Medical Marijuana

Feds Extract Medical Marijuana Patient Lists from Oregon

They say they're trying to find black market connections


Despite Oregon's best efforts to keep medical marijuana patient records private, a federal search warrant forced the state agency to hand over some records, according to recently discovered court records.

The warrant was executed in November of last year against the Oregon Medical Marijuana Program, the state agency that administers the Oregon Medical Marijuana Act, voted into law in 1998.

As part of an investigation into growers in Oregon suspected of dealing on the black market (the PI doesn't name suspects in investigations unless they have been charged with a crime), a special agent with the Drug Enforcement Administration obtained the warrant to aid in his investigation.

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  1. Now the feds can use that information to get people fired from their jobs or use it to incriminate victims of civil rights violations who try to obtain justice in federal courts. Employers can now violate your, say, 1st amendment rights to particpate in public policy debates then use the list as after-acquired evidence for firing you even though being a medical cannabis patient had nothing to do with the reason you lost your job. Welcome to the American Justice system! That’s how fucked up it’s gotten in this country!

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