Marijuana Legalization Creates Opportunity For Pot-Friendly Security Firms

Because traditional outfits, like ADT, shun the industry


 A typical store has more than a dozen cameras, motion detectors, infrared sensors and flood lights. Some even line the ceilings with tripwire to avoid rooftop burglars sawing their way in. At most dispensaries, no one gets in without passing by three doors, showing identification and presenting a doctor's note.

But that security is hard to maintain. Some store owners who use ADT, the nation's largest security provider, say the company has dropped them in recent months. ADT told CNNMoney it won't "sell security services to businesses engaged in the marijuana industry because it is still illegal under federal law."

Kevin Griffin, founder of West Coast Wellness, said ADT dropped him without warning in mid-April. He still has a silent panic alarm button Velcro-strapped beneath the front desk—but it doesn't call anyone.

Griffin blasts ADT, saying, "They already knew what we were. We were completely transparent. It's not fair to put us in a jam and not give us any time to prepare."

The security needs create an opportunity for startups like Canna Security, a Colorado company currently expanding to Washington. It's founder, Daniel Williams, recalls the video cameras that catch footage of what pot stores and growers are up against.


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  1. The headline of the article is strange. Anyway, I don’t understand why ADT would refuse to sell security systems. Is there some statute that says that if you aid illegal companies then your actions are also illegal? That would explain ADT’s decision, and make anyone who does business with the marijuana companies illegal — such as tax preparers, etc.

    On a related note about strange behavior, why is Amazon supporting the internet sales tax? Maybe to make it harder for newer upstarts to compete against them, but then they would surely lose money to Walmart and such.

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