CO Cops Threaten To Call in Feds if Pot Rules Aren't Tightened

Why not just can those cops?


The Colorado Association of Chiefs of Police and the County Sheriffs of Colorado were so upset over the initial draft of House Bill 1317 that the groups were threatening to write a letter to Attorney General Eric Holder asking him to intervene — the nuclear option.

The bill's sponsor is hoping that a handful of amendments, set to be introduced when the bill is heard by the House State Affairs Committee early Wednesday morning, will mollify law enforcement's concerns.

The original bill would have gotten rid of "vertical integration", the model now in place for medical marijuana centers that allows retail operations to grow the marijuana they sell. The police chiefs and sheriffs believe that model is working and that deviating from it would give rise to a black market of unregistered growers.


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  1. They can’t really say they just execute the law as enacted by the legislature, when they also seek to influence the legislators, now can they.

  2. The link takes you to a short article about the law and some recent changes, and nothing about cops in any regard. FYI.

  3. And what could Holder possibly do? The 10th and 21st amendments make it very clear where authority to regulate, restrict or outlaw intoxicants resides, and it’s not with the feds.

    Federal supremacy doesn’t apply to areas of the law where the feds wholly lack the authority to pass laws at all.

  4. Me thinks it has more to do with asset forfeiture (and the off the budget money generated by it) than any actual desire to “Protect the Public”.

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