Murder Trial Revolves Around Dying Man's Blinks

Did victim adequately identify attacker?


A dying, paralyzed man who couldn't speak intentionally blinked his eyes to identify a photo of his attacker for authorities, prosecutors said Wednesday in opening statements, while the defense insists those blinks were inconsistent and unreliable.

Those arguments in the trial of Ricardo Woods are expected to be repeated over the next few weeks as jurors are asked to decide whether Woods killed David Chandler, of Cincinnati. Chandler, 35, died about two weeks after a shooting Oct. 28, 2010, left him paralyzed from the neck down and only able to communicate with his eyes. Woods was later charged with murder, felonious assault and weapons counts in the case.

The trial's outcome is expected to hinge on a videotaped police interview with Chandler in the hospital. Jurors will have to determine whether Chandler was alert and knew what he was doing when police say he blinked three times for yes to identify a photo of Woods as his shooter.