Deception on Drone Strikes, Giffords Returns to Lobby for Gun Regs, Global Warming Didn't Cause Drought: P.M. Links


  • Mother Nature needs to moisturize
    Credit: Tomás Castelazo / Foter.com / CC BY

    The Obama Administration's insistence that drone strikes are being used in Pakistan to take out high-level al-Qaeda targets is utter nonsense.

  • Former Rep. Gabrielle Giffords is heading back to the Hill, this time to lobby for gun control regulations.
  • For those who didn't realize that comic actor Jonathan Winters was still alive, he's dead at 87.
  • North Dakota is building the first new oil refinery the United States has seen since the '70s.
  • If you don't know why references to a Philadelphia abortion doctor named Kermit Gosnell currently on trial for murder is now suddenly showing up in your favorite social media venues, here's some info.
  • A federal study says last year's massive drought was not caused by global warming.

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