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Federal LGBT School Discrimination Bill Faces Tough Challenge

House seems uninterested in taking it up


With House Republicans seemingly unwilling to tackle the subject, don't look for legislation curbing discrimination against gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender students to move anytime soon.

Although the Student Non-Discrimination Act, introduced in the House last week, already has 119 cosponsors, only one — Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen — is a Republican. And while supporters of the bill may look to tack it onto a broader secondary education package expected to move this session, a path for inclusion of the measure remains uncertain.

"This discrimination is completely unacceptable in schools. Kids need to feel safe going to school," Rep. Jared Polis, who along with Ros-Lehtinen is the primary sponsor of the bill, said late last week.

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  1. A federal law against schoolchildren calling each other “queer” and “fag”. I guess we solved all the other problems. Time to disband the government.

  2. This is a perfect example of how legislation that is supposed to stop discrimination is actually creating a protected class.

    Kids are fucking mean to each other in way more ways than those that insult the LGBT community. So it will still be cool to make fun of fat/nerdy/ugly/Asian kids, but if you’re gay then you’re a cut above and immune to typical name-calling? Yeah, that won’t have any unintended consequences I’m sure.

    1. It’s really hard to say. I’m no fan of anti-discrimination laws, but to dismiss what goes on as “namecalling” misses the point. If that were all then there wouldn’t be a problem.

      It’s much more, though. It’s routine physical assault and property damage with school administration unable or (more likely) unwilling to do anything about it.

      Call me a dreamer but if everyone just left everyone else the fuck alone these discussions wouldn’t be needed.

      1. Bullshit.

        Everyone gets routinely bullied. Gays aren’t unique snowflakes in that respect. The only unique trait they seem to have is whining about it.

        1. Not saying this law is a good idea, but to pretend that gay kids, in general, don’t get bullied or harassed more (especially in certain areas) due to their sexual orientation is idiotic. And acknowledging that reality doesn’t make one a bleeding heart braindead liberal

  3. Modeled after Title IX, the bill has been introduced in the past several sessions of Congress, with Sen. Al Franken taking the lead in the Senate.

    Modeled after Title IX? Pass it! You know it’s gotta be quality legislation.

    1. That said, the actual text doesn’t look too bad. But who knows what bureaucrats will stretch it into.

    2. Title IX? The law that requires us to have expansive facilities and equipment for the women’s hockey team for which no student tries out and no one attends their games anyway?

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