Boston Marathon Bombing

Boston Bombing Suspects: One Dead, One—Dzhokar A. Tsarnaev—on the Loose


The latest on the suspects in the Boston Marathon bombing, which appears to have been the work of brothers who emigrated to the U.S. from Chechyna:

Police on Friday killed one suspect in the Boston Marathon bombing during a shootout and mounted a house-to-house search for a second man in the suburb of Watertown after a bloody night of shooting and explosions in the city's streets.

A national security official identified the hunted man as

Dzhokar A. Tsarnaev, 19, and said the dead suspect was his brother, Tamerlan Tsarneav, 26. The brothers had been in the United States for several years, the official said.

More here.

More background on the Tsarnaev still at large:

Born July 22, 1993, according to Williams, Tsarnaev attended Cambridge Rindge and Latin School, has a Massachusetts drivers' license and has been in the country for around a decade.

He also apparently won a 2011 scholarship from the city of Cambridge, Massachusetts.

More here.

Reason's coverage of the bombing.

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  1. Scanner traffic: Trigger found on dead guy; Guy on the run should be treated as if wearing suicide vest.

  2. Fuckin’ eh, got up real early because I couldn’t sleep, all hell was breaking loose in Boston on the news. Glad one of these cocksuckers is down for the count.

  3. Good thing Massachusetts has strict gun laws. Wouldn’t want citizens defending themselves now would we?

    1. Well there are innumerable reasons why you wouldn’t want the public to be able to defend themselves, first and foremost Officer Safety!!

      I watched a video of the shootout earlier and heard cops scrambling around, confused and panicky, desperately looking for rifles to fire back with. Becasue apparently, 15-rd magazines in their glocks are insufficient to keep someone at bay.

      1. Maybe they should compete in USPSA.

  4. Is this info confirmed regarding identities or should we still be treating it with the 24-hour rule, or at least the 12-hour rule? I heard one different name on the radio this morning….

    1. I heard different ages on the radio this morning.

      1. Yeah the older one went from 20 to 26

  5. Here’s the guy’s VKontakte page.

    1. I wonder if this is what it’s like for people to read our sub-threads for the first time:

      Vladlen Chikatilo
      Chyurki fag. And God only. Even the decency to hide the defect can not. Solid Onal okbar.

      1. The *first* time?

        1. It’s adapt quickly or die around here.

          I always think of this place like William Gibson’s description of Japan’s Night City “a deranged experiment in social Darwinism, designed by a bored researcher who kept one thumb permanently on the fast-forward button.”

          1. That sounds eerily accurate…

          2. Some of us manage to not only adapt but gain fame and have our names turned into an adjective for a certain style of linking.

            1. Point Awarded to PS.

              Back to fighting position….begin!

            2. I am not the commenter his board needs, but I am the one it deserves. I hope one day to make myself obsolete.

              1. We are the commenters we’ve been waiting for.

                1. Hit and Run is a dying whore

    2. Wtf. It looks like he’s still posting new videos today.


    Facebook profile

    1. Actually VK is a Russian knock-off of FB.

  7. A lovely morning. We’re all staying indoors. The gun battle and explosions were close to my house and the last blast rattled our windows.

    Basically, it looks like one of the guys managed to slip away and is probably holed up in a house in Watertown. They are definitely pretty knowledgeable of the area and have a support network. It’s possible that they are part of a larger team.

    I don’t think we’re in much danger; the guy would have to hoof it up a very steep hill to make it our way. But the bike ride I was planning with the boy is not happening. Blast.

    1. And yes, the fact I don’t have a firearm is pissing me off.

      1. While the need for one in my area of suburban NY is remote – I JUST bought a rifle a few weeks ago for the exact same reason.

        Black swan events are highly unlikely – but yet still happen on a regular basis and they can really fuck up your day.

      2. Glad you are safe, tarran. That is nuts.

    2. Be safe, tarran.

    3. Yeah, keep your head down.

      On the other hand, if you have a panda costume, you know what to do…

      1. I’m not allowed to wear the costume anywhere within 1000 yards of a school. 🙁

        1. On the Panda Offender Registry, eh?

  8. Before you congratulate law enforcement, they actually thought they were shooting Chris Dorner.

    1. This comment should have been first!

    2. Actually, they thought it was two cleaning ladies.

  9. Islam: The Religion of Peace strikes again.

    1. Maybe, but too soon methinks.

      1. Take a good hard look at his YouTube channel.

        He’s a Muslim who hates America and Americans (despite having apparently lived here for several years), who obviously latched onto the Islamo-fascist movement.

        1. That’s fine, and you may be right but all I’m saying is a rush to judgement can have negative consequnces.

    2. When I think of who’s to blame for radicalism in Chechnya, the first thing that pops into my head isn’t Islam.

      It’s Russia.

      1. I like the pause before the big reveal, but you should have added some menacing music and a zoom in closeup shot.

        1. I only have text to work with…

          Gotta make full use of what I got.

      2. Much like with Ireland, the political and the religious parts are kind of tough to separate.

      3. “On March 10, 2011, Human Rights Watch reported that since Chechenization, the government has pushed for enforced Islamic dress code and other traditions which violently repress women.[59] The president Ramzan Kadyrov is quoted as saying ‘I have the right to criticize my wife. She doesn’t. With us [in Chechen society], a wife is a housewife. A woman should know her place. A woman should give her love to us [men]… She would be [man’s] property. And the man is the owner. Here, if a woman does not behave properly, her husband, father, and brother are responsible. According to our tradition, if a woman fools around, her family members kill her… That’s how it happens, a brother kills his sister or a husband kills his wife… As a president, I cannot allow for them to kill. So, let women not wear shorts…’.[60] He has also openly defended honour killings on several occasions.[61] All this is occurring despite being illegal under Russian law and international laws.”

        Yeah, the Russians taught them all this crap

        1. “if a woman fools around”

          i.e. get’s raped

        2. If the U.S. were invaded and treated the way Russia has treated Chechnya, I’d like to think that we would put up as much resistance as the Chechen rebels did.

          When Americans radicalize for violent resistance, they tend to coalesce around things like Christian Identity, and if we were invaded like the Chechnya was, I have no doubt that would be a much bigger and more radical trend.

          And if America subsequently became an radicalized society because of it, I wouldn’t blame Christianity for it.

          I’d blame the invaders.

          1. The Christian Identity movement is tiny. And incredibly strange to people who aren’t a part of it–if America were invaded as Chechnya was we would not suddenly adopt a strange and confusing faith.

            When Americans radicalize for violent resistance, marxism is what’s at the core, not religion.

            1. “If America were invaded as Chechnya was we would not suddenly adopt a strange and confusing faith.”

              The Christian faith we already have would become much more strange and much more violent.

            2. “The Christian Identity movement is tiny.”

              If an invading army treated us like the Russians treated Chechnya, the Christian Identity movement wouldn’t be so tiny.

              And the Baptists wouldn’t be so moderate.

    3. They attended the same school as Matt Damon which may explain quite a bit.

      1. Maaatt Daaamon!

  10. Hello, Vladimir? This is Barry, I just called to say we no longer have objections to some orderly genocide in Chechnya.

  11. Fox News Channel has something going on.

  12. I wonder how this news – of them being immigrants – will impact the Senate immigration bill push.

    1. Kiss that sucker goodbye. No senator on the fence is going to commit political suicide after this.

      1. I think it’s safe to say that Barack Obama is officially a lame-duck. There is nothing he can do about anything.

        1. “Lame duck” usually describes a shorter window of time, the last few months of his term.

          “Limp dick” is the proper term for Obama now.

      2. Yeah, because if two people out of millions of people commit a crime, this justifies banning the entire group.

  13. Going to repost my comment from another thread:

    My first thought when I got in my car and heard about the shootout being about 3 miles from my house was “I wish I could have easily brought my shotgun here when I moved down here.”

    My second was “did they just say high capacity magazine? Fuck.”

    Now the radio is using the phrase “assault weapons” about every 45 seconds.

    I’m at work west of the city now. I hope slumbrew checks in. From our discussion a couple of days ago he must live within a couple miles of the shooting too.

    Additionally, was I the only one who thought black hat guy was actually black? Is that just the darkest hat shadow ever?

    1. We’re fine – right in Davis, so not _that_ close. Just need to train the dog to use the toilet & I’ll be all set…

      1. It’s weird that Somerville isn’t included in the “stay at home inside” area, since it borders Cambridge where the first shots were fired, and is a couple of miles from the Watertown shooting.

        1. Yah, it’s odd. Maybe they’re relying on the ghost of the Winter Hill Gang to keep them away.

          1. My sister is still at our apartment near Davis. If the current lockdown areas stay the same I’ll have to do a loop all the way around to 93 to get back from metrowest.

            1. Davis here as well….

              1. Damn. We should all set up a homebrew some time when there isn’t a lockdown.

    2. Additionally, was I the only one who thought black hat guy was actually black? Is that just the darkest hat shadow ever?

      The first picture I saw was on my phone, and the guy did look black, but I realized it could also just be shading plus low resolution. Later pics I saw online clearly showed him with a much lighter skin tone.

      So yeah, I thought he might have been black at first, which would have been interesting.

      1. I’m looking at the pictures in the post on a computer, and the guy on the right still looks black. I don’t think I’ve seen a different angle of this guy (though white hat guy has about a billion).

  14. The bothers were just probably upset about the Health Care Bill /Bloomberg

  15. Looks like they “found” these guys because they robbed a 7/11?

    How smart do you have to be? …to rob a 7/11 when you’re the most wanted men in the U.S.A.?

    They must have been hungry.

    1. Actually, looks like they “found” these guys because, after they robbed the 7-11, they shot a cop who was just sitting in his cop car.

      They must want to die.

      Looks like it’s something like a Mumbai style mission.

      1. Forget Gangnam — Mumbai Style is about ready to blow up.

      2. My thought is that the simple explanation is they’re not very smart and hadn’t planned beyond the initial attack so they were out of money. Then thay freaked out when their pictures were posted.

        The scarier possibility is that they could be providing a diversion for something else, e.g. the escape of a more senior accomplice or anotger attack.

    2. That is poor planning. You would think they’d have picked up enough non-perishable food beforehand to stay underground for at least a month.

      1. If I was them I would have had a flight booked out of the country a day after the marathon.

        1. …anywhere but the east coast.

        2. True, but you can’t run away and still be a martyr. You would think they would switch to guerrilla warfare mixed with more bombings of civilians before switching into “you’ll never take me alive!” mode.

          1. I agree, KDN. The lack of an immediate claim of responsibility led me to immediately believe they had more mayhem planned. Very easy to hop on a Bolt bus and head down to NYC, Philly, DC.

        3. It may be a Mumbai style mission…

          Now that they’ve been outed, maybe they just want to rove around and cause random mayhem until they’re dead.

          I’d be convinced it was a suicide mission like that–except they apparently let the guy they carjacked go free.

          I don’t know. Maybe the kooks are irrational.

          They picked a great city to run around and do stuff like that, though. Right about now, I bet there are a lot of Bostonians locking their windows who wish they had a gun right about now.

          1. I bet there are a lot of Bostonians locking their windows who wish they had a gun right about now.

            Yet they’ll continue to elect progressive liberals who will use this as an excuse to pass more restrictive gun laws. As if gun laws could be more restrictive in Mass, but they’ll find a way.

          2. “I’d be convinced it was a suicide mission like that–except they apparently let the guy they carjacked go free.”

            Maybe the guy they carjacked was a Muslim.

            1. That actually would make a lot of sense.

              That tidbit really threw me off. Like, this fucker has no problem setting a bomb down next to a few children, but lets a guy go after stealing his car?

            2. That’s bothered me as well. My wife thinks that’s a sign they knew the guy, in some capacity. So would a fellow Muslim fit that criterion?

              I don’t know. Very irrational.

    3. That’s what’s puzzling me too. The whole timeline is kinda screwy. If the whole country was looking for me, I’d quietly slip out of the city and head for Canada.

      1. I heard speculation earlier that they were preparing for a second wave, and were rushed into it due to the FBI releasing their photos.

    4. Don’t know if it is true or not but I heard on the radio this morning that there was a picture of a guy who had both of his legs blown off by the bomb being wheeled out on some sort of wheel chair, he’s the one who pointed the cops at these two because he actually saw them plant the bomb and after he got out of surgery was able to give a description.

      1. Read that as well, which makes the dude in the cowboy hat even more legendary than he already is.

        1. Carlos Arredondo. Lost his son in Iraq. Anti-war activist. He’s a friend of a friend.

  16. Shots fired, looks like they found the second guy. Lots of cops and SWAT stand off in Watertown.

    1. I bet he gets hit with about 150 rounds.

      1. Yeah, methinks there’s little chance of him coming out of that house alive.

      2. Being that he killed one of the king’s men, you can bet that they’re all going to form a line so that everyone there can have a chance to put a bullet into his body.

        1. I don’t know how you take someone like that into custody safely.

          The chances of him having rigged himself to explode are probably better than 50/50.

          Who wants to volunteer to walk up and frisk a suspect like that?

      3. Good lord, you know how many rounds they’ll have to fire to hit him 150 times?

        1. They’ll have to send a team back to the armory.

        2. That would be, infinity. Infinity rounds. Call Napolitano, I think she has that many.

      4. Well if the cops are shooting that would require the discharge of 1,150 rounds, so if you’re in Boston keep your head down.

      5. I was told there would be no math questions in this portion of the debate.

  17. Just lying in bed, “watching” this unfold via social media. The dog will need to go out shortly; just a short walk this morning, methinks

  18. CNN just reported that the FAA ordered a “no fly zone” over Boston. Mind if I ask “Why?”

    1. Budget justification.

    2. The more disruption that the government causes to everyday people, the more it appears that they are actually doing something.

    3. I’m assuming it’s “too many news copters”

      1. So, it takes a federal agency rather than just the state or local authorities saying, “Hey, for the next few hours, we won’t allow any news copters to take off. Just wait until we handle this situation.”?

        1. If the local police say it and they violate it, they can only arrest them later. If the Feds say it, they can strip the pilot’s of their license if they don’t listen and charge them with a federal crime.

        2. Caleb, I believe that airspace regulation is entirely a federal jurisdiction. Plus, what Sarc posted at 8:44 with the caveat that, yes, too many news choppers can cause problems.

          1. The last time the TFR was only up to 2000′ AGL. Plus most of the Boston area is within tge core of the Class B airspace around Logan airport so ATC would be controlling anyfight in the area and they’re not going to want to have to separate a bunch of news copters and other aerial sightseers in addition to their regular duties sequencing aircraft in and out of the airspace.

    4. As horrible as this is going to sound, this seems like an unusually large response to one guy (now) on a crime spree.

      1. One of the king’s men was killed. No response is too large when one of the king’s men is killed.

        1. Because no one was looking for them until the cop was shot.

      2. Dude, every time they show a police officer just standing around, I can’t tell if the officer is just playing it calm or if he’s just collecting a check for standing around.

        1. This is going to cost millions of dollars in police overtime.

      3. That was my first thought as well. Shutting down a large metro area is very expensive in terms of lost productivity (and by extension, tax revenue). If this was just some crazy American teenager on just as dangerous of a violent crime spree they wouldn’t have responded the same way.

    5. And why lock the whole city of Boston down? WTF

      1. The more lives they disrupt, the more it appears that they’re doing something.

        Kinda like the security theater at the airport.

      2. It’s Boston. Why not?

      3. The older brother was wearing an explosive vest when he was killed. The concern is that these guys are looking to martyr themselves. Maybe get on bus and trigger the bomb or something. That’s my guess.

    6. For the same reason they shut down taxi service?

    7. Because fuck you, that’s why.

    8. Sequester?

  19. Wow, so this must be disappointing for right and left. They’re Caucasian Muslims.

    1. There’s still a chance that they didn’t pay their taxes.

      1. +1040EZ

      2. Like most of the Obama administration?

    2. I cannot bereeve a fuckin chechnen is standing here terring me when HE is gonna take derivery of wepons mass destruction, mkay?!

      1. So, you got in first with that…

        Congratulations of some sort are in order.

        1. One does what one can.

    3. Yeah, but the TEAM ‘MURICA folks can point out that they are Mooselimb furriners. I think they “win” the round over the “Please let it be white Tea Party” wishcasting MSNBC/Salon types.

      1. I, for one, am glad that these guys are not native born, and presumably not associated with any domestic political movement.

        1. Me too. I was already tired of all the speculation and the anticipation of the MSM reaction when their nationality/ideology were revealed.

      2. Plus they have funny names

    4. At least they weren’t white hispanics

    5. “Wow, so this must be disappointing for right and left. They’re Caucasian Muslims.”

      Hardly, there’s a little something for everyone to hate.

  20. Glad I cancelled the family trip to Boston.

  21. When I first saw photos of suspects last night I was expecting a Klebold/Harris style pair of deranged social outcasts not Islamic terrorists. Looks like they might be a combination of both.

    1. Nope. Muslim converts, it seems.

      1. Not sure if converts or if they just started getting more serious about it. Evidently the older brother had said he had quit smoking and drinking a couple years ago in adherence with his relion. So of course after you quit smoking and drinking the next step is to start killing people. Younger brother probably just did whatever his big brother did.

  22. CNN just put a delayed signal on their feed. They are showing some snipers on a rooftop, apparently scared that they might end up showing a shootout.

    1. Fox put a delay on their feed back when EOD was blowing up a package (that turned out to be nothing, apparently).

  23. The Chechens have a hard-on for the Russians, so why us?

    Our understanding of muslim politics is lacking. They dont hate us because we are russian or american, they hate us because we arent muslim. I have heard many of them say all people who arent born and raised muslim should be murdered, even converts.

    1. Yep. These assclowns lived in America for several years, and decided that they hate us and can’t relate to us because we drink alcohol and all that kind of horrible stuff. They’re standard-issue extreme Muslim psychopaths.

    2. An attempt to get US to put pressure on RUS to negotiate with the Chechens?

      Or maybe as payback for our “humiliating” islam. And don’t ask me to explain this further, just repeating shit I’ve heard.

  24. From Chechyna? WTF???

  25. Well, I’m actually glad this isn’t homegrown. Aside from all of the other wishcasting from left and right. I just don’t want our country to cross that line. We have our crazed one offs, but domestically organized bombings went away 40 years ago. I wouldn’t want to see them come back.

    1. If the guys are 20 and have been in the US for 10 years, does that qualify as “homegrown”?

      1. I prefer my terrorists homegrown. Why should we be outsourcing any more jobs to foreigners?

        1. Because they’re jobs Americans won’t do.

          1. Ted Kaczynski gave up a career in mathematics to pursue a career in terrorism. DON’T TELL ME AMERICANS WON’T TAKE THESE JOBS!!!!!

      2. I think of homegrown as being not so much native born vs immigrant but particular American ideology/motivation vs some foreign one.

  26. Does Salon has a sad ’cause they aren’t white Americans?

    1. Almost certainly. But even they probably aren’t dumb enough to say so directly. But look for future editorialmulizing about how we need to do something to keep bomb-making materials out of the hands of all extremists.

    2. Oh you bet. Every lefty scumbag in America was desperately hoping that they would be Eric Rudolphs, and are going into a state of deep depression right now.

    3. Conor Friedersdorf certainly will.

  27. Scanner traffic: Somehow the suspect is posting online that he will kill everyone because they killed his brother. Not sure where or how, but that was what was said over the radios.

    1. I’ve heard that some people have smartphones that can be used to post online.

      1. What an age we live in!

      2. Can it please be an Obamaphone?

        1. I was hoping for an ansible.

      3. Apparently the police were referencing this. Not sure if it’s real.

        1. That seems fake. But what an asshole to fake that.

        2. His ‘send’ button seems to be stuck.

  28. I knew it was males from the Caucasus.

    1. Yes, definitely. It was a caucausian male, a member of his local patriot militia.

  29. Jesus, watching the kids’ uncle on CNN right now. Rough.

  30. Someone fill me in because I havn’t been following this story.
    What is the evidence against these two guys? Is there any chance that they are innocent and they shot an innocent guy?

    As far as I can tell, the link between these two and the bombing is, what some blurry security camera footage? Did they search their apartment and find explosives?

    1. I think it was the whole killing an MIT police officer, car jacking a dude & then shooting at the cops that made them think they’ve got the right guys.

      1. Oh & I think it was the robbing the 7-11 before shooting the MIT PO that got them on video, which led to the rest

    2. Ummm they used explosives during the chase…that’s kind of not normal.

      1. And the older brother had explosives on him. They’re the guys.

        1. I thought the report was that the older brother had explosive type WOUNDS. Like he got hit by some shrapnel during the bombing.

          1. I just heard again that he had an explosive vest on.

    3. I read they shot the MIT campus cop, took an SUV at gunpoint, and were involved in a high-speed chase in which they were chucking bombs out the window.

      1. This seems suspicious. However, maybe the guys were just scared cause their pictures were on the news, the cop got shot in cross fire while they were chasing down and shooting at the two guys, and the stuff about throwing bombs is just a lie.

        I know I’m stretching.

        1. possible, but unlikely.

        2. “I read they shot the MIT campus cop, took an SUV at gunpoint, and were involved in a high-speed chase in which they were chucking bombs out the window.”

          “This seems suspicious.”


        3. Because the dude who lost his legs identified them from surveillance footage as having planted at least one of the bombs.

          1. ^winner

  31. Boston area H(amper)R peeps – please be cautious.

  32. Reading the CNN comments are pissing me off. They are STILL trying to blame Republicans/immigrants/libertarians/liberals for the bombings. Anything but Islamic Fundamentalism which is probably the root cause of this given the origins of the bombers.

  33. This is why I have so many friends who are non-ironic fans of Putin.

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