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Brickbat: Day of the Braindead


Helgi Halldórsson/Freddi / photo on flickr

About 230 people at the University of Wisconsin-Madison recently took part in a "Humans versus Zombies" role-playing game in which a team of zombies tried to tag members of a team of humans. The humans, in turn, could fight off the zombies with Nerf guns. Apparently, some students or faculty at Wisconsin can't tell the difference between a Nerf gun and a real gun, since police twice responded to reports of people carrying guns. A police spokesman blamed those playing the game for wasting police resources.

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  1. Must have been using those hollow-point sponge bullets.

  2. The guys with the nerf guns were lucky some jumpy cops didn’t light them up.

  3. I hear they have a cool bell tower.

  4. A police spokesman blamed those playing the game for wasting police resources.

    Yeah, it wouldn’t be the idots calling the cops over nerf guns who were responsible. And what is this wasting police resources crap? Everyone knows that cops generally spend most of their day doing a whole lot of just hanging out in their cruisers.

    1. not to mention the donuts…

      1. donuts went uneaten. That was a waste!

      2. I love that during the Boston ‘lockdown’ they specifically asked Dunkin’ Donuts to stay open.

        1. I mentioned that in another forum, and you would be astonished by the “how dare you denigrate our brave heroic first responders in blue” reactions I got.

          As much as I disagree with Dunphy, one thing he is right about is the number of people who think the cops can do no wrong.

          1. You better do what Foreman Dunphy says. He speaks with Master’s voice.

        2. That should have gone a long way to reduce the economic impact of city-wide house arrest. If you’ve ever spent any time in Boston, then you know that 35% of the businesses in the city are DD franchises. You can’t stand at the front door of one without being in eye shot of two more.

    2. These are campus cops, so that’s especially true in this case. Somebody’s just upset because his favorite soap opera was interrupted.

    3. Look MF, every time a cop has to respond to a report of a dangerous incident is a) a chance the cop could be hurt and b) he’s not able to fulfill the police department’s primary function of handing out tickets.

  5. how about a kick to the groin of the idiots that called the police

  6. They should arrest The Punisher while they’re at it. Vigilantes will not be tolerated!

  7. Since this is a pig related thread and I hate pigs. Still you have to show both sides. Here are some pigs not acting like pigs.…..f=politics

    1. Impossible. I’ve been repeatedly assured that no Christians are interesting in curtailing our freedoms whatsoever.

    2. Notice they said it was about officer safety. They would have happily arrested a group of 5-7 pot smokers, but not 500 to 700.

    3. Other stories at the bottom has “Obama: Washington is not as functional as it could be”. Meaning what? The king’s edicts would be rubber stamped into law more than they already are? No one would publicly question his highness?

  8. Wisconsin. Go figger.

  9. And yet the story doesn’t mention any arrests for filing false reports.

    I guess that’s legal in Wisconsin.

    1. mens rea.

      I know, I know, it doesnt get applied all the time, but Im not going to criticize it being used properly.

      1. retard rea.

      2. So report slaughter then, they committed the act but were too stupid to realize it was false.

      3. I agree, but it seems like they didn’t even attempt to determine mens rea. What if this was an incident of swatting by radicalized Twilight fans? What if it was an effort by the Ren Faeries to have their main competitor for campus activity funds taken off the playing field?

  10. They should have been using Oozinators (

  11. You know damned well those who called this in knew the difference between a nerf gun and a real gun. They were just pissed at people glorifying violence by using toy guns, so they called it in.

    1. Ding! Ding! Ding!

      Yup, we have a winner. Progtards would prefer to see people boning barnyards animals rather than pretending to do any shadow of “violent” behavior.

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