Of Course Immigration Reform Bill Will Lead to Even More Bureaucracy



Let's hear it for immigration reform! With bipartisan support, no doubt we'll finally simplify the path to citizenship, or at least make it easier to legally work in the United States, thus reducing the incentives for immigrants to enter the country illegally in the first place. Right? Right?

No, don't be silly. Via The Hill:

The sweeping immigration reform bill unveiled Wednesday would bring a raft of new regulations and add more layers to the federal bureaucracy.

The 844-page Senate bill calls for a dramatic expansion of the country's worker verification system, an overhaul of visa programs and a new set of proposed regulations allowing undocumented workers to become "registered provisional immigrants."

The bill would establish penalty systems for employers and create protections for vulnerable immigrant workers in order to achieve the largest overhaul of the nation's immigration system in decades.

The Hill goes through many of the different cooks with their spoons in the pot. Angelo Amador, speaking for the National Restaurant Association, worries about the consequences of the changes: "The bottom line is we don't want more bureaucracy created on a guest worker program where we already have so much bureaucracy that doesn't work."

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