Homeland security

Flight Attendants Protesting Change in Homeland Security Policy on Knives

Passengers will be allowed to bring short-bladed knives inside cabins


WASHINGTON, April 22 (UPI) — A policy change by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security allowing short-bladed knives on airline flights is being protested by flight attendants.

The opposition was voiced through the Coalition of Flight Attendants, which represents 90,000 flight attendants around the country.


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  1. I vote we permit long bladed knives as well. It’s impossible to cut through a reinforced cockpit door with a pocket knife.

  2. Status quo is a like a warm blanket…

  3. I recently saw the local CBS news do a story (it was on a monitor at the gym?it wasn’t my fault)on flight attendants handing out flyers to travelers about the proposed changes. The most obvious detail on the flyer was the prominent use of a picture of a Buck 110. A 110’s blade is about twice as long as the proposed limit and it locks, so the knife they showed will not be permitted on at least two counts. Nothing like a little FUD in the dialog. I turned the sound on long enough to notice that the report did not point these errors out, but simply repeated them.

  4. If you ban knives on planes, only criminals will have knives. Quite frankly, I would feel a lot more comfortable if I could have my good old standard swiss army knife on the plane so if a potential highjacker pulls out his knife, we have a planeload of armed passengers to go after him and to protect the attendants. A well armed society is a polite society after all.

    1. I’d go further, I’d require every able bodied male between the age of 16 and 65 to carry a knife with a blade at least 4 inches long in order to get on the damn plane!

      Yes, I’m quite serious.

      Yes, I’m an old fashioned male chauvinist too!

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