Boston Marathon Bombing

Cops Shot at Cops During Boston Lockdown

Which might have been the best reason to stay indoors


During the hunt for the Boston bomb suspects, authorities struggled to maintain control over pace of developing information and media reporting. The Boston search was both helped and hindered by the involvement of mainstream media and the public by way of social media but CBS News' John Miller reports that Boston police and FBI investigators could not sort fact from fiction among themselves in some cases.

For example, an initial report issued police incorrectly claimed that the suspects robbed a 7-Eleven.

Another false report put out over the police radio said that the suspects had stolen a state police SUV.

The police radio dispatcher advised, "Lots of shots being fired, stolen SUV from state police, copy, stolen SUV from state police." The false report led to officers firing on a Massachusetts State Police SUV that was occupied by another police officer and an FBI agent. No one was hurt but the origin of the false report remains a mystery.