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TX Bill Requires Pledge of Allegiance in Charter Schools

Compelled patriotism. Nice.


State Rep. Marsha Farney, R-Georgetown, wants to make all students in Texas pledge allegiance to the American flag and the state flag.

If Farney's House Bill 773 becomes law, students in charter schools would be required to recite the Pledge of Allegiance to the U.S. flag and the Texas flag and observe a minute of silence — just like their peers in public schools.

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  1. I never said the pledge at school – only at the gun club. The school didn’t respect me or my rights, the gun club did.

  2. Texas lege will not: pass campus carry or open carry, sever their generous pensions from those of high earnings state judges, allow cities to end the rapacious muni union pension scams, block obamacare, block and prosecute tsa pukes, end municipal unilateral annexation power, end gas tax diversions to everything from schools to bike trails.
    But the lege will pass this nonsense in a heartbeat, scam billions of tax serf bucks for ‘water projects’ that never seem to get water to where its needed and jack spending at least 15% over the last budget despite the windfall proceeds not having been collected yet.
    Texas sounds like a good place until you look under the hood. We will nickle and dime you to death while touting our ‘no personal income tax’ as a reason to relocate here.
    Screw the lege.

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