Obama Approval Down to 47 Percent, Republican Congress Highly Unlikely to Fund Obamacare, Massachusetts Cops Whine About Medical Marijuana: P.M. Links


  • pre-existing condition?

    A new poll shows President Obama's approval rating dropping 6 points since election day, to 47 percent.

  • The Republican-controlled Congress is unlikely to fund Obamacare but, well, never say never.
  • The House Intelligence Committee approved CISPA by an 18-2 vote, stripping the cybersecurity bill of privacy protections in the process, natch.
  • Cops in Massachusetts are complaining the medical marijuana law is allowing for too much marijuana. 
  • Meanwhile, Nick Gillespie will be on Comedy Central's Colbert Report at 11:30pm to talk about more marijuana legalization.
  • An ATF document shows the gun store where Adam Lanza's mother bought her guns had over 500 violations in an inspection done two years ago. It was recently closed just months after the massacre in Newtown.
  • LA's new schools superintendent is starting to fire bad teachers.
  • Illinois wants to borrow $2 billion to pay for its Medicaid bills. When they can't pay it back will they blame the banks that offered the loan, like Detroit's doing?
  • The Sex Pistols' Johnny Rotten says those tramping the dirt down in the wake of Margaret Thatcher's death are loathsome.
  • A U.S. appeals court ruled that yes, police did use excessive force when they killed an unarmed, naked college student, meaning the family can sue.
  • Francois Hollande wants to lead France on a war against tax havens.
  • Turkey is converting the Church of Hagia Sofia at Trabzon, a museum, into a mosque.

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