Searching for a Suspect, Police Shoot 'the Friendliest Dog in the Neighborhood'

They claimed it attacked, of course


The dog's breed was not immediately clear. Police reports describe it as a pit bull, however photographs provided to the StarNews suggest something else.

In any case, the dog, Crockett said in a media advisory, "went nose to nose with the K-9, as the handler tried to pull the K-9 away.

"Another officer tried to make the pit bull back off," she continued. "But the pit bull attacked the K-9, going first for his face and then trying to bite his throat." So an officer shot the dog to stop the attack.

The police department is reviewing this latest incident, a routine that unfolds any time police fire their guns.

A neighbor on Maides Avenue said the dog was "the friendliest dog in the neighborhood.

"That dog goes right to the mailbox doing his business and doesn't go out of that yard," Abdul Akbar said. "The dog has a tendency when he sees another dog to want to play. Everybody knows that dog."