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Poll: Millennials Increasingly Distrust the Government


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Young Americans are increasingly divided on a host of issues, but they do agree on one thing: They have damned little use for government institutions. Oddly, the one institution likely to get millennials — specifically, those between 18 and 29 years of age — killed, the military, is the only one they trust to do the right thing all or most of the time. The folks in uniform get the trust of 54 percent trust of this group. That's down a point from last year, but it's better than the Supreme Court gets (40 percent now, 45 percent in 2012), the president (39 percent now, down from 41 percent in 2012) or Congress (18 percent, down from 23 percent). The federal government as a whole draws the trust of a whopping 22 percent of respondents.

"That's disappointing," says C. M. Trey Grayson, director of the Institute of Politics, "especially because we know that people's political attitudes are often greatly impacted at the beginning of their adulthood, when they enter the political process."

From the Harvard Crimson:

Young adults aged 18 to 29, also known as the millennial generation, have an increased distrust in every political institution except the military, according to a biannual Institute of Politics report released Tuesday. Written and analyzed by students, the report also showed an increased polarization among party lines since the election and split opinions about gun regulation.

C. M. Trey Grayson '94, director of the Institute of Politics, said he was particularly alarmed by the long-term implications of the poll's results, explaining that the support of the millennials is key to the future stability of modern American institutions like the media, local and federal governments, and Wall Street.

"You hope the process can work, the system can work, politics can work," Grayson said. "We've got to give millennials a reason to trust these institutions."

Incidentally, the rest of the results are also interesting. Millennials are becoming increasingly polarized on a number of issues, from government spending to immigration to guns. According to the authors of the survey, the "gap in opinion between the way Democrats and Republicans see politics and in many cases the world, has grown sharper and more distinctive since 2010." For example:

On the issue of whether or not "government spending is an effective way to increase growth," in 2010 the difference between the number of Democrats and Republicans who agree with this statement was 17 points, today the number is 24 points with most of the difference accounted for by less Republican support (as compared to more support form Democrats). While disagreement among Democrats is consistent at 20 percent between 2010 and today, Republican disagreement with this concept increased six percentage points from 49 to 55 percent.

Ideological self-sorting also seems to be growing. According to the Crimson, "The division of the government was even reflected in the social lives of the Millennials. Only 12 percent said that their most recent significant other did not share their political beliefs, while 72 percent reported that all or most of their friends do."

As for just who these respondents are:

  • 38 percent self-identify as liberal or leaning liberal, 26 percent moderate, and 36 percent conservative or leaning conservative;
  • 37 percent consider themselves Democrats, 25 percent Republicans, and 37 percent Independents.

So … plenty of variety in views, united by a wholesome distrust toward the state, even if that disappoints Director Grayson.

The Survey of Young Americans' Attitudes Toward Politics and Public Service: 23rd Edition executive summary can be found here (PDF).

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  2. [insert hate fest about the “entitlement generation” here]

    1. There are three ways this conversation could go:

      1) of course they distrust the government, they think they deserve better than they are getting

      2) of course they distrust the government, their parents abdicated parental responsibility, the government is “the man.”

      3) of course they distrust the government, they have 24/7 access to information, the grand narratives of the old media are shattered and we’ve entered a new era of conflicting narratives.

      1. jesse,
        Re: “1) of course they distrust the government, they think they deserve better than they are getting”

        I can read that two ways:
        1) They are griping that they’re not getting all the free shit they want.
        2) They are griping that they are being lied to and deserve better.
        So, I can’t tell.

        1. Should we split the baby on this one? Millenials are getting boned because they (we maybe, I’m not sure where I fall on this) will have no more free shit when it comes our turn, the free shit we’ve gotten so far (education) hasn’t done much for us, and we’re going to be stuck paying the bill for the free shit the “greatest,” “boomer,” and older “gen x” folks are currently getting.

          I’m an ’83 birthday, anyone know where I fall on this scale? Who am I supposed to pour my disdain out on (besides the boomers)?

          1. “Who am I supposed to pour my disdain out on (besides the boomers)?”

            I’d say the lefties.
            I’m a boomer and AFAICT, I’m getting back roughly what I put into S/S. Dear ol’ dad rode the gravy train on that.
            I (we-family) got ‘free’ K-12 edu, but nothing beyond that.
            My med insurance has been private-pay (taxed) for most all of my career; I wanted *that* coverage.
            My company sure gets no breaks from either the local or fed gov’ts, and as a ‘small business’, the audits are regular and expensive.
            So, yeah, take it out on the lefties.

            1. The only problem with SS is that the worker to retiree is gonna start to get really low.

              Sevo, you need a “good boomer” symbol. You tried to get your peers to see sense. It’s the ones that act like there was no way anyone could see the entitlement crises coming and thus they are getting screwed that I can’t stand.

              1. I’m a later boomer (1960 baby) and I would have no problem “declining” SS. The program was intended to keep old po’ folk from starving, not paying for grandma’s cruise on the Danube. Fix the system by making it need-based only. Most of the elderly in the USA are much better off than the younger people paying them in the ponzi scheme as it is.

                I have been saving since many years ago with the idea that I would have to provide for my own retirement. Fuck social security. Sure, there’s a lot of people who have blown everything every paycheck and are too stupid to plan, they can have their tiny SS payment to live off of in their golden years. But I’ve never understood why we’ve muddied the old fable of the ant and the grasshopper, that now we are supposed to give free shit to the lazy, partying grasshopper and tax and demonize the productive and responsible ant.

            2. Blaming lefties is a given, but it’s not like the righties have abstained from giving out FREE SHIT.

              1.| 5.2.13 @ 10:26PM |#
                “Blaming lefties is a given, but it’s not like the righties have abstained from giving out FREE SHIT.”

                Yah know, it’s real hard to take issue with that….

          2. I’m 88. My cutoff for oldest I’d date is 29 30ish on the high end and 19 on the low end. That 10 years i would say is my generation, although the experiences will obviously vary quite a bit.

            Okay, I would date an 18 year old, but I’m a dude.

            I think my cutoff will be when i meet kids who don’t remember 9/11. That is when I will feel a real generation gap.

            1. Older women dude.

              Girls are fun, but women are dangerous.

              1. I’m dating a much younger 37 y.o., so enjoy the years when a 29 y.o. feels like being with a granny.

            2. “I’m 88. My cutoff for oldest I’d date is 29 30ish on the high end and 19 on the low end.”

              Hugh Hefner?

          3. I’m an ’83 birthday, anyone know where I fall on this scale?

            There’s a bit of debate. Some say X, some say millennial. Slightly more say millennial.

            1. That’s kind of what I figured. My solidly genX coworker went through a list of coworkers that I should get if I’m genX and I got about half, then she did millenial and I got half again.

              *sniff* I feel so out of place.

              1. I’m ’82, but my lady is ’77 so I feel like I end up *feeling* more GenX than GenY

                1. The correct answer is the whole generational concept is bullshit. To the extent that it has any credence it is restricted to maybe a couple years difference. Does anybody think somebody born in the early ’80s has had the same cultural experience as somebody born in the late ’90s (the more expansive definition of millennials)?

      2. C. M. Trey Grayson ’94, director of the Institute of Politics, said he was particularly alarmed by the long-term implications of the poll’s results, explaining that the support of the millennials is key to the future stability of modern American institutions like the media, local and federal governments, and Wall Street.

        “Particularly alarmed”? This is the best news I’ve heard all day! Who wants stable institutions, when they’re corrupt and anti-freedom?

      3. As one of someone apart of this age group I can say from personal observation of standard 18-24 white culture in Michigan.

        1. the world told us do good in public schools then get into college. Once you graduate college life is a cakewalk they said. Instead the jobs are not there and we are now debt slaves due to government destroying education price mechanisms.

        2. Most people my age even the libtards know govt is corrupt and sucks.

        3.These vast law put onto us, law that our parents and grandparents didnt have. misdemeanor for drinking a beer as a minor are you kidding me. Ridiculous laws give no credibility to gubment.

        4. Lastly on Foreign policy, everyone hates bush on that, and most leery of obama. Foreign policy has 2 answers I hear, nuke them(usually with arab slurs) and be done or leave.

  3. “37 percent consider themselves Democrats, 25 percent Republicans, and 37 percent Independents.”

    I’m afraid the last group presumes that Marx was right and the US isn’t going that way!

    1. Indies think Marx was right? Are you smoking meth again?

      1. Palin’s Buttplug| 5.2.13 @ 9:10PM |#
        “Indies think Marx was right? Are you smoking meth again?”

        Are you sucking your daddy’s ass again?

        1. Please. The homo-erotica you spout does nothing for the rest of us (Tony might be an exception).

          1. Palin’s Buttplug| 5.2.13 @ 9:20PM |#

            Don’t ask me, dipshit, ask your daddy.

  4. Millennials have matured during the post 9/11 period when they were told that event “changed everything” by the GOP while they built up the surveillance state.

    They have every reason to distrust government.

    1. I like that you missed the ‘increasing’ disdain for government that has occurred in the last few years.

      Or was Bush president in 2011?

      1. Upon a reread I must have missed that because it is not there at all.

        How did you conjure it up?

        1. The title of the piece – Poll: Millenials INCREASINGLY distrust the Federal Government.

          That’s down a point from last year, but it’s better than the Supreme Court gets (40 percent now, 45 percent in 2012), the president (39 percent now, down from 41 percent in 2012) or Congress (18 percent, down from 23 percent). The federal government as a whole draws the trust of a whopping 22 percent of respondents.

          So trust of every branch of government declined from 2012-2013, 5 years after George Bush left office. Somehow the ghost of W made trust of the current president decline.

          Reading comprehension. How the fuck does it work?

          1. Don’t ask shreek; dipshit has daddy issues and really doesn’t want to deal with reality.

          2. Well, it is like gas prices.

            Sure, gas prices/mistrust are rising but they both PEAKED (like in an all-time high) in 2008 right before the economy got slammed.

            1. Which has nothing to do with your first post, you goal post moving, drooling buffoon. It also has nothing to do with the fact that your second post shows a near total inability to read on your part.

              Normally I don’t like when Sevo just goes around slinging insults at people, but in your case I honestly do not know how someone can be as dumb as you are without suffering some sort of full frontal lobotomy. You can’t follow a thought for more than 7 seconds. You have the mental capacity of a potted plant, and not a very bright one.

              1. You bite the empty air.

                I stand by my irrefutable points.

                1- the surveillance state emerged 2001
                2- gas/oil prices peaked in 2008

                Fuck you if you cannot understand those two facts.

                1. 1- the surveillance state emerged 2001

                  On Obama’s facebook page for Surveillance state it has a LIKE.

                2. 2- gas/oil prices peaked in 2008

                  Adjusted for inflation?

                3. So you stand by your non-sequitur. That’s probably the best we can expect from you.

                4. Daddy-fucking dipshit posts:
                  “1- the surveillance state emerged 2001”
                  Uh, now there are ways of posting things more stupidly than that, but it’s tough to find them right now.
                  Hey, dipshit, define “surveillance state”.

                  “2- gas/oil prices peaked in 2008”
                  Uh, yeah, for now and then?
                  Go fuck your daddy, dipshit.

                5. What are you talking about? Who the fuck was talking about the surveillance state or gas prices?

                  What does that have to do with a drop in government approval between 2012-2013?

            2. Eagerly waiting to see where the goalposts end up next. Be sure to throw out an unfounded assertion about how this proves we’re in the tank for the GOP.

              1. The goal posts aren’t even on the save field anymore. It’s like he took the goal posts and dropped them in the middle of Times Square as some sort of weirdo performance art.

                1. SAME field. Goddamn lack of an edit button, ruining my life.

      2. Or was Bush president in 2011?

        What the fuck are you going on about? Bush is president in 2013.

        1. His ghost haunts the Oval office, speaking in Obama’s ear, driving the once great man insane and forcing the president to continue most of Bush’s policies.

          Truly, Bush was playing the long game.

        2. And the rethuglicans control the entire national government!

          1. Get with the program. LIBERTARDS control the national government! We all toil under President Koch!

    2. Is it my turn?

      Shut the fuck up shreek.

      1. I am not “shreek”.

        Address me properly. I am Palin’s Buttplug.

        Show some respect.

        1. You are and always will be the Obama fellating shreek.

          You can change your name but you cannot hide your stupidity.

          1. You can lead a fool to knowledge, but you can’t make ’em think.

      2. I have a buddy who is a rather well educated adjunct professor – who recently survived brain cancer by having about 15% of his brain chopped out. Having a discussion with him when he is drunk reminds me of discussing anything with Buttplug here.

  5. Only 12 percent said that their most recent significant other did not share their political beliefs, while 72 percent reported that all or most of their friends do.

    This actually kind of scares me.

    1. How else are we going to get around to a civil war?

    2. Living in a city it’s hard to find people that don’t hold liberal views. The ones who don’t tend to be quiet about it, probably leading the liberals to think they agree with everything. Or they don’t have friends because they were disowned for opposing public financing of women’s studies masters.

    3. Reverse those numbers for me.

    4. My generation is the most expressive of their individual conformity.

  6. “We’ve got to give millennials a reason to trust these institutions.”

    Aside from outright lying to them, I’m not sure how you plan to accomplish this Mr. Grayson. I would say the reason the military gets the highest grade is because it has produced the least amount of visible failure. Maybe you can fool an 18 year old, but by 29 -especially in this economy- reality is a harsh mistress.

    1. The real tragedy is that they don’t dislike the military as much as they dislike all the other institutions.

      1. I think that’s because they’ve watched them get thrown around like cannon fodder for the last ten years or so.

        I bet a lot of them have friends who have served as well. The military isn’t any more efficient than the federal government but really we just ask them to kill people and break stuff, and they are very good at that.

        1. The military is unquestionably the most successful government program. We just use them too much.

        2. The military is much more competent than the rest of the federal government. And a lot of that generation has served. The other thing is that most people who profess hate of the military are nearly always shithead gadflies that no one pays attention to anyway.

          1. I haven’t served but based on my experience on contract work and the anecdotal evidence supplied by my uncle and cousin who are/were lifers, I wouldn’t say they are MUCH more competent than the rest of the federal government.

            I’ll give you more competent, but there is no shortage of bureaucratic idiocy in the military either.

            1. Of course there isn’t. But having served and worked in the civilian side, there is no comparison. The civilian side can’t do anything. The military does generally do its job in spite of itself. And the idiocy in the military is just endemic to all militaries. The Roman Army was bureaucratic and idiotic. It is how armies are.

            2. They’re very competent at blowing shit up and killing people. But everything else they do suffers from the same bureaucratic incompetence as the rest of government.

              1. That means they are competent at their core function, which is more than I can say for any other part of government.

                Killing people and blowing shit up is harder than it looks. People generally don’t take being blown up lying down.

                1. Well, yes. I meant it as a complement.

                  1. We aren’t really arguing with you John. We agree that the military is more competent than the Fed.

                    It’s just that you can’t avoid the fed’s incompetency that bleeds in to the military. In fact, that is probably the root of the problem for the military.

        3. I think knowing people in the service is what makes me trust them more. A buddy of mine from high school shipped out to train as a green beret a year ago. I should see how he is doing.

          1. I think there is a difference trusting “members of the military” and trusting “the military.”

            I’m more inclined to do the former than the latter.

  7. speaking of young Americans

    1. -1 Bowie

      1. Meh, never was partial to that song

  8. lol

    LA Kings ?@LAKings
    Round 1: Game 2 @Spotify Warm Up Song – Kris Kross / Jump –

  9. Who you gonna trust? President Obama? Or your lying eyes?

    I’m trusting the alt-text. It’s never steered me wrong before.

  10. explaining that the support of the millennials is key to the future stability of modern American institutions like the media, local and federal governments, and Wall Street.

    What in fuck’s name is this guy talking about?

    What does trust in government have to do with stability of the media?

    Or… or… or is it something deeper, Captain? Ego, perhaps? Are “we” suggesting that the media and government are essentially one institution, or perhaps at least in a symbiotic relationship, and every conspiracy theory us DemOP media haters have proffered either in jest or half seriousness is… true?

    1. Given that all of those institutions are run by Ivy League assholes, fuck them.

  11. “You hope the process can work, the system can work, politics can work,” Grayson said. “We’ve got to give millennials a reason to trust these institutions.”

    I haven’t googled Grayson yet.

    Guess: Aging ex-hippie boomer.

    Googling now.

    1. Oh jesus fuck, this guy is younger than I am? Oh my God, I’m speechless.

    2. Bachelor’s degree, Harvard College (1994) in government

      No comment necessary.

      1. HAHAHAHA! He lost the Republican primary in 2010 to Rand Paul.

        Whoooo. We really dodged a boot licking bullet with that one.

        1. Yeah Grayson was the establishment stooge Rand beat in the primary.

          1. Here I thought he was Bruce Wayne’s youthful ward. Dick Grayson, right?

      2. Grayson garnered endorsements from Senator Mitch McConnell, former Vice President Dick Cheney, former presidential hopeful Rudy Giuliani, Senator Rick Santorum, Representative Hal Rogers, and several members of Kentucky’s State Legislators.[13]

        Seriously, fuck this guy.

        1. I remember him now. Yeah, fuck him.

        2. Yeah, he’s the establishment’s establishment man. Essentially, a Democrat that doesn’t like open borders.

          National greatness…

          1. Essentially, a Democrat that doesn’t like open borders.

            So a Republican?

            1. Isn’t that what he just said?

    3. I really don’t care if the system works. Politics has always been corrupt and dysfunctional and governments have always succeeded in spite of themselves. Even the founding generation, which may have been the greatest political class in history, had all kinds of problems that people forget.

      To me when someone says “hopefully the system will work” they are just saying “hopefully the top men will get it right this time” or some variation thereof. Fuck that. No dipshit hopefully events and necessity will drive the system to actions that keep it from doing too much damage.

  12. The military isn’t most likely to get them killed unless they join the military. Last time I checked there is no draft. As James Taranto would say, “Fox Butterfield is that you?”

    1. And even if they join, they are still more likely to get killed in a car accident or at their own hands than in combat.

      1. Telling someone what chance they have of dying at their own hands is like telling someone what chance they have of murdering their mother.

  13. Oh, I just wanted to note that I, as a millennial (apparently?), would like to say “Fuck the government. Fuck Obama” etc, but I won’t because I don’t want to get charged with terrorism.

  14. The problem is that mistrusting government is not enough. The millennials, thanks to our education system being so broke, don’t have the intellectual tools to interpret events and translate that mistrust into something better. Few of them know much of anything about history or economics beyond the platitudes they learned in school.

    Okay, they don’t trust the government or institutions. Big deal. Is there any reason to believe they have the knowledge or the values necessary to improve or replace those institutions with something better?

    1. They ultimately don’t have any other institutions to put their trust into. They hate corporations too. They have no use for religion or the traditional family. They have little sense of obligation to their nation as a whole, little sense of charity.

      1. This is a good point. I’m in the ‘millennial’ generation, and many of the people I know really do not have any belief system which effectively grounds them beyond some vague understanding of ‘fairness’ which they can’t actually define.

        They don’t have faith in the individual because that’s ‘selfish.’ They don’t trust the government because the statists tend to dislike the fact that the government isn’t more powerful and more prone to give them things. They have this bizarre distrust of corporations, despite the fact that corporations are autonomous institutions who would not be able to pool their resources were it not for the ability to lobby government to give them things. They aren’t religious in any sense, so they don’t have metaphysical faith that can replace their lack of faith in material institutions.

        They are defined by their hatred of institutions, not by any institutions of their own. That’s why a lot of leftists spend so much time cultivating a victim complex. When you have no faith in ever elevating yourself, the only way to create an identity is through a constant obsession with how ‘oppressed’ you are.

        1. How are we all that different than the classical portrayal of Gen X then? I’ve watched my early 90s movies!

          1. It’s not. We’ve just had back to back shitty generations.

        2. This is a void for Objectivism to fill.

        3. I don’t trust the government.

          I don’t trust corporations but at least I’m cool with them doing their thing. They’re not my problem unless they coerce me, but if that happens it is the government doing the coercing.

          I have no need for religion.

          I pretty much mock every organized institution as well as cultural ‘institutions’ like marriage.

          But I do care about individualism and freedom. Collectivists don’t.

    2. Today’s young people are sooo much smarter than their forebears. If nothing else they possess a fully grounded pragmatism. Growing up through Bush and the great recession leaves little time for bullshit fairy tales, or what you call an education in economics. Given all the problems our parents’ generation left us, we don’t really have the luxury of wallowing in obvious nonsense. We’re also the most compassionate generation to come along in a while, and the most universally compassionate ever.

      Don’t worry. Unless you leave us with a burning husk of a planet, which you seem hellbent on, we’ll fix your multitude of ridiculous messes.

      1. If young people are so smart, why haven’t SAT Math scores improved at all? You know what I call a bullshit fairy tale? Thinking that real, actual intelligence doesn’t matter.

        1. Are you honestly asking why a normalized score that is intentionally scaled to preserve a consistent distribution doesn’t change?

          1. The test wa recentered once, in 1995, and the change reflects that the test got easier. That’s why a 500 on the old version would be a 580 after recentering.

      2. Go talk to literally any job recruiter and ask them how competent young people are today, even compared to 5 or 10 years ago. What people have done is replaced the ability to actually be competent at any job with a pseudo-intellectual belief in various ‘oppressive’ institutions that they can’t even prove exists.

        The idea that the Occupiers are somehow intellectual ubermensch who will fix the problems left by their parents is absurd. They’re way too stupid in every way.

        1. No kidding

          Many college grads lack interview skills. They take calls, text and sometimes bring their parents or pets to interviews. HR execs blame a coddled generation weaned on smartphones and social media.

          1. Supposedly Geno Smith was texting during his interviews and meeting with NFL coaches. In a job interview for a multimillion dollar a year salary, he was on Twitter. What the fuck.

          2. bring their parents

            Oh my God.

          3. I have never had a real interview for any job I have gotten. I am too resistant to the kind of bullshit one experiences in a human resources type interview where they ask retarded questions, so I have never been hired through that kind of process.

            1. HR interviews are fucking awful, but interviews by your future boss are sometimes relevant and a great opportunity to learn about the position.

      3. No Tony, you don’t know what the fuck you’re talking about as usual. I live and go to school among these shitheads. They are carbon copies of you. These fuckers consider compassion Uncle Sam pointing a gun at someone’s head so we can achieve “social justice” and end “income inequality” and they don’t even have the decency to even help out at the local soup kitchen or nursing home. These entitled asshats have no problem cashing Daddy’s credit card to buy whatever the fuck they want while ranting about the horrors of consumerism. Call them what you want, they are not smart.

        1. They don’t even have the decency to even help out at the local soup kitchen or nursing home. These entitled asshats have no problem cashing Daddy’s credit card to buy whatever the fuck they want while ranting about the horrors of consumerism.

          Yes, absolutely. This is the hallmark of a modern progressive, the near total lack of actual selflessness masquerading as altruism through a droning, unthinking love of state. They think themselves selfless not because of anything they do to help other people, not because they are personally altruistic, kind or thoughtful, but because they are in favor of ever increasing government power. They mistake the theft of other peoples’ wealth with personal altruism, and at that point the desire to actually help your fellow man withers and dies.

          1. Yeah, don’t right-winger give more to charity and volunteer and such? In a more individualistic society if you want to help the poor and disadvantaged you have to it yourself. The modern left is all about helping people through bureaucrats and regulators so an individual doesn’t need to actually do anything.

            1. Whenever I point this out I’m always told that those charities don’t count because they are run by churches.

          2. There was one time when I almost converted a kid to libertarianism when I told him how taxes were enforced. He then said that sometimes people need to make sacrifices for the “greater good”. When people start accepting blatant theft because “Well, hey, it seems like I’m doing something good!”, it’s only a matter of time until property rights are a thing of the past.

      4. HHAHAHAHAHA no. My generation is going to run into reality and it will hit them very hard. Then some of them will break stuff and some others will get used by higher-ups as an ends to their means. My generation is at most/worst going to break a bunch of stuff and then mope and be somnolent and direction-less. Their lives will be fairly disappointing. They have little or no awareness.


    Oh what could the Soviet Flags at a May Day rally represent?

    1. Well see the hammer is for the industrial workers, and the sickle is for the farmers. It means job solidarity!

      /20 year olds.

    2. I have some Soviet kitsch stuff and my mom was always upset about it. “You’re a communist!” said she. “No mom,” I say, “I like the visual style and every time I look at it I’m reminded that the USSR imploded and that capitalism is so awesome I can buy our greatest existential threat’s propaganda posters online for 15$ with free shipping and have it here by the end of the week.”

      “oh, you’re sure you aren’t a communist?” “No mom, not even a little bit”

      While I love Soviet kitsch, I was definitely flirting with a guy from across the room, went to approach him and he had that Che portrait on his shoes. I threw up a bit in my mouth and walked away.

      1. Wait, what about someone who wears that Che shirt “ironically”? Every time someone asks me about it I’m given free reign to explain how funny it is that the those making profits on the image would have been hated and maybe even killed by the man.

        I’m dead serious. Chick bought me the shirt, I’m poor, I wear it.

        1. Yeah, I kinda stopped wearing my Aeroflot tshirt because I realized so many people were wearing communist stuff unironically that it’d be confusing. I was sad that thing is really fucking comfortable.

          It’s funny that I like soviet kitsch but won’t give someone with Che shoes the time of day.

        2. Write “Muerte” underneath Che’s picture.

  16. Only up to 29? What do they call 30+? I did not just edge out millenials. Other sources have it up to 34. I’m gonna go with that.

    1. 34 year olds are not in the same generation as me.

  17. The liberals distrust all authority, it is simply their nature. After all, if you asked a room full of admitted marxists whether they trusted the government, our current government, they would likely say no. After all, why would these people put their trust in the “rich” “white” “privileged” “powerful” institution that is government? It wouldn’t jive with their persecution narrative. However they still are inclined to support big government spending and programs. The ideathat this younger generation is in Gillepse’s words “increasingly libertarian” is bullshit. Of course, that might be true if the two most important issues for you is pot legalization and homosexuals getting equal welfare.

  18. I don’t trust this poll. I’m pretty sure I would be considered a millennial (born in 95 so I may have missed the cutoff date) and almost every one of my peers is a free shit loving, Do-Something politics supporting, “fuck corporations, man” mentality-having, artsy pseudointellectual Obama supporting lib cocksucker. It pains me to associate with these statist pussies.

    1. To be fair, 17 year olds are dipshits. I know more people who are relatively conservative or libertarian now than I did in high school. Even by the time you’re 23, 24 or 25 people have moved a bit rightward as a result having their mindless idealism drained out of them by contact with reality.

      1. I’m not so sure it’s going to work for the crop of idiots I’m around. These are the poster children of the Trophy Generation.

        1. They’ll change, just like Hyperion says. Even more so when the Trophies run out.

          1. I really hope so, because it’s going to suck working with these guys.

        2. I went from what a friend of mine called ‘flower children’ high school classmates to slightly more intelligent peers at a major university. Figures I’m rooming with two european socialists this year…not kidding, Lithuanian and UK/American. The Lithuanian is embracing our [crony] capitalism but wants more government. I cant wait to get out of the college scene, just need a job to give me reason to leave (already dropped out)

      2. With the run away totalitarian train about to go off the tracks in this country, I think you are going to start seeing a hell of lot harder slide to the right than you did in past years. I’m already starting to notice it.

        Really, it seems that no one is trying harder than our federal gov, to make people into hard core Libertarians.

        When the free shit starts to run out, they’re fucked, until it does, we’re all fucked.

      3. I remember being 19 and thinking, as most 19 year olds do, that I had this life thing figured out just fine. Within the first year of getting by on peanut butter sandwiches it became readily apparent that I had no fucking idea what I doing.

        I didn’t realize it at the time of course, but the best lessons I learned during that age were from failing so miserably.

        As the stats above show, younger kids are more liberal, basically because they haven’t failed at anything that hard yet. Once you learn that communism and socialism are just examples of failing together terribly as a group, it’s harder to defend the left.

        1. I remember being 19, eating $12 a pound cheeses, and thinking even if I am dirt poor I will still find some way to dine like a king.

          1. I’m 24, so a bit older, but all my food is from a restaurant or the once or twice a week meal my girlfriend cooks when I go over.

            1. I took a while to learn that lesson DRS. I was an idiot in my 20’s too, I’ll admit. Having musical illusions of grandeur will do that to you if you let it, and I did.

              And AD, learn how to cook. It’s not hard to make awesome tasting cheap food, and chicks dig it.

            2. As a 26 year old, learn how to cook! It saves money and gets the ladies wet. Still stick with a woman who knows how to cook as well. My wife was actually guilted into learning how to cook because it wasn’t proper for a southern lady like her self to get outshined in the kitchen.

              I’m still the better cook but because of my late work nights she’s learned a lot of recipes and coming home to a fresh cooked dinner is one of the best things in the world.

              1. Bake bread!

                It’s absurdly easy, women hate you because CARBS! but they also can’t help themselves. It’s like lady catnip.

                Everyone shits themselves that you can make bread at home.

                1. I need to retry making bread. I made the retarded decision to make my first batch at high altitude and knead it by hand. It turned out awful.

                  My wife and I are on the mostly Paleo/Primal diet so fresh bread is a delicacy for us.

                  1. The artisan bread method isn’t the best bread I’ve ever made, but for the amount of effort it requires it’s amazing.

                    If you want to take it to the next level I suggest making the za’atar flatbread. I’m pretty certain this was part of the reason it took me 5 attempts to end my last relationship.

                  2. My wife and I are on the mostly Paleo/Primal diet so fresh bread is a delicacy for us.

                    Have you stopped wearing shoes yet?

    2. Holy shit. It wasn’t long ago I was the youngest person on this blog.

      1. I think I’m the old guy now.

        1. I just thought about it, and I’ve been a regular on this blog for 7 years now. Damn. That’s over a quarter of my life.

          1. Sam was 10 when you started posting here. THINK ABOUT THAT!

            1. That actually makes it seem less strange to me. I guess because I was only 18.

              I actually found Reason because of Ron Paul, who I had found after one of my college professors called me a libertarian, which I had never heard of so I started researching to see what he was talking about.

              1. I actually found Reason because of Ron Paul, who I had found after one of my college professors called me a libertarian, which I had never heard of so I started researching to see what he was talking about.

                It’s funny you mentioned that, because other people told me I was a libertarian back in high school and I had no idea what they were talking about. This is why it’s so funny to me when leftists try to claim that libertarians are brainwashed by Ayn Rand/Ron Paul/Kochs/corporations, etc. Most people I know who are relatively libertarian came to their beliefs naturally without being told by anyone.

                Liberals like to believe their opponents came to their beliefs dishonestly so that they can ignore you without having to defeat any of your arguments.

                1. I had a similar experience. I feel as if I was always a libertarian but didn’t realize it until I found out what a libertarian was. It was around 7th grade when Obama launched his campaign when I realized how few libertarians there were among my peers. Which is odd, considering I live in Chicago so these kids should know better.

                  1. If you’re in Chicago they’ve been taught to fear guns and blame all the “gun violence” there on the gun laws not being strict enough.

                    1. Yeah, there’s no way I’m staying here after graduating. Michigan seems like a pretty good alternative.

                  2. It was around 7th grade when Obama launched his campaign

                    You need to cut that shit out. I’m not drinking tonight, and I might need booze to get used to people talking about being in middle school when Obama was campaigning.

                    1. To be fair, Obama started campaigning when he was in middle school himself.

                    2. We were forced to watch the inauguration in the auditorium. The whole damn thing. All of the teachers were crying and emotional, talking about how historic the day was. I’m pretty sure that’s when I realized I wasn’t going to like public school.

                    3. All of the teachers were crying and emotional, talking about how historic the day was.

                      It was really creepy how into it people were at my college. Thankfully my close friends were much more rational and responded with “So… beer pong?”

                    4. Please tell me you are kidding.

                  3. Another Chicagoan?!?! I would say that you, me and Nicole should stage a Reason meetup sometime, but given what little I know of Nicole, we’d probably all be arrested when she coerced you into some sort of cocaine binge.

                    1. What’s the age of consent for buttsex in Illinois?

                    2. If I ever take nicole up on her “come out and we’ll watch beach volleyball on a lake and hit some gay clubs” invitation, we’ll have to grab a beer, and apparently cocaine.

                    3. I would so have a gay weekend with you guys. Gay weekends are where it’s at.

                      I go to gay clubs with friends of mine once in a while, and I have yet to do that without coming away with a story.

                    4. I’m going to end up annoyed when I’m the least at ease in a gay club and I’m there with a group of straight people.

                      I can’t dance…

                    5. I can’t dance…

                      You should twerk more.

                    6. You should twerk more.

                      I’m bad at dancing, so I should do an extra skill intensive dance?

                      That woman has impressive glute control. I’ll stick with my uncoordinated limb flailing. True jesse fact: I can only have three limbs moving at once. If I move both of my feet, one of my arms goes “Bob Dole holding a pen.”

                    7. I am a straight white man. However bad you are at dancing, I am worse.

            2. I was able to expose holes in the logic of preemptive rules and regulations since I was two or three. I found out about libertarianism during middle school or high school age.

            3. “We were forced to watch the inauguration in the auditorium. The whole damn thing. All of the teachers were crying and emotional…”

              I also found myself disgusted by group bandwagons since I was two or three.

          2. I’ve been here around 5 years, but I didn’t post much at first. You guys scared me, lol.

            The 2 posters I remember most from when I first starting lurking around here are Episiarch and Pro Libertate. There was also some trolls who I think are long gone. One really retarded one named Crayon. Before registration he used to get pissed off at me and start using my name to post, trying to get everyone pissed off at me.

            1. The 2 posters I remember most from when I first starting lurking around here are Episiarch and Pro Libertate.

              I was under a different name back then. I switched during grad school when a name referencing Vermont didn’t really make sense any more. I’m not surprised you remember Pro Lib. That dude is ancient. I think I actually remember him the most besides joe from the first year or so. Mostly cause of his blog.

          3. Actually, question: Did anyone here every go to GameFAQs, specifically the War on Terrorism board (before they memory holed it and replaced it with a Politics board, and you had to remember the board number. We were like… ugh, was it LUE? I think it was LUE, that you had to sign up for to get grandfathered in and they hoped everyone would just get banned so it could be killed)? That was where I cut my political teeth.

            1. Hey, I was a regular on both WoT and LUE back in the day. So, so many hours wasted arguing with assholes.

            2. I was on GameFAQs, though I didn’t go to the politics boards. I was a mod on a couple of GameTalk forums too.

            3. I still post on WoT. It’s become a proglodyte echo chamber for the most part and it’s full of complete idiots.

              Except YIN and Sub, but they don’t srs post much anymore.

              1. Oh, and it’s 408 btw.

      2. Times are changin’

  19. You who else was supported by youth who mistrusted the government?

  20. This is good news. It’s why we need to go after the young snappers hard and fast.

    If an old geezer like Ron Paul can draw full auditoriums full of enthusiastic students, wanting to hear the Libertarian message, isn’t it obvious enough?

    Libertarians can win over the youth vote, if we just make half the effort that we could. If we fail, it’s our own damn fault.

    1. A lot of the young RP supporters I knew were just truthers. Many of them were Occupiers at heart and just embraced Paul because he was going against the mainstream and used words like r3VOLution which made their Marxist instincts tingle. Don’t get too optimistic.

      1. I’m not too optimistic. But I’m not too pessimistic either. There are more young Libertarians than there were a few years ago.

        Best to get the truth out to them now. Then when they get out into the real world and figure out that politicians are fucking them over good and hard, they might remember what you said, instead of listening to their dumbfuck friends telling them that what we really need to do is get rid of capitalism and become USSR redux.

        1. I agree, educating them about the virtues of libertarianism is vital. It’s a tough sell to the free shit generation, but there’s some who are buying.

    2. You know who else was supported by youth who mistrusted the government?

      1. Charles Manson?

    3. Ugh. I hate to sound like Virginian, but it is going to be tougher to get the women in than the men fro my experience. There is a much greater sense of “fairness” among them, and a feeling that not everyone getting amazing government services is “mean”.

      Nicole, you are at one end of this generation. Am i off base?

      1. Getting the wiminz folk is the toughest challenge of all.

        The thing is, we might have one of them today, but tomorrow they will change their mind. But no worry, in 3 days they’ll be back again.

        We just have to depend on them being in the right mood on voting day. Talk about the swing vote!

        Nicole has some kind of 3rd chromosome, she’s not normal.

        1. Yeah, I know. I sound like a dick.

          My theory on it is that it may have something to do with mothering and the wiring that makes you not want to throw a screaming child to the wolves, but comfort it. Hence the Democrats are the nurturing “Mommy Party” and the Republicans the strong protection “Daddy Party.

          I mean, there are a lot of statist dudes to break through to, don’t get me wrong, but the women is tough. But some of those statist dudes are just doing it for the poon, like Jenny’s dick hippy boyfriend in Forest Gump.

          1. My theory on it is that it may have something to do with mothering

            Well, I hate to tell you, but you’re right. It’s complex, but that’s part of it.

            I just had a talk with my son a few days ago, now that he’s on his 30th serious girlfriend in the last 10 years(she just moved in, here we go again).

            Anyway, I have to keep trying to tell him, look they’re different, they DO NOT think the same way that you do. When you accept that, maybe you can live with one of them, and if you can’t accept it, you’re better off living alone.

            1. Hasn’t he watched a sitcom… ever?

              1. Of course, it’s just that he’s too much like me. He loves women, and he wants the comfort of a real relationship, but he can’t keep it in his pants, and he’s impatient. It took me a couple of decades to settle out of that.

                1. Well, as long as he isn’t making any kids for you to raise, let him learn the hard way. Way easier for older guys to score a younger, childbearing woman.

            2. Maybe I could have used this advice last week. I broke up with my liberal/feminist girlfriend because I couldn’t stand (among other things) how she argued. And she’s a graduate of a t-14 law school and a corporate lawyer at a NYC law firm.

              The distance was also an issue.

      2. Women are reflexively liberal because they evolved to follow the existing herd much more strongly than the men. The herd often screwed over men and they had the opportunity to advance in it, women were usually taken care of and they had little hope of becoming leaders. Women, therefore, are much more predisposed to support liberalism than men. This is consistent with observations in past ages. In Europe before the war, women were much more likely to support conservative parties than socialist parties. I think with women the battle has to start at home. If you can convince your woman to support your ideology, not by appealing to reason, but by appealing to loyalty to you, something she can understand, you will have doubled your electoral power.

        1. And this is why I hate expressing such sentiments.

          Assholes like this.

          1. The three founding theorists of what is now known as libertarianism were Rose Wilder Lane, Isabel Paterson, and Ayn Rand.

            Funny, that.

            1. Nicole is one of their descendants, she has the rare XLX chromosome.

              1. All three of them came together to create nicole.

                You can find the sex tape on

            2. Sure. They are the founding theorists. No mention of obscure figures like Adam Smith.

              1. Everyone stands on the shoulders of giants. Adam Smith may have advocated for the free market, but libertarianism is more than just free market economics.

              2. Perhaps you should go over to and peruse their “people” list. You’ll see the names mentioned above, but also Wollstonecraft, the Grimke’s, and Isabel Patterson.

                Libertarianism isn’t the result of any one individual, but instead is a philosophy developed by many over 3 centuries.

                Perhaps you should learn something about it before posting here, American.

        2. You see, women like the color pink because it reminds them of the berries they used to pick, as they were gamboling across the fields in bovine bliss before the city-statists closed off the range. /White Amerindian

          I love the weird evo-psych nonsense you engage in, American.

          1. I think he has a point. Historically across all cultures and times women have not been the leaders of communities, they have not been the ones to lead the rebellions. Is it nonsense to assume that, fulfilling such different roles, the genders did not evolve differently?

            1. Historically across all cultures and times women have not been the leaders of communities…


            2. You say “evolution” as if that was a biological thing.

              In reality it’s more like a social contruct that was passed down. Such construct can definitely be changed/destroyed. See also: acceptance of homosexuality, ostracization of racism.

  21. born in 95

    Fuck, I’m old. I have a cassette of Big Bam Boom about a decade older than you.

    1. I have no idea what that is referring to, but this was one of the first times I’ve had a similar thought. I still feel a bit weird about that chick born in 92 that I hooked up with.

      1. Don’t care if you ain’t got no legs, dance on your knees!!

      2. Is it bad that as soon as I saw “’95,” I reflexively started doing the “Is that legal?” math?

        1. I started wondering if one of my grandchildren was here posting. JK, my only grandchild is 2 months old. Just sayin…

          1. Dude, congratulations. Spoil them rotten, and have weird old man traditions. My grandfather always kept his wallet in his front pocket. Had his shirts specially tailored for it.

            1. wtf is a “wallet”?

              1. My caddie’s chauffeur informs me that a wallet is a place where people put money that isn’t properly invested.

            2. I always keep my wallet in my front pocket also, but pants pocket. It’s called not wanting to get pick pocketed, or have your wallet fall out of your pocket, unknown to you, when you get out of your car.

              1. Put it in your back pocket, sideways. My grandpa taught me that in the 80’s, and it’s never failed me.

        2. The previously mentioned girl was legal by a couple of weeks, and I was a grad student. A couple years earlier while I was in undergrad there was a different girl also born in 92 that was coming onto me very strong, and she was 16, which was legal in Vermont. I wasn’t sure about the fact that she had come to visit from Massachusetts and had therefore crossed state lines to see me. I didn’t go through with it. I kept her birthday in mind and tried to get something going shortly after she turned 18.

          1. I wasn’t sure about the fact that she had come to visit from Massachusetts and had therefore crossed state lines to see me.

            Up until 1976, I’m pretty sure this actually would have been considered human trafficking. You very nearly engaged in white slavery, per the Mann Act.

            1. She was incredibly white. And freckled. And auburn haired. I now forget why I didn’t do it.

          2. I lost my virginity to a 19 year old girl. I was 13. Yes, I’m a whore, well I was until my wife finally put a stop to my whorin a few years ago, finally.

            That poor girl/woman? could have been arrested and charged as a sex offender in this day and age. Even though, I never felt like a victim.

            1. I lost my virginity to a 19 year old girl. I was 13

              How the hell did that happen?

              1. Well, when a man sees an attractive woman…

                1. That’s not the part I was surprised at. I am assuming the girl was not raped.

              2. Yeah. HOW THE FUCK DOES THIS OCCUR?

                Actually, screw what I said above. If you have a grandson, or ever do, teach him how you did this.

                Unless that was just what they did to initiate young men into manhood back in 1918, Jimmy Daromody. God, how fucked up was that plot line on Boardwalk Empire?

            2. None of you guys really know how that happens?

              1. You slept with your older sister?

              2. No. We need details. Copious details. Leave nothing out.

                1. Oh gawds, here we go. The last time I told a story here I got flamed to cinders for there not being any nailing of milfs in the story.

                  Well, I guess when you are 13, a 19 year old is a milf.

                  Short version, she was my cousins best friend. And slutty. She was pretty damn good looking and had more T&A than any of my classmates. God, I was only in the 8th grade. But the maturity of this girl was more than I could pass up.

                  It only lasted that one time. I was heart broken. She took advantage of me and then ignored me like last weeks trash. Seriously, I wrote that girl love letters for months, I was obsessed with her.

                  In the end, I had to give it up and found a girl nearer to my own age, but also slutty, and in this day and age, again, we would have both been arrested for sex crimes, probably.

                  I am one damn lucky MFer, that I never got a girl pregnant until I was 22. I had to marry that one, who was supposed to be taking her damn pills, but that didn’t last too long, because of my whoredom.

              3. Does it involve paying for sex?

                1. Does it involve paying for sex?

                  Nope, I never have, not that I am opposed to it. I have thought about it before, but never did.

        3. Yes, and you should feel bad.

          Do twenty Hail Marys or whatever it is Catholics do.

          1. I don’t think jesse is Catholic…

            1. Nor do I

            2. Didn’t Jesse and Nicole start some kind of Apostates of the Hos church a couple of weeks ago?

              1. Apostates of the Hos church

                First page from the hymnal.

              2. I believe you’re thinking of the “Axis of Ho” SF joined up just to spite Epi and his “Axis of Jerk”

                BuSab nixed the terminology because we don’t charge for the sex and are therefor sluts not hos.

                1. Don’t forget hotarians and homotarians

                2. Hey! No one gets to nix my Axis terminology but me!

                  That’s it, you’re in the Axis of Blow. Depending on how you interpret that, so am I.

                  1. Can I be in an Axis? I feel left out.

                    1. Welcome to the Axis of No.

                  2. You’ll have to take that up with BuSab. She makes a compelling argument against the existing Axis terminology:

                    BuSab Agent:
                    I was pretty sure Hos want to be paid, it’s sluts that want it for free.

                    You are absolutely correct, but nicole went for the Axis of Ho instead of Axis of Slut, I wouldn’t want to foist a term on her she didn’t self-ascribe to. We can just use hos in the more general sense as a loose synonym of slut, no?

                    BuSab Agent:
                    No, that won’t do at all. The correct taxonomy of loose women is a very rigorous subject. I ascribe myself to the classification generally of brazen hussy, but will admit to wanton cock gobbler, and woman of negotiable morals upon occasion.

            3. Was it because I talk about being raised in an evangelical home or because I’m a sexual deviant, but not in the priesthood?

              I’m a devout agnostic. I actually made a Mormon missionary cry with that one once.

              1. The second one.

                1. the “whatever it is Catholics do” was just b/c I don’t know if Hail Marys are the penances they do or if I’m confusing it with something

                  1. I don’t know if Hail Marys are the penances they do or if I’m confusing it with something

                    Hail Marys are one of the options. It’s not the same penance all the time.

              2. Oh, evangelical gays are sad. I mean, I know you got over it and were self-confident, but still.

                Catholic gays are just hilarious. As a lapsed Catholic (I’m actually a deist, but you never really leave, and you end up still wandering back to the occasional mass for ritual and a little wafer alone), I love ’em. I mean, Ryan Murphy is a gay Catholic. Look how he turned out!

                1. I always used to find the sluttiest girls in church. Really. And the pastors sons were always the ones who had the best drugs.

                2. I always like Catholics. A friend/former coworker is a published smut author who LOVES writing about buttsex, but is way to embarrassed to actually do it.

    2. I’m like a 65 year old at heart. I listen to Simon and Garfunkel regularly.

      1. That’s just fucking wrong dude. It’s like the time when I was working for this company and I was working on a project with our CFO.

        I was in his office, and noticed a stack of CDs on a table next to his desk.

        I said, hey, see you’re into music. I couldn’t see the CDs from where I was sitting, but knew they were music CDs.

        He said, oh yeah, and reached over and grabbed a few. Ye gawds, it was all like big band stuff from the 30s or 40s, whatever, and stuff that my grandmother listened to. I asked, WTF, how old are you? He was 32. I listened to Megadeth, and other stuff that freaked him out.

        1. Yeah I freak people out like that too. But I pretty much listen to everything, and I would be a Megadeth fan but I fucking hate Dave Mustaine.

          1. Mustaine rulez!

            Seriously, I listen to everything. It depends on my mood a lot. That’s why my favorite music listening experience is just listening to the radio when I am driving, and channel flipping until something hits the spot. I will find certain things I like across almost all genres. Probably my least favorite is Country. I like some Bluegrass, but county, I almost universally dislike.

            1. Yeah I’m pretty much an “everything but country” guy but I do love me some Johnny Cash.

              1. Yeah, I always liked Cash. Hank Williams Sr., also. But like AuH20 said, most of the new stuff is awful.

            2. Country has homogenized their sound and lyrics. Old country is great, because these were clearly dudes who had emerged from the backwoods from a childhood of swilling bourbon and getting in fights and smoking cigarettes. They really did sound like guys who had spend 16 in jail, had gotten kicked out of every saloon in the county, and had had to put their dogs down when they were 7.

              The newer country stuff sounds like guys from New York City who were shitty at rock but then realized if they could affect the right accent and wear the right clothes, they could rake in shit tons.

              1. Once Keith Urban became popular, I knew country and the attitude from which it emerged had died. You can’t have an Australian singing in the same genre that provided us with Folsom Prison Blues

            3. I am increasingly convinced that Hyperion is more or less ‘The Dude’ from the Big Lebowski.

              1. Wait, does that mean that his grandchild will be raised by Maude Lebowski and her weird children that she must have had with him?

              2. The story of him banging a 19 year old when he was 13 pretty much proves your point.

                1. You guys are just jealous, admit it already.

                  1. I mean, you are either Lebowski or Sterling Archer for having sex that young.

                2. The story of him banging a 19 year old when he was 13 pretty much proves your point.

                  She banged me!

                  1. See, you not seducing her proves you can’t be Sterling Archer. Sterling Archer is the seducer, not the seducee!

      2. Dude, are you me at 17?

        If so, I have some advice.

        I was obsessed with Simon and Garfunkel at 16/17. Such great, amazing, poetic lyrics. What’s your favorite song/album? Concert in Central Park doesn’t count, everyone loves that. God, I need to dig out my album pack and reburn them onto my computer.

        If you are looking for modern music, try Ray Lamantagne and Brandi Carlile. They are both pretty good.

        I also, thanks to some college classes to fulfill core reqs., got really into Romantic Era music (Yes, even Mahler).

        1. I thought this advice was going to be about dating.

          On that note: Sam, the girls want you. Ask them out.

          1. My girlfriend can confirm this.

            1. Wait… is your girlfriend a really, really, pale Jew? With black hair?

              1. Dude, just ask him if he’s the same kind of pervert you are and get the confirmation out of the way.

              2. Well she’s not a Jew and she’s not paler than the average white girl, but she does have blackish hair so you weren’t that far off.

                1. Oh, thank god. If you had been dating a very pale Jew as a Simon and Garfunkel loving 17 year old, that would have meant that you were somehow creepily me, hut born 7 years later. Still pretty creepily close, though.

                  1. Some Twilight Zone shit would be if you drove a black Passat B7

                    1. Green Jeep Grand Cherokee, I’m afraid. Still have it. I lost my virginity in that car.

                    2. Well at least we differ in that respect. I lost my virginity in a black Escalade.

                    3. Are you black?

          2. No, see, I have to confirm he is me at 17 before I can impart advice. Also, the potential space-time ramifications.


        2. I’m probably gonna have to go with Bookends. It’s not a very popular choice, but I can’t get enough of “America”, which is probably one of my favorite S&G songs. And I’m a fan of Lamontagne but I’ve never really gotten into Carlile. As for Romantic music, I’ve always preferred Schoenberg, although I recognize Mahler’s influence.

          1. I just brought up Mahler cuz everyone else seems to hate him. And, he, like Beethoven, Bruckner, and Wagner, was not afraid to throw an orchestra at people.

            I haven’t listened to Schoneberg in ages.

          2. Bookends isn’t bad. I always loved the lyricism of The Dangling Conversation, but I think at the moment I’d go with either A Most Peculiar Man or I Am a Rock.

            Then again, been going through some nasty depression lately, so that probably explains the song choice.

            1. Yeah I guess song choice really does depend on what mood you’re in. Although in times of depression I will typically throw on some Muddy Waters or Howlin’ Wolf.

  22. One thing we have to remember is that the youth are not the same people, genetically speaking, as the aged. 90% of elderly Americans are white. Just sixty percent of millennials are. For newborns, the figure is under fifty percent.

    1. You know that race doesn’t exist, genetically speaking, right shithead?

      1. It’s pronounced Sheethead!

      2. Based on your previous comments I assume you are being serious. I guess the white and black races evolved evolved separately for 50,000 years with no change in their genetic code. One can see clear differences in the skeletal structures of the races, but are we really going to believe our eyes before our ideology?

        /liberal 20 year old.

        1. On the other hand, we’ve mapped the human genome and have found no evidence that black people and white people are genetically different enough for their intelligence to actually be different for genetic reasons.

          Who are we going to believe though, our eyes or something as untrustworthy as scientific gene mapping?

          1. That conclusion has never been reached. There is more than enough difference in the genetic code to account for differences in intelligence. We have evidence that intelligence is significantly heritable. Think about that logically, if differences in intelligence between me and a random fellow white can be explained to a considerable extent by genetics, why can’t we make the same conclusion about myself and someone of a different race. Admittedly, there is still not enough evidence to prove definitively that there is a genetic explanation for race differences in intelligence, but it is more than possible.

            1. American, stop fighting your craving for black dick.

              1. The American Dream.

                Don’t fear the URL. It’s just a picture from the waist up.

            2. When negroes from Africa are brought to America, their intelligence rises to the average American’s. So FO your hypothesis is busted.

        2. I guess the white and black races evolved evolved [sic] separately for 50,000 years with no change in their genetic code.

          Too bad that didn’t happen and is just a figment of your imagination.

          Or do you think “brown” people are a modern development?

          1. He also apparently ignores the Moor conquest of Spain and the fact that Northern Africa was part of the Roman Empire and there was interbreeding between Africans and Italians.

            This doesn’t fit the racist narrative though, and is helpfully ignored.

            1. Tunisians are blacks. After all, they’re Africans, right?

              /20 year old liberal

              1. Tunisians have almost as much African DNA as they do European, which to a mouth-breathing one-dropper like you, would make them “Black”.

                What just happened to you is what Shakespeare referred to as “being hoisted on your own petard”.

                1. Define “African.”

                  1. From Africa.

                    1. DEFINE AFRICA!!!!

                    2. Define define. /smugmerican

                    3. Except I didn’t say African and white, I said black and white.

                    4. Like Charlize Theron

                    5. She’s African-American now.

                  2. Halpogroup E

                    Don’t pretend like you know what that is, because you don’t.

          2. Humans also interbred with neanderthals, I suppose that that proves there were no neanderthals, right? Such intermingling was very rare before 1000 A.D., and only occurred at specific locations(Arabia, Ethiopia). For Europeans and Asians, the amount of DNA inflow from Africa is likely negligible.

            1. Which is why I plan to bang a lot of Asians chicks. For two long, our DNAs have been separated!

            2. Such intermingling was very rare before 1000 A.D., and only occurred at specific locations(Arabia, Ethiopia).

              Move those goalposts, dumbass.

              Now read up on halpogroups and the Out of Africa theory, so you can discuss this topic without sounding like a microcephalic with Klinefelter’s syndrome.

              Who am I kidding? Anything that doesn’t fit your preconceived notions will be explained away as a “Jewish conspiracy to defile the Aryan race” or something.

              1. Pathetic strawman is pathetic. I’ve never used the phrase “Aryan race.”

                1. Thin gruel.

                  1. ICanHasCheeseburger

                    1. So now you’re reduced to posting random shit?

                      I almost feel pity for you.

            3. Humans also interbred with Neanderthals

              It’s all cool. Once upon a time, it was all just one big orgy on the super continent of Pangea. Ah, the good ol days…

        3. “One can see clear differences in the skeletal structures of the races”

          But we’re all the same under the skeletons.

      3. The answer gdubs is no, no he doesn’t.

    2. Really, Merkkkin. So when all of those white socialists in Seattle were breaking windows yesterday, what was their excuse? Didn’t they know they were part of the genetic ubermensch?


        Raging against the machina indeed.

        1. No, they were stimulating the economy.

      2. They’re probably all Irish, Irish.

        Y’all are the palest of the colored folk.

        1. Access Denied

          The owner of this website ( does not allow hotlinking to that resource (/wp-content/uploads/2012/12/Nast01.jpg). (Ref. 1011)

          You can’t link possibly pictures of Irish chicks and SugarFree it! Now I am going to have to go google “redheaded women”.

            1. God damn it. That’s not Irish chicks at all!

                1. MY EYES, THE FRECKLES, THEY BURN!!!

                  1. Fuck you. Freckles are God’s gift to man.

                2. I’ll be in bunk.

                  (But literally, I will. I have a gym class in 6.5 hours and am only still here cause you guys have been hilarious.)

        2. I don’t know what you are doing on, the link didn’t work, but knowing your history it’s probably porn, right?

          1. Not one but two people posted alt links.

            Just how stupid are you?

          2. I don’t think Jesse has ever posted porn here.

            1. One could conceivably fap to turks getting oiled up for the venerable sport of Turkish oil wrestling.

              And there’s been some Jon Hamm VPL, but no, I don’t think I’ve posted any porn.

              Oh there was the girls in yoga pants link with the woman with the really nice ass, but also not explicitly porn.

          3. Holy fucking shit. You are an actual, no shit, National Socialist aka Nazi. You even hate gays!

            American, should I ever meet you, I will tell everyone to point and laugh at the Nazi. Because your existence is hilarious!

    3. Aside from identical twins, no two people the same genetically, idiot

      1. When I was in school I would often ask my English teacher when I would use what I was learning in the real world. Now I know. To explain myself to borderline illiterates with reducto ad absurdum arguments.

        1. And to talk about how much you hate spics. Never forget the hating spics part, you racist nutcase.

        2. To explain myself to borderline illiterates with reducto ad absurdum arguments.

          I see you failed Latin, too. It’s reductio ad absurdum, you fucking cretin; and the reason those arguments are used is because your premises are always absurd.

          1. Well, obviously. He’s not going to learn the native tongue of Latinos, now, is he?

        3. To explain myself to borderline illiterates

          That’s no way to talk about your mother.

          1. Or his sex cow. We’ve been over this. American has a propensity to spill his seed in the udder white meat.

            I feel good about that pun. I think it stands on its merits.

              1. American is the goat, by the way.

                1. American is the goat, by the way

                  Well then, GDit, you’re fucking responsible for keeping him off the interwebs!

                  Ohhh, wait, I thought you said he was ‘your’ goat. Never mind.

                  1. This is my goat, actually.

            1. That is the Irish example of a “pun,” you know alcohol kills brain cells, right?

              1. This is the American idea of ‘wit.’ Hohoho. The Irish drink alcohol. Did you know the British have bad teeth and the Germans lost their minds for a time in the ’30s and ’40s? I’m sure there are topical jokes you could make about that.

                1. Don’t mention the war!

                2. That is the Irish example of a “pun,” you know alcohol kills brain cells, right?

                  You know your father was romantically linked to sheep, right?

    1. Which one do you like?

      1. I dunno, it’s a close competition between Chewbacca and the girl, but I’ll have to go with the latter.

  23. Community never fails to deliver.
    “I had a hamburger the other day, and suddenly I’m not cold all the time anymore”

    1. Good, glad it is back up to speed. I don’t think the last two have really been all that great, and didn’t want to become one of those, “Season 4 sucks because no Harmon!” people. It’s lost a bit of its edge, but that happens to most shows in Season 4.

      1. The show is unquestionably different with Harmon gone. It has managed to remain funny, but this season doesn’t feel like Community, it feels like a similar, also funny show. I just rewatched all of seasons 1-3 and the difference is clear. Again, it’s still funny and I will still watch every episode but Harmon brought something special and now it’s gone.

        1. Well, I think Harmon would have taken “Intro to Knots”, which was supposed to be a Rope homage, and commit to Rope’s one take look. The new people said as much.

          He also would have done the puppet episode, and body switching episodes better. The Body Switching episode could have really been insane under Harmon’s love of subversion.

          Of course, NBC would currently be hunting him on an island for sport for going over production budget so often. I mean, the dude is fucking crazy.

          See, the best comedy of the last decade, and honestly maybe two, was produced by a crazy guy who no one wants to work with, Dan Harmon.

          And the best drama of all time, Deadwood, was also produced by a crazy guy no one wants to work with, David Milch.

          Basically, if you are an utterly insane, self-loathing perfectionist, please go into television.

          1. David Simon is also fucking crazy. The guy who does Breaking Bad is apparently pretty chill.

  24. Oddly, the one institution likely to get millennials ? specifically, those between 18 and 29 years of age ? killed, the military, is the only one they trust to do the right thing all or most of the time.

    This is a dumb statement. The military is by far the most competent and only remotely wholesome part of the government. And cops are far more likely to get you killed.

    1. Cops sure are. If you present them with a situation where they are justified in using deadly force against you.

      Cops in the US are remarkably restrained in their use of deadly force and when they do use it, it’s almost always justified.



        1. I always imagined that the Ballad of Lord Dunphy would sound like an Irish drinking song.

          1. Eh, the tempo is up to you. The tempo I am going at right now when I sing it out loud is halfway between The Hero of Canton and a drinking song.

          2. The meter for a ballad should line up with the theme from gilligan’s island.

      2. If you present them with a situation where they are justified in using deadly force against you.

        Like carrying around a cell phone or a nozzle for a garden hose or sleeping in your grandma’s apartment while being a small child or whatever.

        1. Or being a canine.

      3. and when they do use it, it’s almost always justified

        Yes, puppies must die, because God wants it that way.

    2. I agree, I didn’t quite understand the statement either. The likelihood of a millennial getting killed by the military is almost nonexistent. However, I wouldn’t exactly call the job “wholesome” considering the duties. Honorable, yes, but not wholesome.

      1. It is one of the only legit branches of government. Killing bad guys is always wholesome.

        1. True, but sometimes it’s not bad guys we’re killing.


            1. I laughed heartily, but in America’s case it is more or less true. America has never engaged in an imperialistic war.

              1. The Philippines would beg to differ.

                1. I need to refresh more frequently. This is what I get for link hunting.

              2. We did imperialism the right way – we poured settlers into the places we conquered, numerically overwhelming the indigenous population – so we didn’t have to end up ruling over a large subject population.

                1. Well, except the Philippines. They were asking for it.

                1. All of you are wrong. That was the closest America got to an imperialist war but it wasn’t imperialism because America left it freer than it found it.

                  1. Quick overview, we went in, kicked out the Spanish, took control, violently quelled a rebellion against our control and then took the fuck off and they were freer than they were under Spanish rule, and less dead than they were under ours, so it wasn’t imperialist?

                    Wouldn’t the British involvement in Hong Kong then not be imperialist?

                    1. Cyto has a very weird definition of imperialism. And by “weird” I mean he defines it as “whatever America didn’t do.”

      2. Yeah, I never did like the post-nationalism conflation of soldiering and morality.

        A noble, necessary profession. But there is a reason why for centuries it wasn’t considered moral. At the end of the day, you have to kill other people. Maybe they are trying to kill you just as hard, but it is tough to square that with Christianity.

        That is why I never got the evangelical military boner. Jesus was pretty clear that the best way to take on people who wanted to hurt you was to let them, and then enjoy the reward that would come after.

        1. Which is why if the Second Coming were to happen it would be quite entertaining watching a bunch of right-wing evangelicals realize they’ve based their entire belief system off of the ideas of a hippie.

        2. I’m not a Christian, and your explanation of Jesus’s teachings is much of why.

        3. “Jesus was pretty clear that the best way to take on people who wanted to hurt you was to let them, and then enjoy the reward that would come after.”

          Not a fan of evangelical (or secular) militarists, but there’s a little twist on Christian doctrine in most traditions: Sure, submitting to someone who’s trying to hurt you can be considered Christlike, but what if someone is trying to hurt someone for whom you have responsibility – a wife, a child, or (if you’re a soldier) one’s fellow-citizens? Then, according to the Just War tradition, nonresistance isn’t Christlike, and the responsibility of a Christian in that situation is to protect the people for whom you’re responsible, even (as a last resort) using deadly force.

          1. Oh, I fucking love Just War theory, mostly because I was one credit shy of a religion minor in college (I ended up having conflicting classes during both of the 300 levels I need). It’s always fun to watch those poor Catholics twist themselves into knots squaring a religion meant for a small group of followers in the first century with the responsibilities of being a king in the twelfth.

            1. St. Augustine was, IIRC, fifth century, not 12th.

              And even in the Bible they’re not above converting centurions.

              1. But yes, St. Thomas elaborated on St. Augustine’s doctrines, just saying they didn’t have to wait 1000 years to confront these issues.

              2. I’ve really only skimmed Augustine. I really should give him a longer glance.

    3. Oh Noes! Cyto is getting his war boner on.

      1. It’s always on. I’m ready to go at any time. Imma take a shower now.

        1. Where are you off to this evening? Syria?

          1. He’s going to shoot his load in the fertile crescent.

            1. Oh ma gerd you guys are funny.

  25. Fuck. I think Chicago is going to lose this series. Which sucks, but given all the shit it has been through, I fucking love this Bulls team, they are so motherfucking gutsy, and in spite of all the shit, they will at least go the distant.

    1. Is it just me, or are you getting the sense that maybe Rose is a bit of a pussy at this point?

      1. I mean, yeah kind of, but given the way he plays, I would much rather have him at 100% and not suit up for a game 7 just to look tough.

        I mean, he torques his body so hard on every play, and honestly, him being out has forced a lot of other guys to step up and means that the team, as a whole, will be a lot better next year.

        Plus, he also does look like the kind of guy who has gotten medical advice that, while he could play, it’s a case where why put his career, and 15 or more years of excellent play at risk, and that while he recognizes that and accepts it and does it, it kills him a bit too.

        1. On one hand, it feels as if Rose can’t wait until he is able to resume playing so he can just go back to dominating consistently and make it a really epic comeback. On the other hand, he’s still getting paid a shit ton regardless so I can’t say I don’t think he’s kind of enjoying the break. I’m just glad we’ve got Thibodeau to hold the team together because I know that there’s no way we would have gotten this far without Rose if Skiles or Del Negro were still coaching. Hinrich was utilized very poorly when Skiles was coaching and I’m glad Thibodeau has found ways to make him more effective despite the fact that he is a mediocre player.

          1. The C’s haven’t been the same since we lost Thibodeau. You guys are lucky to have him.

            1. Yeah he really is a great coach. But the Celtics will get no sympathy from me, Kevin Garnett alone is better than half the Bulls’ current roster.

              1. It was great to watch him get a ring wearing the green. And against the Fakers, no less.

                It makes you wonder how many he would’ve had if he had been on a decent team during his prime.

                1. Tman, the great unanswered question: What if Tim Duncan and KG had swapped organizations?

                  Bill Simmons swore up and down in his Book of Basketball that it woulnd’t have mattered cuz Timmy is so good, but I have to disagree. Yes, I think the Wolves are better with Timmy than with Garnett, because the stuff Garnett does doesn’t work as well on shitty teams, but I think Garnett really raises the ceiling of those Spurs teams to another level.

                  And if you don’t think he could have carried the ’03 Spurs, I refer you to the ’04 Wolves.

                  1. Simmons has a point about Timmy, and honestly the Celtics would have like 20+ rings right now had he been in Celtic green, but I also agree with what you’re saying. KG learned a bunch of post moves from McHale, and (this may sound arrogant but what the fuck) KG has the heart of a Celtic.

                    I would grant you a couple more with KG in his prime, especially if he was with Pierce in his prime as well. That’s what is tough to watch about these guys now. They just don’t have the legs anymore.

                    1. Yeah, I think the Celtics think colors your and Simmons’ view of Timmy, with that “SO FUCKING CLOSE” thing that must go through your head when you see him. I mean, he is insanely great, but KG was basically meant to be Bill Russel 2.0, which would have worked on a team that had more offense around him.

                    2. Also, I would say for that reason KG is a player you could really fit onto any team in history, because he just doesn’t need many touches and helps space the floor, whereas if you have Timmy, he automatically becomes offense option number 2 (if this is in his prime) but he is more of a low post guy and this wouldn’t work as well on every team.

                      Once again, not to shit on Tim Duncan and his 4 rings. Just saying that they fill different roles. Tim is the classical number 1 guy. KG isn’t that, but neither really was Russel- they just had to be in the right situation, at the right time, and then they dominated.

                    3. Okay, one last elaboration. Say it is 1971, or 1981, or 1991, and you are asking me for a guy to build a team around, I go with Duncan.

                      But if you said, “Hey, toss one guy in his prime into a time machine to join the ’75 Lakers cuz Kareem is all they got” I go with KG. That is the difference, I think.

                    4. Being a Celtic fan in the 90’s sucked balls. We had our two top prospects FUCKING DIE. Not “get injured and remain a disappointment” but FUCKING DIE.

                      I suppose we deserved it after the 80’s though. Our 86 team had four starting Hall of Famers, and one on the bench.

                      People always make that “this generation vs that” argument, but that team would’ve annihilated any of these chumps today.

                      /my lawn, get off it.

                    5. Shame your ’86 team never won 72 games. Bet that would have been nice. I’d know, having watched the Bulls do it as a kid.

                    6. Nicely done.

                      17 rings though, and remember Russell won 8 (Eight) in a row.

                      I still remember the playoff game Jordan put up 63 in the Garden and lost. Double OT, if I remember correctly.

                    7. And I’m glad you don’t ascribe to the false theory that the ’86 Celtics would have beaten those Bulls.

                      Michael Jordan was not losing that year. He literally would have poisoned the water supply of the city of Boston to beat those Celtics, if that is what it would take. I am not joking- I think if the Bulls hadn’t won, they would have found him wandering around, several weeks later, in a fugue state, covered in the blood of Payton and Kemp. I honestly think that Jordan may be insane.

                    8. And yeah, they realistically just pound us in the paint and beat us, but afterwords, Jordan may have shot the whole team execution style. It would have been ugly.

                    9. Which year are you talking about?

                      The 63 point game was 86. The C’s swept the Bulls. And then won the whole thing.

                      I suppose you are making the Prime Jordan Bulls vs. 86 C’s argument. The only defense I have is that who was gonna stop Bird or McHale on that Bulls team?

                    10. I am saying 96 Bulls v. 86 Celts.

                      Scotty could shut down Bird, but you guys are just too big inside for us. Our big guys were meant to rebound and shut down other guys. You guys win, maybe not big (because I think Rodman limits the offensive boards), but yeah, Luc Longely would have been a fucking turnstile for your bigs.

                      I am just saying that, to prevent this, Jordan probably tries comical, Whacky Races esque evil to stop them. Only, y’know, more terrifying, with guns and poison and shit. The thing is, Jordan in ’96 was not going to accept losing. In ’96, had the Bulls lost to Seattle somehow in the finals, I think we would have found Jordan three weeks later, wandering the streets of Seattle with Payton, Kemp, and Karl’s skin sewn around him into a suit, with no memory of the last 3 weeks.

                      Actually, here is an interesting one for you: How bad do you hate Kareem? He is the one athlete I have always wanted to talk to. Even beyond basketball, as someone who grew up in Jesuit Catholic schools and then converted to Islam (I was one shy of a religion minor in college and took a course on Islam and on Christianity, and then a bunch on things like morality, so the theological discussion would be cool) and a history major from UCLA (I was a history major), he seems like someone who I would love talking to.

                    11. Hated the sky hook, but the dude is amazing. There are no other NBA athletes that fought Bruce Lee in a movie, so there’s that too.

                      And if you haven’t read this already, I can’t think of a better link to perfectly encapsulate this whole thread in to one nice neat little bow.

                      Kareem: 20 Things I Wish I’d Known When I Was 30

                    12. Man that is great advice. And he reads history books for fun. We would definitely get along

                      Seriously, you should toss that down on the AM or PM links. I suppose this thread has kind of become the Late Night Links.

              2. Well, the first step is going to be getting Boozer off the books, and letting Gibson take his spot.

                Then, over the summer, locking Deng, Butler, and Rose in a gym and making them shoot threes so that the spacing doesn’t suck. Also make Gibson work on his midrange jumper a bit (with the way Noah shoots that awkward ass jump shot, I have kind of given up hope, although he has improved it this season quite a bit)

                Goddamn I wish we had just balled up and kept Asik. Would have been so nice to have him about now.

                1. I’m so glad you said that. I have always maintained that Boozer is the worst player on the team. Also, I have a feeling Robinson is going to prove to be a key player next season once Rose gets back. As for Asik, if it wasn’t for him and Watson pretty much fucking us at the last minute during last year’s playoffs he would have actually had a pretty good career with the Bulls.

                  1. Wait, are there people in Chicago who don’t think Boozer is the worst player on the team?

                    That’s like thinking the Bears have a competent front office, which they do not.

                    1. Believe it or not, I know quite a few Boozer fans. Personally, I’d rather have Scalabrinie on the court than that bearded waste of a contract.

                    2. What, exactly, is their defense of Boozer? His defense is below average (and in Thibedeau’s system even, which makes even average defenders look good), his post game consists of taking the most difficult, high arcing turnaround (you can get away with this if your name is Dirk), and he can’t finish that well around the rim so he is useless in pick and rolls.

                      Also, he is incredibly, unfathomably ugly. Like, he is in his early 30s and he already looks badly middle aged.

          2. Also, it’s good to see Kirk back in a Bulls uniform. Didn’t quite feel right without him.

            1. That’s true. And watching Tyson Chandler with the Knicks, it’d be nice seeing him back in Chicago again too.

              1. That ship sailed when he became the defensive anchor in Dallas. We have ours in Noah, and some of his blocks tonight were in-goddamn-sane. I guess he could be a better finisher at the rim, but that is kind of all Chandler does on offense, whereas as ugly as his game looks, Noah has a better offensive game (especially passing)

                1. Yeah Noah was performing exceptionally well today.

                  1. As good as he looks on the Knicks, I just don’t think Chandler has the skills to do what Noah did for us tonight.

                    Good god though do all the Bulls, even Rose, play ugly. They are not a flowing, acrobatic team like small ball Miami or New York or OKC. They are a ugly, dirty, lunch pail make-you-fight-for-it team. I fucking love it.

                    1. Fuck all of you.

                      Fucking Oklahoma City bastards stole my team, and the NBA is going to shoot down the best shot at getting one back.


    1. I always loved that hit that Stevens gave Kariya in the 2003 cup. Kariya said afterwards that he wasn’t “out” and everyone was like “DUDE! We saw when you came to! Everyone did! You were not moving!”

  26. explaining that the support of the millennials is key to the future stability of modern American institutions like the media, local and federal governments, and Wall Street.

    I suppose statists can’t imagine that some people might have good reasons to not want “stability” in the largest monopolist criminal gangs, said gangs’ media mouthpieces, and their crony capitalist allies.

    1. Even compliance and conformity are not enough. There must be enthusiasm or at least a good play of it (better word at the tip of my tongue). Or you get scolded like Winston when he wasn’t doing his morning exercises with real effort.

  27. I had a great time reading your article and I found it interesting. This is such a beautiful topic that me and my friends are talking about. Thanks for this blog, we are enlightened.

  28. Best news I’ve heard in a long time! Maybe the Republic can be revived!

  29. In the 60’s liberals said, “Don’t trust the government.” Now they’re in charge and the Millennials don’t trust them. Ironic, don’t you think?

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