Boston Marathon Bombing

CIA Added Dead Bomber's Name to Terror List Months Before Bombing

That's going to lead to some awkward questions


The CIA added the name of the dead Boston Marathon bombing suspect to a U.S. government terrorist database 18 months before the deadly explosions, U.S. officials told The Associated Press on Wednesday.

The CIA's request came about six months after the FBI investigated Tamerlan Tsarnaev, also at the Russian government's request, but the FBI found no ties to terrorism, officials said.

The new disclosure was significant because officials have said the U.S. intelligence community had no information leading up to the April 15 bombings that killed three people and injured more than 260 others. That one of the bomber's name was in a terrorism database for 18 months before the attack was expected to drive congressional inquiries about whether the U.S. government adequately investigated tips from Russia that Tsarnaev posed a security threat.

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  1. Not sure what to make of this.
    No doubt the coordination among the various gov’t turf-holders is not going to be seamless; hell, somebody else might get the credit. Standard bureaucrat wastage.
    But then there was a major re-org after 9/11 to prevent this sort of missed message. Does there have to be a re-org every ten years?
    And then, what would anyone have done with the info that this guy was tagged by the CIA? Do they deport him under some pretext? Tail him to make sure he doesn’t buy pressure-cookers?

    1. The FBI sells him a fake pressure-cooker-bomb, duh.

  2. They might should check the mosque for people on their list. The mosque isn’t as innocent as they’re making themselves out to be.

    1. “The mosque isn’t as innocent as they’re making themselves out to be.”
      Got inside info, do you Lyle?

      1. Yeah, they’ve had some kill the Jews speakers. Enough of a red flag for you?

        Where would you go looking for Islamist terrorist on your terrorist list?


        Boston suspects’ mosque has radical ties.

        You are one bigoted, stupid fuck Sevo.

        Suck my cock you dumb motherfucker.

        1. “You are one bigoted, stupid fuck Sevo.
          Suck my cock you dumb motherfucker.”

          Lyle, really good to read such calm and reasoned argument.

          1. Well, this is what you get for following me around with your smart aleck comments.

            You’re going to have come at me with lot more knowledge and intelligence.

            At least you don’t try and make up shit out of thin air like Calidissident.

        2. Yeah… nothing screams reliable, unimpeachable source better than an article in USA Today.

  3. Oh Shit! The Sting and lies are unraveling!

  4. Shikha Dalmia has clearly explained Hindus are the real terrorists, Muslims are just innocent victims!

    Link for those not paying attention to the single worst reason contributer:…..ale-of-two

    1. When writing about India. Otherwise she’s good.

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