Nancy Pelosi

Nancy Pelosi Most Unpopular Congressional Leader

Also the best-known, which may be a contributing factor


Most everyone knows who Nancy Pelosi is – and they don't like her.

That's according to the latest Gallup survey on the popularity of top congressional leaders, which found both Democratic leaders more unpopular than their Republican counterparts.

Nearly 8 in 10 Americans know of House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, compared to 72 percent who know House Speaker John Boehner, 65 percent who are familiar with Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and 60 percent who know Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell.

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  1. Amusing as the media and left portray Congress’s unfavorability number as “all Republican’s fault”. A strong minority of Democrats also like John Boehner.

    1. What’s a “strong minority”?

  2. It is a measure of San Fran voters’ stupidity that the woman gets returned to office every election.
    Any suggestion in SF that she’s a worthless piece of shit is not taken kindly byt most folks, to the extent that doing so will guarantee you will not be welcomed by several (former) ‘friends’.
    Tolerance and all that stuff…

  3. It is enough to make one think the majority of the San Fran electorate has SEVERE mommy issues.

    1. “It is enough to make one think the majority of the San Fran electorate has SEVERE mommy issues.”

      It seems to be nothing other than conformity. People claim to support her efforts absent any real knowledge of what she’s doing only because it’s ‘stylish’; their neighbors do so.
      Pathetic in a city that at one time laid some claim to independent thought.

  4. She is not nearly as disliked as she should be.

  5. “A funny thing has been happening on Capitol Hill: lately, the Democrats have started exceeding expectations. Health reform, pronounced dead by all the usual suspects, happened (all hail Nancy Pelosi, arguably the greatest Speaker ever.)” – Paul Krugman, 2010

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