Obama Approval Down to 47 Percent, Republican Congress Highly Unlikely to Fund Obamacare, Massachusetts Cops Whine About Medical Marijuana: P.M. Links


  • pre-existing condition?

    A new poll shows President Obama's approval rating dropping 6 points since election day, to 47 percent.

  • The Republican-controlled Congress is unlikely to fund Obamacare but, well, never say never.
  • The House Intelligence Committee approved CISPA by an 18-2 vote, stripping the cybersecurity bill of privacy protections in the process, natch.
  • Cops in Massachusetts are complaining the medical marijuana law is allowing for too much marijuana. 
  • Meanwhile, Nick Gillespie will be on Comedy Central's Colbert Report at 11:30pm to talk about more marijuana legalization.
  • An ATF document shows the gun store where Adam Lanza's mother bought her guns had over 500 violations in an inspection done two years ago. It was recently closed just months after the massacre in Newtown.
  • LA's new schools superintendent is starting to fire bad teachers.
  • Illinois wants to borrow $2 billion to pay for its Medicaid bills. When they can't pay it back will they blame the banks that offered the loan, like Detroit's doing?
  • The Sex Pistols' Johnny Rotten says those tramping the dirt down in the wake of Margaret Thatcher's death are loathsome.
  • A U.S. appeals court ruled that yes, police did use excessive force when they killed an unarmed, naked college student, meaning the family can sue.
  • Francois Hollande wants to lead France on a war against tax havens.
  • Turkey is converting the Church of Hagia Sofia at Trabzon, a museum, into a mosque.

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  1. Minneapolis pit bull shooting results in $225K in settlement
    The city of Minneapolis has settled a lawsuit stemming from an incident two years ago in which city cops shot two pit bulls ? one of which was so close to 3-year-old girl it splattered blood on her pajamas ? in a North Minneapolis home.
    The City Council agreed to pay James and Aisha Keten $225,000 on March 29, a few weeks after U.S. District Judge Donovan Frank wrote that he would not dismiss several counts of a complaint filed in 2011.
    Most notably, Frank wrote that a reasonable juror could conclude that a Minneapolis police officer acted unreasonably when he fired multiple shots into small kitchen with a young girl nearby.

    1. Why are officers so damn good at smoking small, quick, and shifty dogs, but only manage to hit a person in the hand after putting 100 rounds into what they thought was Chris Dorner’s truck?

      They hollywood movie good at shooting when it comes to pets.

      1. They are*

        1. Because most of the dogs they shoot are running up to check out the new person. Most of them probably die thinking the thing in the new guy’s hand is a bone or a treat or a toy.

          People dodge gunfire. Most dogs don’t know what it is.

    1. It will never go below that level.

    2. “I am the fifty-three percent.”


    In West Philadelphia, where these kids weren’t born and raised… Murder trial under way for Philadelphia abortion doctor Kermit Gosnell

    Both sides of the story:
    But defense lawyer Jack McMahon suggested that no babies survive after the drug digoxen is administered into the womb. The drug was used on the teen mother, according to her medical records, which also show that her aunt paid $2,750 in cash for the abortion.

    Mr. McMahon tried to show that the teenager also could have been earlier in her pregnancy than her doctors estimated.

    Prosecutors believe she was well beyond the 24-week limit in Pennsylvania. Dr. Gosnell started a three-day outpatient procedure on the teen in 2008 in Delaware, where the limit is 20 weeks. The baby was delivered at his clinic in West Philadelphia.

    But then this, as well:
    Mr. McMahon, the defense lawyer, told jurors that Dr. Gosnell returned to the impoverished neighborhood after medical school when he could have struck it rich in the suburbs. He called the prosecution of his client, who is black, “a lynching.”

    1. I sort of wish that was the actual headline.

      1. If no one else even responds to this post, I will be happy you liked it for that reason.

      2. Well I believe the contention here is that they were born but not raised.

        1. Don’t ruin a clever headline with facts.

        2. He raised them up high enough to cut their spines.

    2. Wasn’t he one of only like half a dozen docs in the US that would abort this late? So why does it matter that he didn’t set up shop in a suburb? People would come to him regardless paying 3 grand in cold cash.

      Oh that’s right, a race baiting diatribe sets up better after calling to mind the difference between the hood and the burbs.

  3. “The Sex Pistols’ Johnny Rotten says those tramping the dirt down in the wake of Margaret Thatcher’s death are loathsome.”

    Classy guy!

  4. The House Intelligence Committee approved CISPA by an 18-2 vote, stripping the cybersecurity bill of privacy protections in the process, natch.

    Instead of calling them protections, what if we called them privacy earmarks? Earmarks never get stripped.

    1. Oh look, the little Hakken children are paraded like animals by triumphant sheriffs before a newsmedia that giggles with glee when any american loses his/her liberty.

      1. Guns
        Escape to Cuba
        Fat people

        It’s a wet dream for the left-wing media.

  5. Several years ago I dated a girl for two months. I had to get the police involved to break it off.

    Yesterday she was featured on TLC’s “My Crazy Obsession.”



    1. You’re not the baby daddy are you?

      1. No. But she was a fan of baby trap jokes, so I’m not sure the guy intended this.

    2. No shit? You must have been desperate

      1. Sort of.

        1. In my defense, I’d just returned from a year in Iraq.

          1. We’ve all done things we regret. Not all of those things ended up on reality tv, fortunately.

            1. Sharing this on H&R shows we had that much in common: both gluttons for punishment.

            2. Even if your mistakes do end up on reality TV, you don’t have to admit it in a mostly anonymous forum on the internet.

          2. Don’t feel bad. My ex was one of the original “Real Housewives of Orange County”

    3. Never stick it in crazy.

      1. agreed. it’s the best by far but you really suffer afterward. using an assumed name may spare you the crazy aftershock.

        1. Is crazy really that great? I’ve avoided crazy all my life. It just doesn’t seem worth the trouble.

          1. Yes… Yes it is. Ironically I’ve also found that I sleep much sounder next to a crazy chick. How I haven’t been darwined out I have no idea.

      2. Addendum:

        Never stick it in crazy IF they know your real identity.

    4. Are you sure you want to be telling us about this?

      1. Penance.

        1. You’re not the one who needs to do penance. How about the dude who married her, thereby teaching all women this behavior is not only A-OK but actually desirable?

          1. He may have been baby trapped. I check her twitter feed biannually and noted she announced she was engaged one Thanksgiving, then two weeks later she was eight weeks pregnant.

        2. So what clued you off to her craziness; that she had a Barbie obsession, or that she even considered letting you touch her?

          1. Your mom introduced us at asylum, so I wasn’t going into it blind.

            1. Into what, my mom’s vagina? It’s best to go in there blind, to be honest.

              1. Yeah, all you really need is a sense of smell to navigate in there.

        3. Why were the cops needed to break it off? Can’t believe nobody is asking this!

          1. I am also surprised.

            She made some threats about what would happen if I broke up with her without “working it out.” One of those included accusing me of domestic violence. I walked into a police station, explained the situation, and asked the nice (female) cop they assigned to me to call her and get her to press charges right then or establish a record it was BS. It worked surprisingly well.

            1. Ho.Lee.Shit.

              Glad you made it out of there without a bun in the oven.

            2. Also, thanks for your service.

              1. Calling my commanding officer on a Saturday morning to explain I might get arrested right before I headed in was fun. Fortunately, that dude put away a handle of something 80 proof every Friday night so he didn’t care much.

                1. Scout?

            3. That is smart. I will file it.

              1. Shoot the hostage. The wisdom of Keanu will never guide you wrong.

              2. This is supposed to be a warning, not a reference manual! How many people have to tell you not to stick your dick in crazy?

                1. Right, go stick my dick in crazy. Got it.

                2. WRONG! Sticking your dick in crazy can be tremendously fun.

                  Crazy girls are a blast, so long as you don’t get in too deep. Eventually it blows up, but then you end up with good stories.

                  I have a feeling CZ doesn’t regret this for a moment.

                  1. I thought getting in deep was the point. Oh wait, you meant…never mind. I guess I’m just too literal.

                  2. don’t get in too deep

                    Got it, just the tip for crazy.

                    1. With the corollary, “Never promise crazy a baby,” but fortunately for you jesse that shouldn’t be a problem.

                    2. My roommate was absolutely convinced that my ex would’ve baby-trapped me had he been appropriately equipped. I like to pretend she’s not right about it, but she totally is.

    5. She dressed you like a Ken doll, didn’t she?

      1. If you watch the video, she doesn’t much care for Ken.

      2. Did she make you tuck it?

        1. “Make” me??

          1. I must admit, you’re handling this very well.

            1. I may be dumb enough to share, but not dumb enough not to see what was coming.

    6. How is she in the sack? She’s a biter, right? I bet she’s a biter.

      1. Very good, no.

    7. At first, I was ‘man you are a stud! Then I realized that was just the Venus shaving commercial that preceded the video about the gf.

    8. Never stick your dick in crazy

    9. For some reason I thought you were a chick.

      Damn, I guess that’s one fewer woman libertarian.

      1. If you can imagine one libertarian woman, go ahead and imagine vast(-ish) armies of them lurking here, laughing at our jokes.

        1. I think fewer of them are laughing than squealing “EWWWW” Teenage Girl-style.

          1. If you’re going to imagine, you might as well imagine nice things.

    10. Bitch is nuttier than squirrel shit.

      I’ll bet she let you stick her in the ass.

      1. I don’t think those two are actually correlated very closely.

        1. Did you even try? Get her drunk then tell her her dead mom would have wanted you to try it?

          1. LOL. I’m not sharing everything.

            But here’s some outtakes of her dad’s infamous local commercials:


            I can’t find one of the final product, where he did hit a surprisingly level of intensity rather than this stuff that Woody Allen would call too self effacing.

    11. Was the crazy sex worth it?

      1. For a month. But it lasted 2.5.

        1. This is so often the problem.

  6. The Sex Pistols’ Johnny Rotten says those tramping the dirt down in the wake of Margaret Thatcher’s death are loathsome.

    What was he on when he said it?

    1. He was high on life, FoE, like always. Just shut up and go listen to Public Image Ltd’s “Seattle”.

      1. I’m not listening to PIL again if I have a choice, thanks.

      1. It seems more like he just trolled them. I found it hilarious.

  7. Hagia Sofia, a mosque? Crap, time to start the Crusades again, I guess. What’s the new Pope saying about this?

    1. He offered to change the name and apologized for the insensitive branding.

    2. Wait, seriously? When I was there, there were still big emblems with names of Caliphs on them hanging over the spots where the original Christian images had been located. It is an amazjng piece of architecture–amazing that it’s still standing after over 1500 years in that seismic zone.

      It’s not like they don’t have plenty of huge mosques there either. Heck, one of the biggest, the Blue Mosque, is right up the street.

      1. No EU for Turkey, one year! Wait, that’s a gift, isn’t it?


      That’s eventually.

      1. Duh, I missed that completely. I’ll take off my cross armor, then.

      2. It’ll always be Constantinople to me.

        1. That’s nobody’s business but the Turk’s.

  8. Emo is now a protected class in the UK. Next, they’ll be doing the same for gingers.

    Two people were arrested in Britain Thursday over an assault on an “emo” teenager — the first such move after police began recording attacks on subculture members as “hate crimes.”

    1. Wait, don’t emos *enjoy* that sort of thing as a validation of their existential angst philoso-thingy? I would think that punching an emo could no more be a hate crime than smacking a masochist.

      1. You can hardly claim to be an authentic emo unless someone has assaulted you for being an emo. Assuming I have any idea what emo means. Which I’m pretty sure I don’t.

      2. Come to think of it, is refusing to beat up a masochist considered a hate crime?

        1. Nope. That would be like admitting people actually know whats good for them. Don’t even bring it up!

    2. Was that a real assault, or just being mean? Your link is fucked, so I can’t RTFA.

      Hate crime is a foolish enough concept when it enhances penalties for real crimes. But it seems to be extending to just being mean now in the UK anyway.

    3. Emos have so much soul it pains them, gingers have no soul.

      (Sorry Capt Ace Rimmer)

      1. Fantastic distinction.

  9. Game of Thrones celebrity fans make their own House sigils and mottoes.

    1. nerds.

  10. http://timesdaily.com/stories/…..TVA,204934

    Obama wants to privatize the TVA, while Lama Alexander (R, Tennessee) criticizes the plan. Way to go GOP.

    1. U.S. Sen. Lamar Alexander, R-Tenn., said privatization of the utility could cost ratepayers and the federal government.

      “There is no assurance that selling TVA to a profit-making entity would reduce electric bills in the Tennessee Valley ? which should be the overriding objective ? and it could lead to higher electricity rates,” Alexander said in a statement. “While TVA management prefers a flexible debt cap, it has assured me that it can live within the current debt limit if necessary.”

      The part of free markets, everyone.

      1. I am sure with absolutely no research whatsoever that selling TVA to a profit-making entity would result in higher bills to the customers. Because somewhere within the federal budget is a subsidy every other taxpayer is paying to the TVA customers, and that subsidy would end with the sale of the TVA.

        You might argue that the free-market incentives facing a for-profit company would result in lower prices, but utility companies are hardly free-market. If I don’t like the prices Walmart charges, I can go to Target or Kroger or Dollar General – there is no alternative electricity provider.

        The PSC is a text-book example of regulatory capture, a centralized bureaucracy determining the ‘just price’ – as determined by the sellers.

        Unless they propose selling the TVA to Walmart, it’s just the same shit in a different flaming bag.

        1. there is no alternative electricity provider.

          There is here in Texas.

    2. “Reducing or eliminating the federal government’s role in programs such as TVA, which have achieved their original objectives and no longer require federal participation.”

      I stand with the Obama administration if privatization is their plan, but I can’t help but be chilled by the thought that it took 80 years for the TVA to now no longer “require federal participation.”

    3. If TVA gets privatized, how long before the enviro-fascists start wailing about what an ecological disaster the whole thing is?

    4. Lamar Alexander is still alive? And still in Congress?!! No shit.

      He was spineless Rino before the term was invented.

  11. So remember that research from the AM Links about how wearing a bra will make your tits sag? Jezebel editors decide appropriate headline is “Creepy French Scientist Is Adamant That Women Should Not Wear Bras,” even though said scientist is absolutely not adamant about any such point, and even Jezebel admits as much in the article. But something something hot young women only something something.

    Also, the comments were surprising/enlightening for me. Apparently a lot of women really hate wearing a bra. Who knew the bra industry was keeping me down?I mean, up?or actually maybe just down?

    My b-cup boobs don’t need any “support” whatsoever — so I just wear them to work and parties because of social pressure. I resent the bra industry that has convinced small-chested women that we “need” a bra, and furthermore that we need a bra that lifts and shapes our boobs. The evangelists about how everyone needs a bra in the “right size” (which means a snug band and cups that make them look perky) are just selling discomfort for cosmetic purposes to small-chested women. Sure, a bra that fits correctly isn’t terrible — it doesn’t cut into my body like ill-fitting bras — but snug elastic is always going to be less comfortable than wearing nothing, or than wearing a loose bra that doesn’t do anything except cover my breasts.

    1. And if guys start to notice the braless girls with their tits hanging out cue the whining about the ‘male gaze’ and being objectified and all that shit.

      1. Well she’s already complaining about “social pressure,” so duh.

        1. My b-cup boobs don’t need any “support” whatsoever

          Charles Schumers certainly could use some help.

          1. Those ain’t no B cups, guy.

            1. Reminded me of this fantastic song

              1. You SF’ed, bro. So I’m going to supply a song of my own.

                1. We all know you’re just angling for a twerk video. And we all know this is exactly the soundtrack it would have.

                  1. It’s the soundtrack of my life.

                    Well, my Walter Mitty-esque fantasy life.

    2. Only creeps would think about bras, duh.

    3. crap.

    4. Nikki makes the sign of a tsp

      Why are you now the sign of a teaspoon?

      1. Seriously, what the fuck is going on with her name? Can she not keep the same name for 2 weeks?

        God, women are so flighty and inconsistent.

        This is why there are no female libertarians.

        1. Oh just because I won’t let the patriarchy define me? Respect my lived experience, bitches!

          1. You were funnier when your name was Sugarfee.

            1. ^^THIS^^

            2. Hey, lay off nicole. Just because she snatched being the worst from NutraSweet doesn’t mean she is him.

              But when I think about it, have you ever seen them both posting at the same time?

              1. I never have.

                1. See? Even NutraSweet agrees.

                  1. He would. He is almost the worst.

        2. risk aversion dude,its all risk aversion

      2. Diamonds on the soles of her shoes? From shine on Nikki diamond? Are you guys mongoloids?

        1. Do you really need to ask this question?

        2. They’re empty as a motherfucking pocket, Brett.

        3. Diamonds on the soles of her shoes? From shine on Nikki diamond? Are you guys mongoloids?

          Can somebody mansplain this for me? Note: I don’t have access to YouTube at work so clips won’t suffice.

          1. I need to be femsplained something fierce. I have no idea what is going on.

            1. Wait which one do I need if it’s girltalk and I don’t understand? Mansplanation or Femsplanation?

              1. If it’s girltalk you don’t understand, you need a femsplanation.

                I was not aware that Pink Floyd, Paul Simon, and porn involved girltalk, however.

                1. What about a gaymansplanation?

                  1. What about a gaymansplanation?

                    Didn’t I give you a nice little infographic on Monday? How much more gaymansplanation could you want!?

                    1. I don’t think an infographic is what he really wants from you, jesse.

                    2. If he wants to fool around, he just needs to ask. I’m easy have broad tastes.

                    3. Shorter Jesse: I WILL BANG ANYTHING WITH A HEARTBEAT!

                      This is why there are no gay libertarians.

                      Actually, it seems like there are a good number of gay libertarians. Finally a minority that is prone to libertarianism! Wooohoooo!


                      My understanding is that women have heartbeats too. So your assertion is FALSE.

                      I think we’re pretty close to gay libertarian and lady libertarian parity.

                    5. I think we’re pretty close to gay libertarian and lady libertarian parity.

                      Incorrect, jesse. nicole’s worst-ness is so vast that it eclipses the shit out of you homotarians, making the hotarians much worse, overall, than the homotarians..

                    6. Hotarians

                      I thought we were talking about Nicole.


                    7. Ho-tarians, not Hot-arians.

                      But you know who did like Hot-aryans?

                    8. American?

                    9. Someone who also like Hot-Semites, I think.

                    10. nicole is a hotarian, but has her own smaller classification as well, that of whoretarian. Not all hotarians are whoretarians, and not all whoretarians are hotarians. For instance, I am also a whoretarian, but I am not a hotarian. I fall under the larger classification of jerktarian. Just like you. Understand now?

                    11. I think it’s far from established that jesse is not also a hotarian.

                    12. I meant by number, not by worstness. Jesus Epi, you’d be the worst for intentionally misconstruing my statement, but nicole is here so you get a pass.

                    13. Well, she did also imply that you are a ho.

                    14. What’s wrong with implying I’m a ho? I talk about being a ho all the time.

                    15. Look, you can’t just say you’re a ho. I make the decisions here!

                    16. jesse and I will now form the Axis of Ho. Whether you like it or not.

                    17. [I] have broad tastes

                      I thought you were gay?

                      Make up your mind already!

                    18. That would be taste in broads, Thane. Don’t try to distract from the fact that you want a bear-hug.

                    19. Now you’ve forced my hand, I mean receiving a hug from someone who looks like this

                    20. Really? I just don’t understand you people.

                      Also I had a really hard time finding something that wasn’t flat out porn.

                    21. Only girls are hos because ho is a negative term. Men are badass players. This is how patriarchy works.

              2. Femsplanation. If Nicole were like ‘why do boys always (insert dumb question here)’ and I was like ‘Sigh. Nicole do we have to go through this again? Men do that because (insert awesome answer here)’ that would be a mansplanation.

                1. So in providing me with the difference between a mansplanation and femsplanation, which one was it? Or is that just a regular old boring “explanation”?

                  1. When I did it, it was an explanation because we are both bepenised. When Nicole did it, it was a femsplanation.

                    1. “Bepenised”. By far my favorite Marcottism.

        4. What does any of that have to do with trisodium phosphate?

      3. She’s waiting for someone to make the sign of the wave.

              1. Sorry, Hugh, I was betrayed by the lack of a functioning preview or edit button. But I was touched by how you were the only one who understands me.

                1. Of course I understand you, nicole. That’s why I’ve stopped negging you.

                  Well that, and because you’ve done a really great job dying out those grey hairs.

                  1. Why don’t you go change your clothes and put on some aftershave and we can get back to that conversation about rough sex?

                    1. Aftershave? I think you meant to say Axe Body Spray, nicole.

                      Tsk, tsk.

        1. I can’t believe I missed that reference, and I’ve been listening to a lot of Paul Simon this week.

          1. Blame the character limit on our handles, if it helps.

            1. It does. For a moment there, I was embarrassed in front of a bunch of people I don’t know, and who don’t know me, and who wouldn’t have even known I was embarrassed if I hadn’t said so.

      4. It’s trisodium phosphate, you idiot. She’s just really excited to clean some walls.

        1. The Thrift Savings Plan (TSP) is a defined contribution retirement savings plan for Federal employees.

        2. Of course. Just like a lady should be.

    5. I like when Gawker or HuffPo have an article about how creepy men are for talking about boobs, and there’s a big old pair of titties right at the top of the article.

    6. but snug elastic is always going to be less comfortable than wearing nothing [at all, nothing at all, nothing at all]

      “Stupid sexy Flanders!!”

    7. Like everything else in radical feminism, women are free to do/wear/be whatever they want unless the radfems disagree with you.

      1. And the radfems will always disagree with you.

      2. To be fair, Jezebel isn’t actually a radfem site.

        1. Yeah even the normal feminists have the bit of crazy that Brett is talking about.

          Radfems are a whole other monster.


          1. Wow. That is some crazy. Apparently there is one collective man and one collective woman. Who knew?

            1. I might have a problem with her statement:

              “The fun-est and sanest place on the internet”

              These gals couldn’t catch sane if it were an STD.

              1. No shit, they’d have to get laid to catch it.

        2. Yeah. They come down on the gender fem side in the really fun fight that’s going on in feminism right now. Basically everyone else is pissed because the radfems are refusing to budge from the idea that if you were born a dude, even if you get your bits snipped off, you are still a dude, or at the very least the beneficiary of years of male privilege. Its been delightful.

          1. That sounds like a trainwreck, but I lost a lot of my taste for intranecine feminist wars after taking “Women & Politics” in college. Reading Marxist feminist theory broke me of the habit.

    8. My b-cup boobs don’t need any “support” whatsoever

      As an A/B-cup fan, I approve this message.

      1. What about the small-boobed but large nippled who are sensitive about shining their headlights for everyone to see? Pasties?

        1. I hate pasties. Scared the shit out of me at proms

          OH GOD WTF IS WRONG WITH YOUR… oh they come off. PHEW!

          1. I just looked up “pasties”


        2. Yes. Or a bandeau.

      2. She’s probably right about that, but no one is forcing her to wear horrible, dreadful, uncomfortable “snug elastic.” (Seriously, is it that uncomfortable? WTF?)

        1. Maybe she only wears sports bras, brah.

      3. I did not know this about you. I will have to practice extra with double dueling pistols to defeat you and sarcasmic for mating rights to all A/B-cup wimminz.

        1. Hm, well how do you feel about butts? Because if you like women who have butts in anything more than name, we probably won’t have trouble with each other.

          1. So in summary, you prefer your women to… look like boys with pretty faces?

            1. On behalf of the women of the board, and jesse, I propose an olive-oil-wrestling match between Thane of Whiterun and sarcasmic to resolve all possible future disputes over women.

              1. Can we switch that to lamp oil? and fire?

                1. Nicole: only if “the women of the board” have a taste for olive oil

                  hamilton: now that’s just rude

                  1. Who doesn’t have a taste for olive oil? Come now.

                  2. Nicole: only if “the women of the board” have a taste for olive oil

                    And I’m assuming Nicole is calling next.

              2. I was in a large beachside jello-wrestling tournament on my last trip to Mexico.

                Damn fine times.

              3. It’s really the only fair way to resolve the issue.

              1. Not much “Socializt Reality” in those photos!

              2. What’s up with Chinese Elijah Woods in those pics?

                1. What’s up with Chinese Elijah Woods in those pics?

                  Bitch is ALPHA AS FUCK!

                  1. She is thought to be in a relationship with a 19-year-old model named Vanessa Yang

                    So that explains the dressing like a lesbian part…

              3. That hair and the err, generally looking like a lesbian, are a no-go.

                And I’m not really seeing boobs of any cup. Which seems to be the idea behind her whole wardrobe.

      4. As an A/B-cup fan, I approve this message.

        Then never move to Australia unless you want to have to dodge child porn laws.

        1. Then never move to Australia unless you want to have to dodge child porn laws

          Sorry IFH.

        2. australians are stacked? I always thought it was iranian chicks with the massive chesticles

          1. I believe what they are referring to is in Australia it’s against the law to use small breasted women in porn because it (supposedly) encourages pedophilia. If you like small-breasted women, in other words, Australia officially believes you want them to still be in high school.

            1. I heard about that. A crime against humanity, it is.

            2. I believe its paedophaelia in Australia.

              1. Probably p?doph?lia, but, damn, I’m an American, ain’t got time for all those extra vowels and shit. If they don’t like it they can throw an aluminium can at me.

    9. There’s some thought out there that the wires in bras obstruct proper drainage of lymph or whatever, promoting toxic buildup and increased cancer risk.

    10. Closely watching movies from the 20’s and 30’s a 21st century person eventually notices that women wore their tits lower back then. Left and separate was definitely a post-war thing.

      As a dirty old man, I’m fine with any set that doesn’t go below the elbows.

      1. Left and separate

        When was “asymmetrical” ever in fashion?

        1. Amazons? The original ones?

    11. So, the new feminism [i]opposes[/i] burning bras?

  12. Cops in Massachusetts are complaining the medical marijuana law is allowing for too much marijuana.

    If they have too many officers and not enough work for them to do up there, I know a sequester that can fix that.

    1. If it stresses them out so much I know of an herbal remedy which will relax them?

      1. they’ll prolly just take it from someone after pulling them over for a busted tail light or something

  13. A new poll shows President Obama’s approval rating dropping 6 points since election day, to 47 percent.

    Fucking racists.

    1. correction CODED racists

  14. Russians decide the time is right for a B-2ski.


    The PAK-DA (meaning future long-range aircraft) project has been in the works for several years but was given the formal go-ahead by the Russian leadership last year… According to recent reports in the Russian media, citing defense ministry sources, the Tupolev design bureau has won the PAK-DA development tender with its concept for a subsonic aircraft with a “flying wing” shape which provides superior “stealth capabilities.”

  15. Release the hounds!

  16. A U.S. appeals court ruled that yes, police did use excessive force when they killed an unarmed, naked college student, meaning the family can sue.

    I predict no chilling effect on the ability of police officers to use their fat asses to sit to death upon unarmed, naked college students.

  17. You know who we should go back and kill?

    1. Rob Reiner?

      1. Wait, what? Better be no earlier than, let’s see, Misery.

    2. Your mom? No, wait…

      1. FDR?

    3. “predict five to eight years of the future life of any individual, with 98% accuracy”

      Any individual over the age of 109, that is.

      1. I built a machine that could predict the exact time of death of the occupant. It’s basically just an alarm clock set for a pre-selected random time that fires a shotgun into a cardboard box.

  18. “Francois Hollande wants to lead France on a war against tax havens.”

    In other words, instead of fixing why people are escaping, let’s export our failure. EYES ON YOU LICHTENSTEIN!

    1. We’ll call it the Progressive Crusade, aka the Second Children’s Crusade.

      1. Im a bit of a lazy ass so I might just go all venetian and stay in istambul while you guys go fight hamas

    2. France should just go ahead and put a fortified wall around the country to keep people from taking their filthy money elsewhere. A curtain wall like old castles have – the could make it out out of metal and call it the iron curtain wall or something.

      1. Never heard of that before

      2. Iron Maginot Line?

    3. One question…

      How are they going to surrender to the tax havens?

      1. In triplicate?

        1. Disdainfully.

  19. Driver was fleeing zombies.

    1. seems legit

  20. Canadians are more xenophobic than last thought.

    1. Well you know what we think about THOSE people

    2. I’m not sure I ever thought about them.

  21. wearing a loose bra that doesn’t do anything except cover my breasts.

    If you’d put a shirt on, that would cease to be an issue.

    1. “A man walks down the street in that hat, people know he’s not afraid of anything.”

  22. Feministe obit of Thatcher isn’t negative enough for its readers

    Seriously. When this blog gets people up in arms about its lack of race or intersectional analysis, it’s this kind of post to which we are referring. How could you ever call her election “feminist progress” considering how maliciously she set attacked economic and racial justice? which, you may be surprised to learn, impacts women, a lot more of whom live at the bottom than preside over the top.

    1. because all women who are not die hard socialists are complete traitors to their gender, like black people

    2. Christ. Chill out, bitches.

    3. Oh jesus:

      I think it goes to the core of what feminism is about. If feminism is about advancing equality for women, then feminism is about advancing equality for all women ? the Thatchers and the Palins of the world included. Obviously, the election of a Thatcher or a Palin is not a celebration for feminism, but that goes to the very definition of feminism in the first place.

      The paradox is that feminism, to be successful, will on some level have to work against its own interests. Women are not a monolith (nor should we be, really). Thus, in advancing women’s interests, you are invariably going to advance the interests and standing of people who you fundamentally disagree with and who will, in the end, work against you. The core question then, to me, is whether a feminism that doesn’t do this could really be feminism in any meaningful sense. I don’t know.

      If feminism is solely about the advancement of women, then yes, I think Thatcher’s election probably counts (and Sarah Palin’s nomination counts). But if feminism is about advancing certain ideals, then certainly it is not. By that standard, Barack Obama’s election is far more of feminist victory than Thatcher’s.

      1. Women are not a monolith…except when you want to advance all women’s interests?

        1. Well, Epi, they at least have the courtesy to admit that feminism is part of TEAM LEFT:

          If the only thing that distinguishes feminism from other left movements is getting harmful right-wing women into power, then I say the hell with it. I do not consider her election a win for feminism. As I say elsewhere, I consider it a co-opting and a fluke?if you scroll down this list, you don’t see her ushering in a wave of European female heads of state in the 1980s.

          What distinguishes feminism is prioritizing gender as an axis of discrimination. Thatcher did nothing to recognize that, either.

          Her getting elected is like Clarence Thomas getting put on the Supreme Court, if Thomas were independent enough to cause ten times the amount of harm he has hitherto done.

          1. Oh gag me with a spoon. Though I must admit the Thomas comparison is surprisingly apt.

            1. They even have a big argument that boils down to “regardless of whether you like her or not, her getting elected at all will be forever considered a big deal in the annals of women’s history” vs. “You’re only saying that because she’s white! RACISTS!”

              I have never had this much fun reading a feminist website sober.

              1. You have a strange definition of fun. Do you also like punching yourself in the junk?

          2. Thatcher was head of government. Head of state was, and continues to be, HRH Elizabeth II. But she got it through nepotism.

            1. That’s HRM. She stopped being a Highness when her dad croaked.

              1. Actually you’re closer than I was but we’re both wrong: She’s Her Majesty (HM).

      2. If Bill Clinton can be the first black president, why can’t Obama be the first female president?

        1. I thought he was our first gay president.

          1. Why does everyone forget James Buchanan? Dude was gayer than Epi on ecstasy.

            I am now “solitary and alone,” having no companion in the house with me. I have gone a wooing to several gentlemen, but have not succeeded with any one of them. I feel that it is not good for man to be alone; and should not be astonished to find myself married to some old maid who can nurse me when I am sick, provide good dinners for me when I am well, and not expect from me any very ardent or romantic affection.

            1. Holy shit. How did I not know this? He wasn’t even in the closet. People were more pissed that Kennedy was Irish.

              1. From Wikipedia:

                The source of this interest has been Buchanan’s close and intimate relationship with William Rufus King (who became Vice President under Franklin Pierce). The two men lived together for 13 years from 1840 until King’s death in 1853. Buchanan referred to the relationship as a “communion”, and the two attended all parties together. Contemporaries also noted the closeness. Andrew Jackson called them “Miss Nancy” and “Aunt Fancy” (the former being a 19th century euphemism for an effeminate man), while Aaron V. Brown referred to King as Buchanan’s “better half”. James Loewen has described Buchanan and King as ‘siamese twins’.In later years, Kat Thompson, the wife of a cabinet member expressed her anxiety that “there was something unhealthy in the president’s attitude”.

                But you know, everyone has always hated the gays since the beginning of time…

                1. But you know, everyone has always hated the gays since the beginning of time…

                  Women’s Lib had a few unintended consequences. Men (and women)virulently policing masculinity in order to hold onto their previously defined roles would be one of them.

                  1. virulently violently

  23. The Dodgers ask 85 year old broadcaster Vin Scully to promote a Twitter-based fan poll, hilarity ensues.

  24. Turkey is converting the Church of Hagia Sofia at Trabzon, a museum, into a mosque.

    Personally i would rather a place of worship be a place of worship rather then a museum of a former place of worship.

    Secularism in some historical circles has turned into worship of the dead.

    1. Note to Turks: Don’t give a fuck.

    2. Yeah but you can go and visit old churches most of the time. Most of the time you can’t go and visit a mosque if your not muslim.

      1. But why in Heaven’s name would anyone want to go to Turkey?

          1. They don’t strike me as the type you would find hanging around the mosque.

            1. How could you tell? Wouldn’t the ones hanging at a mosque be covered up?

        1. Istanbul’s a great city.

    3. I’d rather they be museums, but it’s not really my business.

    1. Jeezus, how many teams have to make the playoffs to satisfy those greedy, bemonocled owners??

    2. That’s been going on for a while now. I saw Penguins D-man Brooks Orpik do a spot for the initiative that my friend is convinced was aimed at Sidney Crosby.

      1. You say that like it’s a bad thing.

      2. With only google images to help me make an informed decision, I’d hit that.

        1. Not so fast. He’s recovering from a broken jaw and lost teeth.

          Oh, who am I kidding. He’s still pretty.

          1. Lost teeth could theoretically be beneficial.

  25. the gun store where Adam Lanza’s mother bought her guns had over 500 violations

    Define “violations”.

    1. Gonna go out on a limb and assume it is all paperwork related.

    2. They can’t even define “gun”.

    3. Improperly recycled styrofoam cups.

    4. According to USAYesterday:

      Among the violations found during ATF inspections in 2007 and 2009 was that the store failed to “correctly and completely record” all of the required information on ATF 4473 forms, which are firearms transaction forms. The letter also says the store failed to “properly maintain acquisition and disposition records as required, by entering incorrect serial numbers into the records,” and failed to submit reports of some handgun sales to the ATF.

      Paperwork failure! Then they throw this smack in the middle of the article:

      Records of the violations obtained by The (Westchester County, N.Y.) Journal News give no indication any of the violations involved sales to Nancy Lanza or the Newtown massacre.

      Short-form: This article is totally irrelevant to the criminal acts at Newtown, but we’ll publish it anyway because we must NEVAR FORGET!

    5. “Define “violations”.”

      Hmong-language Workers’ Comp poster too low.

  26. LA’s new schools superintendent is starting to fire bad teachers.

    I bet this will play out like it did in DC. Bad teachers get fired. Union gets riled up. Mayor and Superintendent get replaced. Bad teachers get rehired…. with back pay.

  27. A tradition unlike any other: magazines and pundits bitching about the racist history of the Masters and Augusta National.

    1. As in “The Slave Masters”?

    2. Nothing popular is allowed to be private.

  28. Krugman is pissed that Republicans won’t fall for raising taxes in exchange for promised cuts in the future for the 50th time.

    Since the beginning, the Obama administration has seemed eager to gain the approval of the grownups ? the sensible people who will reward efforts to be Serious, and eventually turn on those nasty, intransigent Republicans as long as Obama and co. don’t cater too much to the hippies.This is the latest, biggest version of that strategy. Unfortunately, it will almost surely fail. Why? Because there are no grownups ? only people who try to sound like grownups, but are actually every bit as childish as anyone else.

    After all, if whoever it is that Obama is trying to appeal to here ? I guess it’s the Washington Post editorial page and various other self-proclaimed “centrist” pundits ? were willing to admit the fundamental asymmetry in our political debate, willing to admit that if DC is broken, it’s because of GOP radicalism, they would have done it long ago. It’s not as if this reality was hard to see.

    1. Unfortunately, it will almost surely fail. Why? Because there are no grownups ? only people who try to sound like grownups, but are actually every bit as childish as anyone else.

      Paul Krugman said this without a hint of irony.

      1. It all makes so much sense now. Tony is Paul Krugman.

        1. It’s hilarious. Paul Krugman spends most of his time in a left-wing hugbox flinging ad hominem attacks against political opponents, but he’s the adult.

          Also, he has such a radical view of Keynesian economics that even other liberal, Keynesian economists think he’s nuts, but the GOP is the one that’s radical.

          Okay, Paul.

          1. Its amazing that Krugabe hasn’t been discredited

            1. He has been even by other Keynesians.

              Jeff Sachs torched him on HuffPo.

              This approach is disastrous both politically and economically. Progressives like myself believe strongly in the potential role of public investments to address society’s needs ? whether for job skills, infrastructure, climate change, or other needs. Yet to mobilize the public’s tax dollars for these purposes, it is vital for government to be a good steward of those tax dollars. To proclaim that spending is spending, waste notwithstanding, is remarkably destructive of the public’s trust. It suggests that governments are indeed profligate stewards of the public’s funds.

              He also called Krugman a ‘crude Keynesian’ and admitted that the stimulus had no noticeable effect.

          2. I love how the “grownups” are always the ones who think that no one can get by without having their hand held by government.

            But mostly, telling other adults that “the grownups are talking” always makes you sound like an asshole.

            1. But mostly, telling other adults that “the grownups are talking” always makes you sound like an asshole

              Any time I use that phrase I’m trying to incite someone, so yeah.

      2. No hint of irony, and clumsily as well. He can’t write.

        1. That’s not really true. His macroecon textbook is very well-written and accessible.

          1. And also disagrees with many of the arguments he makes in his New York Times articles.

          2. I’ll take your word for it. But his columns are so “conversational” that they come across as childish to me……

            1. My pet theory is that his wife writes his column for him.

              Krugman used to be somewhat sane and accessible in the 90s, and the writing style is completely different. On TV, he always comes across like he doesn’t quite believe that the words coming out of his mouth are his own.

              It’s a living, I guess.

              1. On TV, he always comes across like he doesn’t quite believe that the words coming out of his mouth are his own.

                There’s a puppet master living in his beard. It transferred itself to him from the cat.

              2. A few years ago, on This Week, I have to admit that he did something that impressed me. George Stephanopulous asked everyone at the table for their opinion on (IIRC) a foreign policy question. PK frankly did not answer, it seemed to me, because even though Joe Sixpack would have ventured an opinion, PK was admitting it was outside the realm of economics and not his area of “expertise.”

                1. PK was admitting it was outside the realm of economics and not his area of “expertise.”

                  That must have been quite a few years ago.

                2. That would be the first time he didn’t answer a question outside of his expertise.

                  Maybe he learned a lesson from the time he tried to claim Sarah Palin’s website had a psychological impact on mass shooters.

              3. Krugman used to be somewhat sane and accessible in the 90s

                THAT’S when his wife wrote the columns for him.

            2. I cannot stress enough that even most reasonable liberals (reasonable being a relative term) think he’s out of his mind. By and large his readership are poorly educated but pretentious progressives from the North East whose ideas about economics come entirely from Paul Krugman.

              1. It is basically a cult. I have always wondered what role Krugabe’s cats play in their sick, twisted rituals in the dark of night.

          3. How much of that did he really write?

    2. Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!

      Charlie Brown isn’t going to try and kick the football anymore?

      This is headline-making news! Let’s get 24 hour coverage on it right away!

    3. His tears are delicious.

  29. Francois Hollande wants to lead France on a war against tax havens.

    Finally France is picking a fight they have a chance of winning. They’ll shake the label “cheese eating surrender monkeys” yet!

    1. For France, that pretty much means every country except North Korea.

  30. If Boehner weren’t a castrato he’d refuse to fund the precious Obamacare until the Bush tax cuts are fully restored (yes, including the estate tax).

  31. if DC is broken, it’s because of GOP radicalism


  32. Infographic of the North Korean armed forces: damn, that’s a lot of copying and pasting.


    1. No wonder there’s no food there.

  33. Mother Jones says Rand Paul lied about his opposition to the Civil Rights Act, but then in the article admits that he really didn’t since he only took issue with one section of it.

    If federal civil rights laws only outlawed segregation in “anything that gets any public funding,” the state would still be called upon to enforce racism by enforcing the property rights of business owners who did not want to serve people on the basis of skin color (or religion, or national origin). Only by extending the ban on discrimination to all places of public accommodation, including privately owned businesses, could freedom against discrimination actually be upheld.

    Amazing how he accepts that as being true with no hesitation or thought.

    At Howard, Paul seemed to be saying he never opposed the Civil Rights Act in its entirety, but he certainly opposed a key part of it that completely reshaped American society. Supporting the right of white business owners not to serve blacks may be the “hard part of freedom” for someone, but not for anyone who looks like Rand Paul.

    Freedom is a scheme concocted by white guys. But at least the comments are more nuanced.

    1. If the comments are nuanced at Mother Jones that’s a good sign. They’re usually the ones who pull in crazed leftists.

    2. Journalism sees itself as the arbitrar of the “correct” views to hold, and the lack of diversity in sources between 1940 and 1990 allowed it to basically hold the political debate in America roughly static. Even the fire breathing Reagan could be co-opted and convinced to spend more and maintain the status quo.

      Rand Paul is scary because he is threatening to take views that the media has always dubbed “incorrect”- opposition to the WoD, less foreign interventionism, respect for individual liberty instead of individual well being as the basis of government- and bring them into the acceptable conversation, without first getting approval from the media.


      1. Cont…

        I think they hate him less for any individual views but rather for his ability to packages views they’ve told us are incorrect as acceptable and even desirable.

        1. Wait, what comes after “It”? Is that like the “It’s. . . .” at the beginning of The Buzz Aldrin Show?

          1. It

            shall drive you mad, driving you further and further into ellich and unspeakable horrors!

    3. I have noticed that lefty commenters always say “Jim Crow”. Never “Jim Crow Laws”.

      1. Well because that way it implies a private individual, Jim Crow, who owned businesses all over the South where he didn’t let blacks in.

        Or they’re just stupid, which is probably the Occam’s Razor answer.

      2. Yes, what institution did racists use to oppress blacks? What was that again?

        1. Capitalism and guns, duh!

        2. I believe it is called rape culture.

          1. Ah, yes, the rapernment.

        3. The Second Amendment was all about arming Southern militias to keep slaves in chains!

        4. Only government could end slavery!!!1

    1. It isn’t that hard to look at the UK 1978 and the UK 1991 and see that Thatcher left it far better off economically than it was under left-wing socialist policies.

  34. Major organic food company run by right-wingers

    Between Mackey and this guy, is there any organic business that isn’t trolling the suckers who buy their produce?

    1. I’m not sure she knows what “paleoconservative” means…

      1. They eat a caveman-Reagan diet?

      2. It means “worse than neoconservatives”.

        Which in turn means “worse than conservative”.

        Which in turn means… well, it’s really quite recursive.

        1. I’ve thought for a while that they just like to say “neocon” because it reminds them of “neo-Nazi”

          1. I once heard a liberal claim Rand Paul is a neo-con.

            I started laughing.

      3. I’m sure it’s presumed to be some sort of pejorative related to neanderthalish thinking.

  35. Female North Korean soldiers strut into action wearing four-inch heels.

    1. Not so great for running across a muddy field, but when the Yankee imperialists and their running dog Korean lackeys invade, after their AKMs are smashed, their bayonets too bloody to hold, they’ll be able to take off a heel, hobble a charge and sink it into the head of one of the oppressed soldiers of the vile invaders.

      They’ll be heroes. Might even be painted looking fondly, loyally up at the Kim clan.

  36. Francois Hollande wants to lead France on a war against tax havens.

    France refusing to admit defeat is unsurprising, as anyone who has played a Paradox game can tell you.

    How long till the pagan expansion to CK2 drops, anyway?

  37. So apparently it’s a few months old, but yesterday was my first day hearing about Lulu

  38. Horrific accounts of street harassment.

    Ok, I lied. None of them are that bad. In fact, this woman has had fewer violent encounters in her entire life than I did in elementary school. But this stood out:

    The train pulls into a station and comes to a stop, but before I can bolt up, a businessy-looking man heads toward the door, turns back, and shouts at the guy: “You’re a fucking pervert for doing that to her!”

    Then he’s gone and the doors close. Now I’m terrified. And I’m still sitting there. How dare Business Guy feel so emboldened in his exiting cowardice to simultaneously acknowledge and ignore me like that? His declaration only points out that others could see too and remain mum, which is saddening, for up to that point I could delude myself into thinking they were just that deep into their books and newspapers.

    Last year I was walking near Times Square one afternoon when a man approached me from the other direction and said “Oh my God you’re so pretty” as he grabbed me by both my shoulders. People near me scattered, and two grown able-bodied men ran into a nearby store and watched from behind the door.

    Guys, you’re all rapist pussies. Now help me, godammit!

    1. This movie was mentioned in the credits.

      I’ve just watched a few minutes, but it’s ridiculous. They put a large woman in a tiny dress in relatively cold weather (almost everyone else is in jackets or sweaters) and she acts horrified when people look at her.

  39. Women are not a monolith


  40. Yay! Tornadoes!

  41. Oh My God!!!!!!

    There are people who play Quidditch for realz. And they make it stupid.

    1. Somebody tried to start a league at my school

    2. Dude, come on. You had to know someone out there had figured out a way to “play” Qidditch. I mean, if there are LARPers…there are going to be Potter-ers.

      1. It could be a very interesting game… if they got rid of the brooms.

        Running around with brooms between their legs, is the height of idiocy.

        1. Wouldn’t that just basically be lacrosse?

          1. Please don’t malign lacrosse, a sport far superior to (god forbid) soccer, etc. by associating it in any way with Harry Potter silliness.

            I played a bit in college. I sucked, but it was fun anyway.

        2. It looks almost as dumb as field hockey!

          1. It’s not that dumb.

        3. Running around with brooms between their legs, is the height of idiocy.

          I hope you also tell little girls without rocking horses the same thing. You monster!

        4. It could be a very interesting game… if they got rid of the brooms.

          Hey now. Some kids really like the brooms.

          1. Seen the movie 32 times (in the theaters) and made the paper. This toy gives him the ability to fly around the house zapping things

            1. 32 times?!?
            2. flying around zapping things…

            1. Really that’s the one you picked to quote? Lemme show you how it’s done:

              GREAT TOY!, June 11, 2002 – Amazon.com Reviewer: “My 12 year old daughter is a big Harry Potter fan, and loved the part with the Nimbus 2000, so I decided to buy her this toy. I was afraid she would think it was too babyish, but she LOVES this toy. Even my daughter’s friends enjoy playing with this fun toy. I was surprised at how long they can just sit in her room and play with this magic broomstick! A great buy for any Harry Potter fan!” Ashley from TX

              1. I dunno, that one just seemed too predictable.

        5. What if they just played it on ice?

        6. Or invent flying brooms.

          1. “Invent” them?

            Clueless muggle.

    3. No offense to the Potter fanatics, but it’s a fucking stupid game. And that’s with actual magic. Simulating the game without magic is metastupid.

  42. http://www.digitaljournal.com/pr/1179966

    Here’s a fun tidbit to give y’all hope. Nicaragua, under Daniel Orgega and as an ALBA member, has become one of the most pro-business pro-market pro-FDI Latin American countries. Many say Ortega already tried socialism and doesn’t want to go back lest it end the same way. He takes Venezuelan money, mouths their talking points, spends it on social programs, and builds a nice catch for capitalism. If you’ve lost Ortega…

    1. Pro-business? Sure, depending on the size of your business.

      Pro-markets? Not really; there’s been quite a bit of legislation headed down the pike that further strangles small business.

      For my money, Panama is the country that people should be looking at in Central America if their net worth is < $500,000. Big business is fine, but it will only get an economy so far if small and mid-sized businesses are shown the door whenever they try to stay in the market.

  43. Mexican Barbie comes with a passport.

    Parents are outraged. Well, the ones without passports are outraged, anyway.

  44. Sweeden goes nuts. World’s funniest human approves.

    It’s also interesting to watch Sweden?now that it’s committed to addressing gender inequality in a proactive way?grapple with the complex nuts and bolts of how gender affects society:

    Ironically, in the effort to free Swedish children from so-called normative behavior, gender-neutral proponents are also subjecting them to a whole set of new rules and new norms as certain forms of play become taboo, language becomes regulated, and children’s interactions and attitudes are closely observed by teachers. One Swedish school got rid of its toy cars because boys “gender-coded” them and ascribed the cars higher status than other toys. Another preschool removed “free playtime” from its schedule because, as a pedagogue at the school put it, when children play freely “stereotypical gender patterns are born and cemented. In free play there is hierarchy, exclusion, and the seed to bullying.” And so every detail of children’s interactions gets micromanaged by concerned adults, who end up problematizing minute aspects of children’s lives, from how they form friendships to what games they play and what songs they sing.

    (cont, damn char limit)

    1. …cont

      Well, you’re either interested in legitimate change or you’re not, and change requires some risk. What’s more harmful to kids?being awkwardly micromanaged by adults, or being warped by lifetimes of gender normativity? I sincerely hope we’ll get to find out.

      1. Ironically, in the effort to free Swedish children from so-called normative behavior, gender-neutral proponents are also subjecting them to a whole set of new rules and new norms as certain forms of play become taboo, language becomes regulated, and children’s interactions and attitudes are closely observed by teachers.

        This is the most horrifying thing I’ve ever heard.

        1. Teachers. Waiting. Watching. Judging.

        2. And it’s telling that the thing the stupid pigeons in the comments section are sperging over is the language and use of commas, as opposed to the horrible managerialist attitude.

          Actually, I take back what I said about the Russians conquering Sweden. I hope all the Muslim immigrants settling there tear it apart from the inside and set up a caliphate.

    2. That country’s just begging for the Russians to conquer them.

  45. What’s more harmful to kids?being awkwardly micromanaged by adults, or being warped by lifetimes of gender normativity?

    It’s a conundrum, by golly.

  46. In regards to Coeus and reports of citizens not helping out crime victims when the shit is in progress, we had a good one the other day:

    We had a group of soccer dads grab on to a pervert who was trying to lure a kid into his car the other day, and all I have to say is that guy’s face looked like hamburger by the time we got there to take him into custody. No, I don’t know if any soccer dad was yelling “stop resisting” during the arrest.

    That’s what happens when you resist arrest by the soccer dad brigade. And nope, no charges were filed. He of course was screaming “I’m going to sue” at them, but my guess is that juries aren’t super sympathetic to RSO’s who are trying to lure 10 yr olds into their car at a playground in the middle of the day. Guy is lucky we didn’t drive EXTRA slowly to get there and rescue him.

    +1 for Soccer dads. The system works best when community members take an active role in policing their neighborhoods. We have very active community members – they record license plates at problem houses, attend “citizen academy” to learn more about law enforcement, actively participate in community meetings to direct us to perceived community problems, etc.

    For every 1 of us (cops), there are dozens of soccer dads and moms watching out for bulletin subjects, patrolling their neighborhoods, keeping an eye out for their elderly neighbors, etc.

    Very cool.

    1. Only you can put the public in public lynching.

      1. Using reasonable force to apprehend a suspect is something I support – whether done by a cop, or a soccer dad.

        Reasonable force. It’s what’s for dinner

  47. Washington Post reporter: She isn’t covering the trial of baby-killing Doc Gosnell because it’s a “local” story – you know, like the killing of George Tiller.


    1. (a quick Google search confirms that the reporter, Sarah Kliff, has alluded to Tiller in several articles.)

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