A.M. Links: Maduro Wins Venezuelan Election, Inmates Clash With Guards at Gitmo, Global Military Expenditure Fell in 2012


Credit: Congreso de la República del Perú/wikimedia
  • Venezuela's electoral authority has declared Nicolas Maduro the winner of the presidential election. Chavez's hand-picked successor narrowly beat Henry Capriles, who has demanded a recount. 
  • Inmates at Guantanamo Bay have clashed with guards after communal housing was ended at one of the camps.
  • Global military expenditure dropped in 2012 for the first time in over a decade, according to the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute.
  • The LAPD will no longer provide the media immediate information on celebrity "swatting" cases. 
  • At least 32 people have been killed in coordinated attacks in Iraq. 
  • Scientists have created a functioning lab grown kidney that produces urine when transplanted into animals. 

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