on-duty police (or anyone in public).

              1. “However, all but 2 of these states?Massachusetts and Illinois”

                “despite the laws you mention being overeturned every single time they’ve come up and none currently being in force (afaik) after being declared unconstitutional.”

                1. read that until you realize why you’re wrong.

                  1. The sad part about this is you got all butthurt because you mad an inaccurate claim and I clarified it. Then you felt that uber-nerd aspie compulsion to demonstrate to the commentariat that you were not in any way unclear or inaccurate.

                    Instead, you’ve just demonstrated the difference between someone with something better to do with his life, and an uber-nerd aspie troll who can’t bear to be seen as anything other than wholly infallible to other posters.

                    You have a great life.

                    1. sgs| 5.7.13 @ 11:32AM

                      Who the fuck is this asshole?

                    2. Good question! And what happened under his rock today that compelled him to slither out?

              2. So the city of Boston settled the suit even though their law still says a cop must consent before you can record them in public?

                How do TV stations work around filming live sporting events there? Or on-scene news reports? Technically, they should be forced to get consent from any party that had their image captured. Of course, the laws are only on the books to prevent people from recording cops and do not apply to the peasants.

              3. Thanks for the link, Auric – never saw that article – I retained a copy 🙂

                Thanks again

          2. Again, those laws are overturned every time they are challenged. Which is why the states are getting wise and not challenging them. They use them to harass and intimidate “civilians” only to drop the charges when said “civilian” questions their constitutionality.

            1. It’s SOP to make someone spend the night in jail for failure to show sufficient respect. It’s great because it might cost the person their job. If they have children then the kids might get taken away if no one is available to watch them while they sit in the can. After they lose their job and their kids, there’s a good chance they’ll become homeless. Of course this assumes a beat down as well. All for failure to show respect.

              It’s nice to be one of the king’s men.

              1. Nice little life ya got there…be a shame if etc. etc. etc.

      2. Actually, Auric, they don’t. Those laws have been overturned every single time they’ve been challenged in the courts. Cops just ignore them because the penalty for doing so is…nothing.

  15. Should’ve gotten his plate number but, otherwise, top notch.

  16. Kid should have gotten the cop’s license plate number and lodged an official complaint for the cop harassing him with accusations of loitering, bullshit requests for I and the like. Being a dick is a cop’s prerogative, but intimidating a 12 year old that called you out on breaking the law isn’t.

    That said, unless this cop was specifically trained to park his bike in a parking space, he’s perfectly within his rights to drive it all the way into the Starbucks.

    Also, it’s illegal to drink a beverage while operating a motorcycle, which the cop is getting ready to do.

    1. at our motor pool there’s no training on parking in non-parking zones. we need more funding, IMO, for training in this subject area (as well as others, FWIW).

      but absent a specific law against this, and based on numerous cout cases in my jusrisdiction, this was a lawful park, IMHO. procedures were followed – SOP. so it was a good park. hth

      1. last week i rode my MC all the way INTO a STARBUCKS. got a BJ from a couple of cop GROUPIES (PERKS of the job, LOL) in the men’s room while i waited and BENCH PRESSED 1000LBS. then i hit the beach and SURFED a 100 FOOT WAVE while recording a kick ass guitar solo. when i got home i banged my wife MORGAN FAIRCHILD. hth

        1. YAWN.

          Troll-o-meter -.01


    2. I’ve often fantasized about pulling a cop over for speeding and asking him to write himself a citation.

      I think if I ever get diagnosed with a terminal illness, towards the end, I’ll give it a try. I’ll record it for the Reasonoids.

  17. it’s illegal to drink a beverage while operating a motorcycle, which the cop is getting ready to do.

    You can’t. He’s a trained professional.

  18. CPS dispatched to harrass parents in 3… 2… 1…

  19. If I were that kid, I would be on the lookout for FBI agents provocateurs. A kid willing to ask a cop for his badge number is a serious threat to society.

  20. Bleh, don’t read the comments in the original article. The number of badge-lickers is depressing.

  21. I don’t understand. Why didn’t the 12-year-old pull out his concealed weapon and force the criminal street gang member to comply with the law?

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