4/20 Going to Be Big Business for Colorado, Washington


it's weed o'clock?
Reason 24/7

Voters in Colorado and Washington approved measures last year legalizing marijuana, making this year's 4/20 festivities in the states a lot safer (from the "am I going to end up in jail at the end of the day?" perspective, not so much the "what am I really smoking?" perspective), and a lot more lucrative to the tourism industry.

From the AP:

Thousands of people are expected to join an unofficial counterculture holiday celebrating marijuana in Colorado and Washington this coming weekend, including out-of staters and even packaged tours. The events and crowds will test the limits of new laws permitting pot use by adults.

The "unofficial counterculture holiday," will, of course, be celebrated around the country and around the world, testing, as usual, the limits of the old laws.

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