Police in Schools

California Considering Bill to Limit Police Powers in School Discipline

Not a teacher's job?


As the national debate grows louder over deploying police in schools, the largest state in the union ­– California – is considering a bill that would require schools to set "clear guidelines" defining the role of school police and limit their involvement in disciplinary matters.

The Golden State joins Texas and Connecticut ­­­– home of the December Newtown school shootings – in considering legislation that would set limits on how schools involve police officers in discipline. Colorado adopted limits last year.

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  1. So the police can tase or beat the little miscreants, but not shoot them?

    I want a ballistic vest for a hall pass.

  2. “Police” need to be run out of schools immediately. There was never a need for an onsite person with powers of arrest in the first place.

    If you’re a cop and your “duty” is school, you really need to go get a life. What you’re doing is not only unnecessary, it’s downright dangerous.

    Hopefully, every kid gives you the finger and tells you to bugger off.

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