Congressman: "Imagine a World Without Balloons"


Rep. Hank Johnson (D-Airhead) took to the floor of the House last week to complain about his colleagues' insufficient commitment to the strategic helium reserve.

In a goofy, pun-ridden speech that was also (not so) hilariously economically illiterate, Johnson raised the specter of balloonless birthday parties and voices stuck permanently in the lower register due to lack of sufficient helium supplies.

He wants to "give industries that rely on helium the lift they deserve."

"Today," he complained, "the House has chosen to simply float above it all….Too often this body has sat deflated."

There was also a noble gas joke and a hot air pun. Obviously.

Reason has been on the helium reserve beat for a while now. Hint: We think it should be privatized.

(Full disclosure: The 24/7 guys made a similar joke last week. But they were kidding.)

Via National Review

Bonus: This is how to do a helium pun:

Credit: cheezburger.com