Michael Bloomberg

Michael Bloomberg's Authoritarian Instincts

If the Bloomberg administration believes that salt is worth losing your freedom over, imagine what he'd have planned after a terrorist attack.


So, New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg believes that the public's interpretation of the Constitution must evolve in the face of terror attacks such as the one in Boston. "You're going to have to have a level of security greater than you did back in the olden days," the man explained, "and our laws and our interpretation of the Constitution, I think, have to change."

Of course he thinks they do. That's why we have constitutions -- so they can be changed in tumultuous times. As Bloomberg sees it, the first obligation of government is to keep your "children safe." How this wide-ranging duty affects other societal concerns -- liberty, cost, etc. -- is largely irrelevant because … well, because toddlers are cute. Those tobacco-addicted Founding Fathers didn't have the decency to include a single line about keeping Americans salubrious or children.

Bloomberg is an authoritarian. He's not an authoritarian in the way Josef Stalin or Pol Pot was authoritarian, but every instinct tells you he's a man who would use any power given to him to govern every aspect of public and private life whenever necessary -- or, more precisely, whenever he finds it necessary, which is frequently. All said, he's exactly the type of person who makes the Constitution a necessity.

Anyone who believes your caloric intake is government's prime concern should be watched carefully, of course; but no matter what crusade the man's on, his rationalization for limiting personal freedom is a dangerous one. Some of his proposals are popular (smoking bans), and others are less so (limiting portion sizes and banning ingredients), but all of them set precedents that distort the relationship between government and citizens. The jump from minor infringements on personal liberty to giant ones is a shorter one than you think. Allow a politician to tell you what your portion sizes should be and the next thing you know you're letting Washington force you to buy insurance you don't want.

If the Bloomberg administration believes that salt -- "the greatest public health threat facing" New York City -- is worth losing your freedom over, imagine what he'd have planned after a terrorist attack.

When Justice Milton Tingling struck down Bloomberg's pathetic soda ban as "arbitrary and capricious" last year, he might as well have been talking about the mayor's overall disposition. Bloomberg likes to act as if he's a man free of the unpleasantness of political ideology or party. He's the driving force behind the inane No Labels group -- which, in addition to having no labels, has no ideas and no support. But pretending to be without a guiding philosophy doesn't by default make you a moderate. It can just as easily mean you support using arbitrary and capricious power to get your way.

I suppose the one positive thing that can be said of a man who once declared "I do think there are certain times we should infringe on your freedom" is that he's more honest than most. You may remember that Bloomberg had term limits lifted in New York City so he could run for a third term. (Citizens simply couldn't bear to move on without him nagging them about the perils of plastic foam cups.) Understanding New York, though, I realize that the average person rarely thinks about the mayor, as urban life churns on despite the best efforts of its worst leaders. Still, it's a mistake for the rest of us to ignore one of the most toxic political players in the nation, to allow his radical idea of governance to be mainstreamed.

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  1. In a sane world, aka P Brooks -topia, Bloomberg would be in a mental institution.

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    2. I would have him exiled to Elba.

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  2. AH HA! Seems Bloomberg isn't the ONLY authoritarian around these parts!

      1. Every time Bloomberg speaks.

  3. It's for your own good, Sparkles. Stop resisting.

  4. I propose a custom by which, if P Brooks is the first commenter on a HyR post, all subsequent commenta must be unthreaded.

    1. The rule I go by is using unthreaded comments only when replying directly to Mr/Mrs/It Brooks.

    2. Never! I must respond directly if not coherently to the other commenters.

  5. Yeah well my "Milton" was tingling when Rich Mikey Fuckwit was slapped down in court. Have a 32oz soda for god today!


    1. Milton Tingling was a classmate of mine at Horace Mann.

  6. It'll never work.

  7. I sincerely hope he falls down a flight of stairs.

  8. Alright - what the feth happened to my comment?

    1. The authoritarians at reason took a giant shit on the old comments thread then threw it out.

        1. Who is that, Sciuridae Guevara?

        2. WOW! Look at the size of that platform .....those binoculars.

        3. Must obey cute little squirrel maximum leader!

  9. Bloomberg is a benevolent authoritarian--in other words, the worst kind.

  10. Dude is making a lot of sense man!


  11. Forget Bloomberg. It is the garbage, smelly, ignorant NYC citizen that elects this trash.

    Think I'm wrong? Just watch: This gaggle of animals will elect Weiner.

    If you live in NYC, you are one sick, awful piece of crap. You suck beyond description.

    1. Oh, Alger. You just sounded like Dirty Harry just then.

    2. Hopefully you're not representative of the libertarian mind, or I guess mindlessness as the case may be.

      1. I commend you on your ability to troll and snark at the same time. Surely not a sign of mindlessness, but of big, bolshy, intelligence.

        May the libertarians learn from you, JackAndAce. Please, when you have a chance, post the link to your doctoral theses.

  12. How can you say that this good man, this peaceful man, this adorable, short, double-testicled man, is in any way harmful to our freedoms?

    Oh no, he is seeing after our need for genuine freedom, not from the boot of the jailer, the muzzle of the government gun, but from saline and sucrose. So small, so delicious, and yet so Evil.

    A man is not free if his daughters propend to the rubinesque.

    Thank you for understanding that, Michael. Dear, dear Mickey Bloomtoy.

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    1. I love Don. His story is not only possible, but post-possible. I rejoice in your daughter's auspiciously Bond-like 7007.

      May I ask where one might acquire a labtop? And, how big must one's lab be to support it?

    2. This bot sucks. Bring back Pedo-bot.

  14. "All said, he's exactly the type of person who makes the Constitution a necessity."

    The root of the problem is that the vast majority of the voting public have no idea why we have the constitution that we do. They have no inkling about what inspired its writing. No clue why it is constructed the way it is.

    They are like hogs on a farm. They dont care that they are in cages and pens and are oblivious to the world outside the fences. They dont care about anything except the next bucket of free slop.

    That anyone, let alone an elected official, could say 1/100th of the things that vile son of a bitch has said, with a straight face, and not be lynched is a mark of shame on this country. God, we are fucked.

  15. "He's the driving force behind the inane No Labels group -- which, in addition to having no labels, has no ideas and no support."

    Oh, they have ideas. They have ideas about how to interfere with the lives of others, because they think they know better.

  16. this is the problem with the left- they simply think that all the decisions that are made in this world are better left to a smarter, better, more perfected class of people like Bloomberg. History shows them to be wrong.. lambs to the slaughter. Man I fucking hate Bloomberg.

    1. That's why they hate the Constitution. In their eyes, any document that prevents them from "caring" for the masses must be evil, and should, eventually, be destroyed. That's what we're up against. Egomaniacs!

  17. I was reading Bastiat this morning. Here is what he says (read "security" for "protection"):

    "Protection concentrates on one point the good it produces while the evil it inflicts are spread over the masses. The one is visible to the naked eye; the other only to the eye of the mind. In the case of Liberty, it is just the reverse."

    Frederic Bastiat

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  19. Even the NY Supreme Court rejected Czar Bloomberg's soda ban. Our democracy was designed to keep men like Bloomberg from getting their way. It often works!

  20. Bloomberg reminds me of the Burgermiester in "Santa Clause is Coming to Town." Let's hope Bloomberg's fate is the same at his.

  21. That clown's policies makes me want to sabotage his unicycle! He needs to be thrown in the looney bin!

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