Senate Rejects Gun Control Measures; Bill Looks Dead


Today the Senate rejected all nine seven proposed amendments to the gun control bill it is considering, including measures expanding the background-check requirement for gun buyers, banning "assault weapons," and limiting magazines to 10 rounds. The New York Times reports that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) "planned to pull the overall gun bill from the Senate floor and move on." Yet "Democratic leadership aides promised that the effort could be revived if a public groundswell demanded it." Seems unlikely.

According to the Times, "The Senate's opponents of gun control, from both parties, said that they cast their votes based on logic and that passion had no place in the making of momentous policy." Let's put it this way: Passion may have a place, but it is not a substitute for rational argument.

Sen. Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.), co-sponsor of the background-check amendment, disagrees. Here is how he solicited support for that measure: "If you want to remember those 20 babies—beautiful children—and the six brave teachers…and you want to honor the most courageous family members I have ever met, please vote for this bill." By extension, if you dare to point out that background checks have absolutely nothing to do with the Sandy Hook massacre, you are dishonoring the memories of those innocent victims. Anyone "with a good conscience," Manchin claimed, could not possibly question whether a bill supposedly aimed at preventing mass shootings would actually do that. Could it be that Manchin's intimidation tactics not only failed but backfired?

"This was a pretty shameful day for Washington," President Obama declared after today's votes, saying senators who voted against the amendments he supported "caved to pressure." That seems a more apt description for legislators like Reid and Manchin, who for years opposed gun control measures based on what they claimed were principled grounds, only to abandon those principles because they were afraid of seeming insensitive in the face of raw emotional appeals. But as I've said before, Obama seems incapable of imagining that his opponents have any principles at all.

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  1. President Barack Obama blamed a gun lobby that “willfully lied” and senators who “caved to the pressure” for the Senate’s defeat Wednesday of a bill to expand background checks.

    “This was a pretty shameful day for Washington, but this effort is not over,” Obama said in the Rose Garden at the White House, joined by families of Newtown shooting victims and former Rep. Gabby Giffords, as well as Vice President Joe Biden.

    Obama blasted the Senate’s rejection of a bipartisan Manchin-Toomey amendment-itself a compromise on just one portion of the comprehensive gun control package he called for after Newtown-but he urged people to carry on the fight.

    Calling Wednesday’s actions “just round one,” Obama pledged his administration would take further action wherever possible, but said that it was up to voters to show politicians the consequences of voting against the amendment.

    “I believe we are going to get this done,” Obama said. “Sooner or later, we are going to get this right.”

    1. Another “messaging” problem, apparently.

      1. For being such an amazing, once in a generation, genius, Nobel prize winning speaker, he sure has trouble convincing people that don’t already agree with him.

        1. Wanna know what’s really funny? Obama’s saying all these horrible things about the people who voted against the bill, but one of them was Harry Reid.

          So Obama is now talking about how horrible the Senate Majority leader from his own party is.

          1. Reid voted against it (more accurately, changed his vote afterwards) as a procedural thing, it allows him to hold another vote on the bill.

        2. He apparently has trouble convincing some people who already agree with him.

  2. Fucking Obamacare looked dead, too.

    The Pwoggies are vicious and relentless and hydra-headed beasts. Since no metaphorical stakes can be driven through their absent hearts, they must be metaphorically beaten back at every minute of every hour of every day. Eternal vigilance.

    1. He also said:

      a minority of senators decided “it wasn’t worth it” to protect the nation’s children.

      So does this mean the vote was actually 54-46 FOR the Toomey-Manchin bill? Because I always thought you had to have a majority of the votes to pass something.

      1. They needed sixty to overcome the procedural filibuster, I believe.

        1. ah, I see. So the Senate has to get a filibuster proof majority. So he was accurate.

    2. Fucking Obamacare looked dead, too.

      When did it look dead? Once they decided to illegally pass it using budget reconciliation it was a fait accompli.

  3. Fucking Obamacare looked dead, too.

    Yep…..and it lived. But I don’t think it will live much longer!

    “I believe we are going to get this done,” Obama said. “Sooner or later, we are going to get this right.”

    President Choom Gang make sad face. Awwwww.

    1. Maybe even the unions are starting to get it:

      Roofers’ Union Seeks Repeal/Reform Of Affordable Care Act

      1. When Max Baucus and Jay Rockefeller start making “Better cover my ass with pre-emptive statements of concern before this whole thing goes kablooey next year,” you know it’s in trouble.

  4. promised that the effort could be revived if a public groundswell demanded it.

    or if another tragedy could be conjured up

  5. all we need now is for the boston bomber to not be a tea party type and the left will cry

    1. Local Chicago news reported the suspect as “a white male”. I haven;t seen that confirmed anywhere.

    2. Someone already jumped the gun.…..91445.html

  6. It just so happens that your bill here is only mostly dead. There’s a big difference between mostly dead and all dead. Mostly dead is slightly alive.

    1. Mostly dead is slightly alive.

      Hence the need to always double tap

      1. Don’t forget cardio.

      2. Did you miss the reference?

        1. ah, yes. Now I see I did. And one of my fav movies too. Shame on me.

    2. Rodents of unusual size? I don’t think they exist.

        1. I thought I would need bleach, but the salty tears did the trick instead.

          It was a close call.

        2. I prefer this version.

  7. I think that Dianne looks “mostly dead”. I look forward to the day when she isn’t even “slightly alive”.

    1. I think you look mostly slow!

      1. You will get no argument from me sir!

    1. that’s awesome

    2. but where’s the “no peace” part?

      1. Comments are even better.


        1405 Fans
        31 seconds ago ( 6:24 PM)
        How is it that a mobb like the nra, that barely has more members than the Girl Scouts of America can hold an entire nation hostage?

        Probably because the NRA has a higher approval rating than Barack Obama. Why does a president with a lower approval rating than the NRA think he gets to lecture us on guns?

        1. There are about a million more NRA members then there are Girl Scouts. You know, if we’re going to count noses.

          1. “There are about a million more NRA members then there are Girl Scouts. You know, if we’re going to count noses.”

            Well, that…and girl scouts are generally to young to vote…

        2. I like the assumption that the Senators can’t actually be opposed (or just not support the bill enough) to this, it’s only because of the evil manipulative powers of the NRA lobbying them!

          1. The NRA actually spends less money than Bloomberg alone spends on gun issues. The reason congressmen are scared of the NRA is because the NRA has the email addresses of 40 million gun owners.

            They don’t hate the NRA because the NRA ‘buys congressmen.’ They hate the NRA because the NRA is an effective organization for swaying people in a democracy.

            1. Non-liberals can’t base their votes on issues they care about, or group them together to form some kind of union to bargain as a collective unit. That is undemocratic and evil.

            2. I wonder to what extent the notion that legislators (and the government) will just “solve the problem” undermines counterlobbying to the NRA’s unchecked lies. Especially if this is the “will of the people.”

            3. The unending references to the NRA are nauseating. Do they have any clue how fucking condescending that is? Does anyone even really believe that the NRA is that powerful? Most statist rambling from the common folk on the internets I see lays the blame squarely on flyover state rednecks, which we are fine with accepting.

              1. * Not the blame for violence, for the political opposition of course…

                1. How else could the will of the people be thwarted if not by shadowy powerful SPECIAL INTEREST groups?

                  1. Soros?…or “Teh Kochtopus?”?

        3. How is it that a mobb like the nra, that barely has more members than the Girl Scouts of America can hold an entire nation hostage?

          Maybe it has to do with the 70,000,000 background checks performed for gun purchases since President Hollow Chocolate Bunny took office.

          Invictus….fucking tard!

    3. 2014 is going to be a bad year for conservatives……..real bad

      First comment. Do these people know how America works?

      1. They don’t understand that most people in this country either A) are vehemently opposed to gun control or B) Don’t give a shit. Very few people are hardcore in favor of gun control. It’s an issue that the Republicans cannot lose.

        1. Well, there are millions of people who are in favor of gun control. But they all live in cities, vote Democratic all the time so a national bill isn’t going to change their vote, and already have strict local gun control to go with their high crime rate.

          1. That’s why I don’t understand someone like Toomey turning on this issue. He’s Mister Teaparty in PA and is not going to win the gun control crowd vote no matter what. He had everything to lose and nothing to gain by getting his face in the papers.

            1. He’s playing to the moderates.

              If you’re going to get all strategic, why don’t you go after all the pro-gun morons who are sending him emails saying he’s lost their vote in 2016. Now when the AWB/mag limit bill comes up again in 2014 after the next mass shooting, what incentive does he have to oppose that?

    4. No justice? Because no one tried to solve any of these murders or attempted murders?


      1. It’s not real justice unless innocents are punished!

        See: “social justice”, “emotional justice“, etc.

      2. And nicole’s twitters are now officially shut off. Ugh. I unfollowed someone this morning who confronted me about it and I’m going to have no friends left in a minute.

        1. I unfollowed someone this morning who confronted me about it

          I hope you told them to grow the fuck up.

          1. I’m trying to find a nice way of saying, “Fuck off, slaver.” It’s hard.

            1. Sometimes they just need to hear the truth.

            2. I feel like I have to go throu this every time.

              “I’m giving you a choice. Either fuck off, slaver or start eating trash can.”

              1. Brett, if I didn’t know how easy it was to SF a link here, I’d think you were mad at me or something.

                1. Internet explorer on the work computer sucks. But, yeah, just youtube the fight scene from “They Live”

          Political Junkie/Intellectual Elitist
          446 Fans
          2 minutes ago ( 6:35 PM)
          No, actually, the bill did not fail, it was filibustered.

          There is a difference.

          In a normal, functioning democracy 60% is not the minimum threshold.

          50%+1 is.

          Well, it’s a damn good thing the founders were smart enough to not allow us to be a Democracy then, huh? CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC, MOTHERFUCKERS!

          1. Anyone who calls themselves an intellectual elitist should know that.

            1. Another good one.

              Retired and Loving every minute
              127 Fans
              3 minutes ago ( 6:47 PM)
              five Democrats also opposed the plan

              112 Fans
              1 minute ago ( 6:49 PM)
              Blue Dog Dems who are from Red states……don’t want to lose their next election! Hope they are surprised!

              David AM
              11 Fans
              55 seconds ago ( 6:49 PM)
              You are correct. Blood money knows no party distinctions.
              Permalink | Share it

              I love that the last guy sees that the Blue Dog Democrats are from predominantly Republican states, and comes to the conclusion that they’ve all been bought by NRA money. Yeah, it couldn’t be that the people in those states simply wouldn’t have reelected someone who voted for this.

              Fucking idiots, man.

              1. Bloooooood moneyyyyyy!!!!!!

              2. If they’re from red states and lose their next election isn’t it more likely that it’ll be Republicans (probably socially conservative!) not Socialists winning the election?

                Wouldn’t you prefer the Blue Dogs who vote for ObamaCare, Dodd-Frank, etc.?

                1. HUFFPOST SUPER USER
                  With Liberty and justice for all

                  3576 Fans
                  2 minutes ago ( 7:03 PM)
                  The Senate votes to allow the Boston Bomber to be armed.

                  Yeah, if it weren’t for guns, how could the Boston Bomber have possibly killed anyone?

                  1. They must have snuck in pressure cooker background checks in the middle of the night.

                  2. Wow, SueMVet is more retarded than the average HUFFPOST SUPER USER.

                  3. Yeah, if it weren’t for guns, how could the Boston Bomber have possibly killed anyone?

                    Weren’t you fucking paying attention Irish?

                    When those pressure cooker bombs went off they were positively filled….filled to the very fucking top….with lethal assault handguns that exploded in every direction…the kind that fire themselves and only kill innocent children and nuns!

          2. Hey, this isn’t like abortion or gay marriage where the will of the people has to be denied, self-defense isn’t a right.

            1. Listen, the filibuster is an ancient tradition. Maybe it made sense way back in 2005, but times have changed, and now it’s time to embrace democracy. I propose some kind of option that can blow up the filibuster. It needs to be big though, to make sure the filibuster can not come back. And it’s got to be green, because I like green things. Maybe some kind of nuke?

              1. I was going to type out a post about how the Democrat’s stance on the filibuster will change the instant Republicans regain a majority, but then I realized what crowd I’d be talking to and realized it’s completely unnecessary; it’s pretty much an unspoken assumption, at this point.

                1. Reid’s various quotes on it are pretty fun to juxtapose. “Them trying to eliminate the filibuster is the worst thing ever!” “I’m going to get rid of it!”

        3. My twitter has been remarkably quiet about this.

          1. Here’s a random sample, this one RTed by someone I follow, same here (I don’t fucking follow David Frum), this one is HuffPo Books section RTing a book reviewer, and a local.

        4. I’ve been doing a lot of unfollowing and blocking the past few days. It’s been great.

          1. If I actually yanked everyone anti-gun, it would be 95%, including people I’m socially obligated to be civil to. But every once in a while someone tilts the scales just far enough to go.

            1. I kept quiet to “friends” semi-unknowingly calling me a monster and such in the wake of Sandy Hook. I really should just not have twitter under my real name.

              Waiting for round two to get going this evening, though.

              1. “friends” semi-unknowingly calling me a monster and such in the wake of Sandy Hook

                I know. It’s real fun. Statists gonna state.

            2. Well, it was more about the Boston problem than gun control. Anybody who was claiming that they just knew it was a white anti-government male or a Muslim got unfollowed and blocked.

      3. Some of those people look awful old to be Newtown casualties.

        1. We’re all Newtown casualties now.

          1. Well, we could have been, but it looks like maybe we won’t be.

        2. Maybe they’re age projections. This is what they would’ve looked like had they not been gunned down by ratfucking teabagger gun nuts!

          Otherwise I would assume they’re from the Aurora movie theater too?

    5. “OBAMA RIPS GUN LOBBY” (huffpo)

      Sorry, the actual ‘rip’ is on those who have read the damn Constitution.

  8. we need to change the members of the Senate.

    I hope the Secret Service and the Capitol Police have been alerted.

    1. They’d probably assist in removing the “offending” Senators.

      1. Off to the gulags comrade.

    2. She just means get a map with targets on it or something.

  9. “”This was a pretty shameful day for Washington,” President Obama declared after today’s votes, saying senators who voted against the amendments he supported “caved.””

    You think he can’t possibly be a bigger piece of shit than he already is, and then BAM!

    He’s very Progressive that way.

    1. I actually agree with him. It is very shameful that 54 Senators and the President tried to break their oaths of office, and no one is going to impeach them for it.

      1. Exactly, it is pretty shameful. Just not in the way Obama feels.

    2. “”I believe we are going to get this done,” Obama said. “Sooner or later, we are going to get this right.””


  10. Totally OT, but I was at a customer’s all day today:

    I have a date tomorrow with the cheek kiss girl. I am very surprised by that.

    1. Auric, while I am sure your dating life is fascinating, I was wondering if you would like a big ‘ol cup of Who gives a shit?

      1. While this comment is hilarious, didn’t you used to talk about your dating life a lot?

        1. I mean really what’s more interesting, Auric’s dating life or progressive retards?

          1. Don’t forget to include the lack of anal when you make that calculation.

          2. Progressive retards.

            1. Dating is individual-based drama. Statists are just annoying and predictable evil fuckfaces.

              1. I disagree. When people talk about their relationships, most people think they’re more interesting than they actually are. Unless something crazy as fuck happens, most relationships are not particularly interesting.

                On the other hand, progs are always crazy as fuck.

        2. No I’m just giving him shit on this one because he has obsessed over this girl and the kiss on the cheek for about a week. Dude’s overthinkink it.

          Hope all is well in your love life rbs.

          1. A woman touched him, Goldie. Touched him.

            He can’t not talk about it.

          2. Since you asked, my wife and I are finally taking a honeymoon next week. After 2 1/2 years and a baby we figured it’s time.

      2. If the old married guys stop wanting to talk about it, I’ll stop posting about it.

        1. Any other girl i wouldn’t say it,but you have been obsessed. You got it bad for this girl dude

          1. Damnit, now I kind of want to know the story.

          2. I’m not even the one who asked for this date. She’s 4th on my list of 4 interests right now, and I only said yes because of a lot of prodding from our mutual friend. I’ve mentioned her twice, and only this time because it’s a surprising followup to the last one (which was really just mentioned as an excuse for people to make a bunch of hilarious jokes).

            1. Pro tip Auric-

              Keep your romantic endeavors offline.

              The internet is forever, and she might not appreciate you discussing her on a libertarian comment section.

              /learned from experience (not here, but elsewhere)

      3. You know, behavior like that significantly reduces the chances that he might upload photos of said girl in the future.

    2. Maybe she’s really into you and the cheek thing was just girl game.

      1. Good point. Did she give you negs before that?

      2. Girls aren’t that stupid, right? I lost pretty much all interest when that happened.

        Wait, what am I saying, they’re girls. Of course they aren’t that stupid. They are that crazy.

        1. Your first mistake was attempting to analyze a woman’s thoughts.

  11. God Obama is such a jackass. I may have hated Bush’s term in office, but now that he is gone, i don’t feel the need to spit on him. Hell, he might be fun at a baseball game. But if in 10 years i meet Obama, I will go out of my way to be a dick to him

    1. He’s just a bully. It’s amazing that liberals like the guy. They talk about how terrible ‘bullying’ is, and then the support someone whose entire political strategy is bullying, lying and berating his opponents.

      1. Well, the left supports an entire political ideology based around bullying and berating opponents.

      2. Irish| 4.17.13 @ 6:51PM |#
        “He’s just a bully. It’s amazing that liberals like the guy.”

        I don’t think so. Shithead loves the concept of the guy with the biggest gun *forcing* people to do what shithead wants.

  12. McCain apparently voted in favor. Hopefully he lashes out at Rand Paul again.

    1. Does McCain have any conservative positions?

      1. How dare you, he was a FOOTSOLDIER in the Reagan Revolution!

        1. He’d probably call Reagan a wacko bird nowadays

  13. Now gun and ammo prices can finally come back down to earth.


      1. Can we at least pretend?

        1. I’ll start pretending if there is any 9mm at the store this weekend.

          1. This weekend seems a wee bit optimistic. I was thinking in the next 6 months timeframe.

            1. Oh, well in that case I’m totally pretending with you.

    2. Maybe when the #1 Firearm Salesman of the Year is finally out of office, and replaced with someone who has a solid record on guns. Probably not ’till then.

    3. I hate having to choose between beer money and expendable ammo at the range money. In a perfect world, I would not need to make the choice but have both at the same time.

  14. Anyone “with a good conscience,” Manchin claimed, could not possibly question whether a bill supposedly aimed at preventing mass shootings would actually do that.

    “If you love jesus and kittens and freedom, you must also pass this idiotic legislation. Because.”

    It makes me wonder what the gap is (if any) between how stupid politicians *think* the public is, and how stupid the public actually is.

    I mean, going by WaPo comments, clearly they’re lowballing some… but for gods sake, do they not realize some people see right through the fucking rhetorical mush? and are insulted at being talked to that way?

  15. “Today’s vote is a damning indictment of the stranglehold that special interests have on Washington,” Bloomberg said. “More than 40 U.S. senators would rather turn their backs on the 90 percent of Americans who support comprehensive background checks than buck the increasingly extremist wing of the gun lobby.”

    “The only silver lining is that we now know who refuses to stand with the 90 percent of Americans ? and in 2014, our ever-expanding coalition of supporters will work to make sure that voters don’t forget,” Bloomberg added.

    “Democrats ? who are so quick to blame Republicans for our broken gun laws ? could not stand united,” Bloomberg said. “And Republicans ? who are so quick to blame Democrats for not being tough enough on crime ? handed criminals a huge victory, by preserving their ability to buy guns illegally at gun shows and online and keeping the illegal trafficking market well-fed.”

    1. Wat.

      1. Just illegal isn’t working, we need them to be DOUBLE ILLEGAL!

    2. I didn’t realize Bloomberg was elected to spearhead the national gun control movement.

    3. Maybe he can get a co-branding thing going with the NRA. Just send out one pamphlet. “x voted to protect gun rights!”

      It’s amazing they think this will be good for them. Bye, Toomey, maybe you can become a Dem briefly before losing. Bye McCain, wacko bird. Bye, Manchin. Hope you enjoyed your term, McCaskill.

      1. They forgot about Daschle real quick.

    4. Is there any data on how often criminals actually “buy guns illegally at gun shows and online”?

  16. I love how they keep trotting out the supposed fact that “90% of Americans support this”. I wonder what the survey question actually said, and I wonder how many of this alleged 90% has read any of the bills, has any idea how the current system works, or has ever seen a real gun.

    1. “I wonder what the survey question actually said,”

      Prolly something along the line of:
      ‘Would you support a law that kept people from killing kids?’

    2. Remember in the beginning of this mess they were even claiming that 80% of NRA members supported these laws? They finally had to quit when the NRA did a poll of its members and it went 90+% the other way.

    3. Indeed. I’m sure the question is vaguely worded. And, of course, in surveys you can get large percentages of the public to support all sorts of unconstitutional and unworkable nonsense.

  17. REID: In the 1920s, organized crime was committing murders with machine guns. So Congress dramatically limited the sale and transfer of machine guns. As a result, machine guns all but disappeared from the streets. We can and should take the same common-sense approach to safeguard Americans from modern weapons of war.

    That is why I will vote for Senator Dianne Feinstein’s assault weapons ban ? because we must strike a better balance between the right to defend ourselves and the right of every child in America to grow up safe from gun violence. I will vote for the ban because maintaining law and order is more important than satisfying conspiracy theorists who believe in black helicopters and false flags. And I will vote for the ban because saving the lives of young police officers and innocent civilians is more important than preventing imagined tyranny.

    1. This statement is really pretty incredible. How can so many outright lies and false equivalence can you fit into that many words?

  18. Unless something crazy as fuck happens, most relationships are not particularly interesting.

    Reality teevee, in a nutshell.

    Who wants to watch a bunch of guys just getting their work done?

    Speaking of which, I was so desperate for amusement I watched a couple of episodes about the hog hunters in Texas.

    Talk about your retard circus; holy shit. Although the blonde could definitely have me, if she played her cards right.

    1. You said it yourself: retard circus. How is that not at least potentially entertaining?

      1. The one about the gypsy sisters from West Virgina is particularly insane.

      2. Has anyone seen commercials for that sy-fy show “Deep South Paranormal?” It looks like it’s going to be the most insane thing of all time. It’s basically ghost hunters but with backwood hicks.

  19. Speaking of guns, I know the gun show at Dulles is big, but if you see a tall, short-haired, slightly chubby, bespectacled chick (sounds sexy, non?) and a stocky, slightly chubby, bald, tattooed dude – that’s me n’ the squeeze. Feel free to introduce thyselves. Probably will be there Sunday. I’ll also be focusing on the concealed carry handbags, to get ideas for my own future line of much-more-fashionable-than-gun-show-purses line of bags.

    1. ideas for my own future line of much-more-fashionable-than-gun-show-purses line of bags

      DO IT.

      No, seriously, please.

      1. I’m ruminatin on it, nicole. The last gun show I attended the bags were bugly and fugly. And boring. I need to find a leather sewing & tooling class, though.

        1. Consider subcontracting. I had some shoe repair done recently, and discovered that my local hole-in-the-wall shoe repair joint has a sideline of making small runs of shoes for some local designer. Any cobbler has leatherworking experience.

    2. I’ll also be focusing on the concealed carry handbags, to get ideas for my own future line of much-more-fashionable-than-gun-show-purses line of bags.

      Be careful. Rolling Stone Magazine might claim that you’re trying to seduce women and children into the dangerous world of guns with your evil gun paraphernalia.

      1. I, uh, don’t expect great economic analysis from Rolling Stone, being that they employ Matt Taibbi and all, but I just got through the first three paragraphs of that article and it’s completely absurd. The whole theory about demos makes no sense, and they’re saying the industry is both struggling and raking it in at the same time. What complete fucking nonsense.

        1. I read that in my dentist’s waiting room and started laughing. My favorite part is ‘They’re trying to trick 7 year olds into buying guns.’ As if a child is capable of buying a firearm.

          1. Online, without a background check, duh!

          2. Perversely, the Newtown massacre has only added to the wave of panic buying ? as consumers stockpile weapons that could be outlawed.

            And this right here is where you know you have an absolute shit editor, because it’s 100% logical, not surprising or perverse.

            1. I went to the store the other day and you would not believe what consumers were stockpiling that could be outlawed.

              1. What now? Pressure cookers I expect?

            2. This would happen with any item that could potentially be outlawed. The fact that Rolling Stone doesn’t realize this is evidence of how stupid the writers for Rolling Stone are.

    3. Yeah, let us all know if this happens.

    4. My sister has one she likes but she’d probably appreciate a more fashionable bag, if it wasn’t ridiculously priced.

      1. Everything targeted at gun/sporting people is ridiculously priced.

        I was looking at range bags and the cheap ones were $80-$100 and were basically just a gym bag with more pockets. I ended up buying a stanley toolbag from wal mart for fifteen bucks. It’s more heavy duty than the “tactical” crap I looked at, has a gazillion pockets, and fits everything well.

        Found it. It has six pockets on the outside and 6 on the inside, and was waaay fucking cheaper at wally world.

        Leaving tangent now…

        My point being that if you want to shoot on a budget you’ll have to either make stuff yourself or improvise.

        Take targets, too much money, eat a dick target sellers…

        I use all the boxes that christmas presents come in from amazon and a can of that bright ass orange spray paint to make my own. They work well.

  20. Gotta jsut love those bought and paid for politicians.

  21. JacksonJones
    Absit iniuria verbis!
    720 Fans
    5 seconds ago ( 7:30 PM)
    The Civil Rights Act took a while to pass over conservative objections, too. It is just a matter of time.

    to Huffington Post’s Best and Brightest:

    Better make sure you get that passed before we all just print our own guns, sucko.

  22. From Twitter:

    Jon Lovett ? @jonlovett

    NRA leadership drinking champagne tonight then having a sexual bacchanal on a bed of guns

    BWAHAHAHAHAHA! I love liberals. They have the most bizarre view of their opponents, and it is utterly hysterical.

    1. But in reality that sounds like a fairly fun party.

      1. That’s my favorite part. They make it sound like being a Republican or Libertarian is FUCKING AWESOME. In order to talk about how evil we secretly are, they need to come up with weird claims about how rich we are and what crazy Dionysian sex parties we have.

        They’re the best advertising right-wingers have.

        1. That’s what all of the rich and elite do, just wild wasteful hedonism endlessly. Not like those Representatives and Senators and their staffs who are working tirelessly for the people.

      2. Yeah, it does. Except for them being all hard and pokey. Like…OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH

    2. They do seem to think everyone has some weird sexual attachment to things liberals hate.

      1. Considering how they practically orgasm over just the concept of “democracy working” this kind of thing was probably a big cockblock to them.

      2. Projection!

  23. Seriously, there was once a time the Left criticized the “No Fly Lists” because they were potentially racist, violated freedoms of speech and association, and weren’t reviewable nor did they inform the passenger they had been placed upon said list.

    1. That’s different, this will never lead to any kind of list and no one would ever confiscate guns from law abiding citizens. That’s just paranoid thinking.

      However if we do want to eliminate gun violence we do need to confiscate every gun in private hands and fast. These teabagging wackjobs like The Boston Bomber should not have weapons of mass destruction and need to be disarmed by any means necessary.

    2. The mask is all the way off, and tossed aside. They’ve embraced full-on authoritarianism, and are flirting with totalitarianism.

      I’ve been really wanting to start trolling them, but at this point, I’m afraid to leave any traces like an email , IP, or caller ID.

      “Yea, we need background checks, but it’ll never work”


      “He sold me that gun a month before the background check requirement”

      “So we need a way to track that”

      “yea, but then they’ll just print them, and we won’t even have the track on the initial sale”

    3. And prone to error and mistaken identity.

      1. Pft! There’ll never be mistakes on it, and that’s why they need to roll it right in to the prohibited list for background checks.

      2. That’s just because BUSH created the No Fly List!

        And besides if you’re accidentally on the No Guns List nobody is harmed. One less person who will be gunning down people after traffic accidents and bar arguments.

    A biocitizen is 3/5 of a corporate citizen
    1798 Fans
    25 seconds ago ( 7:29 PM)
    I’m printing out the picture of the legislators on the front page, blowing it up, and using it for a dartboard…or maybe a target at the gun range.

    Eliminationist Rhetoric!!!!!!

    Damn… I really need to resist getting an account there…

    1. A biocitizen is 3/5 of a corporate citizen

      WTF does that even mean?

      1. Real people are slaves, hurr durr.

      2. It’s a pretentious joke about the 3/5ths amendment. It still makes no sense.

        1. I figured that out after I posted. Someone should tell him how humor works.

          1. The sad thing is he probably isn’t joking, because corporations and stuff… man.

      3. It means they’ve been spending too much time at Huffington

  25. or maybe a target at the gun range.

    Go for it.

    I use Che.

  26. Really tempted to re-up my NRA membership after this one. I got so sick of the amount of calls and emails and mailings from them.

    Do any of the other orgs do a better chance of not asking you to renew month 1? And not flooding the mailbox?

    1. Gun Owners of America is good. Virginia has the Virginia Citizen’s Defense League (VCDL). Other states are working on similar organizations.

    1. I have sent my letters to all four democrats, and it wasn’t pretty. Shame on them. As I watched our President, our fellow citizens, parents, fathers/mothers, it just about brought me down on my knees. I’m pissed, and I intend to let everybody know.

      This is sickening. They are cowards. I am a teacher and I had to go through a background check and finger printing to teach. Parents and anyone that wants to volunteer to help with a school function must be cleared and go through a background check as well. Common sense would dictate at least the same standards be used for anyone purchasing a gun. Sanity does not seem to exist in the minds of the Senate Wimps that voted this legislation down!

      1. What is it with liberals and lists of random people?

        “Our neighbors, friends, mail persons, and ice cream shop workers all agree…”

        “The policemen, nurses, uncles, and teachers all came together to…”

        “The priests, the rabbis, and the bartenders make this nation a nation of great joke tellers and with your help…”

        1. And also with the comparing gun regulations to stoopid current regulations.

          “You need a license to have a farm, and guns are more dangerous than cows…”

          Oh, I didn’t know that we the purpose of stoopid legislation was to provide a base of justification for later stoopid legislation. I didn’t pay much attention in public school, so I must have missed that lesson by zoning out and drawing cubes in my notebook.

        2. Considering how many of their arguments are based entirely around appeal to emotion or authority, well, this is a combo package.

  27. These gun grabbers really are pulling out the stops, even to the extreme of using the old blood libel tactic. Seriously, how transparent is it when someone accuses a sizeable group of people of actively wanting to harm children?

    1. But you better not call them props.



        They got it…and lost… Now, on to immigration the next distraction…

  28. Chrissie Matthews is outraged by this gun vote. Also, members of the Senate who are not susceptible to coercion by the parade of pathetic sad-faced props (Rand Paul, he’s looking at you) are evil anti-people meanies, because in the old days, people like Chris Matthews could roam the halls of congress at will.

    Obama was never more statesmanlike than when he was motherfucking those rotten bastards who shot this thing down. And here’s the tape. What a snotty, petulant little bitch.

  29. “They caved to the pressure.”

    The listened to their constituents, you mean.

    1. The voting public are the worst Lobbyists out there.

  30. I am loving the liberal butthurt on Facebook right now, it’s so fun going around commenting “FREEDOM” and “umad?” on all the paragraph long emotional statuses.

    1. Just make sure to call it “a clear mandate” every time you address it, for maximum salty ham tears.

  31. Actually, it scares me that they got this close. A majority of Senators actually voted FOR this. It may, in fact, only be a matter of time.

  32. So, many Democrats assume that in general, more people having legal access to guns, regardless of intent or circumstances, will lead to more gun violence. Let’s grant that as true for a moment. If the president and his party allies in Congress propose gun control legislation, the only tangible effects of which are a) the legislation doesn’t pass, and b) citizens across the country buy a lot more guns in anxiety over an anticipated ban, that means that it can be expected that gun control politics begets increased access to guns, which in turn begets increased gun violence.

    Would not the Democrats’ own logic force them to conclude that their policies are the source of the problem?

    1. Assuming logic was involved was your first mistake.

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