Beware the Irresistible Siren Song of the Slots


We're a much safer bet

Progressives catch a lot of crap, and rightfully so, for a lack of belief or support for personal agency and responsibility and a tendency to hold "society" responsible for people's choices. But paternalism isn't the only reason for misplaced blame. Sometimes losing a whole lot of money will do it.

From Courthouse News:

A candy wholesaler sued an Ameristar casino for $4 million, claiming it "enticed and enabled" a worker who embezzled the money and blew it on slot machines.

Colombo Candy & Tobacco Wholesale Co. dba Colombo Distribution sued Ameristar Casino Council Bluffs in Douglas County Court, Tulsa.

It claims its employee, Jane Doe, blew more than $3 million of the $4 million she embezzled at the Ameristar casino in Council Bluffs, Iowa.

Courthouse News reports the employee has entered into a settlement with her employer admitting to the embezzlement and has a judgment against her for $4 million, which she doesn't have, because she blew it all at the casino. So they're arguing that the casino induced her to gamble by treating her like a VIP because she was giving them lots of money and therefore the casino should have to give the money back.

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