French Unemployment at Record High

Spain also experiencing rise in unemployment


The number of category A job seekers--that is registered job seekers who are fully unemployed--rose 1.2% in March from February to 3,224,600, according to figures from Dares, the labor ministry's data department. That breaks the previous record of 3.196 million seen in January 1997 and marks an 11.5% increase from March a year ago, just before Mr. Hollande took power in May.

It was the 23rd consecutive month unemployment in absolute terms has increased. According to the Dares data, which goes back to 1996, there have never been so many unemployed people in France.

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  1. "French Unemployment at Record High"
    Are the people who 'work' for the various gov't agencies considered to be employed?
    If so, the actual count is much higher than the claim.

  2. In France, you can't get rid of a bad investment Employee - at all. So no one hires unless there about 300% sure they will be geting the best possible person. This leaves everyone for which there is any doubt out in the cold, simply not worth the risk of having to pay them for decades if they don't work out.

    I'm no libertarian, but they've protected workers so much that they're protected against getting hired in the first place.

    1. You sound pretty libertarian to me. At least on this.

      1. I'm not.

        Trust me, I'm far from it.

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