Boston Marathon Bombing

Video Sums Up the Horror of the Boston Marathon Blasts


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In a busy, broke and often bloody world, it takes a big and, usually, terrible story to dominate the headlines. Today, that big story was a lethal bombing attack on the Boston Marathon — an attack that killed at least two people, including an eight-year-old child, and wounded over a hundred at the latest count. The usual idiots are already finger-pointing, but as I write, nobody know who was responsible.

Plenty will be written about this incident in the days to come, more will be said, and something especially ill-considered will probably be legislated. For now, let's just let a video of the attack speak for itself.

From Boston Globe/YouTube:

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  1. including an eight-year-old child

    Looks like Obama found his bloody shirt.

    1. I’m saddened to see Tuccille doesn’t give a shit about the adult who died. Otherwise, why single out the eight-year-old?

      I was flipping through the channels, and one of the cable news channels’ tickers read, “150 (I don’t think that was the exact number) injured, among them 9 children (it might have been 8)”. Fuck all those injured adults — we can’t use them as easily to manipulate people’s emotions.

      I hate hate hate when news outlets single out people below a certain age among the dead/injured.

      1. Eh… I find it more tragic when kids die. Adults are all assholes, me included. I mean, some kids are assholes, don’t get me wrong. But ALL adults are assholes.

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      2. “Injured adults” seems like a euphemism when people had their legs blown off.

      3. I have neither read nor seen anything on this as I am far away and a bit out of touch.

        Is anyone making a special reporting of “Women and children” or is it “children” now.. I just ask because there is still a War on Women doncha know?

        1. … and how dare you write an article without brainless speculation.. How am I to know what to think?

  2. Ugh…

    Just… ugh.

  3. Oh, yeah, that’s no gas main explosion. If that turns out to be a gas main explosion, I’ll eat a bug.

    1. A gas main explosion would quite likely continue to burn after the initial deflagration event.

  4. You can see the second explosion in the lower, left-hand screen at 23 seconds.

    People obviously conspired on this attack. Just me, but there’s got to be multiple assailants.

    1. Yeah. I would say it was multiple.

  5. The white smoke militates against oxygen deficient explosives, suggesting IED’s charged with acetone peroxide rather than dynamite, military explosives or ammonium nitrate.

    1. Acetone peroxide wouldn’t make it to the scene unless they had it temperature controlled until the blast. To have any type of peroxide bombs on a warm day and not have spontaneous detonation would be pretty effin’ difficult, especially multiple timed explosives.

    2. Yes. In a proper explosion, it isnt there then it reaches maximum expansion in an imperceptible period of time. When you see one for the first time it is a jaw-dropper. You just cant believe how fast, how violent they are. I think trinitrogen toluene expands at 17,000 fps…or so.

      With Gasoline, Ammonium Nitrate, some black powders etc. it is more like a big whooosh, usually with a fireball and smoke. I think of them more as rapid burns than explosions. They expand in the low single digit Kfps.

      This was a crappy improvised bomb.

      1. And as the smoke plume moves skyward there is a perceptible orange hue to the cloud. I’m thinking ammonium nitrate, possibly mixed with a powdered metal and set off with a primary.

        If you watch the other video on the web of the runners passing by, only one guy gets hit with flying debris and the other runners barely notice. A high explosive, at that distance, would not only produce a shockwave that would (at least) get the attention of the runners, but would provide a much larger kill radius.

        1. Based on the reports of ER doctors pulling ball bearings out of victims, I’m guessing it was designed as a frag bomb to maim more than kill.

          1. That a bomb detonated among a crowd of people has frag in it is a given. It’s the only way to increase lthality without having to get too sophisticated.

            The fragmentary elements of a bomb are always designed to kill, there is no way for an amateur to design a bomb to more maim than kill. They knew they had a shitty bomb and any nails, scrap, or ball bearings were intentionally included to kill more innocent people.

            1. Kill, maim, scare – all good to a terrorist. Even the military doesn’t discern when they issue grenades.

              1. It sure as hell matters. The intention, method, and capability are all inexorably linked in any kind of terrorist attack. No matter how ‘crazy’ the person, or group carrying out these things there is a motive and intent.

                Pretending that any motivation is as good as the next leaves you with a one dimensional actor, and without any depth he’ll never be understood fully.

                1. I blame Bush.

    3. The white smoke militates against oxygen deficient explosives, suggesting IED’s charged with acetone peroxide rather than dynamite, military explosives or ammonium nitrate.

      Your expertise is impressive.

      Where were you at the time of the explosion?


    “CBS News senior correspondent John Miller reports that a Saudi national is being questioned by authorities. He was seen “acting suspiciously” running from the explosion and a civilian chased him down and tackled him. He was turned over to Boston Police and is being questioned by FBI. He is being cooperative and denies any involvement.”

    1. Unlike any of the other 1000 people running from the scene, none of whom were suspicious.

      1. They were less Arab-y.

        1. What about guys with CAT Diesel hats? The Militias are watching…

      2. I’m not jumping to any conclusions, just thought it was odd and potentially relevant. I mean, a civilian tackled him? Maybe someone actually saw it being planted.

        1. I just thought the quote was oddly phrased.

          It makes it sound as if running away from multiple explosions is suspicious behavior. And that’s a little silly.

          1. Yeah as usual the cops/media leave out the most pertinent details. WTF could have have been doing that was so suspicious? I guess we’ll find out (or probably not).

            1. If he started running away just before the explosion, it might look a bit suspicious. But who knows.

                1. “Authorities told Miller that the person in custody is not charged and not under arrest. He is being cooperative, answering their questions, and denying involvement. They’ll likely be going over this person’s communications and examine every aspect of his life, as well as talk to the witness who tackled him to find out what the person of interest did that seemed suspicious.”

                  Wait, so they didn’t even find out why this guy was tackled before they made him a person of interest?

          2. If the guy is denying it, I seriously doubt he was involved. Jihadists are generally proud of blowing people up and happy to die for their efforts.

            I bet this guy is guilty of being swarthy at the wrong place.

            1. That’s not true. The original World Trade bombers didn’t want to get caught.

              1. They tried to get their deposit back on the truck they blew up. Real brainiacs.

      3. It couldn’t possibly be a Muslim, Fluffy. Maybe it was a Jew like me, eh? You pathetic clown. Maybe Ekaterina Junge will chime in and say we’re picking on the Muslims again — sheesh!

        There’s no need to fear. Underzog is here!

        1. Don’t make yourself so scarce.

        2. Holy shit, Underzog!

        3. Wow. Are Thoreau and Gaius Marius to follow?

        4. Actually it could have been anybody.

    2. Latest I heard on CNN a few minutes ago that they were looking for “dark-skinned or black national” with indeterminant accent. Actually, they were warning people to stay away from him.

      1. Yep, from CNN.

        [Update, 8:36 p.m.] Investigators have warned law enforcement officers to be on the lookout for a “darker-skinned or black male” with a possible foreign accent in connection with Monday’s bombings at the Boston Marathon, according to a law enforcement advisory obtained by CNN.

        The man was seen with a black backpack and sweatshirt and was trying to get into a restricted area about five minutes before the first explosion, the lookout notice states.

        So far, that white tea bagger that the progs are praying for, hasn’t been seen.

        1. So far, that white tea bagger that the progs are praying for, hasn’t been seen.

          Yes….I’m told that Dianne Feinstein is inconsolable.

        2. It was obviously that Uncle Tom Teabagger that showed up to an Obama event with a gun.

        3. “darker-skinned or black male” with a possible foreign accent

          That narrows it down.

          The Highpoint neighborhood where I live is chock full of darker skinned back people with foreign accents. Maybe they should start there. One of them probably knows the bomber.

        4. So far, that white tea bagger that the progs are praying for, hasn’t been seen.

          That’s because they all look alike.

      2. Boston Marathon: dark-skinned or black national with accent describes half the runners, doesn’t it?

        1. And if not the runners, then their spouses and friends…

    3. This guy’s dog is as good as dead.

  7. I highly doubt that this is homegrown, from either side, simply because being homegrown, they tend to know enough about us and our culture to actually choose their targets to have some meaning. What does blowing up a bunch of civilians running say, other than that running and thin people suck (on that note, has anyone confirmed the whereabouts of Lindsey West?)? A left wing group hits up a bank or government research complex, the right wing ones would fuck with the IRS (especially today).

    This to me reeks of foreign or religiously motivated terrorism- one where ever person who is American is their enemy, and their symbol is, “Your dead!”

    This time, can we skip the nation building and go right to the “Shooting them in the body multiple times” part?

    1. Someone on the other thread was saying this is the anniversary of something to do with Sacco and Vanzeti.

      1. Then it has to be a foreign national. Ask anyone under 50 who Sacco and Vanzetti are and they’ll look at you quizzically and ask if you’re talking about a line of mens clothing!

        1. Ask anyone under 50 who is a product of the American school system who Sacco and Vanzetti are…

          Fixed that for me!

          1. Sacco and Vanzetti were guilty — Communist propaganda notwithstanding.

            “There’s no need to fear. Underzog is here!”

          2. They were the less gay version of Leopold and Loeb.

        2. Sacco and Vanzetti are and they’ll look at you quizzically and ask if you’re talking about a line of mens clothing!

          Well, black is in…..

          1. …and isn’t it always!

          2. I prefer to be “in” black.

            1. Just for that, you get a Stevie Wonder.

            2. And you will never go back.

              1. Yep 🙂

              2. Banjos

                Where you been? We were beginning to think Sloop had you chained up in the kitchen making mayo.

                1. He may have had her chained but mayo isn’t the only thing they were making…gratz!

                  1. Wait…what do you all mean by “mayo”?

      2. “Someone on the other thread was saying this is the anniversary of something to do with Sacco and Vanzeti.”

        I would imagine every day is an anniversary of something controversial.. Analysis fail.

    2. Someone posted on HuffPo, that they know it has to be an ex-military type involved in some sort of militia, who hates education, because all people who run in races are like, super duper smart liberals.

      Someone seriously posted that. But it’s HuffPo, so I’m sure no one here is surprised.

      1. yeah, because no military people ever run or are in shape or anything. It is not like the Marine Corps sponsors a marathon or anything. God they are terrifyingly stupid.

      2. Bruce Jenner ran, and ended up with the Kardashians. You call that smart?

      3. lol, that’s ridiculous.

        Obviously it’s an ex-military type who hates women because women run in races.

        1. I think it’s a sneak attack by Bloomberg. “Some of those elite athletes are known to consume massive amounts of calories daily.. How come those guys aren’t fat?? Hmm.. oh well.. My intentions are pure.”

    3. This to me reeks of foreign or religiously motivated terrorism- one where ever person who is American is their enemy, and their symbol is, “Your dead!”

      Major Marathons = Kenyans.

      1. Good thing all the Kenyans had blown past the line almost 2 hours earlier.

        1. Well played, sir, well played.

    4. The set up is very IRA. The bombs are very Palestinian. They like to put the bolts and stuff in to inflict maximum damage, especially on children. I don’t think it’s the IRA or the Palis (though the latter wouldn’t surprise me). Probably some off-shoot of what we’ve been dealing with since 9-11.

      I hope we get the bastards, but I hope we don’t invade and occupy another country for 10 plus years.

  8. Here’s what we know about the perpetrators so far:

    If you work for the media, feel free to idly speculate on what could fill that white space.

    1. It is weird that no group has yet fought its way to the head of the pack to claim credit. Normally terrorists are into that sort of shit, so maybe it is just some random nutter.

      1. Maybe they are waiting for their people to get clear – out of the state or country – before claiming responsibility.

    2. On my browser, it’s gray space.

  9. From the Globe: Just before 8 p.m., a “person of interest” was being questioned at Brigham and Women’s in connection with the bombing, according to an official briefed on the investigation. The individual was hurt in the explosion, the official said.

    1. NYPOST is reporting that suspect is a 20 year old Saudi national.…..PDGIjYBalO

      1. They seem to be going back and forth on this. CNN reports the same thing.

      2. Huh, that link is still reporting 12 dead. Everyone else is reporting 3.

  10. I’ll be sleeping on this story until some more facts come to light.

    Until then, I’ll be sitting on an ice pack and thanking Aqua Buddha that Tax (That Ass) Day comes but once a year.

    1. See all those police, firefighters, & EMTs helping people in Boston? This is why we pay taxes.

      1. Yeah because if we didn’t give the government trillions of dollars, there wouldn’t be any cops or EMTs.

        Please tell me you were being sarcastic and you are not this stupid.

        1. we should send bills to the victims instead?

          1. The victims will get bills. You think ambulance service is free? And just because there are a few legitimate functions of government, doesn’t mean that there are not any number of other things that are not.

          2. That’s what you got out of John’s comment?

            1. Cali, whatever do you mean? It would be unpossible for the private sector to ever come up with anything as complex as EMTs and firefighters. Only gubmint can save us.

              1. Not just that, but if the federal government didn’t spend over $3.5 trillion dollars every year, we wouldn’t even have EMTs and firefighters, not to mention our beloved heroes in blue!

                1. or ROADS!

          3. we should send bills to the victims instead?

            Those fun-filled ambulance rides ain’t free, cockmongler.

            1. HOLY FUCK!!!

              What are the fees for ambulance service?

              Basic life support: $900.00

              Advanced life support: $1,050.00

              Advanced life support II: $1,200.00

              Oxygen: $25.00 (regardless of the amount)

              Mileage*: $17.00 per mile

              An additional fee of $100.00 shall be assessed for individuals who are not a resident of Chicago.

              T o n y is right, private business is evil and always gouges their customers!

        2. Look at the name John. Bankmangler.

          Do I have to ‘splain?

          1. Leave junkbungler alone!

            1. I thought he’d changed his “handle” to “Spunkgargler”?

              1. Gunttingler?

                1. you mom

                  1. You bungled “your”, you moran.

      2. Because that’s all government does: Police, firefighters, and Ambulances.

        Pay no attention to the $60,000 Star Trek parodies by the IRS, the massive DoE loans to various green energy snake oil salesmen, or the shiny new drones on their way to counter-terrorize some Pakistani weddings.

      3. See all those police, firefighters, & EMTs helping people in Boston? This is why we pay taxes.

        See all those homeland security officials, post-911 security apparatus and TSA agents? That’s why we pay taxes, to keep these things from happening.

        Oh wait…

      4. Hmm, a moniker of “bank mangler” rah-rahing government and taxes. I smell that pro-government pep-rally known as Occupy [Some Shit].

      5. “This is why we pay taxes.”

        Dumbest fucking comment of the month. Congrats!

  11. I’m impressed by the group working together to tear down the barricades so responders could get to the victims.

    1. I was proud to see some National Guardsmen come running into the scene in under 2 minutes.

      Well done.

      1. Absolutely. They were definitely taking charge. But a part of me was also a little sad because I was wondering how much of it was training and how much of it was hard-earned experience from having had to rescue buddies in the same situation after an IED exploded in Iraqi or Afghanistan?

        1. Maybe some of both (the video isn’t clear enough for me to see badges).

          The better Marines and Soldiers I’ve known we predisposed to run towards a crisis before their first day of training.

  12. I am taking odds on the chances this Saudi guy is innocent. I say it is at least 60% they have the wrong guy. What say you?

    1. Given the 1996 bombing fiasco, I give it a 90% innocent.

    2. Unfortunately stereotypes are usually based on reality. With even odds, I would bet the Saudi has something to do with it.

      1. Eh, even assuming the perpetrator is Muslim, there’s going to be a decent number of Middle Eastern people at an event like the Boston Marathon, and I have hard time believing this guy was close enough to the area where he was injured in the blast (unless he was a suicide bomber, in which case he’d be dead) and I haven’t heard any actual evidence that he was involved.

  13. If it turns out the Saudi guy is guilty, the media will fall all over itself telling us how we can’t read too much into this event and the real danger is the evil Islamophobic right wingers and the backlash that is brewing over this terrible tragedy.

    If it turns out a white person who once visited Ron Paul’s website is guilty, the media will write a million stories about all of the important lessons that can be drawn about the entire right wing, and white men in particular from this one act.

    1. It’s as if you sit in during the editorial meetings…..interesting!

      1. They are just very predictable.

    2. Well, if it is somehow linked to North Korea, the media has a mighty big war boner concerning that country right now.

      Not that I necessarily object to glassing North Korea and turning it into a giant Honda parking lot, but remember that every so often the media feels like selling us a war. Remember the Maine and all that shit.

      1. If the NORKs did this, and I would be more than shocked if they did, fuck yeah, nuke them. Don’t risk a single American life. Fuck them. Send a few hundred nukes and be done with that fucking place.

        1. The tens of millions of innocent Koreans are OK with that.

          1. I’m not so sure “Evil Psy” could even afford to get a terrorist to the US.

        2. That’s a little excessive

        3. Yeah, I’m sure the South Koreans and Chinese would be really happy if we dropped nuclear weapons on the country between them.

          Sometimes you’re a bit insane.

          1. Yeah, with everything that is happening in NK, basically the fault of one tyrannical family, I don’t really think that nuking millions of innocent people there is a good idea. As a matter of fact, it’s quite insane.

            1. John wouldn’t be John if he didn’t go Red Tony crazy every once in a while

            2. Oh please, sometimes you guys think so black and white (RASSSIST).

              Nuking only Pyongyang would be a just punishment.

              1. Nuking only Pyongyang would be a just punishment for Jong-un and his troops

                There, fixed that for you.

              2. I think conventional bombing military targets and key political targets, including assassination attempts on Kim and other leaders, would be a lot preferable to nuking a city full of millions of people who had nothing to do with it

                1. Don’t let Cyto hear you talking like that!

              3. Considering all we would have to do is drop bags of rice over the city with notes attached that read “If you want more, all you have to do is impale Kim’s head on a spike,” no, it wouldn’t be a just punishment.

                1. Your idea isn’t bad but I prefer the sure way. The Fallout way.

                  1. That’s because you’re a sociopath

          2. Sometimes you’re a bit insane.

            That’s nothing. At least he’s never advocated nuking Afghanistan.

            1. I think John’s suggestion of hitting North Korea with hundred of nukes over this attack (if they were responsible) is much more insane than nuking Afghanistan over 9/11 (even though I think that too would have been crazy)

              1. A ton of nukes all over IS a lot more nuts, I’ll give John (dis)credit for that.

                1. Not to mention that 3,000 Americans died in 9/11. As tragic as today was, the death toll doesn’t compare to that. And there’s no way to hit North Korea with hundreds of nukes without hitting China and South Korea. There are definitely some important countries right next Afghanistan, but not nearly as important (from a geopolitical perspective) as those two.

            2. There was nothing ‘insane’ about nuking Tora Bora back during the liberation of Afghanistan. Only a morally stunted retard would disagree.

              1. Only a morally and intellectually stunted retard would agree.

                1. Fixed.

          3. The happiness of China and SK are not our concern.

            1. Happiness? You don’t think there could be some ramifications beyond the personal happiness of people in China or SK if we launched nuclear weapons that would undoubtedly harm and kill Chinese and South Koreans (NK also has a small border with Russia btw)? North Korea isn’t a very big place. You can’t hit them with hundreds of nukes and turn the place into glass without having the damage spill over into neighboring countries.

            2. Are you fucking kidding me Cyto? What’s it like to be an utter sociopath? Yeah, who even gives a shit about the possibility of innocent Chinese or South Koreans dying of radiation poisoning, not to mention the millions of slaughtered North Koreans.

              How do you sit at down to breakfast without your warboner flipping the table over?

              1. Shorter Cyto:

                h/t jj

                1. That’s actually longer Cyto.

                  1. the point is made.

  14. NBC News: Explosions rock finish of Boston Marathon; women and minorities from Newtown, Conn. most affected.

    You think I’m making this shit up?

    1. Y’know, maybe we’ve been looking at this Newton thing all wrong. Maybe one of the kids at that elementary school was basically Damian from The Omen and God has just been trying to destroy that evil child in a really blunt fashion.

      1. Or maybe one of them was John Connor.

    2. “I’m very sad about the world. You can’t go to a movie, you can’t go to school, you can’t go anywhere.”

      You know what America needs? Common sense legislation that puts a TSA/DHS crotch-fondler in every movie theater, school, and mall in the land. Then, and only then will we be safe from the scourge of gun violence/explosions/homegrown TERRAHISTS/Derqa Derqa Jihad.

    3. “Newtown can’t go through another event like this.”

      I’m sorry about the tragedy you suffered but this isn’t about you.

      1. Newtown can’t go through another event like this.

        Then leave the rest of us alone.

  15. OT: bitbutter, the creator of “George Ought to Help” and “Edgar the Exploiter” has just posted the 3rd in his series about free markets and voluntary exchange, “You Can Always Leave

    1. Jeff is a dick!

      1. I’m going to start calling any random government apparatchik “a Jeff”.

        1. Jeff Herbert?

  16. My parents haven’t been able to give much of an update but my Mom finished less than 3 mins before the explosion and was caught up in the crowd fleeing the explosions. Obviously, neither of them had cell phones on them at the time so it was a frenzied 30 mins before they could find each other. I’m sure they’ll have some interesting stories.

    1. That’s very nice to hear. Glad your mom is safe.

    2. Yes, glad to hear you and yours are ok.

    3. They called and updated. My Mom saw the 2nd explosion live. She’s pretty pissed off.

    4. Fuck. Glad you weren’t orphaned, dude.

      1. I knew it was a tiny chance but then I did the the calculations of their expected times and then I looked up their finished times on the website and it became much less tiny. My Mom actually ran a slow time for her, she usually breaks the 4 hour mark. Nobody could get a hold of anybody with everyone using their cell phones at once.

    1. go away you racist scum

      1. Fuck Off Nazi. Take your Jew-hate over to Daily Kos where it belongs.

        1. What?

    2. These people love to capitalize on this.
      Remember the Anthrax ???

    3. 3 stupid trolls in the same thread? Tragedies really bring you shitheads out, don’t they?

    1. That might justify getting Far Cry 3.

      1. Blood Dragon is stand alone, no need to buy FC3.

        1. Kick-ass.

  17. Sandy what now?

  18. I wonder if it was a target of opportunity or if somebody chose “Patriots Day” in particular?

    Thirty years ago I would have guessed Commies first.

  19. Maybe this was done by someone upset about drone strikes that killed their family members, in some middle east country, like Pakistan.

    1. And if that’s the case, the bombing tempo will go up or down?

      1. It’s always more drones, never less, otherwise, the bad guys win.

    2. That would be a first. And it’s about as likely as the NK hypothesis.

      1. Yep. No one has ever committed an act of terrorism over a personal grievance. (Not saying that was likely the motivation)

  20. It doesn’t matter who did this. It will be as an excuse to expand the military/prison/law enforcement/security complex. Despite that trillions have been spent, mega-gigabit internet interception, continued fighting and drone strikes in pakistan, the loss of rights….despite ALL that shit, this still happened and yet the pigs will get even more money.

    My wild as guess is that this some random crazy. More like the unibomber or the dude that bombed the olympics.

    1. used* as an excuse….

    2. According to the New York Times:

      Some officials noted that the blasts came at the start of a week that has sometimes been seen as significant for radical American anti-government groups: it was the April 15 deadline for filing taxes, and in Massachusetts it was Patriots’ Day. It is also a week that has seen attacks in the past: April 19 is the anniversary of the deadly 1993 fire near Waco, Tex., that ended a 51-day standoff and left 80 members of a religious group called the Branch Davidians [sic] dead. April 19 is also the anniversary of the 1995 bombing in Oklahoma City, which prosecutors said was conceived in part a response to the Waco raid.

      If the Feds would just do their job and crack down on Whitey, libertarians, Christians, and anyone who owns a gun or drives a pickup truck then this kind of thing wouldn’t happen!

      1. I love the “some officials noted” bullshit.

        Okay, who? Care to attribute that bullshit?

        “Some officials have contended that the attack was most likely carried out by a disgruntled old media hack, angry that he’s become superfluous in the internet age. Also, one time in April a newspaper went bankrupt.” -wow that was easy!

        Seriously, does anybody outside of boston know that today is patriots’ day? Hell, how many people in boston know that today is patriots’ day?

        1. Everybody in MA knows, I doubt many outside MA know. The only reason most people know is because the marathon is always run on Patriot’s Day and many businesses across the state were closed.

        2. It’s the kind of predictable knee-jerk response one has come to expect from the NYTs and the rather sizable lunatic fringe here in the good ole USA.

      2. It is also a week that has seen attacks in the past: April 19 is the anniversary of the deadly 1993 fire near Waco, Tex., that ended a 51-day standoff and left 80 members of a religious group called the Branch Davidians [sic] dead.

        Really? REALLY? That’s how they’re spinning Waco? The fucking FBI admits to launching incendiaries into the compound and the Old Gray Whore writes this weaselly shit like the Branch Davidians just had an accident while experimenting with indoor S’more-making?

        1. ‘The suspect collided with the bullet/club and subsequently died as a result of his blood fleeing the scene’

          1. I don’t understand why we didn’t just drop a nuke on the complex and be done with it, right Cyto?

            1. The happiness of those living in the compound was not of our concern

  21. Further proof that exercise is bad for health. Obviously, in some cases it can even be fatal resulting in death at a very early age. Much better to stay home and smoke a couple packs of cigarettes.

  22. Two bombs go off at the Boston Marathon, now nothing can be on television except wall-to-wall coverage of it. The same thing over and over and over and over and over and over…

    This fucking sucks. GIMME MY TV BACK!!!!!

    1. Oh FFS, they’ve dragged Tom Brokaw out from whatever rock he’s been living under…

    2. That’s what the Internet is for. Until someone called to tell me about the bombings I was happily downloading midget porn, completely unaware of the events in Boston.

    3. That’s what HBOonDemand is for. Rewatch Game of Thrones and Veep until you fall asleep.

    4. I watched the first half of “Defiance” and recorded the rest – not bad.

      1. I’ve got that dvred for later. If it’s actually good I hope the presumably lower ratings due to the bombings don’t tank it. Not that my dvring self is helping matters.

      2. Interesting.
        I’ll have to check it out.

  23. If this had happened in Somalia, then nobody would be talking about it.

    1. Maybe we can learn something from Somalia. They did kick our Clintonista asses on the battlefield. And it hasn’t even been 24 hours and I’m already sick of hearing about this story.

      1. They did not kick our asses. They took hundreds of casualties.

        1. “All that matters is that the darkies bleed more than we do!”

        2. We did not lose Vietnam…

          It was a tie!

        3. I was being sarcastic. Are you?

    2. Well, there were 30 bombings across Iraq that killed 50 and wounded 300 that no one is talking about.

  24. another serious post from the HuffPo:

    I am betting it will come out that a gang of north koreans was behind this

    Seriously, how many North Korean gangs are there in Boston?

    1. Well, intelligent people will wait for Art Bell to explain what happened instead of jumping to conclusions.

      1. I thought Art Bell was dead? No?

        West of the Rockies, go ahead….

        1. I think Art Bell has retired and is now living with his 20-something filipino bride in the Philippines.
          I don’t recall the last time he would have been on the radio.

        2. According to Wikipedia he’s still alive, age 67.

          West of the Rockies, go ahead….

          Very witty.

  25. Just saw the picture of the guy in the cowboy hat helping the guy whose legs got blown off, holding his femoral artery shut. Fuck. Look it up if you want. I’m not linking it.

    Here’s the guy talking about it later.

    1. Damn – been a long time since I’ve seen a guy shake like that from adrenaline withdrawal.

      1. I can tell you from experience he is now sleeping like he is in a coma. that is exhausting in a way that nothing else is.

    2. Man, what that guy is awesome and gives me a bit of faith in humanity.

      He’s had it hard in the past few years.

    1. The temples in Cambodia are easily the most mystifying places I have been.

    2. That was cool. I’d like to know the back stories.

    3. Angkor Wat gets 500k visitors a year, not exactly abandoned.

  26. The Atlantic has a photo of one of the injured that is the most disturbing picture that I’ve ever seen.

    1. The one where his leg is blown off? I think that’s the guy who got saved by the person Warty posted.

      1. Yeah, the guy in the wheelchair with some good samaritan working a tourniquet walking next to him. I think they’ve taken the original picture down now. The one that’s up has the bottom cropped off.

    2. Clearly you missed the pictures of the exploded bodies of people who jumped from the burning WTC on 9/11.

      1. I’ve seen a lot of gross shit but that pic of the guys leg blown open, with the shattered tibia and flaps of flesh and blood vessels blowing in the wind was fucking shocking.

        1. Never seen many pictures or videos of Pali suicide bomber results in Israel, have ya?

  27. OT: New Jersey Devils lose 10th straight, Martin Brodeur still stuck at 666 wins

  28. Wellll – the good news is, I talked to my sister who lives in Boston for about an hour and a half tonight, and she’s fine, and her friends are fine, and our other friends are fine….

    But mostly my [much older] sister lives to teach another days.

    Fuck you, Boston bomber(s)! Also, fuck you, speculating media with no facts! And fuck you, left wing Tweetertards, already looking for bodies to stand on while you take away more freedom from people who had nothing to do with this!

  29. Yep, a crappy improvised bomb. If you set off a stick of dynamite on a rock surface it will barely dent the rock face. If you lay so much as a sheet of paper over the dynamite, a large amount of energy will be reflected from the paper back onto the rock face and it will blow a hell of a hole in the rock. It is surprising how easy it is to direct a blast if you even have a half-assed idea what you are doing.

    I just had a look at closeup pics of the victims immediately after the blast. It seems most of the blast was absorbed by the legs of the people standing closest too it. There is a huge discrepancy between the damage done to the victims upper and lower bodies. There is a young woman who appears to have had her bottom half completely blown away, but her top half is untouched. Several people appear that way. That means it was most likely sitting on the ground in a bag/box/pack with something on top of it….or in a trash can with a lid. It looks like the blast energy went out horizontally, low to the ground.

    Also it appears that the blast radius was small. From the video no one more than 60 or so feet out seems to have been injured. That is pathetic.

    The scum that did this really had no idea what they were doing, thank god. It could have easily been exponentially worse.

    1. Not bad observations. The thing was packed with shrapnel – reports from the hospitals of docs removing ball bearings – at least it wasn’t nails or other jagged metal, the bearings did enough damage. If you note one of the video angles of the blast that shows the runners, the shrapnel penetrating the banners on the guardrails if visible (they flap as if punctured, not pressure wave fluttered), and one of the runners is hit mid stride, then stumbles.

  30. This makes money: If I bought this, I would rent out time on this.

    1. although a model with feedback would be more fun to actually play.

  31. It’s just a shitty day today. I’ve been reduced to re-posting stupid comments from HuffPo. Here’s another:

    It’s obvious that some right wing liberal hating group is responsible for this – who else would bomb the JFK Library?

    and another

    Does anything think the bombings had to do with it being tax day?? That’s a serious question because there r some right wing crazies out there that do not like paying taxes

    1. It’s amazing that people can look at something like this and the first thing they think about is it benefiting them politically.


      1. They’re quite an interesting bunch of group thinkers over there at the Fluffington Host.

        They are now busy convincing each other of the following ‘sure truths’.

        1. This was not an international terrorist attack, it was most definitely right wingers who hate paying taxes.

        2. The reports about questioning a Saudi national, and looking for a suspicious person with dark skin and a foreign accent, are total fabrications, by Fox News.

        3. The report that the JFK library was also bombed, is most definitely true, so it had to be right wingers.

        1. It’s almost as if they would be kinda glad this happened if it was perpetrated by their political enemies. Reminds me of the orgasmic glee that newtown was treated with when they got a glimmer of hope for gun bans.

    2. It’s obvious that some right wing liberal hating group is responsible for this – who else would bomb the JFK Library?




      Descendants and husbands of the women JFK passed around at the Kennedy Compound?

  32. Whaaaat? 200-plus comments and no True Libertarian dares utter the ‘safe’ word? C’mon, fellas, say it loud and proud: Bllllloooooooowwwwwwbbbbbaaaaacccccckkkkkk!!!!

    And for the encore: Booooooooooosshhhhhhhh!

    1. So what’s the word on Free Republic and Red State? What profound intellectual insight are you conservatives offering in this time of tragedy?

  33. You tell me. You seem to know your way around the internet. I bet no one on the right is blaming MoveOn, ACLU or claiming Obama or Boston’s own John Kerry had a hand in it.

    I’m sure the Left will get around to blaming Romney (father and son), Kurt Schilling and the high border fence at Fenway Park before the week is out.

    1. Not that hard to reply to comments on this site.

      The left already has come up with theories and assumptions about whose done it. Tea Partier, tax protestor, radical anti-government extremist, etc. Standard stuff really. Some comments from leftist blogs have been posted here. If you notice, they’re pretty much universally condemned and laughed at here.

    2. God, you’re a fucking moron.

    3. Nope, but I have seen some great tweets suggesting we nuke NK and Saudi Arabia. Another suggested going to Dearborn, MI and killing all the scary Mooselums.

  34. I wonder if all the trolls blaming the Jews or Palestinians are the same person?

    1. For the record, I said it LOOKS like the kind of setup the IRA used, and it LOOKS like a Pali bomb, in terms of the composition. I do not think the perpetrators are Irish or Palestinians, though the latter would not be a shock, morally speaking.

      I’m not a troll. I’m just shy.

  35. It strikes me like one of those bombings one sees in Israel. The use of a smaller bomb to lead to a larger bomb. Also, the ball bearings in the bombs are just like what Hezbollah used against Israel. The timing of the explosions was significant, too. The explosions came at the end of the race — not the beginning. At the beginning of the race there are foreign nationals: Kenyans; etc. At the end of the race there are sure to be more representatives of Great Satan America in the race. It is the so-called Great Satan America that the religion of peace would like to hit — not some Kenyan; etc., super marathoner type.

    “There’s no need to fear. Underzog is here!”

  36. Why are people surprised this happened? The US continues to play “World Police” in hostile countries it has no business in the first place.

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